Dumb Meter, Smart Awareness by Jessica

January 14, 2015


Private property rights: Canadians enjoy private property rights, as identified by the Canadian Bill of Rights. Given that Canadians possess the indefeasible right to the enjoyment of property, it is unclear to TPPRA (Toronto Private Property Rights Association, a chapter of the Ontario Landowners Association.) by what due process of law we are being deprived of it.

Privacy: In addition to the enjoyment of property, Canadians enjoy the common-law right to privacy. The imposition of smart water meters violates our right to privacy.

Program support: TPPRA members do not remember any municipal politician campaigning on and being given a mandate to violate Torontonian’s right to privacy, i.e., impose “smart” water meters. TPPRA maintains that compliance – in the face of threats of $50,000 fines by Toronto Water for non-compliance – does not equal support for the program.

Fire hazard: Ontario’s Fire Marshal has identified that smart meters were linked to 23 incidents in Ontario from 2011 – 2013. “I can tell you 10 of those were smart meter failures attributed to internal faults, and 13 were small fires attributed to high-resistance heating,” said spokeswoman Carol Gravelle.In August 2014 SaskPower announced plans to remove all 105,000 of its smart meters and replace them with traditional units, after a number of smart meters caught fire. TPPRA has grave concerns with respect to the safety of these devices as it is our understanding that fire risk is inherent in the design of all “smart” meters, not just specific makes and models.

Health/Radio Frequencies: Many of our members suffer adverse health impacts from exposure to RFs. Imposing smart water meters in their homes will exacerbate their condition.

Efficacy/economics: We have concerns with the smart water meter system, given the recently released scathing Auditor General’s report concerning the massive failure of the provincial governments smart electricity meter program, and the Ombudsman’s ongoing investigation of the efficacy of Hydro One’s smart meter and billing system.

Conclusion: TPPRA submits that threatening and bullying behavior is not the appropriate role of government in a free society. TPPRA members have not violated anyone’s rights by opting out of the government’s surveillance-control grid. In fact we are defending protecting our common-law rights and freedoms, specifically our right to privacy and our private property rights.

Yours in liberty, Jessica.


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