Kristyn Wong-Tam, baring it all for gay “rights”.

March 14, 2014

By Robert James

(NOTE: The author recommended censoring these images of the Toronto Pride parade, but the editor-in-chief refused citing discrimination against naked wankers. They might start acting all offended if we blacked-out their nasties. This crap is shoved down kid’s throats as “normal”!)


Fully nude men committing sex acts on the streets of Toronto in broad daylight, masturbating in front of babies and school children. According to Ward 27 Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, if you don’t enthusiastically agree with such disturbing almost pedophiliac behaviour – obviously you must be a homophobic bigot. It’s a standard scene every year at the ten day Toronto Pride Orgy, with the full support of Councillor Wong-Tam and the unelected Premier Wynne. Anyone who complains, or even just refuses to attend can expect to be smeared and slandered as a prejudiced hatemonger.

Though somehow Councillor Wong-Tam is fully allowed to despise the Jewish community and use Pride Week to spread her hate speech which is contrary to the City of Toronto’s Anti-Discrimination Policy. I guess the Ontario Human Rights Code can be violated to commit hate speech or abuse free speech based on Councillor Wong-Tam’s prejudices and privileged special interest group’s particular whims. Only a scythe is granted the authority to call the spade a spade.

Kristyn Wong-Tam’s tactic to silence all criticism is not exactly new, her attack dog card has a very old lineage. In an open letter mailed to party members all over the world, the old school Communists laid out their tactics to immobilize all adversaries. Through endless libel and slander “enemies of the people” are fair game for public attacks. Call all opponents terrorists, criminals, villains, vile scum of the earth, fascist defilers. Reinforce endless lies and defamation in the minds of the people, it will quickly become true. Councillor Wong-Tam has learned well the methods of political and cultural assassination from her country of birth. Mao would be proud.

Ward 20 Toronto District School Board Trustee Sam Sotiropoulos quizzed Kristyn Wong-Tam about the criminal code violations freely occurring, and got a personal taste on how the now self-called “LGBTTIQQ2SA” community is bullying straight people. The criminal code clearly states “every one who wilfully does an indecent act in a public place in the presence of one or more persons” and “every person who, in any place, for a sexual purpose, exposes his or her genital organs to a person who is under the age of fourteen years is guilty of an offence”. By simply referencing the law on                 Kristyn Wong-Tam’s Twitter account, School Trustee Sotiropoulos faced the full fury of queer scorn.

I am not personally homophobic, I could care less what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms. It’s their right and not my business… consensual sex is not the government’s business. I do though have a problem when I see oral sex being preformed in the mid-afternoon by two men on the streets beside Osgoode Hall on Canada Day. I also have a problem with how Canada Day celebrations in Toronto are all but cancelled by Pride Week as in 2012, without a Maple Leaf in sight over a distant sea of rainbows. Yet I am among those who are vilified for being an old fashioned bigot by wanting to celebrate my country and not gay “pride” on July 1st. When I asked one city volunteer where the Canada Day events were being held I was told bluntly that Pride Week takes precedence in Toronto.

I also take issue with Kristyn Wong-Tam wanting to use $50,000 in Section 37 condo developer bribes to paint rainbow colours on a crosswalk. I certainly take issue with the estimated $10 million dollar bill to taxpayers for hosting this year’s World Pride event. I am tired of Councillor Wong-Tam’s special interest group “Queers Against Toronto Taxpayers” and her tax dollar funded, subsidized speech that is by no means free. Shielding your children’s eyes from filth? That’s now homophobic too!

The new politically correct term at city hall is “LGBTTIQQ2SA”, they don’t want to offend anyone who self-identifies as “LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANSGENDER, TRANSEXUAL, INTERESTED, QUEER, QUESTIONING,   TWO-SPIRITED or ALLIES.” There is a rare psychiatric mental disorder called Cotard Delusion in which the sufferer self-identifies as being dead. An eccentric belief to be sure, but traditional society is not being forced to bend over backwards and accommodate their inclinations.

People who self-identify as Napoleon don’t get ten days of Psychogenic Amnesia Pride parades, and national holidays are not taken over by droves of naked straight protesters who expect to get a military decoration pinned on their bare chest just for getting laid. Toronto on Canada Day, just as the attempted St. Patrick’s Day seizure in Boston “LGBTTIQQ2SAers” setup their “pride” events to coincide with traditional holidays, destroying cultural values. Since I want to celebrate Canada Day and St. Patrick’s Day on those holidays instead of the forced gay “pride” takeover, I am attacked and called a homophobic bigot. In reality I could care less who or what a person consensually humps in their private free time, just stop forcing it in public.





2 Responses to “Kristyn Wong-Tam, baring it all for gay “rights”.”

  1. Andy Crawford Says:

    The gay pride parade looks no different than radical feminism (which is lesbian), both of whom are endorsed by corrupt Toronto politicians, and are taboo to criticize in society.

    The teaching profession needs to be checked for any of those insidious people who foster such deviant behaviour. Unfortunately, as most of them are gays or radical feminists, they will be allowed to continue with their deviant behaviour and be given protection by the highest paid lawyers and law enforcement taxpayers’ money can buy.

  2. antuerius Says:

    Yes, this looks more like an index of political and cultural corruption than any sort of liberation. The article increased my respect for those suffering from Cotard’s Delusion; but it also makes me want degeneracy back in the closet; and my right to a traditional ethno-political cultural state respected — maybe someday, enforced.

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