N.D.P. MP Matthew Kellway is Full of Green Gas!

January 9, 2015



Shut down Canada’s few remaining industrial factories, destroy our commodity based economy, surrender Canada’s national sovereignty to the United Nations, create countless more (and never ending) needless bureaucratic pen pushers, and stick a final dagger in the back of the ever dwindling private sector. Not to mention annihilate your wallet though oppressive taxation and starve you with unaffordable food price hikes as you freeze to death in unheated homes, without transportation to escape the growing force of Marxist socialism controlling your very being.

This is the end game put in place by Matthew Kellway’s private member bill C-619, the so-called “Climate Change Accountability Act”. Which by the year 2050 would usher in an unaccountable Global Government under the auspices of defending Mother Earth, dreamt of by the bill’s designer Jack Layton. Based on orders of the United Nations and the European Union, MP Kellway is going to radically alter our very way of life so we will soon be able to enjoy the same standard of living that the slave/working classes of China or India have today!

In order to save us from planetary warming, only “developing” countries will be allowed to function as industrial and prosperous nations – while Canada reverts to the dark ages. Federal Government and the United Nations will be the only decision makers, with first and final say in issues of biodiversity, population control, pollution, transportation, property rights, land ownership, use of natural resources and even farming. Honestly folks, Stalin himself would not be stupid enough to put this on paper… but it is all there for you on the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development’s agenda.

The website *EcoSocialism* praises Matthew Kellway for reintroducing Jack Layton’s continuously failed bill. Noting it is required to combat the new buzz word “climate change”, while ignoring the fact when first presented by Layton the old buzz word was “global warming”. This oldspeak was of course changed to newspeak when the Climatic Research Unit, who measures data and acts as universal PR for the EcoMarxists had their emails leaked. It was proved climatologists were lying though their teeth to get more funding from think-tanks, governments, wind turbine lobbyists and globalists. ( http://www.na-paw.org )

Matthew Kellway’s argument for cutting CO2 emissions by 80% is insanity considering all human activity (burning fossil fuels and gases) only accounts for a small fraction of these so-called green house gases. Current carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere are little more now then they have been naturally for the past half-a-million years. ( http://youtu.be/8jMMAGiHOD8 )

The New Constitution Party of Canada ( http://www.ncparty.ca ) is the *ONLY* federal political party that has a proven, logical and reliable environmental platform. One that will not only allow real Canadians to prosper economically and socially, but will protect our land for all future generations from environmental hysteria and globalist interests. On October 19, 2015 vote Matthew Kellway out of Parliament Hill and James Sears in!



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