By our Investigative Reporter J.J.


Like Father. Like Daughter. Ward 32 Councilor Mary-Margaret McMahon has done an A-1 job for developers, all the while pretending to fight on behalf of Beachers who voted her in to office. There is a good reason why she is so successful at political intrigue. Her father is former Collingwood, Ontario Mayor Ronald Emo, who came out of retirement to help developers “amend” the Heritage District Plan of Collingwood. This is so that bulldozers and jackhammers can wipe the smile off the historic face of Collingwood. The former mayor has no qualms about demolishing Admiral Collingwood Place for developers. After all, this location, like the town, is only named after Vice-Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood, the First Baron of Collingwood (1748-1810). Collingwood was second-in-command to Vice-Admiral 1st Viscount Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. He assumed command of the British Fleet after Nelson was shot and killed in 1805 at Cape Trafalgar, Spain. Former Mayor Ronald Emo couldn’t give two hoots about who the town was named after, or half-a-hoot about demolishing Admiral Collingwood Place. Like Father. Like Daughter.

Meanwhile, back in our Beaches, Ronald Emo’s daughter Mary-Margaret McMahon (Ward 32, Beaches-East York) similarly shows no true regard for the past, present or future of our beloved neighborhood. Her so-called “Visioning” study successfully ‘blinded’ Beachers to the fact that the fix was in, and secretly favored mass development. Even the most educated citizens were duped by Councilor McMahon, as were the citizens of Collingwood. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, and our research has uncovered numerous parallels between dad and his offspring, who is determined to turn our Queen Street East Miracle Mile into Condo Village. Which reminds us – the attempt by McMahon’s acolytes to change the name to Beaches Village is shameful and James Sears will have those offensive banners taken down immediately upon being elected to office. We will only have ourselves to blame should our neighborhood become an Erector Set of thousands upon thousands of crass condominiums. She’ll do it! Like Father. Like Daughter.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Our investigators have secured an astounding document from the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The transcript is that of a Subcommittee Hearing. Ronald Emo is being questioned by the members concerning a very interesting appointment. VERY interesting. Here are some of the more illuminating highlights found in the Subcommittee Report:

THE CHAIR: Say anything you wish or you may go right to the questions by the members of the committee.

MR. RONALD EMO: I stand before you as a candidate for my cross-appointment from the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) to the ARB (Assessment Review Board). During the first two years of my time on the OMB we were the FINAL appeal board on assessments from the ARB.

*** Those subscribers that have followed the condo onslaught are aware that the OMB is GOD in the development industry. They can bless your construction project or they can dash your development asunder. ***Now back to the vetting of Ronald Emo by committee members.

MR. MIKE COLLE (Eglington-Lawrence): Mr. Emo, You were a partner in Oak-Lea Holdings Ltd., a Collingwood land development company. Could you give us some background?

MR. RONALD EMO: It was a small situation. My survey partner, myself and a local lawyer bought some property in 1967 and we did different developments over the years. We have two one-acre industrial sites that we’re trying to get rid of to wind the company down.

***Had enough of this guy yet? It’s enough for us. ***

One experienced builder that we conducted a casual interview with said, “Yup, it sounds like municipal corruption to me. Developers like a ‘brown-envelope’ political environment. Everything is understood”. Meanwhile, back in our Beaches again, we face the most important vote ever. Rife with cronyism, nepotism, sweetheart deals, kick-backs and assorted quid pro quo, Mary-Margaret’s got to go!!!

Post Script—Vice-Admirals Collingwood and Nelson are interred at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Post Post Script—October 27th is Election Day. With this new information, Mary-Margaret McMahon will surely be made to walk-the-plank by Beaches voters. LET’S MAKE HISTORY!!!



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I am very, very stingy with my money, but I am EVEN STINGIER with other people’s money.  I not only promise not to accept the ridiculous $105,000 per year salary for being your councillor, but I also refuse to accept campaign donations from the general public.  There are two main reasons for the latter decision.
Firstly, I feel it is immoral for the City of Toronto to be subsidizing campaign donations by providing rebates to donors.  For example, if you donate $300 to me, the city “rebates” you $225 of other people’s tax money, whether or not the taxpayers who provide the rebate support me!  That is Marxist theft.  Secondly, if I accept donations it invariably means that donors will feel that I owe them something.  I do not owe anything to anyone, and I am not about to get into the habit! I cannot be bought, and I will never put myself in a position where people feel I owe them a political favour because they gave me money.  I have already mailed back thousands of dollars of donations to people that wanted to contribute my campaign.
However, do not worry about my ability to fund my campaign.  I am legally permitted to spend $36,847.80 to run for councillor in Ward 32.  I set aside THE FULL AMOUNT in January when I placed my name on the ballot.  My campaign has been FULLY FUNDED FROM MY OWN RESOURCES from the outset!
Instead of sending me money, please volunteer your time to distribute my propaganda to your neighbours.  Or better yet, send the links to my web site to everyone on your email distribution list, and put those links up on blogs that you read.  All I ask is that you help me get the word out.
Think of yourself as a Christian Libertarian missionary spreading the gospel of James Sears to Godless Marxist savages.  They know not what they do because they have been brainwashed by Karl Marx.  Approach everyone you know … work colleagues, classmates, family, strangers on the street.  Even if they are not voters in Ward 32, preach to them about the evils of cultural Marxism and how it is destroying our society.  If they get annoyed during your sermon, tell them “Jesus loves you and so do I”.  That usually shuts them up.
Even if I am not victorious at the ballot box, I will still accomplish my ultimate goal. Getting the most votes is only one of the reasons I am running for office. My ego is not invested in this election campaign.  I am a self-actualized narcissist that does not need to obtain validation of my awesomeness from a ballot box.  Instead, I am running because I want to get the word out about how cultural Marxism is destroying our society.  Do not get me wrong … I would LOVE to win and I would be honoured to be your humble servant.  I would be the best damn councillor ward 32 has ever seen.  I would be a Statesman rather than a Politician.  I would sacrifice myself for my constituents.
So to sum it up, if I get the most attention, I WIN!  If I get the most votes, YOU WIN! I deputize every one of you to be a spokesperson for my campaign.  I entrust you with the responsibility to spread the gospel of James Sears to the masses. Have fun on the campaign trail!
Dr. James Sears,

A Marxist’s Worst Nightmare


It’s been said that ‘WHITE LIBERALS ARE THE MORAL DESCENDENTS OF SLAVE OWNERS’. If you count the number of baby carriages in the Beaches being pushed by non-traditional Canadians, the claim gains some gravitas. But liberal-leftists are not known for introspection and are unable to consider such a notion. Ward 32 News analysts have long recognized that there is a blind-spot in their view of the world. A long-time associate of our publication has profiled these useful idiots of Marxism quite well: “WHITE LIBERALS WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD, BUT ARE HARD-PRESSED TO HELP A NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR.”

Lip-service egalitarianism is not a new characteristic of those Canadians who veer sharply to the left, but our concerns are rather immediate. Simple question: What should a Beacher do if they witness improper treatment by a foreign nanny towards a traditional Canadian child? Several reports have surfaced about nannies rolling the baby carriages within feet of screaming, hi-decibel circular concrete-cutting saws. Considering that these nightmarishly loud (louder than Deep Purple) saws project near-crippling decibels, Your Ward 32 News has to be concerned. Are these cheap-labor nannies aware that a child can be irreversibly deafened by these machines? We’d like to think that this is somehow related to cultural differences, but what other cultural miscues DON’T we see? Mom can’t see any of it. She’s a public sector worker and motherhood is secondary.

Cheap labor begets slavery. Educated Beachers know that the word ‘slavery’ is derived from ‘Slav’, people who represent a segment of the European population that have suffered under the yolk of cheap labor. Slavery has many faces; from the human sex-traffickers at NOW magazine who deserve life in prison, to the three centuries of black, cotton-pickin’ cheap labour in North America. A high price is still being paid by the white North American population for refusing to ‘pick their own cotton’ or ‘dig their own ditch’, so to speak. The circumstance that we CAN do something about is visible to us every day in our own neighborhood. Slavery and cheap labor bring nothing to the taskmaster but bad karma.

We implore Beachers to cease and desist from exploiting newly-arrived immigrants. Trans-racial slavery has proven disastrous in the past and will always be a taint on humanity. Whether it is in the southern United States or on the shores of Lake Ontario, it is not an issue of RIGHT and LEFT, but an issue of RIGHT and WRONG.



It seems that the copies of Your Ward News that make their way around Parliament Hill have had a profound effect on Federal Government officials. After we illuminated the fact that the advertising section of NOW magazine was an essential rung in lucrative Asian sex-rings, they reacted swiftly. The Feds have tabled a new prostitution bill which includes outlawing the profiteering of not only pimps, but anyone who profits from the prostitution industry. THAT INCLUDES ADVERTISERS! NOW magazine specializes in Asian women because middle-aged females can be made to look like schoolgirls. NOW has helped to create an environment that makes these crimes seem acceptable to the average tolerant Canadian.

In our previous column we made it clear that we will no longer tolerate the claims by Entertainment editor Susan G. Cole. She says that NOW is merely helping these girls be safe. Ms. Cole, a lesbian chosenite, can often be heard on John Oakley’s morning show on TALK 640 AM spewing the vilest nonsense you’ll ever hear. There are women’s prisons suitable for Susan along with Editor/CEO Alice Klein and Senior News Editor Ellie Kirzner. All three can be described in a similar manner. One federal politician opined that all the activities associated with the sex industry are harmful to young women. He says, “These activities are not harmful because they are illegal, they are illegal because they are harmful.”

After NOW magazine’s Staff News Writer, Jonathan Goldsbie, penned a disparaging column about Your Ward News we couldn’t help but recall the old saying, “Don’t go to battle with those that buy ink by the barrel”. Well, our barrel may not be as big as NOW’s barrels, but we deliver truth by the truckload. If the name wasn’t already taken, we would name our publication ‘The Truth At Last”, which is essentially our journalistic mission statement. It is TRUE that NOW magazine has a negative influence on young impressionable minds. It is TRUE that the family-destroying views of NOW magazine are clearly at odds with the traditional family values represented in Your Ward News. It is TRUE that the political candidates that NOW magazine throws its support behind are PRO-Marxist and ANTI-freedom of speech (except their own speech, of course). It is also TRUE that the political candidates that we throw our support behind are ANTI-Marxist and PRO-freedom of speech. Our choices for office are also culturally, fiscally and morally competent. When Councilor Sears is elected by Beachers it will mark the beginning of a new era. A fresh new start!!!

In the debate that is raging about Canada’s prostitution laws some have referred to the ‘European model’. Why that should even be considered is a mystery to us. Did our ancestors not build this vast nation precisely because they left Europe? When the new laws are enacted we can only hope that the loss of advertising revenue will grind NOW magazine into the dirt from whence they came. Facilitating the sex-trafficking industry has made them wealthy, so a class action suit by their victims should also be pursued. We use the word ‘also’ because criminal charges go without saying. NOW magazine is in our sights and we won’t let up until this lewd and lascivious rag has printed its last page of fish-wrap.



Sherri Lange, CEO, NA-PAW

When a community faces a turbine installation, and our new Premier has promised thousands on thousands more for our abiding misery everywhere in the province, they have 15 days to file an objection and enter into a legal process called the Environmental Tribunal (ERT).

Viewers of the proceedings for areas such as Chatham Kent, for example, have been subjected to tortuous denials of their witnesses for years now. Costly and time consuming, farmers, business people teachers and engineers, have taken time out of normal life to follow the proceedings, which in every single instance have worked favorably for the developers. Said one: “You have to be brain dead to even imagine that democracy is alive in Ontario. I can’t believe I’m in Ontario.”

This tribunal is a quasi court, designed to be impartial and provide adjudication, and having expertise, knowledge and training. Someone like Paul Muldoon, an environmental lawyer, who is Vice Chair at the Adelaide ERT. These folks should be fair, reasonable, and experts: One has to now question whether they have the “aptitude for impartial adjudication.” All except ONE ERT have miserably failed, despite massive efforts on behalf of ordinary people, engineers, doctors, teachers, farmers, who took and take time out to testify about the health, dangers to environment, and water supplies, poor safety record of the industry, as well as the imminent dangers to children who may be special needs, or people already with compromised health.

A focus on those lofty qualifications means Ontarians should expect excellence, because the “tribunal”, is a quasi court, set to administer justice as defined under the Act which it adjudicates. Looking at members of the ERT one notes that four of its members have the “experience” but one could question whether those four have the “aptitude for impartial adjudication.”

Appointments to the ERT are made by the Premier or the Minister and follow “a recruitment and review process managed by the Public Appointments Secretariat” (PAS). All appointees are required to sign a “Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement” which asks the question: “Have you been involved in any issue or controversy in the past, or that may be subject to public review in the future, in which the government may have an interest?” Three and possibly four, do not pass the fairness test.


In a letter from Engineer Eric Jelinski, the frustrations of those opposing the proliferation   of industrial wind in Ontario is telling:

Does the liberal caucus know what is really going on?

Eric Jelinski — October 16, 2013

We often uncover examples of mismanagement (an understatement in regard to recent examples), and then members claim to have no knowledge.   This is a due diligence e-mail for the Wynne government.

There are several key issues and one is the issue of the hearings of the Environmental Review Tribunals in regard to wind turbines. There have been many such hearings where experts on the impacts of wind turbines have expressed concerns and pointed to peer reviewed papers written about such impacts; eg. health, noise, flickering lights, too close to airports, property values, stray voltage, and the issues list is indeed long.

Regardless of what concerned citizens have said, the Liberal steam roller continues out of control approving wind turbine development after development in spite of having recently announced that the province has enough electricity! Why?

It must be very boring for the lawyers for Samsung, WPD, developers, and the MOE and MNR to sit through lengthy hearings from concerned citizens, just to have to rule against the citizens’ concerns. Such rulings I have noted previously effectively means the government is calling these citizens liars.

A probable ethical dilemma. I often wondered why…but the answer is here in the salacious relationships between proponents of wind developers, the proponents who want to shut down nuclear, and employees of the government. It takes more than a few moments to absorb this conspiracy theory, but the writing is on the wall in terms of all the e-mails and RSS feeds issuedby ‘environmentalists’. Please read on.

Enter a new idea by the lawyers, by limiting the number of citizens and arbitrarily downgrading the credentials of those who speak. After 5 years of the GEA and all of the world wide experience with wind turbines, is it possible that the Medical Officer of Health was wrong with her decree about the 550 metre setback. Of course it is “possible’. That is why there is always room for a second opinion.

Except that the government is acting along-side the proponent in squashing the second opinion coming from knowledgeable people like other doctors and those who are affected by the wind turbines.   The decisions of the ERT are by now so entrenched in saying that there are no adverse effects, even one admission that prevents one approval of one wind turbine is an admission that there is substance to what concerned citizens have been saying. Folks, we have just found the invisible wall created by the government and the wind developers beyond which we are not allowed to tread!

Will the issues go away? Not, never, ever in a blue moon. A website has now been set up as part of the federal health study concerning radiation emitted from wind turbines,

Many papers and even books have been written about the adverse effects of wind turbine noise on health. Is the continuation of approving the construction of wind turbines a cover for the MOH? What was the exact study for the 550 metres? There is ample information to find her ruling on the 550 metres has its problems for some people being more sensitive than others, and given the amplitude modulation that may occur at high power in the still of the night. Please interview the affected people, and especially the people whose properties have been bought out by the wind turbine developers.

A voluntary moratorium on wind turbines would be ceding defeat and accepting all of the claims. The cost of making those affected whole would be larger than the gas plant fiasco.

There is the other reason I alluded to earlier. Since the Liberal clan screwed up royally on the gas plants, and they should be rightfully booted out by Horvath. Recently attempted

Horvath wants wind turbines to shut down nuclear just like in Germany. Damned the high cost of electricity, damned the jobs.   The NDP don’t care about jobs, real jobs. Jobs are leaving the province in droves, due to the high cost of power, due to wind and solar subsidies, directly due to this.

Ontario, get ready for your increased job cuts, your increased misery from turbines and solar. Get used to your kids graduating and going to Saskatchewan, Alberta, or the US for jobs.

Suck it up, Ontario. That’s how you voted.

Eric Jelinski

Stayner, Ontario

june 8

Ever heard of it? If so, then you know their story. Those of you who haven’t then let me introduce you to them, to tell you a bit of their story.

Back in 1993 Adrian Curry and Jerry Lee Miller, along with help from local bike shops and friends, started the shop and bike repairs program (A Non-Profit Organization). This concept was non-profit, to make bike repairs and the sale of bikes much more affordable. Everyone from Students, Artists, Musicians, Bike Clubs, low income people and anyone they could help; get a bike, depending on their individual circumstances.

Then they’re is the courses and training they offer. Lead Mechanic Jerry Lee Miller heads up the shop and training programs. The way it works, is they have working members who under Jerry Lees supervision, work on the bikes. Working members take a   work-shop course, then finish with an online course before being accepted as a Bicycle Mechanic. Then after passing the course and lessons, the person becomes a fully trained bicycle mechanic, and is paid to work by the organization. Just as important, the organization is training and qualifying people to do a job where it’s hard to find this type of training anywhere.

The real tragedy is, that after a long fight against several big box opponents the last appeal has fallen against CBN. August of this year 2014, the CBN will have to find a new location or go into storage. Not at the height of bike season!!!!

Who’s running the ship?? These are hard to find services, especially at reasonable costs and the training as I’ve previously said. How could this happen? Is this not a worthy cause to help in return, for all the help they’ve given to the community.

This is how we can help. We can start by making the community here in Toronto aware of the most worthy organization. What they do, who they are, where they can be found and for who. And here’s how you can get this information.

First their Web-site:


Their office number: 416-504-2918   Adrian Currie or Jerry Lee Miller

Address: 761 Queen St. W. Unit 101

Toronto, ON   M6J 1G1

(Bathurst & Queen)

Article written by Don Woods of Scavenger Music Productions  


As your single term Councillor for Ward 32, I James Sears ( ) will:

-Slash a total of 2% ($74M) from the $3.7B of property tax that is collected each year, with 1% ($37M) rebated to residential tenants and gross lease commercial tenants (obviously net lease commercial tenants will receive the full 2% rebate). We can EASILY find $74M per year of savings in the budget.  Just as a quick example:

  • slashing each of 44 councillors’ pay to $70K saves $1.54M (also attracts better councillors)
  • slashing the mayor’s pay to $140K saves $35K
  • me not taking the $70K reduced pay saves $70K
  • slashing Bill Blair’s pay to $140K saves $230K (he’ll live)
  • ceasing fluoridation saves $1.9M (also makes us all healthier)
  • de-subsidizing “gay pride” saves taxpayers $140K (if each participant chipped in a loonie or if just 25,000 participants each drank one less martini a year, they’d have the money)
  • de-subsidizing Caribana saves taxpayers $525K (tourists from across North America will still flock to Toronto and spend their cash, even if the floats are a little less flashy) 

Just those 7 items save taxpayers $4.44M (6% of our goal), less what my Area Captains are paid.  There’s gravy EVERYWHERE!!!  If we reduced the salary of the 8,000 people on the “Sunshine List” by an average of a paltry $9K each, we would SURPASS our property tax and rent reduction goal!

 -Freeze taxes at the above level for the next 5 years, ignoring the ludicrous mantra that the property tax rate must “rise with inflation”. This sacred credo is a Marxist Gravy Trainer SCAM because the mere act of raising property taxes in turn results in property owners passing those costs down to tenants, thereby CREATING inflation. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy because in the next year inflation which is created through the previous year’s tax increase forces taxes to rise AGAIN to keep up with it. Like the vicious hyperinflation caused by FIAT money creation and fractional reserve banking, this revenue-generating model is unsustainable.

-Base the amount of commercial property taxes on tenant mix, i.e. a storefront with a family-friendly retail tenant should pay less property tax than a storefront with a dive bar in it; in other words, landlords should be incentivized to rent out retail space to businesses which benefit the community, and if the tenants are paying a proportional share of property taxes in a building, a family-friendly tenant should pay less that one which promotes delinquent behaviour.

 -Give better non-monetary support to BIA’s, set strict financial standards which include caps on operating costs, and allow the city to conduct forensic financial audits of BIA’s that appear to be corrupt or inept.

 -Acknowledge the special status of dogs in our society. Toronto should set the example for all municipalities in North America, and bestow upon ALL DOGS the same status and privileges that are given to service dogs.  We should give a restaurant the right to allow dogs on its premises, the same way restaurants are permitted to do so in most European countries. The restaurant would ultimately regulate what size of dog would be permitted in their establishment, and where the dog would stay while his/her guardians dine. Our Shih Tzu “Mountain Bear” comes out to the living room to call me to dinner, I pull a chair out for him, he sits on it, then dines with the family, eating off of a plate that is set for him.  He is courteous, quiet, and never rests his elbows on the table (though he DOES stare at everyone’s food in a very creepy way).

 -Charge a “Jesus Tax” equivalent to 10% of what normally should be paid in property tax, to owners of all properties that are presently exempt from paying property tax due to being owned by religious institutions or other qualified “non-profits”. This tax would require the cooperation of the provincial government, who would have to amend the Municipal Act to allow such taxation. 100% of tax collected from these properties will be equally disbursed amongst all elderly in the GTA who are collecting Old Age Security pensions, as a monthly supplement added to their pension payments, if they have a total taxable income below $20,000 per year. The payments will be referred to as “Dignity Dividends” and will not be subject to tax. As for those of you who might object to taxing these institutions, please remember that these “Houses of God” are supposed to be directing all their excess cash to helping the homeless, poor, cripple, elderly, etc. The vast majority are not. I will assume that they do not know how to go about helping the needy, so they need a little guidance from me and Jesus!

 -Institute a common sense approach to parking enforcement in Ward 32.  The Draconian, quota-driven way in which the parking bylaws are applied MUST CEASE AT ONCE!  Until City Hall starts to respect vehicle owners, as a temporary stopgap measure, I will provide anyone living in Ward 32 with a workaround to defeat most parking and speeding tickets. I am acquitted on 100% OF MY PARKING TICKETS by evoking the Charter of Rights in cases where it has taken an exorbitant amount of time to arrange a trial date (which for me has been 100% of the time).  I will provide anyone who can prove they live in Ward 32 with a simple template they can utilize to file the necessary legal motions to defeat these nuisance tickets. You never have to serve anyone in person … you serve the Ministry of the Attorney General, Department of Justice, City Prosecutor, and Office of the Trial Coordinator, all BY FAX from the comfort of your own home, just before your trial. When you show up on the day of trial, watch the prosecutor squirm and fold up like a wet paper bag, then withdraw the charges. Yet be forewarned … he will make you wait until THE END OF THE DOCKET so that the other, naïve citizens, who were pressured into pleading guilty before you, do not FREAK OUT ON HIM on realizing that their charter rights were RAPED!  By the way, the last parking “enforcer” I defeated in court ticketed my car as the engine was running and my wife was sitting in it, when I quickly ran into Carload vegetable market.  She was given no verbal warning to move!

 -Charge much heavier levies to real estate developers.

 -Give preference to real estate developers who can prove that they have ties to the ward in which they want to develop; for example, they have lived in the respective ward for at least 5 years.

 -Most developers are GREEDY, MANIPULATIVE SLEAZY MEN!  I am the only candidate running in this election who has the knowledge, intelligence, balls, and sheer gall to OUTSLEAZE THE SLEAZEBALLS!!!  I will ensure that all development matters are rapidly moved along at City Hall so as to avoid the 180 day drop-dead time limit, at which time developers are permitted to escalate their proposals straight to the OMB and avoid the municipality all together.  It all comes down to properly allocating resources.  If a developer is somehow able to make it to the OMB, thereby attempting to bypass the will of Ward 32 constituents, I will coordinate and lead a unified front of opposition to the proposal at the OMB (I will not pretend to lead the charge, only to covertly sabotage it in exchange for kickbacks from the developers like Marxist Mary).

 -Make it mandatory that developers, at THEIR cost, mail every household within a 2 km radius of a proposed development, a kit containing a DETAILED synopsis of what is to be developed, 30 days before the first municipal meeting is held on the proposed development, including a checklist of concerns and a self-addressed postage-paid envelope addressed to the councillor for that ward.

For more information please visit:


                        (Click image to enlarge)

What’s the difference between organic food and normal food? The price. What’s the difference between honesty and Ward 32 Councilor Mary-Margaret McMahon ( The price that Beaches residents have paid for the fraud that has been perpetrated upon them. While Councilor McMahon has portrayed herself as the country bumpkin who founded the East Lynn Farmer’s Market, Beachers have learned that she is as shrewd as any city-slicker. There’s an old saying in the world of sales that ‘DUMB IS SMART’. Mary- Margaret has perfected that strategy very successfully. But Councilor McMahon is no ‘farmer’s daughter’ and is, in fact, the daughter of former Collingwood Mayor Ron Emo. She also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in French Literature from Carleton University, which is far from being the classroom as seen on television’s ‘Little House on the Prairie’. Mary-Margaret McMahon has also taught English as a Second Language and describes herself as a community activist. She further describes herself as a “fiscally conservative environmentalist”. (Say wha-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-t ?????????)

There’s an old saying about being ‘careful what you ask for’. This may apply to our Your Ward News’ ANYBODY BUT BUSSIN campaign. We were kind of hoping that the ANYBODY would be SOMEBODY that would preserve and protect the Beaches from interlopers of all type, particularly the builders who have no ties to the Beaches and no qualms about turning our beloved neighborhood into Condo Village. They are already trying to call it the Beach Village so they are half-way there. Mary-Margaret McMahon’s “public” consultations that she dubbed the Visioning Study were like a clever illusion that baffled the audience. The big ‘reveal’ was that Beachers ultimately had no say at all. The trick was prepared out-of-view of the public eye as Mary-Margaret met secretly with supposed “grass-roots” organizations. They were later exposed to be nothing more than ‘astro-turf’ operations which are conjured-up to imitate advocacy.

Early indicators that Ward 32 Councilor McMahon was going to sell us out were quite evident, certainly in hindsight. During her 2010 political campaign she hardily slammed incumbent Sandra Bussin for her dealings with Tuggs Inc., George Foulidis’ company. You recall the Boardwalk Pub Caper which resulted in George Foulidis having exclusive vending rights to sell food, beverages and souvenirs throughout the eastern part of the Beaches which includes Woodbine Beach Park. The lucrative twenty-year-deal was approved by city council without opening up the contract to outside bidders. This was despite a recommendation from staff to put it up for tender. That scandal, along with her attempt to sue this paper with taxpayer monies, marked the beginning of the end for Sandra Bussin’s political life in our Beaches. She is very resilient and thick-skinned and we can’t rule out an attempt at a comeback. After Mary-Margaret McMahon’s convincing victory to become Ward 32 Beaches Councilor , Mary-Margaret sang a much different tune regarding the Boardwalk Café/George Foulidis scandal. She actually said,”George has some good ideas, we have some good ideas, and park staff has some good ideas.” She also said, “We have extended the olive branch to Mr. Foulidis.” There may also be some olive oil involved, as it is rumored that George has brought in some ‘Montreal muscle’ to help him ‘take care of business’.

A true advocate of the Beaches would have kept developers at bay by demanding that engineers analyze the geological and hydrological factors that make rampant construction in the Beaches a dangerous proposition. Ward 32 News uncovered this scandal when we demanded to know the name of the engineering firm that conducted the all-important hydrological study. This exchange took place at one of Councilor McMahon’s “Visioning” sessions that were designed to blind Beachers from the truth that the fix was in. Needless to say, there was no such study. There was no engineering firm and no comment from Councilor McMahon. On Election Day we need to be at the polls to unseat Mary-Margaret McMahon who has clearly sold us out. Why should anyone be surprised? She fluked her way into office just like in the movie ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’. The big difference is that Mr. Smith (Jimmy Stewart) had integrity, unlike our present councilor who is devoid of such. Between her co-operation with the oily George Foulidis and her conspiring with amoral developers, Councilor McMahon must be swept in to the ‘dustbin of history.’ The broom is in YOUR hands. It’s time to clean up the Beaches.


I think anybody who has ever worked hard to earn anything ought to be concerned about the tale I am about to tell. Private property is a bedrock value of our society – and it should always be. I do not accept that our elected representatives have the right to change this fundamental principle as it applies to taxi drivers or any other hardworking group that doesn’t fit into their social set. I think this value should be there for everybody who is willing to work hard – and even for those who are not.

I think anybody who owns anything ought to watch out for the kind of politicians who would even consider trying what I am about to describe. Because they might be next. I remember the day in July 1971, when I was first issued a license to drive a cab. I was one of a group of about 20 beginners who were required to write a test that proved knowledge of the taxicab by-law and the locations of a few dozen often-asked-for places of note.

Then there were two oral ‘how-to-get-from-here-to-there’ questions, both of which I still remember. Then my classmates and I were shown how the taxi meter worked. And after that, a paid employee of the City of Toronto gave us what I knew even then was a set speech. After telling us that a working day in the taxi business was 12 hours, the City’s own man spoke nearly as follows:

The taxi business is a great business. You can be in it part-time, full-time, or you can make it your career. If you choose to make it your career, after three years of working full time – five days-a-week – if you have a good record, you can put your name on “The List” (known as The Approved Drivers List) for your own plate. It will be many years, but, if you maintain your good record, your turn will come and you will be issued your own (taxicab) plate.

You will be on probation for another five years, then, if you still have a good record, the plate will be yours. You can use it to operate your own business. When you retire, you can sell the plate and live on the money in your retirement.

To us rookies, as to the industry in general, that presentation by a paid City employee was very definitely an offer of private property in return for a driver’s structuring their working life around earning – at high cost in terms of work, time and money – a taxi plate for themself.

Who would purchase such a plate as suggested in the City’s presentation, as many did over 50 years (after 1964), if it was not so? When the career driver got “their issue,” they were handed a tin plate with the word “Owner” on it and a number underneath, to affix to their own taxicab. As well, the City charged a fee of thousands of dollars on issuance, the same again on any transfer of the plate to anyone else, and a fee of hundreds of dollars on annual renewal. Such plates are still on the backs of 3,480 City of Toronto Standard equity-plate taxis to this day.

Beginning drivers heard that same speech at The Office in the mid-1960s and as late as 1993 – by which time thinking at City Hall concerning the ownership of taxicab plates had begun to change. In the interim, many plate holders had adopted the practice of renting out their plates, which the City had not thought to do. Meanwhile, too, the City had fallen badly into debt.

On February 19 and 20 past, Toronto City Council voted to drastically remake its taxi industry by passing a set of “reforms” that, among other changes, are meant to put an end the Standard equity taxi plate by June 30, 2024. Like the one-driver Ambassador permissions to operate, the Standard plates are to be “migrated” into Toronto Taxi Licenses (TTLs), a new form of license that requires the taxi to be a wheelchair-capable accessible cab and the plate owner to be one of the taxi’s drivers. Obviously TTLs will be of dubious value, not only because of these conditions, but also because the City will have clearly welched on its previous form of taxi plate.

This key change takes earned security away from now mostly elderly taxi drivers who will be left with almost nothing, or from their widows and heirs, or from others who have bought such plates at six-figure values. Many of the 50 “reforms” – “the Wrecks” we call them – that passed City Council on Febraury 19 and 20 will greatly up the present taxi drivers’ costs of operation while at the same time greatly cutting into their incoming revenues. In only a few years, these changes will disemploy some 7- or 8,000 shift taxi drivers, lessees and self-employed drivers – and they are meant to do just that.

Their losses are only collateral damage as the City’s real targets are its perceived competitors for monies the drivers earn – the equity plate holders, the taxi fleets, and the business agents who look after the interests of plateholders who can’t or won’t do the same.

The indebted City created the licenses and, for all of that, and for enforcing its own rules, now wants to be the renter of the plates itself. The capital to run the businesses and the “social benefits” the City has lately promised its new-order drivers are to be supplied by its plate-operating “quasi employees.”

“I think we’re going to see an improved industry. It’s the right thing to do, and long overdue,” said Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon, who moved the motion to pass the “reforms” in Council. McMahon afterwards admitted to having done “some hard lobbying and schmoozing” to get other Councillors to support her motion – which passed City Council by a vote of 31-12.

Readers should understand that this action – which, if it becomes a by-law – will turn into a very expensive mess. The Councillors understanding of the taxi industry is so inept that it is almost comical. This is going to be very costly, not only for the taxi industry and its drivers, but for the taxi-taking public and the ratepayers.

Peter McSherry is a taxi driver of 42 years experience. He writes The Bystander, a column about taxi issues in John Duffy’s Taxinews and is the author of three published books, including Mean Streets: Confessions of a Nighttime Taxi Driver. He owns nothing in the taxi business, nor did he ever want to own anything.

Dear Deputy Mayor Kelly

June 11, 2014


 I am very disappointed that you have endorsed Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government; especially given the predicament of the fine City of Toronto with respect to the behaviours of its mayor during this term of office. I feel obliged to comment as my professional work as a nuclear engineer takes me into the city and essentially all across Ontario and beyond around the world in this global industry. I can also comment that there are many, (my count is over 60) municipalities who would disagree with you based on calls for a moratorium on wind turbine development that is the miss-creation of this liberal government. (

Given the behaviours expected within business organizations, academia, and society in general around the world, I am not successful in rationalizing the unethical and wasteful behaviours of this liberal government, for greater clarity, i.e., some of its cabinet ministers, McGuinty, Wynne, Chiarelli, Matthews, Bradley; and I am sure you are aware of all of the examples that have been reported in the popular press over the past 10 years.

Why would the City of Toronto associate itself with Wynne? Given the unnecessary higher costs of electricity and well-advertised loss of democracy, due to the failed Green Energy Act, this seems ridiculous. The City of Toronto is growing rapidly and needs more energy, and this energy cannot be provided by wind turbines located in farmers’ fields, or by gas plants relocated far away. Just because the NIMBY concept is acceptable for gas plants that provide real power, but are truly back up for ineffective and expensive wind turbines, I am puzzled as to why the City does not do its homework.

The supply of money depends on what people earn, i.e., jobs; and what people and politicians spend it on, or waste it on. Money that is wasted can no longer be used to spend on high priority needs. Therefore, money that Toronto needs for subways, the Gardiner and down to filling potholes, that may be obtained through either taxes or transfers from government has been put at risk, and in-fact has been diminished by the inappropriate spending of the liberal government.

The only way to achieve access to money is through fiscal responsibility, and that, I expect you do know as Toronto Council has worked very hard on achieving fiscal responsibility. Why then do you endorse the Liberals????

Yours truly,
Eric Jelinski M. Eng. P. Eng.
“The Future is Nuclear”

Bahman Yazdanfar was born in the late fifties, in Tehran, and he came to Toronto as an immigrant early in 1986, at the age of 27. Like many newcomers, Bahman started from scratch by working in a factory as a general labourer while trying to get back into his field. Unfortunately policies and laws of the land at that time were not favorable and he had to choose another career.

Bahman’s resilience and belief in keeping up the good fight has been honed by the many hardships he has overcome: years of political turmoil and social unrest in the Middle East, where he was raised and educated, loneliness and statelessness in Europe while he was waiting to immigrate, and uncertainty of the future and day-to-day confrontation in Canada to get adjusted to the new life. Adversity, to him, has come to mean an opportunity to learn and understand the universe, and each rough ride has taken him closer to the realization that he is not here to waste his talents on trivialities. So instead, he focuses his energies and creativity on problem-solving.

During the last twenty years, Bahman has witnessed day-by-day citizens gradually losing their hope of prosperity, mainly due to the restricted policies and taxes that are imposed by different level of governments, as well as lack of proper management of the market economy by the bank authorities.

Bahman has always believed that a stable economy free from useless restrictions benefits communities. He also believes that an unmotivating environment will make society dull in the long run, and complacency carries the danger of becoming a very suitable medium for corruption and crime; that is why he enters into politics to apply his knowledge and experience in an attempt to make a difference. Bahman invites you, the public, to observe the similarities between how the major political parties run their campaigns, and how they run the government, and believes you will see remarkable similarities. Instead of focusing on resolving issues that affect every citizen in this vast, beautiful land, they spend their time finding faults with their rivals at the expense of tax payers. He holds the view that if you want improvement, you cannot get it by repeating mistakes.

Over the last few decades, we have all experienced the enormous gap between the electorate and their government. Voters are disappointed, because they feel that their voice has no echo. When it comes to the Mainstream Parties, their elected representatives behave like employees of private enterprise and take their orders from their Party leaders.

To address this problem, Bahman and a small group of experienced and hard-working citizens have established the young Canadians’ Choice Party, and part of their core principle is to not meddle in the relationship between MPPs and their constituents.

In the 2011 Ontario election only 48% of eligible voters cast their votes, and more than half of the population did not; Liberals MPPs formed the government with only 11%, and all 107 elected MPPs received less than 23% of the eligible votes, in Ontario. And as result chances for dishonest individuals to get elected increased drastically. The only remedy available to you is your VOTING POWER at this time.

Bahman believes that the only way for the voters in Toronto – Centre to get out of the present situation is to break this vicious Party Political Circle that violates the principles of the Westminster model of parliamentary democracy, by electing someone who is not belong to the three mainstream Parties.

An MPP who does not have the support system of the three mainstream Parties work harder to keep the support of their communities, fighting harder for improvement of needed public services such as health care, affordable housing and transit system, to name a few. Bahman emphysizes that people exercise their right to vote, and ask themselves if they would like to be part of the tax paying population, without representation in Queen’s Park for another 4 years.

The Canadians’ Choice Party invites independent-minded individuals to visit the Canadians’ Choice Party’s website to find out how they can get together to share their experiences under one brand to work for their constituents, revive democracy and bring our system back to the basics. On June 12, 2014 Ontario General Election, hire Bahman Yazdanfar, the Canadians’ Choice Party Candidate for Toronto – Centre, to be your new MPP in Queen’s Park.