January 5, 2015

By: Investigative Journalist Michelle L. Erstikaitis

In April 2011, I was involved in a mini scandal with the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in Toronto Centre, where I was asked by PC Campaign Manager David Gentili to leave the campaign office because the campaign did not want negative media attention.

I was interviewed by the Toronto Sun reporter Terry Davidson, and I bluntly stated that I was a strong supporter of the Progressive Conservative Crime bill as a result of seeing little remorse amongst fellow inmates. I have now been incarcerated on a marijuana related charge for just little over a year in the Provincial Prison System, because of my own consent to detention.

I am on a special unit at the Vanier Detention Centre in Milton, on a 23 hour lockdown in my prison cell, by my own request. I am actually back in the exact same cell that I served two years in while going through my Dangerous Offender trial on a domestic assault charge from January 2009, until April 2011.

The prisoners are different people, but the crimes and attitudes are still exactly the same. In 2010, I was locked up with notorious inmates like Donna Irving, accused of murdering seven year old Kaitlyn Sampson, and later given a fourteen year sentence. I was also here with Elaine Campione, who cheerfully admitted to drowning her two infants in a bathtub. I was also here with Michelle ‘Meesa’ Liard, charged with her boyfriend Rafal LaSota in the sadistic sex murder of a thirteen year old girl. LaSota was convicted and given life, and Liard was acquitted.

Today, the cast of characters is different. Tammy McDonald, 23 years old, charged with drowning her infant in a bathtub. Tanya Bogdanovich, 34 years old, charged in the sex murder of an eighteen year old woman with a man she met on a BDSM website. Also, Genevieve Trudel, convicted of molesting her lesbian girlfriend’s daughter, and sentenced to less than two years.

The women here are different, but their crimes and attitudes are the same. Michelle Liard, Elaine Campione and Donna Irving used to spend their days laughing and joking, and having a great ol’ time. I used to marvel at their utter lack of remorse.

Today, Tammy McDonald and her cellmate Angelica Spanidis (charged with throwing a newborn infant in a clothing donation bin), spend their days laughing, joking and gossiping about other inmates and causing trouble.

Genevieve Trudel and Tanya Bogdanovich are meal servers and their laughter can be heard all day long as they spend their days joking with one another and having such a great time that I sometimes feel as if I am at YUK YUK’S. I am the only inmate on this unit for a minor charge and I do not find ANYTHING about my situation funny.

I am incarcerated with scum, and I am being kept from productive activities such as journalism and involvement at City Hall. I find NOTHING humorous about that. So imagine my disgust as I sit in my cell, working on my case (I am self-represented because of longstanding issues with lawyers) or reading a novel, and I can barely concentrate because of the uproarious laughter of child killers and rapists, who are in here having the time of their lives. Remorse? NONE! And I know that these remorseless monsters will receive slaps on the wrists for their hideous crimes, because history does nothing else if not repeat itself.

The Conservative Crime Bill has resulted in more people being put into prison, but that is ALL that it has done. If these monsters can spend their days laughing and having a great time, then the system is failing terribly.

It wasn’t so long ago that these women would have been publicly hanged for their crimes, and maybe THAT is why they are able to spend their days enjoying themselves. They know that because of the bleeding heart liberals who abolished the death penalty, they will get away with their crimes practically scot-free.

Tammy McDonald has told me that the Crown Attorney in her case is sympathetic to her case (she left her one year old infant unattended in a bathtub with a washcloth placed on the child’s face, and chose that moment to go take a nap). She believes that she will soon receive time served, for less than two years pre-sentence custody. And you know what? She probably will. The courts are more concerned with getting pot-smoking journalists off the street than 23 year old crack-smoking welfare mothers who drown their own children during a moment of frustration.

So, the Conservatives have got the police to arrest more criminals, but clearly the Liberals are still dominating the courthouses. I still remember when I first arrived here in January, 2014, and met Christine Allen, a complete psychopath who poisoned children in a daycare centre with eye drops. She pled guilty and received four years. Mark my words, THERE is a woman who will re-offend! Only next time, she’ll be bringing cyanide-laced cookies to a kindergarten class for children to eat.

This so-called criminal ‘justice’ system is a joke. A guy who grows marijuana for a living could be locked away for five to ten years, while child molesters, killers and would-be killers are not even being indicted.

The Conservatives promised to come down hard on REAL criminals, and that is why I campaigned for them. Well, Mr. Harper, guess what? The criminals are raping children, killing people and laughing at you, because you’ve got so many Liberals in the courts that the police are bringing them in by the hundreds, and the Liberals are letting them all go free. Perhaps the Crime Bill should shift its focus to two main things:

1) Mandatory Minimum sentencing for *violent* crime.

2) Re-instituting the death penalty.

If the Crime Bill should focus more on those two things, I might be able to more easily engage in productive activities that I continue to do daily in my cell (such as write newspaper articles, work on schoolwork, write letters to political friends) because maybe these monsters would have less to laugh about.



  1. Anonymous Says:

    You’re right because angleni is going home in July 2016

  2. Annoynymous Says:

    Every word spoken here is accurate and I can say so from working in the vanier correctional center.
    These people who are committing such horrific and violent of fences against children whom are most innocent, need to feel the weight of their crimes. Spending years in an environment with other women who find it a joke, does not help whatsoever. Seeing firsthand how their days are, it truly is a joke, laughing it up as if killing a child deserves a slap on the wrist.
    I could safely and confidently say I could serve years in the provincial jail environment and would do it easily because of the lack of discipline and repercussions.
    If I knew how much of a joke being in jail actually is, I perhaps would have considered crimes myself.

    A memo to the liberal government..

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