James Sears, Our Councillor for Ward 32 2014-2018

May 12, 2014

James Sears


Our Councillor for Ward 32 2014-2018

Here are some preliminary working platform highlights that I will fight to accomplish during my first and only term (the list is by no means complete and I am open to additional suggestions, provided they are rational and they respect the taxpayers)…

– Immediately cease adding toxic fluoride to Toronto’s drinking water (evidence of the toxicity of fluoride has been around for years, and most recently a Harvard University study showed that fluoride can be just as harmful as lead or mercury, and caused brain damage in children, lowering intelligence by around 7 IQ points).

-Stop giving grants to special events and festivals which polarize the community or promote non-Christian

-Slash the salaries of all councillors and trustees to $70,000 per year (the approximate median wage of workers in Toronto) with the eventual goal of phasing out councillors’ salaries all together.

-Cap the maximum salary of anyone in municipal government to $140,000 per year (double the median wage). Did you know that almost 8,000 people employed by the City of Toronto are on the “Sunshine List” of people making over $100,000 per year, with about 3,200 of them in Toronto Police Services, 1,400 at the TTC, and 2,200 at the Toronto & Catholic school boards? Police Chief Bill Blair alone makes about $370,000 a year!

-Order the TTC to reduce fares back to 2010 levels in order to reduce the burden on low income families. They can cover the shortfall by slashing the breadth and pay of their top-heavy executive branch and by finding efficiencies throughout the system.

-Conduct thorough forensic audits of all branches of city government in which “overtime pay” is being abused, and hold branch heads personally accountable for such abuses.

-Pass the “Cast The First Stone Anti-Hypocrisy Bylaw” to help prevent wasteful revenge-driven fiascos, like city council’s “Crackgate” crucifixion of Rob Ford. This law would require all city councillors and officials who are expected to vote on motions or sit on committees, to undergo regular, random drug and alcohol testing. Substances being tested for will include a whole range of mood-altering prescription medications which I, as a physician, will provide a list of. Prescription drugs will include popular anxiolytic, antidepressant, and hypnotic medications, all of which …

*Flatten the emotions of individuals, making them incapable of mustering zeal toward an important issue.

*Numb the feelings of individuals, making them unable to feel empathy towards others and therefore appreciate the human impact of their decisions.

*Impair the short-term memory of individuals, thereby drastically increasing the chance of serious errors during work.

*Impair the cognitive function of individuals, thereby impairing their judgement.

When taken within a short time of consuming alcohol, the effects of these drugs are markedly accentuated. The alcohol/drug testing bylaw will NOT BAN consumption of mood-altering substances by city officials, nor will it result in any enforcement or proceedings against those found to have consumed such substances. Rather, its sole purpose will be to provide the voting public with full disclosure as to the drug and alcohol consumption of their elected officials, so that the public can decide if such consumption conflicts with the mental or emotional state that they expect their elected officials to be in when making decisions on city matters.

-Increase the threshold for obtaining a “handicapped vehicle permit” or “street permit”. As a physician, I can tell you that 19 out of 20 people who obtain these permits DO NOT DESERVE THEM! Their doctors are committing FRAUD! Doctors signing off on these permits should be reported to the CPSO. “Designated Disabled Street Parking Spaces” severely interfere with constituents. 95% of the time these “disabled” spots lay vacant, causing drivers to burn toxic gas as they drive around the block, looking for a parking space.


6 Responses to “James Sears, Our Councillor for Ward 32 2014-2018”

  1. Miguel Says:

    James Sears for Mayor 2018!

  2. Amy Says:

    Gross. What a pathetic excuse for a newspaper.

  3. yourwardnews Says:

    Fruitcakes and gentlemen we got a real dingbat here! Amy, did you remember to take your psychiatric medication today? Hell you are more bonkers then any other femicommie I have ever wasted my time replying to. Your unrepentant incompetence speaks for itself, but your ass could use more then a little work before any guy would even think to grab it; honey. Put down the ribbed dildo and slowly back away from the CN Tower, I know you are desperate!

  4. James Says:

    Sears is a CONVICTED RAPIST, who has been in and out of MENTAL INSTITUTIONS since he was in the Armed Forces in the 80’s…No wonder he supports the Ford Brothers

  5. Nethan Vinowitz Says:

    James, even though my grandparents were deported to a Nazi occupied concentration camp, I find your rhetoric to be similar to fascism because you fail to acknowledge that the Canadian legal system endorsed a punishment to fit the crime, and the Constitutional laws state no one should be punished twice for the same offence.

    How is James Sears to blame for his mental disabilities while he was working in the armed forces? Mind you, the eugenicists in World War 2 tried to eradicate and annihilate anyone who was “unfit” for a master race.

    Chill dude, Sears isn’t applying for a daycare worker or an elementary school teacher, though the biggest perverts out there are Marxist females.

  6. Stand your Ground Says:

    Question is why cant a REAL MAN like James Sears apply for public office? How come no one condemns the corruption of public sector criminals, government workers, politicians and communist-backed corporations?

    The silly thing with Marxist Ontario is when a straight male tries to court a woman in a conservative manner, he is technically a “rapist”, but if a female teacher uses her position of authority to get banged by her student, the student who complained becomes a target by the public sector workers and metrosexual manginas.

    Marxist Ontario is going to become more hostile to straight REAL MEN like James Sears because the fudge packers, carpet munchers and female child groomers hate masculinity as much as Marxists and tyrants.

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