We Were Gonna Change the World Right The Wrongs, Be Honest!! Make The Earth A Better Place For All Humankind What Happened??

August 12, 2014

By Donn Woods, Scavenger Productions

Donn Woods

When I was a hippie! “Oh well I guess I still am one.” But seriously not just us Hippies, but young people always say that kind of stuff, then they grow up and discover greed and it all goes out the window!! There are still some people that are proud of their work. When I finish a Gig or do a Reno; I do it as well as I possibly can, so I can feel good about what I just finished. I feel proud of my work. as a time when pride in your work and accomplishments were important to humans!


But as we move on through time, we must stop and think about where humankind is going!! We are ultimately in charge and we all must start taking part in changing the very heart of humanity, by being more responsible and honest to each other. This brings me to my point. I live in T.C.H. (Toronto Community Housing) project. It’s very large 100,000+ Units of housing, controlled by City Government and a Private Company who runs operations. Now you know all the old clichés about Government Projects, Right? There are Six or Seven Suits at the Water Cooler! and only one shovel? Stupid Human Tricks!!

Government track records show that those projects under Government Control are very inefficient, too many bosses and too many people doing meaningless jobs. That leads to apathetic behavior and spirals down psychologically from there. Here’s where I disagree with some. It’s okay that the Government employs people as long as it gives real jobs and organizes the work to be as fulfilling as possible with counter balances to compensate accordingly I remember I’ve always had to actually work, when I went to work!

Some re-invention of modern aspects of society must come to us now! The tipping point is always hard to estimate but should we take a gamble with the civilization at stake? No! We must work on all of the good and evil the Humans possess. We can learn to enhance the Good in Humans and Breed out the Evil! The end result of these kinds of changes leads us all to a much happier place with a lot less stress and much more fulfillment of life.

I am not going to comment as I was going to about T.C.H; as I’ve been able to secure an interview with Marco Polara, the Manager of T.C.H. Seniors Buildings for the West Side of Toronto, and I want to be fair in my article. I’ve met Marco on many occasions through the years, and I do believe he is honest and sincere, but others working for him seem to have their own way of running the Ship! T.C.H. has strict rules that are written clearly but it’s not the rules I am disagreeing with. It’s how they are implemented and the individual interpretation I am concerned with T.C.H. can be a good thing but the people running things must start the change before that can happen.

Next issue I will have spoken to Marco and Brad and some of the others at T.C.H. I will update you on my findings. The intimidation factor the bullying type tactics are how people use to do things. That’s not where it’s going now! You get more Happy Bees with Honey than Vinegar!! We’re not in Jail we simply are Seniors Citizens trying to live out our lives in dignity and relative comfort and happiness!! We have all worked hard and honest for all those years. Please, give us the respect you would want your Mothers and Fathers to get wherever and whenever they reach Retirement Age. Thank You Leroy
and Everybody Associated with Us All.


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