January 5, 2015

Repeat simple-minded lies over and over and the lies take on a life of their own. The public will begin repeating these lies unthinkingly as commonly accepted facts. As a matter of fact, the bigger the lie is, the easier it is to believe. How could that possibly be? The answer is simple. Your sense of fairness won’t allow you to believe that anyone would have the audacity to knowingly advance such a huge untruth.

Television is a segment of mass media that is not actively or critically attended to. A Public-Opinion researcher at General Electric ran several experiments by attaching electrodes to the back of the subject’s head which were in turn attached to a computer. After turning on the TV, repeated trials revealed that within 30 seconds the brain-waves switched from predominantly beta-waves which indicate clear and conscious attention to alpha waves, which indicate an unfocused lack of attention. This is the state of aimless fantasy and daydreaming, which is just below the threshold of consciousness. When the subjects were then given an article to read the beta-waves quickly re-appeared. Conscious and alert attentiveness replaced the daydreaming state.

The political and corporate mass-media of today is the greatest practitioner of brain-washing propaganda in history. Advancements in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), FACS (Facial Access Coding System) and Tele-metrics have elevated mass brain-washing to a high art. Television is a medium that transmits huge quantities of information that is not thought about at the time of exposure. But when a member of the public is later confronted by a store display or a name on a ballot, their television-viewing experience of the product or candidate conjures up a wealth of information which is triggered by the real-life situation.

As an example: Women are carefully trained by media to view themselves as inadequate. They are programmed, especially by the ‘visuals’ on television, that other women are more desirable and feminine than themselves. However, they are also made to believe that the purchase of the correct clothes and cosmetics will allow them to compete with “successful” women. The resulting behaviour can be characterized by the ‘Shop-‘til-you-drop’ maxim.

Just as you are led to believe that you have the choice of 500 channels to view, you may also be convinced that political elections provide you a choice. The truth is that your television provides you with a single channel, as the same programmers have the same agenda regarding anything important. YOU ARE WATCHING CHANNEL ONE! THAT’S IT! Your television will also likely make you believe that you have a choice when election time comes around. You have a ‘Hobson’s choice’. Hobson was a horse-trader who charged the same for all his horses, but you had to buy the horse that was closest to the barn door. No matter how many candidates run in an election, the media will only give you a choice of two, with a third occasionally thrown into the mix.


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