BY Luella TheSnitch


Once upon a time, in a land nearby (Danforth Village) there was a faery who lived and worked amongst the mass unwashed and who aspired to be Queen of the Ward.

Now, in this land there were two Wards. They were known as Thirty-One and Thirty-Two.

The faery was a close friend of the (evil) Queen of Thirty-One who was called Janet of Davis and who was in a position to help the faery, (known as Lorie of Fairburn), become the next Queen of Thirty-Two.

Therefore, in an effort to ingratiate herself to this Queen Janet, Lorie the Faery did devote herself to Queen Janet’s cause and assiduously kissed Janet’s Pompous Posterior, frequently and enthusiastically, thereby earning the title of Lorie the Royal Catch-Fart.

Eventually, this peaceful Queendom was subjected to an election wherein Janet was opposed by an equally evil force, known as Janet of Sherbanowski. This Janet of Sherbanowski had a wicked disposition wherein she applied for grants and subsidies and then made the funds from said grants disappear! Her magical powers enabled her to make the money recede into the Mysts of Tyme where no auditor could find it.

Whilst this election proceeded, Lorie the Royal Catch-Fart actively served Queen Janet’s cause until one day Lorie, in her enthusiasm, kissed the Royal Rump excessively and it blew up in her face. You see, whilst Lorie was working for Neighbourhood Link (which received funding from the Royal Castle where Janet of Davis resided) such an act was considered “smelly and in conflict.”

This was because Lorie was also a member of the Danforth Village BIA (better known as the Janet Davis BIA) and it was considered a no-no to kiss the Royal Rump in public lest people viewed it as an unhealthy alliance (perish the thought!)

Anyway, this smelly debacle became known as ‘The Endorsement’ because Janet of Davis stupidly made it known to one and all that the Janet Davis BIA had endorsed her candidacy, thanks to Lorie the Faery who was a Director of the aforesaid BIA.

Whereupon, Janet of Sherbanowski, whose candidacy was gaining momentum by going downhill faster than a crashing meteor, did issue forth from her cave and scream, “Blue Murder!” Janet of Sherbanowski quickly rushed forth and complained about this Sin to the Integrity Commissioner (I know ‘Sherbanowski’ and ‘Integrity’ do not belong in the same sentence… in fact they don’t belong on the same planet! But let’s not permit such onerous trifles interfere with a good story.)

Where was I? Ohh, yeah…

Simultaneously, she brought her complaint to the attention of (Lorie’s bosses) the Neighbourhood Link Elders (Board of Directors) who convened a conclave wherein they deliberated on what to do with their Fallen Faery. After considerable consideration (12 seconds), they fired her ass and instructed her to desist from any more catch-farting.

Janet of Sherbanowski (whose election had cratered) consoled herself by snatching victory at the Janet Davis BIA by being elected (at last!) to the position of Secretary. Ironically, this position was literally stolen from Lorie the Fairburn Faery who coveted it, as it would have placed her in closer proximity to the Pompous Posterior.

As Secretary, Janet of Sherbanowski now has a close-up view of the Royal Rump and is able to report any further accumulation of olfactorious substances to the Commissioner.

And thus ends the sad story of Lorie, the Fallen Fucking Faery who brings a new meaning to the phrase, “Dost Not Lose Thy Head Over a Piece of Tale”.


wynne13yo61 year old avowed LGBTTIQQ2SAer Premier Kathleen Wynne talking about age & sexual consent, outfitted with two 13 year old schoolgirls.

History buffs will recall the outrage that parents experienced in Bela Kun’s Hungary after the Bolshevik Revolution in the early 1900’s. The “progressive” and “enlightened” educators vowed to “remove the cobwebs from children’s minds” by inculcating the young innocents with ‘sex knowledge’. Being that there is a finite number of dynamics in the human condition, the parallels between then, and the Ontario Liberal Party of today, are disturbingly stark. As in our backyard today, decent Hungarians were horrified as their children were dragged through sloughs of filth by radical sexualists bent on destroying traditional family units. Likewise, decent Ontarians will not allow Premier Wynne and her twisted lascivious legions to practice their latest parochial perversions on their offspring.

Former Provincial Deputy Education Minister Ben Levin also served on Premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team after she won the election. They were also seen together on a float at the sickly parade that celebrates the destruction of any vestiges of common decency. Premier Wynne’s friend Ben Levin was convicted of possession of child pornography, making written child pornography and counselling to commit a sexual assault. Without going into detail, it seems that Kathleen Wynne’s buddy is interested in little children being tied-up, gagged, blind-folded, signed sealed and delivered. Did we mention that the “counselling” was of an incestuous nature of mother-daughter bonding? We can speculate that Wynne’s partner in pornographic education was emboldened and felt that his behaviour must be represented in the LGBTTIQQ2SA family of far-fetched fetishes and foolishness.

Some supporters of the new sex-education courses say, “Well, they’re going to learn about it ANYWAY”. Believe us folks, kids will not learn about ‘fluid sexual identity’ and similar insane notions in the schoolyard. This indoctrination job is for professional groomers like Ben Levin and his associates. Was anybody surprised when a supporter of the latest educational atrocity was arrested for child pornography? Your Ward News wasn’t surprised at all and can only ask, “How MANY Ben Levins are in the Liberal Party?” We certainly can’t expect them to surrender into the custody of the appropriate authorities. Parents that are stupid enough to procure their own children for these “gentle” educators should rightfully rot in hell….if hell would have them.

The accusation that those who are opposed to the new sex-ed agenda are knuckle-draggers who probably don’t believe in evolution, is merely an attempt to deflect the fact that these progressives are actually predators. Some say that, “It takes a village to raise a child”. But if Kathleen Wynne, Ben Levin and their ideological brothers, sisters and ‘Cousin Itts’ are some of those villagers, you may want to keep your kids as far away from the village as possible.



For having the temerity to request an audience with the new Don of the City of Toronto, John Tory, the President of the Toronto Private Property Rights Association, Jessica Lauren Annis, is singled out and targeted with legal threats by bureaucratic minion.

“Initially, I was scared; I started shaking when I first read the letter from the Director of Toronto Water, Lou Di Gironimo. It is not pleasant receiving a threatening letter from the thugocracy for the high crime of refusing the imposition of a “smart” water meter in my home. Now, however, I’m angry. It is becoming increasingly clear to anyone who is paying attention that bureaucratic thugs run our municipal government and our elected representatives no longer feel the need to either respond to or act on behalf of their constituents.” Jessica remarked.

Something is drastically wrong when bullycrats, with the tacit support of the mayor and municipal councilors, feel empowered to terrorize residents with threats of financial ruin.

During his mayoral campaign, candidate John Tory promised to bring civility back to City Hall. Apparently that means appeasing Council, the bureaucracy and his corporate buddies, not representing his constituents.

TPPRA will continue to fight to protect residents’ common-law rights. TPPRA may be relatively new to the political scene in Toronto, but the Ontario Landowners Association, of which TPPRA is a chapter, is one of the largest civil rights activist groups in Ontario, with a long history of vigorous political engagement, including the use of civil disobedience, in their ongoing effort to cause elected representatives and public servants to do their jobs, i.e., protect and defend the rights of their constituents.

TPPRA members have chosen to opt out of the government’s surveillance-control (“smart”) grid. How on earth is this a punishable offense?

It is time to push back!

TPPRA’s correspondence to Mayor Tory and the letter from Toronto Water can be accessed here:

For further information, contact:

Jessica Lauren Annis, BURPl, MCIP, RPP

(647) 867-3242


Federal Liberal Party nominee Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Beaches-East York) who beat out Marisa Sterling for that position, is being accused by Sterling of cheating. In turn, Liberal Erskine-Smith is accusing Liberal Sterling of signing up “newer Canadians” for Liberal Party membership and paying their memberships for them. That is a serious fraud allegation. Sterling continues the volley by accusing Erskine-Smith of hiring robots to automatically dial Marisa Sterling’s supporters. Sterling’s supporters are mechanically, but politely, reminded that they must purchase their Liberal Party memberships with their own money. She has filed an appeal with the Liberal Permanent Appeals Committee, believing that the robo-calls were meant to intimidate those who might have supported her.

More than a thousand new party members, many Bangladeshis and South Asians, were signed-up in November, allowing them to participate in the Liberal riding association meeting to select the new candidate in the Beaches-East York. Liberal-select Nathaniel Erskine-Smith denies that the robot callers were meant to intimidate possible supporters of Liberal       non-select Marisa Sterling. He said, “We ran a clean campaign from start to finish. We just wanted to make sure that it was a fair fight to the end”. He continued, ”You spend a year of your life sitting around kitchen tables and signing people up for ten dollars. You grow a riding organically by signing ‘em up….one at a time”.

Erskine-Smith won the nomination when he bested Sterling on the final round of counting in the ranked-preference voting system. But who knows what went on behind the scenes at the highest level of the Liberal Party? A growing list of ridings are experiencing nastier and nastier disputes between rival Liberal camps. The Liberal Party is infamous for not being what they appear….morally, ethically, and legally. At the bottom of the heap is a cesspool of in-fighting and corruption. In the middle, billions of missing ducats, erased evidence, and a premier bereft of any personal and professional morality.

At the top of the steaming Liberal Party heap, party leader Justin Trudeau has publicly committed to allowing open nominations in all ridings, but now faces serious allegations from these underlings. They claim that Justin’s ‘green light committee’ that approves or disapproves of potential nominees is now a system to disqualify those that are challenging the dictator’s ‘PREFERRED CANDIDATES’. Some lower caste Liberals recently threatened to quit the party. They protested that the nomination process was MANIPULATED to install one of the “STARS” that Trudeau brought to the party. This Justin approved Vancouver-South candidate is Harjit Sajjan. Ottawa lawyer David Bertschifiled filed an appeal after being banned from running as a candidate in Ottawa-Orleans, allowing Trudeau advisor Andrew Leslie to secure the nomination. It appears that the biggest, most entertaining political fights in the near future will be starring LIBERAL vs. LIBERAL.



  Why Does The Government Need To “Mandate” Vaccines If In Fact They Are Safe?

What Every Canadian Parent Should Know About Infant & Childhood Vaccinations!

  Toronto Star writes:  More vaccines for schoolchildren? City’s public health unit urges expanding the list of mandatory vaccinations required for school attendance.

Once again, we are subjected to the commercially based, unscientific coercive power, intimidation, denial, outmoded testing and reliance health officials, the government and the vaccine industry wields. It is closely aligned with the response from vaccine makers such as Merck to step up their fear mongering, strong arm tactics, to ensure compliance.


  Merck-Frosst, the maker of the HPV vaccine is one of the most controversial vaccines in history. In 2007, the Harper government allocated $300 million to vaccinate thousands of girls as young as age nine against a sexually transmitted disease, human papillomavirus (HPV) which occasionally causes cervical cancer. The vaccine (Gardasil) only works on girls with no sexual experience.

 Clinical trials were insufficient to test the efficacy of the vaccine since the subjects were too young to be exposed to HPV. There are over 100 strains of the HPV virus…the HPV vaccine may protect you against 4 out of those 100 strains. In fact it doesn’t even rank in the top 10 cancers amongst Canadian women. Once again, what corporate interests were involved in the action the Harper Government took? Apparently a former adviser to Harper became a lobbyist for Merck.

 Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to try and teach our young children about the pitfalls of being promiscuous? What politicians are profiting up front from big pharma in the name of protecting public health?

True or False? (Vaccines are mandatory under the law for school entry in Canada).

False – Under the Immunization of School Pupils Act, full legal exemption from all vaccines has been available since the amendment of the Act in 1984.

The Committee Against Compulsory Vaccination was formed by the growing number of parents concerned about mandatory vaccination for school entry, to protest Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act; which at that time was passed overnight without any public input, which is also publicly funded.

The Act as it was written did not include vaccine exemption for reasons of conscience. The political work of Vaccine Choice Canada (formerly VRAN) succeeded in forcing the Ontario government to include an exemption for conscience clause in an amendment to the Act in 1984.

Only 3 provinces in Canada have enacted legislation governing the vaccination of school children (Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba). All 3 Provincial Acts contain legal exemptions for all vaccines required for school entry (see below). No person in Canada can be forced to receive a vaccination. Canadian Medical Law (Informed Consent & Your Rights) clearly states that healthcare recipients must be informed of all significant risks posed by any invasive medical procedure that carries a risk of injury or death.

At least 15% of young doctors being polled admit they are starting to adopt a more individualized approach to vaccine safety concerns from parents. Each person is biochemically unique; one size does not fit all!!

There is a growing number of health professionals and concerned parents speaking out on the safety of vaccinations. The truth is the severity and incidence of disease had begun to decline long before vaccinations came on the scene. A good example of this is measles; prior to the introduction of the measles vaccines in the mid 1960’s, measles had plummeted by 98-99.6%.

The MMR vaccine immunity wears off.

All vaccines carry a risk of injury to death! In the case of the chicken pox vaccine, serious adverse reaction rates dramatically increase in younger age groups (including numerous cases of brain inflammation, neurological disorders, and immune system damage).

There is strong evidence that many deaths reported as (SIDS) or crib death may in fact be vaccine deaths. In 1975 the Japanese Government raised the minimum vaccination age from two months to two years and crib deaths virtually disappeared.

Isn’t the real safety test on infants and children who are vaccinated. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that a more individualized approach to vaccinations must be taken at the very least, and a small percentage of young physicians being polled are advocating just that..since each individual person is biochemically unique.

Up to 90% of vaccine injuries go unreported. How then are we to know the accuracy of any data; and Health Canada has never released the complete list of ingredients contained in vaccinations.

The Public Health vaccine schedule clearly states the following:

 Is it safe?
Immunization is very safe. A very thorough health protection process is in place to ensure the safety of all vaccines. Once a vaccine is in use, its safety is continually monitored.

Are there any side effects?
For most people, there are no side effects from immunization. However, some people may experience mild pain, swelling and/or redness where the shot was given. Talk to your doctor about how reactions can be prevented or minimized. Serious side effects are rare. For more information ask your doctor, or call the Immunization Information Line at 416-392-1250.

If you take the time to read the product information leaflet on the Arepanrix H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccine, it is a chilling reminder of the stand Health Canada took on authorizing the sale of this vaccine under limited clinical testing in humans, and in many of the age categories there are no human clinical trials even taking place. I am still awaiting the arrival of the H1N1 pandemic. You may recall the relentless drive on the 6 p.m. news to run out and get your flu shot. I believe only 30% of Canadians succumbed to the pressure.

In order to bring forward the most accurate and truthful information to the many parents looking for answers, it is necessary to point them in the direction of reliable independent and scientific awareness.

It has been my quest for many years to find answers and connect the dots, I have spoken to many parents of autistic children and the parents of a child administered the HINI vaccine. In speaking to the father of one family, he angrily told me how healthy and vibrant his youngster was before being administered the triple live MMR vaccine. He also asked me if I was aware that there is a high incidence of healthcare workers, doctors and nurses who do not get their children vaccinated? As a retired practitioner in the health industry, I was not surprised by his comment.

Between 2009 – 2010, the H1N1 flu shot was given as a separate dosage. In talking to the Public Health Department here in Toronto, they advised me that flu shots are tweaked each year. The (H1N1flu shot administered between 2009-2010 was given as a separate shot). She advised they no longer give that single dose?

In discussion with a Toronto father of an eight year old child, who received the H1N1 vaccine …he spoke about how his family members have enjoyed long healthy lives into their 90’s. He spoke about his daughter and how she always enjoyed good health just 4 days before her death. It was heart wrenching to hear him speak of this terrible time for his family, and how he was told by health officials that his daughter must have suffered from asthma prior to receiving the vaccine. Over time he was given many different scenarios from health officials regarding the likelihood for her death. Once again…full board denial from Health Canada…stating that vaccines are safe and necessary. A concerned parent looking to make sense of this preventable tragedy.

Shortly after speaking to this man I was listening to the news I heard another distraught father report that his eight year old girl died following the administering of this same vaccine. It begs the question, “just how many preventable deaths occurred as a result of the H1N1 vaccine?”

In my own circle of friends I can’t help but think over the years about the possible connection in their case between the Hepatitis B vaccine and the autoimmune disease Lupus. Many years ago my friend’s 13 year old daughter received the Hepatitis B vaccine. According to her, she was not the same person following the vaccine and within a short time was diagnosed with Lupus. Apparently other children within the school experienced similar negative symptoms following the vaccine.

Some of the groups at highest risk of contracting hepatitis B are intravenous drug users and prostitutes. Infants and children rarely develop this disease.

In October 1998 the French Ministry banned hepatitis B shots for school-aged children; based on evidence that the vaccine causes multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis, diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

It is still a very sobering reminder to think about the many people who virtually accept things at face value, and truly believe the actions taken by pharmaceutical interests, Government officials, and their lobbyists, controlled mainstream media (under the guise of powerful marketing, fraudulent claims, and corporate greed) are without question serving the public good!

The corporate mandate is about profits after all.

The most important question to ask yourself is “who stands to gain from the obscene profits that are generated from injecting your children with multiple vaccinations?”

What are the “risks or side effects” to vaccinating your child?

More critically….. “Do the benefits outway the risks or side effects?”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield…one of the lead researchers of a team of 13 doctors speaking out on the safety of the MMR vaccine (raising questions about the safety of the triple live virus vaccine).

In his practice, Dr. Wakefield was hearing story after story about how their normally developing children regressed into autism or autism-like states soon after receiving the MMR vaccine.

Dr. Wakefield’s 15 year nightmare began after he asked 2 simple questions of the Medical Machine.

. Is the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine safe?

. Can the MMR vaccine cause autistic regression and intestinal disease? Once again a witch hunt was launched to destroy Dr. Wakefield. Get the answers you are looking for in the book Callous Disregard by Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Read what whistleblower Dr. Shiv Chopra (Federal Scientist) has to say about the safety of Canadians. He worked for Health Canada for over 30 years, was fired by Paul Martin for insubordination, and together with his close colleagues took the unpopular stand only few of us are willing to take.

For more information on making an informed and responsible decision on your child’s health.

Contact: Vaccine Choice Canada (formerly VRAN) P.O. Box 169 Winlaw, B.C. VOG 2JO     

Canada’s leading vaccine risk awareness society and a Non-profit Organization

(All the information on the Immunization of School Pupils Act is posted on their website and provides a link to the legislation and the Government Exemption Form:

Read Claytons story (A Must Read)

 Please watch the film: The Greater Good (Depicting the science and politics of Vaccines)


 Vaccines Are They Really Safe & Effective?

By Neil Z. Miller (A Must Read)




 When the silent majority is not moved by fear and start speaking up…then…and only then will there be change!

  Marlene Lynn

Informed Choice

Your Choice

Two and a half MPs

March 24, 2015

By Bahman Yazdanfar


“You don’t need to go too far to learn, how our government and major political parties run the House of Commons.

A few year ago I was watching a T.V. show, called “Two and a Half Men”, two selfish brothers, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party, do everything and anything to indulge their own desire, with a different approach, but same objectives.

Then there is a son and nephew, the NDP, who uses the climate and relationship between his dad and uncle for his own advantage, as well as being a source of amusement and liability.

A relatively sensible housekeeper, keep these three on their toes, on and off; but she doesn’t want to do anything with this family and her presence is purely for a financial purpose, The Bloc Québécois.

And finally, an unwanted controlling mother, who is being tolerated only because she is useful, when these guys are in trouble, the good old Uncle Sam!

In every episode, those who come into contact with any member of this elite and small family, get burned, and that of course is us, Canadians!

I would like to call our system, our show: Two and a half MP’s; the old fashioned bread and circuses and not a good one, I must add!

The only difference between the TV show and our show is, that Canadians are not just viewers, and they have the power to cancel our show and election time is when they can do it, if they desire;

The big question is how long we, the Canadians, would like to watch our taxes being wasted for this mockery?”


By Luella TheSnitch
March 1, 2015


The Ontario Government announced today a new initiative in the development of renewable energy sources.

It has negotiated a deal with the Chinese Government to build processing plants for waste. China is internationally recognized as a world leader in the re-processing of human waste.

“With six billion people” says the Chinese Minister, Jhit Shingles “one can imagine the staggering productivity”.

The disposal of so much waste has been a logistical nightmare until China undertook strong measures to reconstitute their product.

“What we did,” says Minister Jhit, “is separate the liquids from the solids. The liquids are filtered, all chemicals and by-products recovered and we are left with clean water ready for the hot-pot! We call it hotable-potable water!”

The solid waste is dried and formed into pellets. It makes excellent growth compost and is particularly suited in the fertilization of Brown Rice.

“We look forward to working with the Government of Ontario in further advances of this industry,” said Jhit. “We are especially interested in the new direction that Ontario is pursuing with this success.”

The Minister of Energy, Bobo Charlatani, plans to combine this with the efficacious  achievements of Ontario’s Green Act.

“As we all know,” says Bobo, “Ontario has engaged the wind turbine industry to invest in turbines whereby the electricity produced is added to the grid and the investors are compensated for their product.”

“With this Brown Act, we will be connecting the waste systems throughout the province, accumulating the Brown Brew in one main reservoir (located very near Queen’s Park) where the essence will be processed. What Ontario proposes is an advanced approach whereby a meter will be connected to every latrine and the confection from each toilet will be measured (just like with the turbines).”

Responding to questions from the media, the Minister explained that, for each dump a resident undertakes, the government will measure the “Toiletry” and send him a cheque.

“Of course, the meters will be ‘smart meters’ and calibrated to measure the liquidity, solidity and time of production.”

Accordingly, Toiletry received when the House is in session will have a greater return (this will be known as ROI). The highest rates will be paid during ‘Question Period’.

“Imagine,” said the Minister, “the other nations will look upon Ontario as the leader of World Energy Development. We will be known internationally as the Toilet Centre of the Planet.”

“An Ontarian will be able to earn money by taking a dump. Of course, they’ll have to get off the throne to deposit the cheques,” says Bobo, with a glint of humour in his eyes.

The first meters will be installed in the Liberal offices at Queen’s Park where the greatest return of investment (ROI) is expected.
The Inaugural Dump will be performed by the Premier who is renowned for her ability to simultaneously dump and stand at attention while singing “God Save the Queens!”

Community leaders will be invited to the ceremony where souvenir pellets will commemorate the event.

The attendees will also be given a Sears-Roebuck Catalogue to take home. Refreshments will be needed.


…TO KNOW WHICH WAY THE WIND BLOWS. It doesn’t really matter which way the wind blows, NDP Member of Parliament (Beaches-East York) Matthew Kellway is full of hot air. In February, he co-hosted what is known as Urban Summit: “Re-Imagining Our Cities 2: The Resilient City.” After all, his trip to Bangladesh likely inspired some wonderful ideas on improving Toronto. While in Bangladesh, Matthew met with survivors, garment manufacturers, government officials, and International Labour Organizations. The stated reason for his trip was to commemorate the 1,135 garment workers who perished in the rubble of the Rana Plaza disaster. He even made mention of the awful Triangle Factory fire of 1911 in New York City. We guess there is a lot to learn from a country that has no word for ‘fire exit’. Even weirder is his picture with Mintu, Fuad Randy and Dewan at the Shaheed Minar monument, dedicated to the martyrs of the International Mother Language Day Movement (W.T.F.??????)

Matthew Kellway, Member of Parliament for Beaches-East York has also re-introduced the Climate Change Accountability Act. He is a big advocate of giant wind turbines like con-man Al Gore and they both characterize these monstrous machines as being “green” and good for everyone. The truth is they spell death to wildlife and agonizing health problems for citizens. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: “Wind turbine technology is the biggest scam since 24-hour Martinizing”. We are conducting a complete investigation into the International Communism that Matthew Kellway represents.

You can let YOUR opinion of his positions at: or 416-467-0860 and make it clear “WE DON’T NEED YOU EDUCATION; WE DON’T NEED YOUR THOUGHT CONTROL!!!


The Dirty Dozen Part One

March 24, 2015


Costly mistakes made by the provincial government in the last 10 years! From Catherine Mitchell, Welland PART ONE:

The mandate of any politically elected government is to serve and protect all the people in their jurisdiction. One of the key requirements is wise use and investment of the funds, so financial competence is necessary for good stewardship. With this in mind, I thought I would look for 12 of the most costly financial decisions/mistakes over the last 10 years. Since the Ontario Provincial Liberals have been the only party in power in the last 10 years, they can be held accountable for the outcome of these decisions.

#1 Provincial Debt – Ministry of Finance – $143.35 billion increase since 2003

The projected budget for Ontario for 2014-15 is $127.6 billion in expenses with $117 billion in revenue so with deficit financing the government will add $10.6 billion to the Ontario provincial debt. This is in addition to the existing $276 billion provincial deficit, approximately $20,500 per person.

Ontario’s net debt – the difference between total liabilities and total financial assets – has more than doubled under the Liberal leadership. In 2002 -2003 the net debt was $132.65 billion but has increased to $276 billion by 2014, so the Liberal government has added $143.35 billion to the provincial debt

The negative consequences of a large debt load include debt-servicing costs which divert funding away from other government programs; a greater vulnerability to any interest-rate increases; and a potential credit-rating downgrade which could make it more expensive to borrow. Our children and grandchildren will pay more taxes and have fewer options because of this increasing debt load.

#2. Feed in Tariff (FIT) subsidy paid to multinational industrial wind energy corporations – Ministry of Energy – $1.6 billion per year for FIT contracts for wind energy plus $2 billion per year for discounted surplus hydro, so over the 20 year contracts $72 billion

The Renewable Energy Initiative as structured by Energy Minister George Smitherman will cost the rate payers of this province $1.6 BILLION per year in Feed in Tariff (FIT) contracts for wind energy for the next 20 years. We have the highest electricity rates in North America – a fact that is driving commerce and industry out of this province.

Our electricity system is transitioning from “power at cost” which was the HEPC and Ontario Hydro mandate, to “power for profit” as private for profit, frequently multinational corporations gain control of the electricity grid.

As of Sept 2014 the Ontario Power Authority was managing 5,697 MW of combined capacity from wind projects, 3,066 MW in commercial operation and 2,631 MW under development

To calculate the FIT subsidy paid to the multinational industrial wind corporations multiply the MW x efficiency x hours per year x rate. So 5697 MW x 27% operating efficiency x 8760 hrs annually x $119.35/ MW = $1.6 billion annual subsidy to be paid each year for the next 20 years! The cost is part of the Global Adjustment fee on all consumers’ electricity bills.

Renewable energy is intermittent – industrial wind turbines require wind and solar requires sunshine, so renewable energy can not be counted on to provide base load power. This means that an alternative source of base load power, frequently natural gas plants must be operating on standby, so in effect we are paying for two systems to run more or less simultaneously.

The upgrading of the infrastructure – transmission lines – will cost $2 billion so we can transport surplus energy to New York, Quebec, Manitoba and Michigan. We have been producing surplus energy in Ontario for the last 10 years due to the loss of manufacturing with the respective loss of 350,000 manufacturing jobs. This surplus energy is being sold for $2 BILLION less than the cost of production. So people of Ontario are subsidizing the power of our neighbours while we pay the highest power rates in North America.

#3 Annual Debt Service Cost –Ministry of Finance – $10.6 billion per year

The carrying charges – interest payment – on the $276 billion provincial debt are $10.6 billion per year. Debt-servicing costs divert funding away from other government programs so money we could have spent on health care, education, infrastructure, social programs, elder care, etc. must be spent on interest payments.

A large debt load creates a greater vulnerability to any interest-rate increases. If the interest rate on the provincial debt increased by one percent the annual debt service cost would increase by $3 billion per year.

#4. $9.7 billion Samsung Deal – later reduced to $6.3 billion– Ministry of Energy

Energy Minister George Smitherman signed the $ 9.7 billion deal with the Korean Consortium – Samsung – for industrial wind turbines and solar projects, BUT no due diligence – no business plan, no input from the Ontario Power Authority or the Ontario Energy Board and more importantly – no vote by the citizens of this province. (Read the Auditor General’s Report on Renewable Energy – 2011)

This deal was untendered and sole-sourced to the consortium led by Samsung. The consortium was guaranteed rates of 13.5 cents per KWH for wind power and 44.3 cents per KWH for solar power regardless of market conditions. The deal is structured with priority access to the grid and incentives of $437 million to be paid to the Consortium over the 25 year life of the deal. The cost is included in the Global Adjustment portion of the consumers’ bills.

This is the third scandal that is directly attributed to George Smitherman – EHealth and ORNGE both occurred when he was Minister of Health.

#5 Debt Retirement Charge on Hydro   2002 – 2014 – Ministry of Energy – $7.6 Billion – $15.6 Billion in interest charges.

In 2002 the residual stranded debt from the restructuring of hydro was $7.8 billion. The Electricity Act, 1998 authorized a new Debt Retirement Charge (DRC) to be paid by electricity ratepayers until the residual stranded debt was retired.

Collection of the DRC began on May 1, 2002. The rate was established at 0.7 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity and remains the same today. Currently, the Ontario Electricity Financial Corp. (OEFC)   collects approximately $950 million a year in DRC revenue. As of March 31, 2014, approximately $11.5 billion in DRC revenue had been collected. The 2013 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review reported $3.9 billion of residual stranded debt still owing as of March 31, 2013.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli announced that the debt retirement charge will be removed from residential consumers’ electricity bills on Jan. 1, 2016 but non-residential electricity users, including large industries, will still have to pay the debt retirement charge until 2018. So over 12 years consumers paid $11.5 billion but only reduced this debt by $3.9 billion!

The Province has earned .67 cents for every dollar they borrowed to acquire OPG and Hydro One but the consumers pay the interest carrying costs so pay $3.00 for every $1.00 of the “stranded debt reduction”. This creative financing means that the Finance Ministry will collect $23.4 Billion from the ratepayers to pay the original residual stranded debt of $7.8 Billion.

#6 Infrastructure Ontario – $8 billion

In the Auditor General’s Report – 2014, Bonnie Lysyk was critical of the way Alternative Financing and Procurement [AFP], otherwise known as PPP (public private partnerships) was measured. The report suggests that Infrastructure Ontario (IO) overspent, costing taxpayers $8 billion in tangible costs. The following is an excerpt from the report:

“For 74 infrastructure projects (either completed or under way) where Infrastructure Ontario concluded that private-sector project delivery (under the Alternative Financing and Procurement [AFP] approach) would be more cost effective, we noted that the tangible costs (such as construction, financing, legal services, engineering services and project management services) were estimated to be nearly $8 billion higher than they were estimated to be if the projects were contracted out and managed by the public sector.”

According to the March 31, 2014 annual report IO has $4.8 billion in outstanding Loans Receivables with $1.6 billion of those having terms over 20 years. The “Loan valuation allowance” or what a bank calls “allowance for bad debts” is a meager $11 million and presumably does not include any allowance against the MaRS debt of $215 million.

The IO’s website delivers little information on those loans -“Since 2003, Infrastructure Ontario’s Loan Program has supported the development of more than $9.4 billion in local infrastructure projects – from the construction of roads, bridges, arena complexes, and long-term care homes to the acquisition and installation of capital assets like fire trucks, smart meters and energy efficient lighting.”

The IO March 31, 2014 annual report indicates Loans to “Local Distribution Corps” are $241 million (smart meters, etc) and “Loans to Power Generators” $120 million with $28 million lent to “District Energy”. The latter loans are classified by IO as “Tier 3” risks which they note are: “Tier three borrowers are organizations dependent on self-generated revenues either by market-set prices or donations and fundraising.” Considering the MaRS loan has a better loan classification (Tier 2) more public information is needed on lesser Tier 3 grade loans.

#7. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) – $4.3 Billion

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) scandal certainly made headlines in 2011. This dysfunctional crown corporation was the subject of damning reviews by the Ontario Ombudsman and the Ontario Auditor General and was plagued with scandals ranging from expense abuse to insider wins. Estimates in excess of $4.3 billion misplaced or misspent have been reported.

Millions of dollars, originally intended to stimulate Ontario’s economy were wasted on gym memberships, liquor tabs and car detailing. Many OLG executives, earning salaries in excess of $200,000, used taxpayer dollars to buy clothes, golf club memberships, and expensive dinners.


Jane (McEckron???) unit manager, officer Rochon and officer Tomeroy have denied healthcare and other rights to Michelle L Erstikaitis. Restricted her mail and telephone, denied visits, returned her to her cell from a hospital without a proper length of time to recover. This was all due to a misconduct charge because Michelle was privately singing a song about Starbucks Coffee in her cell. We plan on publishing a new article in print from her in the April edition.