January 5, 2015


Your Ward News has spent two decades closely monitoring the ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ machinations of local elections for the councillorships of Wards 30, 31 and 32. The recent election results have aroused the most suspicion to date. Our research at the macro level has made it clear to us that election fraud is easy to commit, but equally difficult to prove. At the micro level, the results for councillor in the three wards in question are highly improbable:

WARD 30 (Toronto-Danforth) – In the 2010 election, the popular and beautiful Liz West lost to the unpopular and not-so-beautiful incumbent, Councillor Paula Fletcher. The differential was only   TWO-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-NINE VOTES!!! (8,766 – Fletcher, 8,507 – West). In the 2014 election, the now even MORE popular Liz West was buried by the even LESS popular Paula Fletcher (11,924 – Fletcher, 6,644 – West). How is this possible? Simply put, it is NOT possible.

WARD 31 (Beaches-East York) – The last two elections in Janet Davis’ ward also cast a dark shadow on the face of democracy. Despite the fact that the south-side of the Danforth between Coxwell and Victoria Park has become a blinding eye-sore during Davis’ watch, she crushed her political rivals in 2010 and 2014. In 2010, Councillor/Slumlord Janet Davis received 11,177 votes to Robert Walker’s 1,945 votes. An absolute landslide! In the recent 2014 election for Ward 31 councillor it was Janet Davis winning with 12,697 votes. Buried in this unlikely avalanche was George Papadakis with 3,023 votes.

WARD 32 (Beaches-East York) – The re-election of Mary-Margaret-McMahon for Beaches Councillor also raised some eye-brows. The fact is, no election results beyond Grade 9 Class-President should be trusted. Human nature has not changed because of the invention of computers. Vote-rigging has a history nearly as long as sport-fixing. Landslides are more obvious and less desirable to the vote thieves than slimmer victories. Here is a recent example of how a small number of votes can have far-reaching consequences:

Al Franken’s 312-vote victory in 2008 over Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman gave Democrats a Senate majority of 60 votes, which allowed them to pass Obamacare. It was later learned that 1,099 felons, all ineligible to vote, had voted in the Franken-Coleman race. In interviews with 10 of those felons, it was found that 9 had voted for Franken.

Vote-rigging has been a popular political sport dating back to the time when black and white stones were manipulated by sleight-of-hand. According to the 1910 Encyclopedia Britannica, a well-coached vote counting team used to be able to exclude as many as forty-per-cent of the votes. Paper-ballot voting can be rigged by gaining unauthorized access to the ballot box. Sealed ballot-boxes are transported with a “chain-of-custody” form that includes the signatures of the officials and the times that the boxes are in the custody of each official. The “seal” is a little twisty-wire that doesn’t require a master burglar to penetrate. Things can also get pretty sloppy occasionally, like when ballot-box lids kept washing up on ocean beaches after a 2001 San Francisco election.

The easiest elections to rig are computerized. Internet voting will allow you to sell your vote, as proof of how you voted would be as close as your printer. The best people for political campaigns to buy now are computer scientists, software engineers and code-writers. Although it is far beyond this writer’s scope, I’ve been told that hit-and-run code that CHANGES the original votes then destroys itself when the election is over is very possible. This would be done by creating a program that checks the computer’s time and date function, activating when the election is scheduled to begin. It can pass testing because it only activates on Election Day.

The only democracy left for Canadians are Canada’s elections. If we can’t trust the election process, then we don’t have a democracy at all. Since every voting idea has proven possible to rig, Your Ward News is challenging our subscribers to invent a system that is impossible to cheat. Keep in mind that every voter is the only person that knows who they voted for. So here is the challenge:


There are several ideas floating around the office but we want to hear YOUR ideas. Prizes will include free tickets to musical events and much, much more. Send your suggestions to:



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