June 30, 2014


It seems that the copies of Your Ward News that make their way around Parliament Hill have had a profound effect on Federal Government officials. After we illuminated the fact that the advertising section of NOW magazine was an essential rung in lucrative Asian sex-rings, they reacted swiftly. The Feds have tabled a new prostitution bill which includes outlawing the profiteering of not only pimps, but anyone who profits from the prostitution industry. THAT INCLUDES ADVERTISERS! NOW magazine specializes in Asian women because middle-aged females can be made to look like schoolgirls. NOW has helped to create an environment that makes these crimes seem acceptable to the average tolerant Canadian.

In our previous column we made it clear that we will no longer tolerate the claims by Entertainment editor Susan G. Cole. She says that NOW is merely helping these girls be safe. Ms. Cole, a lesbian chosenite, can often be heard on John Oakley’s morning show on TALK 640 AM spewing the vilest nonsense you’ll ever hear. There are women’s prisons suitable for Susan along with Editor/CEO Alice Klein and Senior News Editor Ellie Kirzner. All three can be described in a similar manner. One federal politician opined that all the activities associated with the sex industry are harmful to young women. He says, “These activities are not harmful because they are illegal, they are illegal because they are harmful.”

After NOW magazine’s Staff News Writer, Jonathan Goldsbie, penned a disparaging column about Your Ward News we couldn’t help but recall the old saying, “Don’t go to battle with those that buy ink by the barrel”. Well, our barrel may not be as big as NOW’s barrels, but we deliver truth by the truckload. If the name wasn’t already taken, we would name our publication ‘The Truth At Last”, which is essentially our journalistic mission statement. It is TRUE that NOW magazine has a negative influence on young impressionable minds. It is TRUE that the family-destroying views of NOW magazine are clearly at odds with the traditional family values represented in Your Ward News. It is TRUE that the political candidates that NOW magazine throws its support behind are PRO-Marxist and ANTI-freedom of speech (except their own speech, of course). It is also TRUE that the political candidates that we throw our support behind are ANTI-Marxist and PRO-freedom of speech. Our choices for office are also culturally, fiscally and morally competent. When Councilor Sears is elected by Beachers it will mark the beginning of a new era. A fresh new start!!!

In the debate that is raging about Canada’s prostitution laws some have referred to the ‘European model’. Why that should even be considered is a mystery to us. Did our ancestors not build this vast nation precisely because they left Europe? When the new laws are enacted we can only hope that the loss of advertising revenue will grind NOW magazine into the dirt from whence they came. Facilitating the sex-trafficking industry has made them wealthy, so a class action suit by their victims should also be pursued. We use the word ‘also’ because criminal charges go without saying. NOW magazine is in our sights and we won’t let up until this lewd and lascivious rag has printed its last page of fish-wrap.



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