James Sears in for Ward 32 Toronto City Council! Mary-Margaret McMahon Out!!!

August 18, 2014


“James Sears is a PAIN in my neck!”

Your Ward News endorses James Sears (http://www.jamessearsward32.com) to be the next councillor for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York). As Election Day on Monday, October 27th draws near, more revelations have surfaced about our present councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon (http://www.marymargaretmcmahon.com). Our last several issues have shaken the Beaches to its foundation. Beachers are now uniformly opposed to allowing Mary-Margaret McMahon to continue being our councillor. Let us quickly review exactly what Your Ward News’ investigators have uncovered to date:

– Councillor McMahon often mentions her involvement with the East Lynn Farmer’s Market to solidify her image as a country bumpkin. Your Ward News exposed the fact that her father Ronald Emo was not only the ex-mayor of Collingwood, but also a member on the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board). The OMB approves or denies applications seeking to build condominiums and all other major developments in Ontario. He also owns a piece of a development firm.

– Councillor McMahon’s “Visioning” Study was comprised of several meetings that conned Beachers into believing that their input about future development of Queen Street in the Beaches actually mattered. We now know that this was the biggest scam since ‘24-hour Martinizing’ for your car. An even bigger joke was the meeting to consult locals about alterations to Kew Gardens. According to the design team it was difficult to enter the ‘Kew’ from Queen Street. After all, it took a whole step.

– Councillor McMahon conspired with local “grass-roots” organizations that turned out to be ‘astro-turf’ operations; a tried and true strategy that attracts disgruntled citizens like fly-paper attracts flies. Fellow conspirators Graff and Hykamp led these bogus outfits.

Many of these revelations were brought to light by our highly-capable candidate for Ward 32 councillor. The best disinfectant of municipal corruption is sunlight, but that’s not sufficient for the Your Ward News Investigative Division (NID). We cross-checked Mr. Sears’ allegations and they all panned-out. Then, much to our surprise, he uncovered MORE interesting details.

The Oak Ridges Moraine’s ecological functions are vital to all of us, yet Mary-Margaret’s McMahon’s dad, ex-mayor of Collingwood Ronald Emo wants massive development to destroy it A.S.A.P. 9,000 years ago, giant ice sheets and glacial lakes seeped away from Southern Ontario leaving the Oak Ridges Moraine; 200 meters thick and rising to over 300 meters above Lake Ontario. A coalition of 25 citizen’s groups are dedicated to protecting this hydrological marvel, but Mary-Margaret’s dad says that “there are inherent problems with petitions and polls as a form of direct democracy”. A truly disgusting disregard of environmental concerns. Just like his daughter who does not give a darn about the hydrological concerns in our Beaches. SHE HAS PROVEN IT!!!

BREAKING NEWS!!!—-A ‘wild-card’ candidate has been shuffled into the deck of those running for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York) Councillor. Many Beachers that have contacted us characterize BRIAN GRAFF as a joker who honestly believes that he is a financial analyst at Jones Lang LaSalle, a big player in the commercial real estate industry. These same Beachers claim that he lives in his mom’s basement. We refuse to slag on someone with these types of problems, as our Beaches Blues Fest has raised funds for organizations that deal with mental health concerns. Will Mr. Graff stay and play, or will he drop out of the race and back Mary-Margaret McMahon? Time will tell.

October 27th is Election Day and Beachers will vote for the future of our children’s children by electing James Sears as councillor of Ward 32. If you love our Beaches as much as we do then James Sears is your man. If for any reason you require transportation to the polling booth, Your Ward News will provide a lift for you. We would carry you on our backs if we had to, because the future of The Beaches (NOT Beach Village) is at stake. SEARS IN (http://www.jamessearsward32.com)! McMAHON OUT (http://www.marymargaretmcmahon.com)!!!


9 Responses to “James Sears in for Ward 32 Toronto City Council! Mary-Margaret McMahon Out!!!”

  1. Gregory Says:

    Why is it always the females who are the centre of corruption and scandals? Mary MacMahon looks like an old washed down leopard, I doubt her image has anything to do with any biases, if you know what I mean.

    Anyways, a few parents of an East York school are complaining that a few of their students witnessed their female Vice Principal making out with a 10 year old male student approximately in the Spring semester of 2012. Despite the parents’ complaints, the Principal nor the Superintendent have responded or looked upon the complaints.

    I do notice that in one of your previous articles, a TDSB watchdog was posting a number of allegations about upper-ranking management in the TDSB with regards to incompetent and illegal behaviour. What is more shocking is that the public school boards are funded by taxpayers dollars and government subsidies,yet the teachers sic the police and civil claims court on anyone who dares criticizes the inappropriate actions of these teachers.

    If James Sears is to become Mayor of Toronto, he needs to demand an investigation into the management of the Toronto District School Board and Ontario College of Teachers. Toronto needs a Mayor like Rob Ford because he respects the value of taxpayers, but he seems to be hounded for everything in the media, and I’m not a lawyer, so I am not sure if the Mayor of Toronto has the authority to pursue an inquiry into the misconduct of professional staff in the TDSB.

    Kudos for enlightening fellow Canadians about the corrupt municipal government, and let’s hope that we have an accountable government who can identify the bad apples in the public sector.

  2. Duey Decimal System Says:

    When society eventually does collapse because of feminism, we can thank James Sears for warning men on his blog because feminism has also made men’s lives miserable as their income and property taxes
    have to pay for all of the corruption. No mainstream government controlled Marxist high school in America will tolerate such ideas today, and the wool over the sheep’s eyes causes more corruption.

  3. Vanessa Says:

    Gregory, your comment is one of the most misogynist accusations ive ever read!

    Most of these female teachers you slander don’t go into teaching at the TDSB with plans to seduce a child, the way a classic pedophile does; what leads to these accusations are misogyny, union bashers and women haters.

    FYI it’s the male students who do the first move to seduce the female teacher. The newer generations of Canadian women are hotter, smarter, sexier and independent, and this causes male students
    to act as predators on the female teachers.

    if you are so concerned with society, why are you hiding the teacher’s name if she was a predator? I think i know why, the female teacher will sue the living daylights out of you (and rightfully so) for slandering her name with your misogynist comment.

    Get a life loser

  4. Orwell's prediction Says:

    Wow! Seems like Mary is an infamous name in Canada.

    Famous author George Orwell could not have foreseen that the Toronto District School Board would read the content of students’ and staff members emails, file transfers, and live chats from the social media under the disguise of preventing cyberbullying and libel of teachers, mainly female teachers.

    A parent claimed that the surveillance has infringed the privacy rights of Canadian citizens, yet the double standard is when the Toronto Star files Freedom of Information requests about questionable conduct of key TDSB management, the TDSB and Ontario College of Teachers assert their rights to privacy.

    Like a nightmare straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, the social media team of the Toronto District School Board is tracking students’ mobile phones in a few high schools in Toronto because a select number of male and female teachers are accusing the students of slandering their names over accusations of inappropriate sex conduct with under aged students.

    Critics of the TDSB portrays a state in which the government school boards monitors and controls every aspect of students and teachers lives to the extent that even having a disloyal thought or accusing management of professional misconduct will be dealt with harsh penalties. Think of the story about a former whistleblower of the Ontario College of Teachers.

    We live in a world that George Orwell predicted in 1984 all thanks to the far left communists in the government school boards of Canada. The key mottos are Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, and accusing female teachers of having sex with her students are misogyny and hate crimes against women.

  5. Delusional Intersex Reader of the Month Says:

    What a bunch of misogyny and negative remarks about Canada’s greatest female leaders. I am an immigrant to Canada and have lived here most of my life. Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live in.

    I don’t understand why sexist, racist, misogynist and negative sounding men have to stain the name of Canada! That should be sedition!

    Canada is in fact on of the best countries to live in due to many factors such as free healthcare and other expenses covered by the government.

    Women in Canada are respected and they make great leaders, teachers and entrepreneurs.

    If I was in my home country, I would be dating 4s and 5s in Eastern Europe because the women are poorly fed, uneducated and oppressed by men.

    I thank God for feminism that I’m dating 9s and 10s in Canada, and they sure know how to please a man!

    Having a good education is an important requisite for finding a job. Canada is an innovator and economic superpower. This is the main reason why houses cost 500,000$ in the GTA. Toronto is the hub for your career, dating, married life and recreation.

    250,000 immigrants beg to reside in Canada because we are the best country in the world.

  6. yourwardnews Says:

    Dear deluded letter-writer,

    Your comments about “Canada’s greatest female leaders” is so typical of political correctness border-lining on mental illness, that it would be hilarious if not so damaging to Canada. Your opinion that “sexist, racist, misogynist and negative sounding men” should be charged with sedition is mega-marxist and grandiose all at once. When you went on to write that you would be dating 4’s and 5’s in ‘the old country’ because men had oppressed them, we figured you were majorly lezbo. But then we realized you might be a man after you wrote that the 9’s and 10’s you date in Canada “sure know how to please a man”. After some bizarre comments about Canada’s economy we realized that male OR female, you are one sick-son-of-a-bitch. Please get back to us and let us know if you are male or female. We have taken bets in the office as to what you are. –Leroy St. Germaine

  7. antuerius Says:

    It is strange nowadays that it is controversial to express legitimate, documented proof that women do not function well outside of their roles. Why is this taken as an insult unless there is an ideological and/or self-concept actant within these views. The suffragette experiment is just not working. Natural roles aren’t power relations, they are optimal by nature. No matter how much space, time, feeling or ethical regard I lend to this weird political aberration, I find feminists, and feminist pata-culture, intensely backward and unpleasant.

  8. Lol Says:

    omg 🙂 this is the best. The comment was written in 2014… you look old as heck… I hope old age has taken you by now lol because…. WOW 🙂 I love you, stupid old man. I’ll show this to my teacher to be using as an example from now on.

    So sad where a grumpy pathetic life can lead you. Are you a veteran? because that’s sooo sad if you are…. you’re definitely just a pathetic follower “who’s dick do I suck next, commander?” is what you’d say. You suck the dick for your country rather than for love HAHAHHAA you’re the gayest of the gay and you’re just too angry to admit it. Just love thyself and neighbours, fuck.

    Are you jealous that you’re 110 and never had anyone to love your miserable point of views? like geeeettt theee fuuuuck outtt of earth!

    I’m a girl btw if you want to diss me. I hope this makes you get so angry you get a heart attack. Because, old fart, its the 21st century and ain’t nobody got time for your hag ass. I dare you to open your mouth in public.

    Come at me pathetic, beer bellied, booger dropping, nasty, short knobs 🙂

    Ps. respecting women is beyond you stupid guys understandings. I don’t expect any more. hahaha

    I’d never be one to stand up for just womens rights because I believe a human being IS in fact a human being, unless they start running their mouths thinking they’re better than the others. Because let me tell you, you fuck, you’re no better.
    I don’t want to look at your stupid ugly face and hear your dumb judgements the same exact way you don’t want to hear a “sick-son-of-a-bitch” but we’re here anyways, right?

    Anyways Idk why I’m posting on a stupid idiots website; I was just researching politics.

    FYI your moms a cunt and your dad is a bastard for raising you, stupid old fart.

  9. Lol Says:

    oh before you say shit about women.. again… A GIRL. TEEN. Use the brains.

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