January 5, 2015

Thanks for the endorsement, Patrick Clo (aka “Wade Gill”)!

After speaking recently on the telephone with my editor, Robert James, and learning that there is now a blog dedicated to ridiculing this newspaper and making a general fuss about this newspaper in general, I feel compelled to point out a few things.

First of all, ‘Your Ward News’ is a widely recognized and highly respected publication that has been on the market for over six years now. Aside from Former Councillor Sandra Bussin, who attempted a failed lawsuit several years back, nobody but current City Councillors has had a problem with our newspaper. Your Ward News doesn’t simply speak the truth as it may be, but rather CRAMS the truth right down your throat, whether you like it or not!

Our press passes (those allotted to Investigative Journalists like myself) actually have a proud notation on the back, referencing Bussin’s failed attempt at a lawsuit using tax payer dollars. Every single one of our newspaper articles is Politically based, even the ones that I have written about Corrections Canada, because these crimes are being freely committed by the public sector employees. It is shocking enough that the average tax payer ought to send his MP or MPP a letter inquiring as to whom is paying the salaries of Correctional Officers.

Now, I’ve been told that because of my capacity as a Journalist, the paper (YWN) has been labelled as a ‘Neo-Nazi’ paper, which is ironic, since racists and Antifa’s all over the country have been doing their damnest to de-legitimize me as ‘a real Nazi’. So, you cannot have it both ways, people. Either I am NOT a Nazi and the newspaper is simply a       far-right Libertarian publication, or I AM a Nazi, and such a notorious one that Hollywood celebrities could easily access and read what I have written about. Which is it?

Either way, I have without a doubt increased the popularity of the newspaper. I suspect that the cause of all of this upset is the recent election, where every single candidate that I wrote about did well. Hell, even Paul Ainslie and Mike Layton held onto their seats. Paul Fromm, who entered the election at the very last minute, made quite a fair showing, with his new campaign slogan ‘The Motorists’ Friend’.

His campaign signs were creative, and certainly stood out amongst the others…I wonder where he got this campaign suggestions from? *Ahem* Then, there was James Sears, who ran in the Beaches for the FIRST TIME EVER, and placed forth. Not bad at all. A little advance planning and fine tuning, and he’ll win the next Federal election. Then, of course, Christopher William Brosky, who was a first-time candidate in a riding he is NOT familiar with – and he got over three hundred votes.

Now, I don’t want to brag and say that his popularity had anything to do with me, but Toronto-centre Rosedale IS my riding, I have campaigned and canvassed there for years, I KNOW the electors. I’ve knocked on their doors, phoned them on the telephone.

Now, if I could remind all of the candidates that between–election time is almost just as important as campaigning. When one campaign finishes, the next one begins immediately. You’ve got to be out there guys, shaking hands with your constituents, occasionally showing up at their local church services. This is how politicians are made.

Always remember the NEXT ELECTION, you will do better, and that cannot happen by itself. You’ve got to campaign BETWEEN elections, get the electorate to like you.

As for you, Patrick Clo… your behaviour is bullying and criminally harassing.

There are certain websites specifically dedicated to whom is harassing a celebrity, and I dare say that whether you call me famous or infamous, I certainly qualify for their help. Rest assured, no publicity is bad publicity, so thank you.

All unpleasantness aside, Rob Ford is still in office, as city councillor of Ward 2, and John Tory is the Toronto Mayor. Olivia Chow had such a poor voter turn-out that she was basically forgotten at the polls. Adios, Chairman Chow, don’t let the door hit you in the you-know-what on your way out.


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