Paula Fletcher’s 12-Step Program. By ROBERT JAMES

May 12, 2014

Paula Fletcher’s 12-Step Program



Step 1 – Councillor Fletcher needs to admit she is powerless when it comes to nannying people’s private lives. While she would love to have state control over all facets of everyone’s private lives this is 2014, not 1984. The welfare of the people will be fine without overly paid public sector amateur psychiatrists documenting and reporting what people do with their free time.

Step 2 – This one may be a tough step for hardcore Communist Party members like Paula Fletcher, but she needs to understand that a power greater than herself will restore sanity to city hall.

Step 3 – Well it would be a far away step for Paula Fletcher to ever enter a church without spontaneously combusting at the sight of a cross. Yet only through the goodwill and strong moral values of the faithful community can Councillor Fletcher begin to seek redemption for her sins.

Step 4 – Councillor Fletcher is required to look up the word “morals” in the dictionary to better understand what is not acceptable for a city councillor to do. What she says in a private conversation off the clock is not our business, her Stasi-like tactics are.

Step 5 – Councillor Fletcher must admit to the Mayor, to herself, and to her constituents the exact nature of her wrongs. Don’t leave out any juicy details, and make sure all personal issues and struggles that have nothing to do with politics is endlessly splashed on the front page of every major newspaper. If Paula Fletcher is having trouble revealing every single wrong, she should allocate over a million tax-dollars for private investigators and the services of an “ABC agency” surplus Cessna Surveillance Aircraft the Toronto Police don’t acknowledge they officially own.

Step 6 – Paula Fletcher must be entirely ready to have major media networks remove all these defects of her character. Only by having dozens of reporters camped out on her lawn, cameras and microphones in hand to consistently harass her family at all hours will she be able to find help in the good book… Not that little red one Councillor Fletcher is so fond of.

Step 7 – Paula Fletcher must humbly ask Madam Speaker to remove her shortcomings. Such as back in 2010 when she went so completely crackers-dingbat-insane during a budget outburst that even Shelley Carroll could not calm her ranting about the John Tory show, leading to a concerned citizen in the audience requesting Councillor Fletcher be fired.

Step 8 – Paula Fletcher must make a list of all persons she harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all. The first part is not that hard as all communists keep detailed lists of political dissidents. The big step for her is to realize that she will have to Wite-Out the top part that says enemies list and turn it into her Christmas card mailing list. Okay sure, this step is where Richard Nixon fell off the wagon too.

Step 9 – Give back to the community. Paula Fletcher talks about how sharing is caring and love is stronger then hate. She needs to donate the bulk of her over one hundred grand a year salary to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, and open up her home as a free hostel to homeless addicts.

Step 10 – Paula Fletcher must make sure her private life is never taken off the front cover of the newspapers for any less then one week. She should seek out international attention and always ensure late night talk show hosts keep their jobs. After all Councillor Fletcher is the big celebrity of old school Marxists.

Step 11 – Call in Reverend William O’Malley because Paula Fletcher needs an exorcism to evict the demons in her twisted mind. Hay, I did not make up these steps but at this point Councillor Fletcher needs to be baptised and born again. That holy water will sting a lot and cause her skin to melt if she is still possessed by Pazuzu. “What an excellent day for an exorcism!”

Step 12 – Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, Councillor Fletcher will use step 12 to step down. She will resign from the 2014 race to pursue an exciting new career in a geriatric nunnery deep in the middle of nowhere so she can not get into anymore trouble.


5 Responses to “Paula Fletcher’s 12-Step Program. By ROBERT JAMES”

  1. Miguel Says:

    Corrupt individuals like Paula Fletcher depend on state surveillance in order to trace whistleblowers and their critics (clearly shown in Point 8 of your thesis “as all communists keep detailed lists of political dissidents”).

    If anyone is new to political scales, the Communist Manifesto can shed some light into the true purpose of extreme-left political thought.

    Clearly due to the left leaning feminist movement, it is unlikely that Paula Fletcher will be held accountable for her actions, and most likely she will use state force to monitor and target her critics— in other words Marxism, Communism, whatever the new term, infringes civil liberties.

    Any sane Canadian can notice that Mayor Ford isn’t taking action against anyone who sheds his name in a bad light, but Liberal Kathleen Wynne threatens Hudak with defamation lawsuits over her alleged involvement in scandals amounting to billions of dollars. The erosion of civil liberties are growing, and I’m afraid that Communists like Paula Fletcher and her unionized public sector cronies will enforce a totalitarian state in a city if they wanted to. Scary.

  2. Amy Says:

    The woman you are victimizing should file a police report and sue your newspaper for libel!

    The misogynist male needs scapegoats onto whom he can project his failings and inadequacies and upon whom he can vent his frustrations. Lower I.Q. men like Elliot Rodger hated women because his intelligence was below the norm to pass a Year 1 college course, and he hated white blonde-hair women for his inadequacy. Elliot Rodger hated that white women in his college lived longer and were smarter than his pathetic virginal life. Elliot Rodger was nothing more than a disease, a disease of males just as the mental disease of Toronto males who hate women for no reason and end up posting hate material on male-only, sexist blogs!

    Toronto men stare at the big butts of Toronto women, mainly white Toronto women. The staring of a woman’s butt is RAPE. The Toronto police have a responsibility to protect these women from being violated by losers who are too worthless to even look at the butt of a white Toronto woman.

    Misogynist mass murderers like Elliot Rodger find a thrill with death — it excites him sexually and, already dead inside, he wants to die, but he should have locked himself in a room and left innocent women alone. Two women died because of misogyny and sexism. The authorities should monitor the internet and store internet records of every single male to prevent another tragedy by sexist virgin men.

  3. yourwardnews Says:

    Fruitcakes and gentlemen we got a real dingbat here! Amy, did you remember to take your psychiatric medication today? Hell you are more bonkers then any other femicommie I have ever wasted my time replying to. Your unrepentant incompetence speaks for itself, but your ass could use more then a little work before any guy would even think to grab it; honey. Put down the ribbed dildo and slowly back away from the CN Tower, I know you are desperate!

  4. yourwardnews Says:

    @Miguel: Amen… or Apeople to be politically correct, if I am going to get sued again.

  5. Nethan Vinowitz Says:

    wOw that feminist manifesto by “Amy” was disturbing. So….taxpayers must pay more money for a military police state so that men will not look at white womens assis?

    That’s messed up, but probably is in the works by the Marxists. I know a lot of post secondary campuses enforce a military course of action if females notice lesser crimes like stalking or a man arguing with her. Scary.

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