June 30, 2014


It’s been said that ‘WHITE LIBERALS ARE THE MORAL DESCENDENTS OF SLAVE OWNERS’. If you count the number of baby carriages in the Beaches being pushed by non-traditional Canadians, the claim gains some gravitas. But liberal-leftists are not known for introspection and are unable to consider such a notion. Ward 32 News analysts have long recognized that there is a blind-spot in their view of the world. A long-time associate of our publication has profiled these useful idiots of Marxism quite well: “WHITE LIBERALS WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD, BUT ARE HARD-PRESSED TO HELP A NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR.”

Lip-service egalitarianism is not a new characteristic of those Canadians who veer sharply to the left, but our concerns are rather immediate. Simple question: What should a Beacher do if they witness improper treatment by a foreign nanny towards a traditional Canadian child? Several reports have surfaced about nannies rolling the baby carriages within feet of screaming, hi-decibel circular concrete-cutting saws. Considering that these nightmarishly loud (louder than Deep Purple) saws project near-crippling decibels, Your Ward 32 News has to be concerned. Are these cheap-labor nannies aware that a child can be irreversibly deafened by these machines? We’d like to think that this is somehow related to cultural differences, but what other cultural miscues DON’T we see? Mom can’t see any of it. She’s a public sector worker and motherhood is secondary.

Cheap labor begets slavery. Educated Beachers know that the word ‘slavery’ is derived from ‘Slav’, people who represent a segment of the European population that have suffered under the yolk of cheap labor. Slavery has many faces; from the human sex-traffickers at NOW magazine who deserve life in prison, to the three centuries of black, cotton-pickin’ cheap labour in North America. A high price is still being paid by the white North American population for refusing to ‘pick their own cotton’ or ‘dig their own ditch’, so to speak. The circumstance that we CAN do something about is visible to us every day in our own neighborhood. Slavery and cheap labor bring nothing to the taskmaster but bad karma.

We implore Beachers to cease and desist from exploiting newly-arrived immigrants. Trans-racial slavery has proven disastrous in the past and will always be a taint on humanity. Whether it is in the southern United States or on the shores of Lake Ontario, it is not an issue of RIGHT and LEFT, but an issue of RIGHT and WRONG.


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