March 26, 2014

By J.J.


The conspiracy that has led to an elite cabal using the Beaches for personal gain continues unabated. The first “public consultation” regarding the future of Kew Gardens took place at the Beaches Recreation Centre on Tuesday, March 18th/2014 and the Your Ward News Investigation Team was there. There was also a fresh new face stepping forward to shake things up and he was clearly determined to SAVE OUR BEACH! We’ll get back to that later. The meeting was déjà vu all over again as the meeting was a Xerox copy of the “Visioning Study” organized by Mary-Margaret McMahon to “consult” with Beachers about the condo assault on our Queen Street miracle mile. Is the fix in again? If you get kicked in the head ten times, might you not duck when you see the eleventh kick coming? Beachers have learned their lesson well.

Plant Architect Inc. is the design team that has been retained for the Kew Gardens project and you can bet that the additions and alterations are already chosen. Just like Mary-Margaret McMahon’s Visioning Study, overhead pictures of Kew Gardens were laid out on the tables. Little pictures of stairs, plants, walk-ways and art installations were loosely spread out on top of the map for participants to place here and there. After several minutes the people were asked to switch tables and to peruse the map again with new little icons. Simply put, it was pretty silly. They also totally ignored the stage as though it were in a vacuum. It wasn’t even on their map which made us realize that the project is already signed, sealed and delivered. Even more questionable was when the representative from Plant Architect Inc. opined that it was difficult to enter the park from the sidewalk on Queen and something must be constructed on a much wider sidewalk. Folks, it’s one step into the park and she’s talking as though the Great Wall of China was keeping people out! Unbelievable.

There was much banter about attracting Torontonians to the Beaches to spend some money. It seems to Your Ward News’ staff that if money just HAD to be spent on the park, an upgraded stage with dressing rooms and an awesome sound system would be the ticket. We could then accommodate everything from Hamlet to the Allman Brothers. That’s how to attract visitors to our little shops and businesses. Then again, the existing stage belongs to the Beaches elite and the little people have difficulty organizing anything that requires the use of local facilities. Just ask promoter/publisher Leroy St. Germaine about the many hoops he has been forced to jump through to stage fund-raising concerts and to present local musicians to the public….WITHOUT A PENNY OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS! But that’s the problem; there’s nothing that interested parties can do to skim, scam and skip away Scott-free.

Meanwhile, back at the Kew Gardens public consultation meeting at the rec centre, things started really heating up. Beachers wanted ‘Question Period’, but organizers wanted nothing to do with that. That didn’t stop an impressive young man to get on his feet and ask, “Who the hell came up with this idea initially anyway?” The answer was a conglomeration of mundane drivel, non-starters and double-speak. Our survey of Kew Gardens also reminded us that the hydrology of the Beaches has always been irrelevant to all builders, designers, architects, city planners and politicians. That’s because personal profit is the top priority. Ecological balance, flood prevention and the safety of Beachers are way down the list. Talk of maintaining the character of our neighborhood is vague but distracting. And what about the sight-line from the sidewalk on Queen Street all the way to the lake? After all, there is a reason the area is called the Beaches. Any obstruction to that view is surely a no-go.

So, who was that confident and strident fellow that stood up against the Beach bullies that have been kicking sand in our faces for many years? His name is Michael Connor and he would like to serve Beachers by being our next Ward 32 councilor. The next local councilor we choose will absolutely make-or-break the future of the Beaches. We are still trying to figure out if our present councilor is shrewder than we first thought, or just dumber than cold porridge. Either way, the result is the same; the destruction of the Beaches for power and profit. Another stumbling block that we have encountered are the so-called “grass-roots” organizations that are clearly just phony (astro-turf) operations (Hykamp, Graff et al.)

Beachers must know everything about all the candidates running for Ward 32 councilor and Your Ward News will keep you informed. As Election Day draws closer, we will decide which candidate we will be throwing all our support behind. If you need any information from us, or have any info for us about candidates, Please contact Leroy St. Germaine at (416) 693-6325. WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!

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