Councillor Mike Layton, scratching the bed bug itch.

March 17, 2014

By Robert James


            All those in favour of adopting the resolution to get an extra week’s paid vacation, say aye!

            City hall is closed mid-March, for a new made-up holiday that once again allows our so-called public servants to take some nice long undeserved them-time. Now, that’s not to say the private sector does not have their own version of “March Break”, it is simply unpaid with the slightly more ominous sounding name of “Temporary Layoff”. While there are no meetings at city hall as several councillors packed their snowbird bags, Mayor Rob Ford is busy spending the week personally visiting Toronto Community Housing residents… the only politician who will. All the other “sharing is caring” socialist politicians pack up with the camera crews, leaving subsidized housing residents in their councillor approved squalor.

             Ward 19 Councillor Mike Layton on the other hand prefers to talk about his emotions at city hall, before voting against the residents of Community Housing and spitting in the face of the poor and taxpaying working class. Councillor Layton makes a big song and dance on his website in regards to the Auditor General’s report on Toronto Community Housing’s waste and corruption, although Mike Layton only uses the fluffier term “misspending”. He does not want to hurt any of his crony’s fragile and precious feelings.

             Councillor Layton voted against Mayor Rob Ford’s motion to remove Toronto Community Housing board members after the revelations of unrepentant theft. Mike Layton also voted against accountability with Community Housing’s budget, earning him the prestigious “F” grade on his report card with the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition. In fact Mike Layton voted against virtually every single cost cutting measure ever presented to him at city hall.

             Not to call in the sins of the father and stepmother, but Jack Layton and Olivia Chow have abused subsidized housing like no other. In residences supposedly reserved for the poorest members of the community, Mike Layton’s own family were able to use their connections to score a prime pick, high end three bedroom apartment for cheap. All this wile Comrade Chow was earning $120,000 per year. It was only until protestors starting showing up at the Layton’s family door demanding habitable affordable housing, that the moving truck was packed and the co-operative home was given to a more worthy family.

            It is no wonder why Councillor Layton rails endlessly against privatization of Community Housing. Our homeless today are put on a six year waiting list for affordable housing… if they don’t take the bed bug infested, rotting and uninhabitable bachelor pad offered, tough titty. Toronto taxpayers and subsidized housing tenants had enough, Mike Layton’s abuse of the social system needs to end.


One Response to “Councillor Mike Layton, scratching the bed bug itch.”

  1. Andy Crawford Says:

    “Mike Layton’s own family were able to use their connections to score a prime pick, high end three bedroom apartment for cheap. All this wile Comrade Chow was earning $120,000 per year.”

    ^ This. The housing market in Toronto is astoundingly expensive, and corrupt upper-middle class government sector workers are indulged in collusion to either accept bribes from condo developers, or allocate public housing for the benefit of themselves.

    Mayor Ford should be commended for helping out those in need. Toronto is not an easy city to live in, and for every dollar misappropriated from the treasury, a poor person starves in Toronto.

    Maslows hierarchy of needs clearly states that basic needs are food, clothing and shelter. Unlike the leftwing agenda of radical feminism, pedophilia rights and radical gay rights movement which does little to solve the issues of poverty because those movements were infiltrated by corruption, and those movements do little to help any starving or homeless person because one has to join their cult to be given help.

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