Diverse multiculturalism, and foreigner privilege. BY ROBERT JAMES

November 20, 2014



Family doctors, employment opportunities, free monies, affordable housing and social benefits. Third world immigrants wanted, no Irish or dogs need apply. Keep repeating the endless mantra of diversity, rigidly instilled in the Canadian subconscious from our cradle by the compulsory indoctrination centers of public education. Don’t turn off the emotional side of your brain, which via politically correct engineering ignores basic logic, reason and facts. We live in a global society, our politicians and public sector unions worked hard to build this brave new utopia. If they want to sell out our national blood to achieve their ends, so be it. No referendum was ever held in the latter half of the 20th century to abandon our European-Christian Heritage, nor did we vote for any relentless campaign to lower our standards of living and indeed our very cultural makeup.

I am appalled, looking down at the copies of several application forms I have filed out over the years to apply for a family doctor that have been roundly ignored because of my family religion, race, country of birth and native language. Yes, these are all questions found on the very application forms from several Community Health Centres and other health practitioners. I have not seen a doctor my entire teenage and adult life, my Ontario Health Insurance is fully up to date and I figured years ago it was time for my first physical and blood test in at least 15 years. Though by answering the questions truthfully as a white protestant English speaking Canadian and putting down Ulster Scots as my ethnic group, my application gets introduced to Mr. Paper Shredder fairly quickly. There in black and white it racistly states they prioritize individuals based on `culture and language barriers`. Though if I was a Swahili speaking Animist from Mozambique lacking in provincial health insurance, I would not have any problems. With public sector union backed protestors constantly demanding the Interim Federal Health Program give refugees more medical care, it is clear that Canadians are not a protected special interest group to our new socialist bureaucracy.

The discrimination against White English speaking born-Canadians is self evident everyday in this country. So much so, while rarely discussed in fear of accusations of racism, the government does not even hide it. While the C.B.C. job posting demanding “any race except Caucasian” as a required criteria garnished a minimal backlash, it did not change long standing socialist policy to replace Canadians. Under employment equity preference will be given to visible minorities, regardless of qualifications. Even in the private sector, the “temporary” foreign worker program has utterly destroyed the earnings, hours, benefits and employability of natural Canadians.

The federal government alone spends $23.6 billion a year on immigration services, with no net benefits. Toronto has been declared a `Sanctuary City` where illegal and undocumented immigrants have free access to all services and handouts, with discussions among our leftist city councillors on changing the law and allowing non-Canadian citizens the municipal vote.

One young mother I know is required to pay all of her meagre disposable income for daycare services, while at the same community centre it is provided at no cost to those taking the English as a Second Language course. Many Canadian couples simply can not afford to have children, or those that do dare not consider having a basic replacement rate of two children – ignorantly waiting for some type of economic improvement. Even the Vancouver Sun in the article “High birthrate among immigrant women has implications for Canada” states “New immigrants to Canada are much more likely to have babies than their native-born counterparts.” If you can wave mainstream media off as hate speech, just visit Richmond next time you are in Metro Vancouver. “The women who have the highest birthrates tend to be from Africa, Pakistan and India.” the article notes.

This is a world wide pandemic, western civilization itself is being displaced by a globalist agenda. Combined, the various spellings of Muhammad make up the single most popular male baby name in Great Britain! Using American census figures, NBC News reported whites are projected to become the “minority” race in the United States by 2042. The major nations of the European Union can not roll out the red carpet fast enough to keep pace with the need to artificially inflate population to the detriment of their own people. Modern debt based monetary policy requires exponential growth, as do all Ponzi schemes. In an effort to back up our ever growing unfunded liabilities and financial bonds, population must increase in order to acquire more currency in the form of debt. The Bank of Canada’s governor Stephen Poloz has a great solution to young unemployed Canadians, whom are overburdened for life with student debt and ‘employment equity’: Just work for free, since white kids can’t flip burgers anymore!

Our education system has even re-written our entire history, cherry picking white guilt while ignoring the contributions of the founding settler population. It was only a few decades ago, though long forgotten in the minds of Canadians that we had our own culture and heritage. Forgotten, just as Tiananmen Square is to a Chinese school boy… It’s not part of the state approved cancerous curriculum of Cosmic Kool-Aid.

Do you really think it was coincidence that in the space of just the latter half of the last century politicians changed the flag of Canada from the Red Ensign, replaced our pro-British Dominion national anthems The Maple Leaf Forever and God Save the Queen, created the special interest group serving Charter of Rights and Freedoms, continued allowing banksters to create debt-based currency out of thin air – while abrogating precious metals as money, sent most manufacturing jobs overseas while selling out our national resources, and opened up the door to unquestionable massive third world immigration?

If all that does seem like unrelated coincidences to you, ask yourself why has almost every major western nation done the exact same thing around the same time? Global governance is not being prepared… this “New World Order” arose long ago. Nobody seemed to notice back then, nobody seemed to care, but speak against it today and get a first hand taste of our own political kangaroo court of conditioned public opinion and “human rights”. The course of human history proves as the force and power of government grows – liberty, privacy, and individuality is lost to the collective hordes under the fist of Marxist politicians, profligate bureaucrats, thieving banksters and consenting sheep.

I leave you with this quote from the 10th Prime Minister of Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King: “That Canada should desire to restrict immigration from the Orient is regarded as natural, that Canada should remain a white man’s country is believed to be not only desirable for economic and social reasons but highly necessary on political and national grounds… The people of Canada do not wish as a result of mass immigration to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population. Large scale immigration from the Orient would change the fundamental composition of the Canadian population… We must seek to keep this part of the Continent free from unrest and from too much intermixture of foreign strains of blood.”


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