Fellow voters of Toronto Centre ask yourself: Am I or my family, better off than four years ago? What has my MPP done for me lately?

June 11, 2014

Bahman Yazdanfar was born in the late fifties, in Tehran, and he came to Toronto as an immigrant early in 1986, at the age of 27. Like many newcomers, Bahman started from scratch by working in a factory as a general labourer while trying to get back into his field. Unfortunately policies and laws of the land at that time were not favorable and he had to choose another career.

Bahman’s resilience and belief in keeping up the good fight has been honed by the many hardships he has overcome: years of political turmoil and social unrest in the Middle East, where he was raised and educated, loneliness and statelessness in Europe while he was waiting to immigrate, and uncertainty of the future and day-to-day confrontation in Canada to get adjusted to the new life. Adversity, to him, has come to mean an opportunity to learn and understand the universe, and each rough ride has taken him closer to the realization that he is not here to waste his talents on trivialities. So instead, he focuses his energies and creativity on problem-solving.

During the last twenty years, Bahman has witnessed day-by-day citizens gradually losing their hope of prosperity, mainly due to the restricted policies and taxes that are imposed by different level of governments, as well as lack of proper management of the market economy by the bank authorities.

Bahman has always believed that a stable economy free from useless restrictions benefits communities. He also believes that an unmotivating environment will make society dull in the long run, and complacency carries the danger of becoming a very suitable medium for corruption and crime; that is why he enters into politics to apply his knowledge and experience in an attempt to make a difference. Bahman invites you, the public, to observe the similarities between how the major political parties run their campaigns, and how they run the government, and believes you will see remarkable similarities. Instead of focusing on resolving issues that affect every citizen in this vast, beautiful land, they spend their time finding faults with their rivals at the expense of tax payers. He holds the view that if you want improvement, you cannot get it by repeating mistakes.

Over the last few decades, we have all experienced the enormous gap between the electorate and their government. Voters are disappointed, because they feel that their voice has no echo. When it comes to the Mainstream Parties, their elected representatives behave like employees of private enterprise and take their orders from their Party leaders.

To address this problem, Bahman and a small group of experienced and hard-working citizens have established the young Canadians’ Choice Party, and part of their core principle is to not meddle in the relationship between MPPs and their constituents.

In the 2011 Ontario election only 48% of eligible voters cast their votes, and more than half of the population did not; Liberals MPPs formed the government with only 11%, and all 107 elected MPPs received less than 23% of the eligible votes, in Ontario. And as result chances for dishonest individuals to get elected increased drastically. The only remedy available to you is your VOTING POWER at this time.

Bahman believes that the only way for the voters in Toronto – Centre to get out of the present situation is to break this vicious Party Political Circle that violates the principles of the Westminster model of parliamentary democracy, by electing someone who is not belong to the three mainstream Parties.

An MPP who does not have the support system of the three mainstream Parties work harder to keep the support of their communities, fighting harder for improvement of needed public services such as health care, affordable housing and transit system, to name a few. Bahman emphysizes that people exercise their right to vote, and ask themselves if they would like to be part of the tax paying population, without representation in Queen’s Park for another 4 years.

The Canadians’ Choice Party invites independent-minded individuals to visit the Canadians’ Choice Party’s website to find out how they can get together to share their experiences under one brand to work for their constituents, revive democracy and bring our system back to the basics. On June 12, 2014 Ontario General Election, hire Bahman Yazdanfar, the Canadians’ Choice Party Candidate for Toronto – Centre, to be your new MPP in Queen’s Park. http://www.canadianschoice.com


One Response to “Fellow voters of Toronto Centre ask yourself: Am I or my family, better off than four years ago? What has my MPP done for me lately?”

  1. Nethan Vinowitz Says:

    Mr. Bahman Yazdanfar will face one major obstacle in his success with leading the way in municipal politics—-Marxist women.

    Despite the conflicts between the Jewish people and Muslims in the Middle East, I don’t use any bias towards any Middle Eastern person based on his/her background. We would all love peace.

    Marxist women in the colleges despise Middle Eastern men because of the image of Middle Eastern men being oppressors of women.

    Terribly enough, Marxist women in Canada despise all men unless the man could offer something on the table–thus, dumbing down the campaign to suit the Marxist female crowd.

    Sadly, any male politician who strives for accountability and less public sector jobs incites the Marxist female audience, solely because public sector jobs and union job security are the only privileges granted to Marxist females. While a majority of female immigrants work in labour intensive, low paying jobs, Marxist females sit on their rears in an office typing messages on Facebook for a salary of around $50,000-$100,000+ a year. This is unfair to the taxpayers who are taxed to the last dime to pay for low productive workers.

    I wish Bahman the best. The Ontario Liberals won this election because the unions went on a character smear on Hudak over the mention of accountability and dissolving the monopoly of Marxist unions.

    Ontario’s deficit is going to get WORSE, and the ones who are most likely to be affected by future austerity aren’t going to be the overpaid female Marxist school administrator or 30 hour a week government worker—-austerity will impact the poor, needy and middle class. The government class and Marxist union class are a class of their own.

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