Bicycle Blues – The Community Bicycle Network?

June 30, 2014

june 8

Ever heard of it? If so, then you know their story. Those of you who haven’t then let me introduce you to them, to tell you a bit of their story.

Back in 1993 Adrian Curry and Jerry Lee Miller, along with help from local bike shops and friends, started the shop and bike repairs program (A Non-Profit Organization). This concept was non-profit, to make bike repairs and the sale of bikes much more affordable. Everyone from Students, Artists, Musicians, Bike Clubs, low income people and anyone they could help; get a bike, depending on their individual circumstances.

Then they’re is the courses and training they offer. Lead Mechanic Jerry Lee Miller heads up the shop and training programs. The way it works, is they have working members who under Jerry Lees supervision, work on the bikes. Working members take a   work-shop course, then finish with an online course before being accepted as a Bicycle Mechanic. Then after passing the course and lessons, the person becomes a fully trained bicycle mechanic, and is paid to work by the organization. Just as important, the organization is training and qualifying people to do a job where it’s hard to find this type of training anywhere.

The real tragedy is, that after a long fight against several big box opponents the last appeal has fallen against CBN. August of this year 2014, the CBN will have to find a new location or go into storage. Not at the height of bike season!!!!

Who’s running the ship?? These are hard to find services, especially at reasonable costs and the training as I’ve previously said. How could this happen? Is this not a worthy cause to help in return, for all the help they’ve given to the community.

This is how we can help. We can start by making the community here in Toronto aware of the most worthy organization. What they do, who they are, where they can be found and for who. And here’s how you can get this information.

First their Web-site:


Their office number: 416-504-2918   Adrian Currie or Jerry Lee Miller

Address: 761 Queen St. W. Unit 101

Toronto, ON   M6J 1G1

(Bathurst & Queen)

Article written by Don Woods of Scavenger Music Productions  


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