Rob Ford, The Best Mayor Of Toronto Ever!

September 17, 2014

By Investigative Journalist

Michelle L. Erstikaitis


 In the year 2013, both in my professional capacity as an Investigative Journalist, and also in my personal life, I had numerous dealings with City Hall. I was there for every press conference Mayor Rob Ford gave behind the platform on the third floor, with the City Hall emblem proudly displayed behind him in blue and white.

 Myself and fellow Your Ward News staffer Robert James were there on the day that Councillor Paul Ainslie gave and interview in regards to his drunk driving suspension to the media in the rotunda outside the Mayor’s office. When all of the cameras were turned off on that particular day, a brawl nearly erupted between Your Ward News staffers and television reporters, as accusations of being “vultures” were thrown in the direction of the television news reporters. This was merely days after the allegations concerning the infamous “crack video” surfaced.

 Mayor Ford’s drug and alcohol abuse has sadly become the focal point of his career, and his enemies have been able to sabotage a phenomenal term in political office by using his substance troubles as a way to effectively distract you from what an outstanding job Mayor Ford has done as a politician.

 This is the equivalent of saying that celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson are horrible actors because of their personal lives. Lohan and Gibson have won Oscars and MTV awards, amongst many others. No matter how drunk or out of control Mel Gibson has gotten behind the scenes his performance in the movie “Braveheart” is exemplary, and forever preserved on celluloid.

 Mayor Ford has an impeccable record of excellence when it comes to performing his duties as Mayor, and I will give you a couple of personal examples of how he has helped me. I will never forget the spring of 2013, when there was a union protest taking place in my neighbourhood. That whole story is documented in a news article for this paper titled “Homes First, Peace and Quiet Last”.

 The union members of Homes First who’s contracts expired, were vociferously protesting every week day for nearly one whole month, before I telephoned Mayor Ford. After I spoke with the Mayor, he told me that he would look into the matter, and within three days the contracts had been ratified and the rabble was off the streets.

 Then there was the city clean-up day initiated by Mayor Ford, which myself and Robert James from Your Ward News participated in by cleaning Moss Park of garbage as described in the article entitled “Mayor Ford, Cleaning Up The City’s Filth”. A short time later I received a thank-you letter in the mail, signed by Rob Ford.

 Mayor Ford is a man who goes above and beyond the call of duty for any person in Municipal Office, and his reward so far has been an endless public shaming and constant scrutiny into his personal life.

 Mayor Rob Ford is a human being, and he is just as normal as you or me. He is NOT a phony politician, like Olivia Chow, whose entire image is meticulously crafted, mischievously moulded and sold to the public as a lie. Those that pull the strings on this puppet would never dare to allow her personal life to be the subject of even the slightest public inquiry.

 Olivia Chow will NEVER telephone you personally to find out the details of a complaint filed by constituents, and actually SOLVE the crisis. She is too busy being a typical politician, who is strictly all smiles and handshakes with absolutely NO genuine concern for the public.

 Mayor Ford is not a disaster or an embarrassment because of his personal life. He is that rare breed of politician who is human and legitimately CARES for people which is bound to cause stress, leading to substance abuse. I can honestly say that the Mayor was never too drunk to reply to my phone calls.

 I feel fairly certain that despite every obstacle in his way, he is and will always be the Toronto Mayor with the most impressive track record for fulfilling his promises to the people, standing up for this city, and getting the job done right!


2 Responses to “Rob Ford, The Best Mayor Of Toronto Ever!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you is right on and so is James Sears. Chow is a cmmie and Tory is a red commie… bob rae….converted to judah ism…..from Christianity. Rae and Tory are elite…they are shit….all talk and no action.

    The best is Rob Ford and Doug Ford. Although, I’m not whtie….the white people have been fooled by the “synangog of satan” and I’m not a religious person…born catholic…but satanists control all….If the white people were not so fooled….simple….vote Doug Ford!!!

    Really…its low taxes, high wages, no cap gains tax, no estate tax, no sales tax, no hst not TAX. But then again….how does the state control you if NO tax, no gays and lesbian rights…on and on.

    I like the days of the 70’s. All the people that called me paki then are running for the chow and Tory campaign. These are sheeps in wolf clothing.

    ” You will all be fooled”

    ” Seek and Ye shall find.”

    ” Ye father was from the devil, ye are from the devil…those who call themselves jews are NOT, but from the synangog of Satan.”

    Wake up white folks…I not white…former catholic…now NO religion for all religion is brainwashing…but this fellow they call Jesus….real or the sun god…fable from horus?

    What I DO KNOw, too many white getting fooled by the sayanim and the pharisees….”By deception I do war”

    Deception…that is your current councillor and Bussin. Go James Sears….Mary..running out with the menorah…love it…satan being chased!!

  2. antuerius Says:

    Media ownership juntas cause a lot of confusion for people. The Eastern Enemy pretend they are breaking a story when it really is about introducing another strategic line of propaganda. I don’t think Canada ( Clovis-Solutrea ) should forfeit banking sovereignty or foreign-national citizenships, or professional career training or positions, to individuals outside of the Indo-European culture. We have a civilization to protect, many of which these others have totally annihilated in previous eras. We suffer from within as well as without.

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