Family doctors, employment opportunities, free monies, affordable housing and social benefits. Third world immigrants wanted, no Irish or dogs need apply. Keep repeating the endless mantra of diversity, rigidly instilled in the Canadian subconscious from our cradle by the compulsory indoctrination centers of public education. Don’t turn off the emotional side of your brain, which via politically correct engineering ignores basic logic, reason and facts. We live in a global society, our politicians and public sector unions worked hard to build this brave new utopia. If they want to sell out our national blood to achieve their ends, so be it. No referendum was ever held in the latter half of the 20th century to abandon our European-Christian Heritage, nor did we vote for any relentless campaign to lower our standards of living and indeed our very cultural makeup.

I am appalled, looking down at the copies of several application forms I have filed out over the years to apply for a family doctor that have been roundly ignored because of my family religion, race, country of birth and native language. Yes, these are all questions found on the very application forms from several Community Health Centres and other health practitioners. I have not seen a doctor my entire teenage and adult life, my Ontario Health Insurance is fully up to date and I figured years ago it was time for my first physical and blood test in at least 15 years. Though by answering the questions truthfully as a white protestant English speaking Canadian and putting down Ulster Scots as my ethnic group, my application gets introduced to Mr. Paper Shredder fairly quickly. There in black and white it racistly states they prioritize individuals based on `culture and language barriers`. Though if I was a Swahili speaking Animist from Mozambique lacking in provincial health insurance, I would not have any problems. With public sector union backed protestors constantly demanding the Interim Federal Health Program give refugees more medical care, it is clear that Canadians are not a protected special interest group to our new socialist bureaucracy.

The discrimination against White English speaking born-Canadians is self evident everyday in this country. So much so, while rarely discussed in fear of accusations of racism, the government does not even hide it. While the C.B.C. job posting demanding “any race except Caucasian” as a required criteria garnished a minimal backlash, it did not change long standing socialist policy to replace Canadians. Under employment equity preference will be given to visible minorities, regardless of qualifications. Even in the private sector, the “temporary” foreign worker program has utterly destroyed the earnings, hours, benefits and employability of natural Canadians.

The federal government alone spends $23.6 billion a year on immigration services, with no net benefits. Toronto has been declared a `Sanctuary City` where illegal and undocumented immigrants have free access to all services and handouts, with discussions among our leftist city councillors on changing the law and allowing non-Canadian citizens the municipal vote.

One young mother I know is required to pay all of her meagre disposable income for daycare services, while at the same community centre it is provided at no cost to those taking the English as a Second Language course. Many Canadian couples simply can not afford to have children, or those that do dare not consider having a basic replacement rate of two children – ignorantly waiting for some type of economic improvement. Even the Vancouver Sun in the article “High birthrate among immigrant women has implications for Canada” states “New immigrants to Canada are much more likely to have babies than their native-born counterparts.” If you can wave mainstream media off as hate speech, just visit Richmond next time you are in Metro Vancouver. “The women who have the highest birthrates tend to be from Africa, Pakistan and India.” the article notes.

This is a world wide pandemic, western civilization itself is being displaced by a globalist agenda. Combined, the various spellings of Muhammad make up the single most popular male baby name in Great Britain! Using American census figures, NBC News reported whites are projected to become the “minority” race in the United States by 2042. The major nations of the European Union can not roll out the red carpet fast enough to keep pace with the need to artificially inflate population to the detriment of their own people. Modern debt based monetary policy requires exponential growth, as do all Ponzi schemes. In an effort to back up our ever growing unfunded liabilities and financial bonds, population must increase in order to acquire more currency in the form of debt. The Bank of Canada’s governor Stephen Poloz has a great solution to young unemployed Canadians, whom are overburdened for life with student debt and ‘employment equity’: Just work for free, since white kids can’t flip burgers anymore!

Our education system has even re-written our entire history, cherry picking white guilt while ignoring the contributions of the founding settler population. It was only a few decades ago, though long forgotten in the minds of Canadians that we had our own culture and heritage. Forgotten, just as Tiananmen Square is to a Chinese school boy… It’s not part of the state approved cancerous curriculum of Cosmic Kool-Aid.

Do you really think it was coincidence that in the space of just the latter half of the last century politicians changed the flag of Canada from the Red Ensign, replaced our pro-British Dominion national anthems The Maple Leaf Forever and God Save the Queen, created the special interest group serving Charter of Rights and Freedoms, continued allowing banksters to create debt-based currency out of thin air – while abrogating precious metals as money, sent most manufacturing jobs overseas while selling out our national resources, and opened up the door to unquestionable massive third world immigration?

If all that does seem like unrelated coincidences to you, ask yourself why has almost every major western nation done the exact same thing around the same time? Global governance is not being prepared… this “New World Order” arose long ago. Nobody seemed to notice back then, nobody seemed to care, but speak against it today and get a first hand taste of our own political kangaroo court of conditioned public opinion and “human rights”. The course of human history proves as the force and power of government grows – liberty, privacy, and individuality is lost to the collective hordes under the fist of Marxist politicians, profligate bureaucrats, thieving banksters and consenting sheep.

I leave you with this quote from the 10th Prime Minister of Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King: “That Canada should desire to restrict immigration from the Orient is regarded as natural, that Canada should remain a white man’s country is believed to be not only desirable for economic and social reasons but highly necessary on political and national grounds… The people of Canada do not wish as a result of mass immigration to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population. Large scale immigration from the Orient would change the fundamental composition of the Canadian population… We must seek to keep this part of the Continent free from unrest and from too much intermixture of foreign strains of blood.”


The New Constitution Party of Canada

Le Parti de la Nouvelle Constitution du Canada


The New Constitution Party of Canada (NCP) is an all-inclusive federal party based on Christian Libertarian values. Our basic tenet is that we are one nation under God. He grants us Dominion over the Earth, including all plants and animals on it. In exchange, we must be responsible stewards of God’s project.

We must work together to reverse the damage caused by cultural and economic Marxism, thereby reverting to a fair and just society that is free of economic disparity caused by the “nanny state” and “political correctness” (which is a subtle form of mind control). Our approach to governance will place COMMON SENSE and what is best for the majority of Canadian people, above the mandates of special interest groups.

Therefore, we will implement a radical overhaul of our weak, outdated constitution, geared toward unequivocally enshrining the rights of Canadians to life, freedom and a meaningful existence. When any member of the courts, military, police, or the federal, provincial or municipal governments, is sworn into office, they will be required to take an oath to uphold this New Constitution, and put it before any other laws.

A detailed description of the proposed sections of this New Constitution can be found under the “WORKING PLATFORM” tab on our web site:


Shark attack

By J.J. Educated citizens are well aware that ‘left-wing’ terror has always surpassed ‘right-wing’ violence by a country mile. From International Socialists to local Beachcombers, Politically Correct ideologues continue the tradition of intellectual and physical terrorism. Your Ward News Publisher Leroy St. Germaine and his advertisers are feeling the full force of the gnashing teeth of P.C. Beachers.

They didn’t like Dr. James Sears, the anti-Marxist candidate that we endorsed in the recent election for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York) councillor so they have launched a terror campaign. Their targets are Your Ward News’ employees, which includes writers, sales reps, advertisers and delivery kids. But that is a major feature among those inculcated with the Evolved Social Marxism we are presently enduring. Another interesting feature of these quasi-communistic adherents is that they preach freedom and equality but do NOT practice either. (They that scream for equality the LOUDEST, mean it the LEAST!!!) Freedom of Speech is only afforded to citizens who tow the party-line.

The vile communiqués received by Mr. St. Germaine are absolutely evil. But Your Ward News supports ALL speech, especially speech that we dislike immensely. After all, it’s easy to support YOUR OWN freedoms. But THREATS OF VIOLENCE ARE UNACCEPTABLE. Political Correctness has also had the effect of dumbing-down the population.

Our accurate criticisms and exposes of present councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon did little to educate local voters who suffer this intellectual down-grading. The most honest and blunt criticisms come from one’s own family and Your Ward News is a part of the Beaches Family. Our post-election analysis has offended some that have already heard our opinions. We are far from finished so you might as well stick around and hear the rest of it: It is our opinion that Your Ward News is reviled by less-gifted Beachers because we have stuck to our mission statement, and that is…. THE TRUTH AT LAST!!!

Your Ward News has definitively concluded that Political Correctness is not only corrosive to a society as a whole, but is a brain poison that renders an individual thoughtless and amoral. The moral damage to Beach residents is very disturbing. When a well-known “dating” service analyzed the volume of calls they received from Toronto’s various districts, the most inquiries by far came from the Beaches district. Yup! Beachers won hands-down! The website in question specializes in matching cheating wives and husbands who desire to cheat on their spouses. Well done, Beachers! P.C. has destroyed your basic decency and morality. Keep in mind that an emotional rip-off can be more hurtful than losing all your physical possessions to a thief. We wouldn’t even be surprised if many Beachers actually support the idealistic values of brainwashing Marxism.

We can only hope that the moral rot hasn’t advanced to that stage yet, but you never know. These are the same people that re-elected Mary-Margaret McMahon. It is because of these fundamental questions regarding intellectual freedom and morality that a new political movement has formed. A new political party will be representing that movement and is designed to COMPLETELY change the direction that Canada has been taking. Stay tuned to future issues of Your Ward News for the details so that you, an educated citizen, can help make the New Canada truly the best country on earth!


Looking for a great place to enjoy true Japanese cuisine? You don’t have far to go. Let me tell you of the best one, actually not only the best in Toronto, also the largest.  It is called Memories of Japan. Pretty remarkable place, seating for over 300 customers and is situated on 9000 square feet. It is conveniently accessed by either car or public transit, located at 900 Don Mills Avenue just north of Eglinton Ave.

They offer two types of dining experiences, tappanyaki tables (where they prepare everything right in front of your eyes) and a complete “all you can eat” buffet. Their buffet is prepared fresh and brought to your table. This is unique because nothing is wasted. The also offer Take-out and delivery services.
Last Monday when I was there, let me tell you, what a wonderful experience I had. When I first stepped inside I felt welcomed and noticed the wonderful Japanese décor and great lay out of the place. Mr. Allen Hui, a family man with two wonderful children, opened the doors here over 20 years ago. He has now created the largest true Japanese restaurant in Toronto.

I had the pleasure to, for the first time, have an authentic tappanyaki dining table experience. Trust me it was something I will definitely be doing again soon. The chief, Jude, was not only super talented with his cooking abilities, he was quite the entertainer. He made people laugh with his great jokes and at the same time was cooking dinner, right before my eyes, on an open grill.  He magically used a flipper and an egg to design a heart on the grill.  Then what he did next totally captivated me, he used grilled onions to create a volcano with fire erupting out of it.

He then turned it into part of my meal. His attention to all the small details was incredible.  I ordered Teppan Otsu, which was a steak and chicken dish. The steak was so tender I didn’t need a knife and had “melt in your mouth flavour”. The chicken was grilled to absolute perfection. I’d highly recommend this to anyone.

Since I was there I thought I’d try the buffet. I ordered the Gold Dragon rolls. Gold Dragon rolls are presented like a piece of art. I almost didn’t want to eat it but of course I did!!  It had such a fresh flavour and was prepared just right. The wait staff were truly knowledge and quite helpful explaining the menu to me, a first timer.

The restaurant has 13 great chiefs in total, 5 cooking chiefs, 4 sushi chiefs’ and 4 kitchen chiefs. All super talented.  What really impressed me was that the owner, Mr. Hui, went to each table to make sure everything was just right. Not only is Mr. Hui involved in the daily operations of the restaurant, he also is concerned about his customer’s satisfaction and their dining pleasure. As a customer, I appreciated his involvement.

When you are looking for great food and a great “dining experience” then this is definitely the place to come. Make your reservations for the upcoming holidays. Prices are very reasonable! Cut out the above coupon in “Your Provincial News” for 15% of the dinner buffet. Go check it out, you’ll enjoy every moment.

Remember this place is not just for eating, it’s a complete “dining experience”! There contact information is as follows:

900 Don Mills Road, Toronto.
Phone: 416-449-3773
Website: http://www.memoriesofjapan.ca
Written by: Heidi Fischer

GLENMORE, WI: The Board of Health was asked to look at the study’s raw data, the evidence linking the sound data to the wind turbines, peer-reviewed medical research and the complaints of the people living in the conditions around Duke’s Shirley Wind project.

They looked at the facts, they listened to the residents, they studied the medical literature, and then made the connection between Shirley Wind’s operations and the suffering in Glenmore – declaring the wind turbines a “Human Health Hazard”.

Over 50 affidavits to the Public Service Commission were received. Several families had to vacate their homes, and were not provided restitution by the State.

Plympton Wyoming, Ontario, Mayor Lonny Napper is astonished. “With all the available evidence from around the world about the effects of Low Frequency and Infrasound from industrial wind turbines, it amazes me that the alarms are not sounding earlier and stronger.”

With about 1,000 acres of prime land under lease for turbine development, signed up between willing hosts and developers, this council is fighting to protect its citizens’ health. A new bylaw signed and completed third reading, October 8th , 2014, sets a new and interesting precedent by mentioning and effecting fines for health impairing ILFN.

ILFN is well known to be an industrial plague, now exacerbated by industrial wind turbines that plague every corner of the globe, without, as is now acknowledged widely, producing viable, reliable or “green,” energy.

In Glenmore WI, the Health Department in Brown County, almost simultaneously with the efforts of the Mayor of Plympton Wyoming and CAO, Kyle Pratt, and council, declares that the Shirley Wind Project, containing some of the largest turbines in the US, is already the site of an industrial human health hazard.

“On Monday night, the Brown County Board of Health in Wisconsin voted to declare the Shirley Wind Project to be a human health hazard. The approved motion states: “To declare the Industrial Wind Turbines at Shirley Wind Project in the Town of Glenmore, Brown County, WI. A Human Health Hazard for all people (residents, workers, visitors, and sensitive passersby) who are exposed to Infrasound/Low Frequency Noise and other emissions potentially harmful to human health.””

While the State of Wisconsin controls siting of industrial wind, it cannot override or subjugate the “public health hazard” declaration and initiatives. A health hazard, in most jurisdictions, is a condition of high alert, where acute or chronic illness, or death, may occur due to prolonged exposure. The hazard must be reported, and in some areas, mandated abatement must take place.

Mayor Lonny Napper seems to be of the same mind, noting that the Green Energy and Green Economy Act has taken away much democratic      decision-making: his council’s bylaw aims to ensure people in his jurisdiction will be protected from turbine related ILFN and the effects that are recorded, sadly, worldwide.

Common effects are from chronic unrelenting noise, sleep disorders, hormone level disruption, increased risk of disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression, heart arrhythmias, and possibly even cancer. (Carmen Krogh and Dr Robert McMurtry recently published a case definition that accepts inner ear disruption, sleep disorders, hypertension, mood disorders, nausea, tinnitus, as part of the presenting complaints combined with proximity to wind turbines.)

“When I took an oath to protect my community, I took it very seriously,” continues Mayor Napper. “The information about what other communities are suffering, disruption, noise, degradation of precious landscapes, seriously divided communities, and to see that this possible devastation is in my full view, for my residents, something has to give.”

Mayor Napper does not understand the delay for protective measures. “People are suffering in other projects. My community is slated for multiple developers and several proposed wind projects. The time for action, and protective measures, has been with us for some time now….we can’t continue to bounce around the same arguments and with no noticeable gain in community health rights. The protection of health is first.”

Lange, of the North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW) agrees. “We have for some time now sounded the alarm for what amounts to a turbine factory health pandemic: similar effects are reported in communities worldwide. These “factories” operate without the sanction of communities. They operate without fire controls, without any regard for environmental practices, and they certainly override what is now common knowledge about noise: audible, shadow flicker, vibration and Low Frequency and Infrasound, and related air pressure fluctuations, which in combination or separately, are known to extract “torture” on unwilling people/communities.”

Both Mayor Napper and Mr. Pratt, CAO, agree that individual communities need to understand that they can use bylaw powers to protect health as required. “If Ontario communities are having so little jurisdiction to control development of massive electrical producing facilities within their boundaries, the least the council can do is to mediate the devastating health effects already reported and well known to exist, that many feel are sure to happen here.” Mr. Pratt says that he hopes the bylaw will be an example to other councils. Pratt adds, “The Town of Plympton-Wyoming Council has worked hard to protect our residents, and make sure that developers are required to deal with issues and appropriately respond to complaints and requirements from council.”

Adds Lange, “The known effects of infrasound and low frequency noise may well turn out to be the death sentence for a non-performing, entirely subsidy driven, outrage.”

Even the MOE (Ministry of Environment Ontario) admits in 2009 the complex nature of sounds and pressures: “I went out last night for about 5 hours (got home midnight) and got some real firsthand experience with different types of noise that the turbines can create. The same turbine or groups of turbines could create 3-4 different types of noise and at different magnitudes at different times in the evening all depending on meteorological conditions, time of day, their orientation, and how they readjusted themselves (auto or by manual control – we don’t know) to wind speed and direction.

Also I was able to experience firsthand wind shear conditions (no wind at ground but turbines still generating creating noise) and how that plays an important role in noise impacts.” —Oct. 29, 2009, Bill Bardswick, Director West Central Region, Ontario Ministry of Environment


“Ok, message received and understood. Cam [Cameron Hall] and I will stand down until directed otherwise.” —Mar. 8, 2010, Gary Tomlinson, Provincial Officer, Senior Environmental Officer, Guelph District Office, West Central Region, Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

For more information please contact:

Mayor Lonny Napper, Town of Plympton-Wyoming, 546 Niagara Street, P.O. Box 250, Wyoming, Ontario N0N 1T0, Phone: 1 226 307 0523, Napper1@cogeco.on.ca

Kyle Pratt MPA, CMM III, CHRP, CMO, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Plympton-Wyoming, 546 Niagara Street, P.O. Box 250, Wyoming, Ontario N0N 1T0, Phone: 519-845-3939, Toll Free (Ontario): 1-877-313-3939, kpratt@plympton-wyoming.ca

Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power), kodaisl@rogers.com, 416 567 5115, http://www.na-paw.org


Electric electronically controlled smoking pipes are competing with traditional smoking devices such as rolling papers and bongs because of their efficiency, unique smoking experience and discreetness.

Now as I am writing for a publically available paper, I can not legally tell you that these electric pipes can be used for illegal leafy substances such as recreational marijuana.  I state for the record that the devices I am about to discuss, should only be used with legal substances such as medical marijuana, state taxed tobacco, or what is often portrayed in the instructions accompanying these pipes, pencil shavings. Hence forth where the word “herb” is used, I am referring to only the legal substances now described.  The word “oil” shall refer only to the legal processing of medical marijuana into an essential oil.

When I was a kid, a vaporizer was an electrically powered, water filled canister that steamed your room when you were sick.  An atomizer was a ray gun that I saw in a bad Sci-Fi movie.  That’s not what I am talking about, I am talking about reusable devices, usually electric, often electronic,  sometimes portable, powered by wall current, butane torch or battery powered that heat a substance, to release volatiles, for inhalation. WOW that’s a lung-full! True vaporizers do not burn the herb!

So…  “What is a vaporizer”?  “What is an atomizer”?

I was at an indoor flea market last month and asked that very question to the guy sitting at the table selling E-cigarettes and other smoking paraphernalia. Before the chap had time to answer, I chirped “And what’s the difference between it and an E-cigarette”? Beaming my usual mischievous smile, I then stood silently staring at him. He had quite an assortment of gadgets that I later quizzed him on. These questions have led me on a quest to really know the whole story. I intend to share my research with you in this and the next few issues of this paper. My findings so far are as follows.

The guy at the table at the market said he really didn’t have any true vaporizers to sell, that he had what he called an atomizer that worked with both dry and oily substances. According to Rob, a true vaporizer only works with dry herb and does not burn it. No smoke is created.  The sensation and experience is unique, nothing seems to be drawn into the lungs, yet a popcorn taste is experienced. Seconds later, the creeping realization that yes indeed something was inhaled!  The next most amazing thing is that there is almost no smell. I don’t smell anything when one is used in my vicinity. The device allows several heat settings so that different volatiles may be inhaled. While the most efficient are table top plug-in devices, some battery powered vaporizers are a close efficiency match and very small and discreet! There are varied models and manufacturers.  All vaporizers I have encountered so far have been expensive, starting at about $250.00

What is an atomizer?

An atomizer is often confused with a vaporizer. It appears to me to be a smoking device that has been adapted from an E-cigarette to efficiently release volatiles from a substance through combustion. They look a lot like an E-cigarette.  They have a heating element that heats the product, but are not as complex as a vaporizer. While most work with oil only, some will work with dry herb. These devices offer a very “easy on the throat and lungs” smoking experience. They are considerably less money than a vaporizer and start at about $50.00 and go up from there. Some can be used for both oil and herb. These devices do emit some smell!

Stay tuned for the next article.  vapourreview@yahoo.ca