January 14, 2015



The Wicked Witch of Ward 31 is back on her broom which is not only to fly-by-night, but to also sweep the ugly truth under the rug. Wards 30, 31 and 32 have long been identified as an ‘axis-of-evil’ comprised of Councillors Fletcher, Davis and McMahon. Despite all the efforts of Your Ward News to exorcise these demons from public office, we have obviously failed to do so.

Our attempts to expose Councillor Davis for the mega-slumlord she is have failed to break the spell that she has cast on her constituents. Then again, maybe we are giving her too much credit. It may just be a simple case of election-rigging. Anyway, we feel it is necessary to update the ‘Davis file’ for our subscribers.

Janet Davis has allegedly violated the ‘IMPROPER USE OF INFLUENCE’ rules by endorsing a candidate for a position on the Danorth BIA (Business Improvement Area).


According one of our many sources who have come forward to our Editor-in-Chief LeRoy St. Germaine, the person in question had publicly endorsed Janet Davis for councillor. Our source says he can prove a conflict of interest as advancement in Ward 31 is attained by favours and the Integrity Commissioner has been informed of the conflicts and violations.

Remember, this is the same Janet Davis that abused her power by threatening businesses along the Danforth that enthusiastically supported the Danforth Music Fest. After all, she couldn’t make a buck on it because no taxpayer money was used at all. 500 Dawes Rd. is still a toilet and outraged tenants call us all the time asking, “Can Leroy help us? Bed bugs, black mould, dangerous wiring and poor insulation are always with us.”

Ward 31 Councillor Janet Davis has been elected in landslides in two elections, despite her terrible record. Is it any wonder that she feels she can get away with anything? We don’t know how she did it, but we are going to find out. Her constituents’ position adds up to 4 words….SAVE US FROM DAVIS!!!



Private property rights: Canadians enjoy private property rights, as identified by the Canadian Bill of Rights. Given that Canadians possess the indefeasible right to the enjoyment of property, it is unclear to TPPRA (Toronto Private Property Rights Association, a chapter of the Ontario Landowners Association.) by what due process of law we are being deprived of it.

Privacy: In addition to the enjoyment of property, Canadians enjoy the common-law right to privacy. The imposition of smart water meters violates our right to privacy.

Program support: TPPRA members do not remember any municipal politician campaigning on and being given a mandate to violate Torontonian’s right to privacy, i.e., impose “smart” water meters. TPPRA maintains that compliance – in the face of threats of $50,000 fines by Toronto Water for non-compliance – does not equal support for the program.

Fire hazard: Ontario’s Fire Marshal has identified that smart meters were linked to 23 incidents in Ontario from 2011 – 2013. “I can tell you 10 of those were smart meter failures attributed to internal faults, and 13 were small fires attributed to high-resistance heating,” said spokeswoman Carol Gravelle.In August 2014 SaskPower announced plans to remove all 105,000 of its smart meters and replace them with traditional units, after a number of smart meters caught fire. TPPRA has grave concerns with respect to the safety of these devices as it is our understanding that fire risk is inherent in the design of all “smart” meters, not just specific makes and models.

Health/Radio Frequencies: Many of our members suffer adverse health impacts from exposure to RFs. Imposing smart water meters in their homes will exacerbate their condition.

Efficacy/economics: We have concerns with the smart water meter system, given the recently released scathing Auditor General’s report concerning the massive failure of the provincial governments smart electricity meter program, and the Ombudsman’s ongoing investigation of the efficacy of Hydro One’s smart meter and billing system.

Conclusion: TPPRA submits that threatening and bullying behavior is not the appropriate role of government in a free society. TPPRA members have not violated anyone’s rights by opting out of the government’s surveillance-control grid. In fact we are defending protecting our common-law rights and freedoms, specifically our right to privacy and our private property rights.

Yours in liberty, Jessica.


January 14, 2015


The western media is horrified that Islamic fundamentalists have attacked our wonderful ideals regarding free speech and expression. The attack was certainly real, but to claim that our society respects free speech and expression is disingenuous.

It is, in fact, a blatant lie. If we can’t even recognize and admit our own flaws, how can we possibly interpret Islam’s flaws? Besides, is it only terrorism if you believe in something? Can not dumb, confused and uninformed people be terrorists? You bet they can!

Your Ward News and its publisher, Leroy St. Germaine, have been targeted by aged hippies, egalitarians and politically correct Neo-Marxists. They are every bit the terrorists as the most extreme Islamists, I.R.A. bombers or mad anarchists. Leroy received a lovely call that we recorded for posterity. It goes something like: “I’m going to kill you Leroy. But before that, I’m going to kill your kids in front of you and rape your wife. THEN I’ll kill you”.

Does that constitute terrorism, or is it just a friendly Beacher sending good tidings? Politically correct terrorism is one of the recognizable pillars in contemporary Canadian life. True freedom of speech is contrary to updated Canadian values. This makes truth unattainable to Canadian citizens. Do you know that denying World War 2 happened can land you in jail in Canada? Some Canadians actually support these anti-speech laws because World War 2 is historical fact. That is a stupid, low-brow justification for insidious anti-speech legislation.

Your Ward News will NEVER cower under the yolk of tyranny, for it is tyranny to FORCE citizens what to think and say. Free people have the right to be wrong and we consider ourselves at Your Ward News to be Freemen. You don’t have to agree with a single word we print, but to stoop to terroristic threats is beyond the pale. We know who you are and we know what you did. Be thankful we aren’t little whiners who would report you to authorities. We fight are own battles, even against local terrorists.

Terrorists who make not only physical threats, but cause financial harm to local businesses through intimidation and mob rule. Via harassing, abusive phone calls to spread lies and attempt blackmail. All while falling back on unsubstantiated lefty attack words like racist, homophobic, and misogynistic.

TERRORISM is TERRORISM, no matter what you believe in or what you don’t believe in. That’s what WE believe!!! GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY!!!

Your Ward News reporter arraigned by prison censors at Vanier.

By Michelle L. Erstikaitis


Well, it is a brand new year, and I am currently locked up in segregation at Vanier Centre in Milton, for my article in the December edition of Your Ward News, titled “WHY THE CONSERVATIVE CRIME BILL STILL FALLS SHORT”. Apparently Vanier manager Jane McEckron took great offence to my article detailing the special treatment given to sexual offenders and child killers.

The special interest Rainbow brigade that populate the staff of Vanier Centre, from John Duff to someone who goes by the name “Magda” decided that the special treatment they give to sexual offenders is okay, but they try to incite me into trouble. On New Years Eve I was minding my own business on Unit 2E. At 18:30hrs I was taken from my cell to an interview room, where McEckron informed me I was to be disciplined in segregation due to a publication ban on three cases I mentioned in my last article.

Regardless of court ordered publication bans and gag orders, I do not believe they have any jurisdiction over comments that are voluntarily made by the offenders. The details came right from the horse’s mouth. (Or in this case the pervert’s and monster’s mouth.)

For reporting facts, exclusively available to Your Ward News readers alone I am locked alone in a cell with nothing more then a blanket, prison track suit, and a Bible for ten days. All because I am a journalist and champion of free speech.

Two nights later I, along with those inmates housed in segregation were denied dinner. I have witnessed inmates being placed into freezing cold cells, denied blankets and a meal. All this occurred while Jane McEckron was in charge of the unit. Due to the situation I created in protest, video cameras monitored the situation, forcing meals to be provided hours late.

They *thought* that punishing me by throwing me in segregation for ten days, loss of all privileges would finally shut me up. Someone should tell them about the fighting Irish. The game to muzzle me appears to be on…

Though prison officials do not come by a career with Corrections Canada because of their intellectual prowess, so I am not concerned. As for the riff-raff inmates, they remain exactly that.


Your Ward News has spent two decades closely monitoring the ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ machinations of local elections for the councillorships of Wards 30, 31 and 32. The recent election results have aroused the most suspicion to date. Our research at the macro level has made it clear to us that election fraud is easy to commit, but equally difficult to prove. At the micro level, the results for councillor in the three wards in question are highly improbable:

WARD 30 (Toronto-Danforth) – In the 2010 election, the popular and beautiful Liz West lost to the unpopular and not-so-beautiful incumbent, Councillor Paula Fletcher. The differential was only   TWO-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-NINE VOTES!!! (8,766 – Fletcher, 8,507 – West). In the 2014 election, the now even MORE popular Liz West was buried by the even LESS popular Paula Fletcher (11,924 – Fletcher, 6,644 – West). How is this possible? Simply put, it is NOT possible.

WARD 31 (Beaches-East York) – The last two elections in Janet Davis’ ward also cast a dark shadow on the face of democracy. Despite the fact that the south-side of the Danforth between Coxwell and Victoria Park has become a blinding eye-sore during Davis’ watch, she crushed her political rivals in 2010 and 2014. In 2010, Councillor/Slumlord Janet Davis received 11,177 votes to Robert Walker’s 1,945 votes. An absolute landslide! In the recent 2014 election for Ward 31 councillor it was Janet Davis winning with 12,697 votes. Buried in this unlikely avalanche was George Papadakis with 3,023 votes.

WARD 32 (Beaches-East York) – The re-election of Mary-Margaret-McMahon for Beaches Councillor also raised some eye-brows. The fact is, no election results beyond Grade 9 Class-President should be trusted. Human nature has not changed because of the invention of computers. Vote-rigging has a history nearly as long as sport-fixing. Landslides are more obvious and less desirable to the vote thieves than slimmer victories. Here is a recent example of how a small number of votes can have far-reaching consequences:

Al Franken’s 312-vote victory in 2008 over Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman gave Democrats a Senate majority of 60 votes, which allowed them to pass Obamacare. It was later learned that 1,099 felons, all ineligible to vote, had voted in the Franken-Coleman race. In interviews with 10 of those felons, it was found that 9 had voted for Franken.

Vote-rigging has been a popular political sport dating back to the time when black and white stones were manipulated by sleight-of-hand. According to the 1910 Encyclopedia Britannica, a well-coached vote counting team used to be able to exclude as many as forty-per-cent of the votes. Paper-ballot voting can be rigged by gaining unauthorized access to the ballot box. Sealed ballot-boxes are transported with a “chain-of-custody” form that includes the signatures of the officials and the times that the boxes are in the custody of each official. The “seal” is a little twisty-wire that doesn’t require a master burglar to penetrate. Things can also get pretty sloppy occasionally, like when ballot-box lids kept washing up on ocean beaches after a 2001 San Francisco election.

The easiest elections to rig are computerized. Internet voting will allow you to sell your vote, as proof of how you voted would be as close as your printer. The best people for political campaigns to buy now are computer scientists, software engineers and code-writers. Although it is far beyond this writer’s scope, I’ve been told that hit-and-run code that CHANGES the original votes then destroys itself when the election is over is very possible. This would be done by creating a program that checks the computer’s time and date function, activating when the election is scheduled to begin. It can pass testing because it only activates on Election Day.

The only democracy left for Canadians are Canada’s elections. If we can’t trust the election process, then we don’t have a democracy at all. Since every voting idea has proven possible to rig, Your Ward News is challenging our subscribers to invent a system that is impossible to cheat. Keep in mind that every voter is the only person that knows who they voted for. So here is the challenge:


There are several ideas floating around the office but we want to hear YOUR ideas. Prizes will include free tickets to musical events and much, much more. Send your suggestions to:


Repeat simple-minded lies over and over and the lies take on a life of their own. The public will begin repeating these lies unthinkingly as commonly accepted facts. As a matter of fact, the bigger the lie is, the easier it is to believe. How could that possibly be? The answer is simple. Your sense of fairness won’t allow you to believe that anyone would have the audacity to knowingly advance such a huge untruth.

Television is a segment of mass media that is not actively or critically attended to. A Public-Opinion researcher at General Electric ran several experiments by attaching electrodes to the back of the subject’s head which were in turn attached to a computer. After turning on the TV, repeated trials revealed that within 30 seconds the brain-waves switched from predominantly beta-waves which indicate clear and conscious attention to alpha waves, which indicate an unfocused lack of attention. This is the state of aimless fantasy and daydreaming, which is just below the threshold of consciousness. When the subjects were then given an article to read the beta-waves quickly re-appeared. Conscious and alert attentiveness replaced the daydreaming state.

The political and corporate mass-media of today is the greatest practitioner of brain-washing propaganda in history. Advancements in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), FACS (Facial Access Coding System) and Tele-metrics have elevated mass brain-washing to a high art. Television is a medium that transmits huge quantities of information that is not thought about at the time of exposure. But when a member of the public is later confronted by a store display or a name on a ballot, their television-viewing experience of the product or candidate conjures up a wealth of information which is triggered by the real-life situation.

As an example: Women are carefully trained by media to view themselves as inadequate. They are programmed, especially by the ‘visuals’ on television, that other women are more desirable and feminine than themselves. However, they are also made to believe that the purchase of the correct clothes and cosmetics will allow them to compete with “successful” women. The resulting behaviour can be characterized by the ‘Shop-‘til-you-drop’ maxim.

Just as you are led to believe that you have the choice of 500 channels to view, you may also be convinced that political elections provide you a choice. The truth is that your television provides you with a single channel, as the same programmers have the same agenda regarding anything important. YOU ARE WATCHING CHANNEL ONE! THAT’S IT! Your television will also likely make you believe that you have a choice when election time comes around. You have a ‘Hobson’s choice’. Hobson was a horse-trader who charged the same for all his horses, but you had to buy the horse that was closest to the barn door. No matter how many candidates run in an election, the media will only give you a choice of two, with a third occasionally thrown into the mix.



By: Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)

Mike Barnard’s wind wings clipped by employer IBM: Told to stop writing on wind power, resign fellowship from Energy and Policy Institute, and delete his blog: Barnard on Wind. Mike Barnard last month was taken to task by researcher Jackie Rovensky of AU and NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power) for a long-standing series of malicious attacks on trusted and respected professionals worldwide, who have variously documented and researched the now widely recognized devastating effects of industrial wind on human health.

This action by IBM is easily understood. Barnard is best known for his self-proclaimed stance as a pro wind “expert”, who critiques others for their “lack of expertise.” He has zero qualifications for his writings on wind, yet “calls himself the lead researcher” in a study that calls wind victims “liars.” Barnard has also falsely asserted that his “power reading” and “constant and deep access and conversations related to public health management, epidemiology and the nature of medical evidence … That experience and on-the-job education has been invaluable as I’ve read through health studies and reviews related to wind power from around the world” …which led to “recognition of my expertise … I’m pleased to say that my material is helping to shape legal defences of wind energy, advocacy programs and investments in several countries.”

This bravado has found its “religious” base with wind power developers and promoters, but Barnard now can only boast of a protracted vacation from writing on wind. Others use his cyber bullying and “manufactured facts” to recreate their own smears.

IBM Corporate Officer (Brand Manager, Communications) Carrie Bendzsa, after numerous discussions with Lange of NA-PAW, wrote to NA-PAW, thanking the organization for bringing this matter to their attention, asserting that none of “these postings or comments (libel by Barnard) were IBM endorsed actions.”

The Communique continues: “We don’t have an advocacy position on energy and we have a number of social computing guidelines and policies in place that our employees are instructed and expected to follow. Furthermore, the individuals who are upset by the postings should be assured that IBM does not have any negative views about them personally or professionally.

IBM has spent considerable time reviewing this matter internally and has taken several actions that our employee has agreed to comply with to resolve this matter. These include having the employee delete the Barnardonwind blog, terminate the Energy and Policy Institute Senior Fellow role and agree to no longer publish on wind energy.

We truly appreciate you stepping forward to bring this matter to our attention.”

Lange notes that the kind of serial cyber bullying that has occurred with Barnard on Wind, some of which has been subsumed into other pro wind sites, is of a serious nature: “It is regarded as irrational, unprovoked criticism,” based on the apparent, some would say obvious, intent to harm careers and cast doubt on the professional integrity of individuals. It has no basis in fact, and can be compared in a way to “hate” speech.

Notes Lange: “Cyber Bullying and defamation falls under the Criminal Code, and is punishable by up to 10 years in prison in Canada.” “Defamatory libel is likewise a crime under the Criminal Code, if the libelous statement is directed against a person in authority and could seriously harm his or her reputation.” (The persons affected by the Barnard libel are indeed persons in authority.) “This is punishable by up to five years in prison.” (While the US defamation laws are less plaintiff friendly, there are legal markers since 1964 for those knowingly harming by the power of innuendo and falsehoods.)

NA-PAW expresses thanks to IBM for its ethical leadership, and reserves the right to observe and facilitate the removal of all related and corollary defamation from satellite websites, if need be with the assistance of web expert libel/defamation lawyers.

One of several bullying notes to Dr. Sarah Laurie of the Waubra Foundation:

Ms. Laurie:

You have not responded as of yet to my letter below. I await your confirmation that you will stop actively promoting health fears which cause illness near wind farms in light of the recent and historical research showing this to be the case.

Yours, Mike Barnard, Singapore

CONTACT: Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)



Phone: 416 567 5115

By: Investigative Journalist Michelle L. Erstikaitis

In April 2011, I was involved in a mini scandal with the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in Toronto Centre, where I was asked by PC Campaign Manager David Gentili to leave the campaign office because the campaign did not want negative media attention.

I was interviewed by the Toronto Sun reporter Terry Davidson, and I bluntly stated that I was a strong supporter of the Progressive Conservative Crime bill as a result of seeing little remorse amongst fellow inmates. I have now been incarcerated on a marijuana related charge for just little over a year in the Provincial Prison System, because of my own consent to detention.

I am on a special unit at the Vanier Detention Centre in Milton, on a 23 hour lockdown in my prison cell, by my own request. I am actually back in the exact same cell that I served two years in while going through my Dangerous Offender trial on a domestic assault charge from January 2009, until April 2011.

The prisoners are different people, but the crimes and attitudes are still exactly the same. In 2010, I was locked up with notorious inmates like Donna Irving, accused of murdering seven year old Kaitlyn Sampson, and later given a fourteen year sentence. I was also here with Elaine Campione, who cheerfully admitted to drowning her two infants in a bathtub. I was also here with Michelle ‘Meesa’ Liard, charged with her boyfriend Rafal LaSota in the sadistic sex murder of a thirteen year old girl. LaSota was convicted and given life, and Liard was acquitted.

Today, the cast of characters is different. Tammy McDonald, 23 years old, charged with drowning her infant in a bathtub. Tanya Bogdanovich, 34 years old, charged in the sex murder of an eighteen year old woman with a man she met on a BDSM website. Also, Genevieve Trudel, convicted of molesting her lesbian girlfriend’s daughter, and sentenced to less than two years.

The women here are different, but their crimes and attitudes are the same. Michelle Liard, Elaine Campione and Donna Irving used to spend their days laughing and joking, and having a great ol’ time. I used to marvel at their utter lack of remorse.

Today, Tammy McDonald and her cellmate Angelica Spanidis (charged with throwing a newborn infant in a clothing donation bin), spend their days laughing, joking and gossiping about other inmates and causing trouble.

Genevieve Trudel and Tanya Bogdanovich are meal servers and their laughter can be heard all day long as they spend their days joking with one another and having such a great time that I sometimes feel as if I am at YUK YUK’S. I am the only inmate on this unit for a minor charge and I do not find ANYTHING about my situation funny.

I am incarcerated with scum, and I am being kept from productive activities such as journalism and involvement at City Hall. I find NOTHING humorous about that. So imagine my disgust as I sit in my cell, working on my case (I am self-represented because of longstanding issues with lawyers) or reading a novel, and I can barely concentrate because of the uproarious laughter of child killers and rapists, who are in here having the time of their lives. Remorse? NONE! And I know that these remorseless monsters will receive slaps on the wrists for their hideous crimes, because history does nothing else if not repeat itself.

The Conservative Crime Bill has resulted in more people being put into prison, but that is ALL that it has done. If these monsters can spend their days laughing and having a great time, then the system is failing terribly.

It wasn’t so long ago that these women would have been publicly hanged for their crimes, and maybe THAT is why they are able to spend their days enjoying themselves. They know that because of the bleeding heart liberals who abolished the death penalty, they will get away with their crimes practically scot-free.

Tammy McDonald has told me that the Crown Attorney in her case is sympathetic to her case (she left her one year old infant unattended in a bathtub with a washcloth placed on the child’s face, and chose that moment to go take a nap). She believes that she will soon receive time served, for less than two years pre-sentence custody. And you know what? She probably will. The courts are more concerned with getting pot-smoking journalists off the street than 23 year old crack-smoking welfare mothers who drown their own children during a moment of frustration.

So, the Conservatives have got the police to arrest more criminals, but clearly the Liberals are still dominating the courthouses. I still remember when I first arrived here in January, 2014, and met Christine Allen, a complete psychopath who poisoned children in a daycare centre with eye drops. She pled guilty and received four years. Mark my words, THERE is a woman who will re-offend! Only next time, she’ll be bringing cyanide-laced cookies to a kindergarten class for children to eat.

This so-called criminal ‘justice’ system is a joke. A guy who grows marijuana for a living could be locked away for five to ten years, while child molesters, killers and would-be killers are not even being indicted.

The Conservatives promised to come down hard on REAL criminals, and that is why I campaigned for them. Well, Mr. Harper, guess what? The criminals are raping children, killing people and laughing at you, because you’ve got so many Liberals in the courts that the police are bringing them in by the hundreds, and the Liberals are letting them all go free. Perhaps the Crime Bill should shift its focus to two main things:

1) Mandatory Minimum sentencing for *violent* crime.

2) Re-instituting the death penalty.

If the Crime Bill should focus more on those two things, I might be able to more easily engage in productive activities that I continue to do daily in my cell (such as write newspaper articles, work on schoolwork, write letters to political friends) because maybe these monsters would have less to laugh about.