The astounding untold history of money, currency, debt, and the Bank of Canada! By ROBERT JAMES

February 9, 2015

The astounding untold history of money, currency, debt, and the Bank of Canada!



The single most important legal case of monetary reform in Canadian history is currently ongoing, though none of you will ever likely read anything in the morning newspaper or watch anything about it on television. While you will hear daily about interest rates being lowered… again, credit rating downgrades of major Canadian banks… again, and mortgage bubbles expanding… again. You will not remember hearing a singe peep about the Federal Court of Appeal’s hearing of COMER (The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform) vs. The Bank of Canada.

A case which argues the criminal conspiracy of private banks, loaning out OUR OWN currency to the government at a profit – at the expense of working taxpayers to cover the bill. The Bank of Canada (unlike the U.S. Federal Reserve for example) was at it’s creation a public bank, from which the government was able to take out loans at zero interest for public works and social projects. Shortly after a global shift away from real money into debt based currency in the early 1970s, our central bank became nothing more than another arm of a globalized new monetary system.

While I believe the aims of COMER, backed by a small grassroots group of educated citizens and nonpartisan economists is just. They simply do not understand the difference between currency and money. Their fight is true, but what they fail to understand is that the computerized transaction ledgers, account deposits, bank credit and cold hard cash that make up Canada’s national currency supply is NOT MONEY.

It is just numbers, made up out of thin air that we are all forced to transact in. Governments and international banks should not be in the business of currency creation, even at zero interest. You can not have true economic liberty when either government or banks have a monopoly on numbers printed on paper, and digits in a computer.

Money actually does have several universally agreed characteristics as a unit of account and medium of exchange. It must be durable, divisible, transportable, and fungible. While currency easily meets those requirements, money must also be a store of value over very long periods of time. That is only possible if the money has value in and of itself. True money should also be limited in quantity and have a long history of acceptance by the greatest number of people. It cannot be printed or created in the modern alchemist’s Pyrex beaker.

Precious metals are not just commodities, their natural properties makes them true money. They are the ONLY thing in nature that incorporates ALL the characteristics of sound money. The free market economies of Europe, North Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Central America have always known this. Time and time again, independently of each other they always selected gold and silver as money when ever it was available.

Since the dawn of human civilization at least 5,000 years ago precious metals have been in one way or another used as money or monetary jewellery. Silver stopped being circulated in 1964 when Canada followed the U.S. Mint’s debasement of their coinage into worthless pot metal. In fact the founding fathers of the United States wrote in the Coinage Act of 1792 that an American dollar can only be a weight of 0.77 troy ounces of pure silver. This debasement was not only unconstitutional, it was plain and simple criminal theft.

A few years later in 1971, with one flick of a pen gold stopped being the basis of U.S. paper currency and global economic energy. This was due to national leaders, namely Charles de Gaulle realizing the criminal fraud that America’s central bank was committing. Since WWII the vast majority of the world’s above ground gold supply was held in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This along with the gold confiscated from American citizens, that was allegedly held at Fort Knox gave value to the Federal Reserve’s paper.

Of course it goes without saying the Americans printed vastly more paper dollars than gold held in vaults. Charles de Gaulle started a bank run on gold, and the governments of Europe quickly caught on. The whole world wanted their physical gold back at the same time, and the U.S. could not repay it even in constitutional silver stolen in preparation a few years earlier. Practicality the entire world’s currency supply and markets at the time were backed by (or valued in) U.S. dollars, which would have self-destructed the entire planetary system on a fraudulent fractional reserve gold standard.

This is the first reason why Canadians do not use precious metals as public money anymore. The second reason is because without people demanding real money, international banksters have unlimited and uncontrollable power over absolutely everything and everyone. For the first time ever a completely new currency system backed by nothing but globally controlled debt was created. This is also exactly when the Bank of Canada was no longer owned by Canadians, or served our national interests.

Today this usury system is failing, just as predicted so long ago when it was created. The debt standard we use today was an emergency measure to temporarily bandage a fraudulent currency. Based on calculations it was not expected to survive more then fifty years, we now have an estimated six years left until we see an entirely different monetary system.

Repowering our central bank as a public Canadian institution will not help anymore, globalist policy to manage a universal currency reset has already been dictated. Although our polymer banknotes may look the same and we will still undoubtedly call it the dollar, it will be backed by a new global currency similar to the already grotesquely failing Euro. Today economists know it by the name “Special Drawing Rights”. Our currency availability, value and our standard of living will be determined solely by the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements via world governance.

Just before that happens though; the SECOND our current hocus pocus Ponzi scheme of quadrillion dollar derivatives and exponential growth (i.e., quantitative easing) collapses, you might be surprised how many people (both the 1%, and the debt/wage slaves) will instantaneously remember true money’s argent glow and golden glitter. Paper manipulators within the banking industry could be short squeezed by physical demand in worldwide gold and silver markets instantaneously. There is not that much deliverable bullion to cover a multinational currency run by the people, it could easily be all gone overnight.

Simply arresting the Rothschilds, and putting central banks back into the hands of the public will not fix this. It’s still only fiat; a simple unit of account yes, but NOT a safe store of the people’s economic energy. History repeats, all currency is only temporary until true money shines again!

“You know what a Fugazzi is? Faguzzi, fugazzi, it’s a whazzie, it’s a whoozie… it’s fairy dust. It doesn’t exist. It never landed. It’s not matter, it’s not on the elemental chart. It… it’s not f***ing real!” – Mark Hanna, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

“A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank. Capitalism cherishes voluntary contracts and interest rates that are determined by savings, not credit creation by a central bank.” – Ron Paul

“If you have faith in our leaders of commerce, don’t buy gold. If you do not have faith in them, maybe you should buy gold or silver.” – Robert Kiyosaki

“A disordered currency is one of the greatest political evils, in that it wars against our economy.” – Daniel Webster


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  1. antuerius Says:

    This article is smart and civilized because it includes the truth while staying on topic about money. Thank-you.

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