September 17, 2014

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By J.J. – Artwork by Robert James

 Many Beachers that have followed the meteoric rise of James Sears’ ( political career feel that he is a bit over-the-top, but that is exactly what is needed to lift Beachers up after being so let down by our last two councillors. Beaches Pride will not be restored by more cronyism, nepotism, sweet-heart deals, kick-backs and municipal corruption. Mediocrity is no longer an option for Beachers or for who we elect. We can not undo the mistake we made by electing Mary-Margaret McMahon (, but we can over-power our blunder by electing dynamo James Sears to serve as councillor for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York). Beachers have lived under the yolk of non-transparent leadership far too long, so it’s out with the old and in with the new.

 Your Ward News is being inundated with phone calls and e-mails by voters who are shocked by the news that the x-mayor of Collingwood is Mary-Margaret McMahon’s dad. Learning that he has sat on the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) that votes ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ to massive condo construction is truly a shock. The added fact that he wants to destroy the Oak Ridges Moraine, an ancient hydrological marvel, removes any remaining ambiguity regarding his lack of commitment to the environment. Daughter Mary-Margaret also shows no interest in this issue as no engineering firm was EVER contracted to analyze the Beaches many underground rivers and ponds. Condominium construction continues unabated….UNTIL JAMES SEARS TAKES OFFICE!

 Your Ward News’ emphatic endorsement of Mr. James Sears for Ward 32 councillor completes many months of research and soul-searching by our Investigative Division. We expect the more pragmatic candidates to drop out of the race and put their support behind McMahon. They will expect something in return for having no true beliefs or moral underpinning. We are confident in our decision. Many residents of The Beaches are well aware of our track record, but just to refresh your memory:

-Your Ward News was central in ending the political career of ex-Ward 32 Councillor Sandra Bussin. When Your Ward News’ publisher Leroy St. Germaine went to battle against the controversial councillor only one person was left standing, and it wasn’t Ms. Bussin.

-Your Ward News investigators cracked the scandalous Beaches Boardwalk Café case wide open. The lawsuit-minded target of our investigation, George Foulidis, could not even remotely intimidate our determined (and stubborn) publisher. Needless to say, no one else has since threatened this publication with a libel suit.

– Our laborious research to trace the origins of ‘Political Correctness’ has drawn praise from the more educated citizens amongst us. Tracing this speech-suppressing tyranny back to the 1920’s, the similarity between ‘Soviet Party-Line’ parroting and P.C. is quite stark (Keep mouthing those words you’ve been fed and you’ll be just fine). Under the guise of “levelling the playing field” for historically disadvantaged groups, the average Canadian’s sense of fairness has been successfully hi-jacked. Although the intent sounds sweet, this Evolved Social Marxism is a sugar-coated onion; a big bite REALLY stinks!

– After consultations with several geological engineers that specialize in hydrology, we discovered the ‘lost rivers of the Beaches’ of which there are twenty-plus. To our sometimes overly-exuberant researchers it was like discovering the ‘lost city of El Dorado’; solid gold that we thought would put the kibosh on ANY further condo development. But local politicians and community “leaders” turned a blind eye to our findings. It was truly fascinating to learn that back in the day locals boated, skated and fished NORTH OF QUEEN/EAST OF COXWELL. (We are now researching the mighty, mighty Serpentine River, which secretly snakes its way through our Beaches neighbourhood). There is so much more that earned us our credibility, from pet food drives, to our much-vaunted Music for Seniors program, to Sherri Lange’s eye-opening articles exposing the truth about the dangers of wind farms to almost all life forms.

 Your Ward News is endorsing Mr. James Sears to be the next councillor representing Ward 32 (Beaches-East York) for his innovative ideas, his absolute determination to stop further condominium construction, his intelligence and his voracious appetite for knowledge. One interesting innovation is his plan to create three sectors in Ward 32, each with its own Sector Captain. Councillor Sears WILL NOT accept a single penny of the approximately $105,000 yearly salary that a councillor earns. His salary will be split three ways between the three Sector Captains. Are YOU qualified?

 We do have a confession to make in the name of full disclosure. We have a bias. Like many of our Beaches neighbours, we are radical dog lovers and have no qualms in saying so. James Sears solidly secured our support by advocating that YOUR dog, who is a member of your family, is awarded the same special status that is extended to ‘service dogs’. James’s dog Mountain Bear sits in a chair and dines at the dinner table. He often invites James and his gal to join him at the table. It’s a dog’s world in the Sears’ household.

 Imagine our shock in learning that a market research company called Campaign Research conducted a telephone poll inquiring as to which candidate in Ward 32 you favour to be the next councillor. They then named all the candidates and requested that you press the appropriate phone button to indicate your choice. They listed all the candidates including the most recent to apply. Every single candidate was named except for one…….JAMES SEARS!!! Your Ward News investigators will dig and dig and dig until we uncover the culprit behind this example of ‘dirty politics’.

 Election Day is on October 27th and that will be the most important day in the history of The Beaches. The future of The Beaches is in YOUR hands. Our present councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon is a supporter of ‘term-limits’. Let’s grant this perpetual culprit her wish and limit her to the one term she has already served destroying our community. There is only one choice that an INFORMED Beacher can make when they arrive at the polling booth. SAVE OUR BEACHES! VOTE JAMES SEARS!


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