May 12, 2014


NOW’s Bread and Butter    BY J.J.


The nightmare begins in Asia and China where young girls are promised great jobs in Canada where the streets are paved with gold. The young girls are then shipped to Canada where their dismal future and final resting place will likely be. Toronto is where the money is and NOW magazine are the brokers between the pimps and purchasers of the unfortunate human product.

This pseudo-hipster pornographic fish-wrap called NOW claims to be helping these young girls, but we at Your Ward News know better. So it is not surprising that NOW would call our publication “racist” and “homophobic”. A racist is what a leftist calls you when they are losing an argument. Homophobic is just made up nonsense and is used against those who oppose their gay agenda and their struggle for younger and younger children to be educated earlier on in the ‘ways-of –the-world’.

The astounding arrogance of NOW’s Senior Entertainment Editor Susan G. Cole can often be heard on Talk 640 Radio where she has had no qualms in admitting her opposition to free speech, especially speech that promotes any morality and decency and conflicts with her twisted world view. In the NOW article by John Goldsbie, he viciously attacks the character of several Your Ward News journalists. He calls one of our journalists a misogynist. He calls another a dangerous offender. He even attacks editor/philanthropist Leroy St. Germaine whose reputation for helping musicians he totally ignores.

Human sex-trafficking is nothing new, but the evil brilliance of NOW magazine advertising it right out in the open is worth noting. The notion that they are helping these young victims is so disingenuous as to be disarming to most citizens. Your Ward News investigators are aware that it is difficult to identify and apprehend the pimps because they carefully insulate themselves. However, the facilitators and promoters of sex slavery and the early indoctrination of children into the dark underworld of perversity are directly in front of us.

The only thing required is the political will so that the Sex Crimes Unit can arrest the villains, including the evil Susan G. Cole, whose fast-talking style on talk radio is only seriously challenged by the mysterious caller known as ‘Gary-in-the Beach’, who usually leaves tire tracks across her back.

Once arriving in Toronto the Good for their “golden job opportunity”, their passports are confiscated by the human-trafficking pimps. They are then required to work off their debt to pay for the voyage and the costs incurred for housing, food and the mattress. By the time that they NEVER pay the debt off, their nightmare of landing ON Canadian soil ends six-feet UNDER Canadian soil. Isn’t it wonderful of NOW to facilitate such an arrangement?

Your Ward News is committed to doing everything in our power to free these sex-slaves from a life of being bought and sold like cattle. That’s why NOW magazine doesn’t believe that Your Ward News should be allowed to exercise our free speech. We may convince the public that they are guilty of crimes against women, which are crimes against all of humanity.

If you agree with our position on this subject, please contact us as soon as possible. STOP HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING!!! STOP ‘NOW’!!! –By J.J.


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