March 24, 2015

Patrick Clohessy
Radicalized Neo-Marxist

By Robert James


“I am going to f**king kill you!!! Yet first I am going to kill your kids in front of you, then I am going to rape your wife and kill her, because I want you to suffer before I f**king kill you!!!”

– “Anonymous” Caller ID blocked phone call against a seventy-three year old Beaches resident, by a self called “Anarchist Activist”.

Patrick Clohessy, operating under the aliases of Patrick Clo, Paddy Darling, Patrick Darling and Wade Gill leads a new Toronto-based chapter of the Communist Terrorist Group called  “Anti-Fascist Action”. Attempting to recruit violent-minded youth under the guise of riotous anarchy, in an effort to attack any Libertarian organizations and individuals they deem culturally incorrect.

Originally created by Red Action (a front expelled from the Socialist Workers Party for their fierce extremism) and the militant Jewish Socialists’ Group, Anti-Fascist Action has lead a brutal thirty year campaign to overthrow nation states, governments and corporations. In its place, their stated goal is a global despotic New World Order of Marxist state control, forced cross culturalism, elimination of traditional family values, and no property rights.

Patrick’s hate group of ‘useful idiots’ thus far has been cowardly hiding behind keyboards and caller ID blocked phones. Harassing local businesses and non-profits that have the simple audacity to disagree with their appalling intentions. Befriended by Carmel Suttor the sixth place big-government tax-and-waste socialist candidate for Ward 32 council in last year’s election (we wonder if she works under direct orders of NDP MP Matthew Kellway), Patrick’s AFA sister group has yet to cross the line of attempted murder and bombings of his bigger brothers.

Yet his weapons of terror are clearly within reach. In 2011 while scheming at the North American Anarchist Conference, video on YouTube shows Toronto Police searching Patrick Clohessy after a concerned citizen reported a firearm brandished by one of the organization’s conspirators. Rather than feel genuine concern for the residents and children in the area, this rag tag group of lowlifes obstructed police at every point falling back on their time-honored slurs. Pigs, racists, homophobes, Nazis… their key attack words to silence dissent. Stay tuned to Your Ward News, where future editions will reveal the integrate bomb making and chemical warfare instruction manuals created and shared between these terrorist groups!


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