JAMES SEARS, the only politician who doesn’t want your money!

June 30, 2014


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I am very, very stingy with my money, but I am EVEN STINGIER with other people’s money.  I not only promise not to accept the ridiculous $105,000 per year salary for being your councillor, but I also refuse to accept campaign donations from the general public.  There are two main reasons for the latter decision.
Firstly, I feel it is immoral for the City of Toronto to be subsidizing campaign donations by providing rebates to donors.  For example, if you donate $300 to me, the city “rebates” you $225 of other people’s tax money, whether or not the taxpayers who provide the rebate support me!  That is Marxist theft.  Secondly, if I accept donations it invariably means that donors will feel that I owe them something.  I do not owe anything to anyone, and I am not about to get into the habit! I cannot be bought, and I will never put myself in a position where people feel I owe them a political favour because they gave me money.  I have already mailed back thousands of dollars of donations to people that wanted to contribute my campaign.
However, do not worry about my ability to fund my campaign.  I am legally permitted to spend $36,847.80 to run for councillor in Ward 32.  I set aside THE FULL AMOUNT in January when I placed my name on the ballot.  My campaign has been FULLY FUNDED FROM MY OWN RESOURCES from the outset!
Instead of sending me money, please volunteer your time to distribute my propaganda to your neighbours.  Or better yet, send the links to my web site to everyone on your email distribution list, and put those links up on blogs that you read.  All I ask is that you help me get the word out.
Think of yourself as a Christian Libertarian missionary spreading the gospel of James Sears to Godless Marxist savages.  They know not what they do because they have been brainwashed by Karl Marx.  Approach everyone you know … work colleagues, classmates, family, strangers on the street.  Even if they are not voters in Ward 32, preach to them about the evils of cultural Marxism and how it is destroying our society.  If they get annoyed during your sermon, tell them “Jesus loves you and so do I”.  That usually shuts them up.
Even if I am not victorious at the ballot box, I will still accomplish my ultimate goal. Getting the most votes is only one of the reasons I am running for office. My ego is not invested in this election campaign.  I am a self-actualized narcissist that does not need to obtain validation of my awesomeness from a ballot box.  Instead, I am running because I want to get the word out about how cultural Marxism is destroying our society.  Do not get me wrong … I would LOVE to win and I would be honoured to be your humble servant.  I would be the best damn councillor ward 32 has ever seen.  I would be a Statesman rather than a Politician.  I would sacrifice myself for my constituents.
So to sum it up, if I get the most attention, I WIN!  If I get the most votes, YOU WIN! I deputize every one of you to be a spokesperson for my campaign.  I entrust you with the responsibility to spread the gospel of James Sears to the masses. Have fun on the campaign trail!
Dr. James Sears,

A Marxist’s Worst Nightmare



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