Lefty’s Korner

May 12, 2014

Lefty’s Korner with perennial candidate Kevin Clarke
(unedited and untranslated)


The Rob ford days came to a end in TORONTO on MAY 9 2014 when Kevin Clarke officially entered the Toronto mayor race Rob Ford RESIGN Now!!Rob UR know as dumb as you act wake-up rob i am Kevin Clarke i am the people’s voice take the dignify way out resign remove your self from the mayor race take the next couple of years to get yourself together rob i do not want to beat you up and if you persist to disrespect the people of Toronto then there is no other course..i will preserve a positive legacy for you if you’re clean but Mr ford lets be clear Kevin Clarke entered this mayor race to first and foremost clean up the current state of our city hall. GOOD Blessings for all,hope all is well my name is Kevin Clarke i am with “The people”The people’s political party(Ontario) we need true political change to bring social changes Good blessings for all children of the world.. – kevin clarke running 4 mayor.



3 Responses to “Lefty’s Korner”

  1. Miguel Says:

    I am impressed–Kevin Clarke writing skills are advanced than a Grade 12 student of Toronto public school education. Kevin might graduate with at least a 3.0 GPA in an Ontario college. He needs to repeat the Communist manifesto, become a male feminist, hate all men, and snoop to corrupt public sector union workers like Paula Fletcher —-and he will pass his courses.

    Public schools are a joke these days. These students are learning Communism, decadence and useless subjects which have no application to the real world eg- gender studies.

  2. yourwardnews Says:

    The re-education system today is nothing more then socialist indoctrination from deranged public sector mooching femicommies. Students fresh out of high school get into tens even hundreds of thousands of dollars into student debt, so they can come out of college brainwashed and unemployable. The only people stupider then those with degrees are those teaching in today’s schools.

  3. Nethan Vinowitz Says:

    YourWardnews, you are right on the dot with regards to the current lame public education system. Male kids get drugged with Ritalin and testosterone suppressants if female teachers can’t control their behavior.

    The femicommies who are posting hate material on your blog are no different than fascist regimes in 1940s Europe.

    Come to think about it, my grandfather in 1930s Germany was free to stare at ‘white wommiz assis” , until Nazis acted on their eugenics policy to get rid of their undesirables.

    Wait until femicommies take total control of federal politics. It might get nasty for libertarians, conservatives, males and poor people.

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