Memories of Japan, a Memorable Dining Experience

November 20, 2014


Looking for a great place to enjoy true Japanese cuisine? You don’t have far to go. Let me tell you of the best one, actually not only the best in Toronto, also the largest.  It is called Memories of Japan. Pretty remarkable place, seating for over 300 customers and is situated on 9000 square feet. It is conveniently accessed by either car or public transit, located at 900 Don Mills Avenue just north of Eglinton Ave.

They offer two types of dining experiences, tappanyaki tables (where they prepare everything right in front of your eyes) and a complete “all you can eat” buffet. Their buffet is prepared fresh and brought to your table. This is unique because nothing is wasted. The also offer Take-out and delivery services.
Last Monday when I was there, let me tell you, what a wonderful experience I had. When I first stepped inside I felt welcomed and noticed the wonderful Japanese décor and great lay out of the place. Mr. Allen Hui, a family man with two wonderful children, opened the doors here over 20 years ago. He has now created the largest true Japanese restaurant in Toronto.

I had the pleasure to, for the first time, have an authentic tappanyaki dining table experience. Trust me it was something I will definitely be doing again soon. The chief, Jude, was not only super talented with his cooking abilities, he was quite the entertainer. He made people laugh with his great jokes and at the same time was cooking dinner, right before my eyes, on an open grill.  He magically used a flipper and an egg to design a heart on the grill.  Then what he did next totally captivated me, he used grilled onions to create a volcano with fire erupting out of it.

He then turned it into part of my meal. His attention to all the small details was incredible.  I ordered Teppan Otsu, which was a steak and chicken dish. The steak was so tender I didn’t need a knife and had “melt in your mouth flavour”. The chicken was grilled to absolute perfection. I’d highly recommend this to anyone.

Since I was there I thought I’d try the buffet. I ordered the Gold Dragon rolls. Gold Dragon rolls are presented like a piece of art. I almost didn’t want to eat it but of course I did!!  It had such a fresh flavour and was prepared just right. The wait staff were truly knowledge and quite helpful explaining the menu to me, a first timer.

The restaurant has 13 great chiefs in total, 5 cooking chiefs, 4 sushi chiefs’ and 4 kitchen chiefs. All super talented.  What really impressed me was that the owner, Mr. Hui, went to each table to make sure everything was just right. Not only is Mr. Hui involved in the daily operations of the restaurant, he also is concerned about his customer’s satisfaction and their dining pleasure. As a customer, I appreciated his involvement.

When you are looking for great food and a great “dining experience” then this is definitely the place to come. Make your reservations for the upcoming holidays. Prices are very reasonable! Cut out the above coupon in “Your Provincial News” for 15% of the dinner buffet. Go check it out, you’ll enjoy every moment.

Remember this place is not just for eating, it’s a complete “dining experience”! There contact information is as follows:

900 Don Mills Road, Toronto.
Phone: 416-449-3773
Written by: Heidi Fischer


One Response to “Memories of Japan, a Memorable Dining Experience”

  1. antuerius Says:

    This article gets quite excited about Japanese food. I am waiting for the foodbank to open. Usually it is full of slightly crazy Chinese and Japanese geriatrics. I think Japanese people should eat Japanese food. Perhaps also, in Japan.

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