The New Constitution Party of Canada

November 20, 2014


The New Constitution Party of Canada

Le Parti de la Nouvelle Constitution du Canada


The New Constitution Party of Canada (NCP) is an all-inclusive federal party based on Christian Libertarian values. Our basic tenet is that we are one nation under God. He grants us Dominion over the Earth, including all plants and animals on it. In exchange, we must be responsible stewards of God’s project.

We must work together to reverse the damage caused by cultural and economic Marxism, thereby reverting to a fair and just society that is free of economic disparity caused by the “nanny state” and “political correctness” (which is a subtle form of mind control). Our approach to governance will place COMMON SENSE and what is best for the majority of Canadian people, above the mandates of special interest groups.

Therefore, we will implement a radical overhaul of our weak, outdated constitution, geared toward unequivocally enshrining the rights of Canadians to life, freedom and a meaningful existence. When any member of the courts, military, police, or the federal, provincial or municipal governments, is sworn into office, they will be required to take an oath to uphold this New Constitution, and put it before any other laws.

A detailed description of the proposed sections of this New Constitution can be found under the “WORKING PLATFORM” tab on our web site:


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