March 24, 2015


Federal Liberal Party nominee Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Beaches-East York) who beat out Marisa Sterling for that position, is being accused by Sterling of cheating. In turn, Liberal Erskine-Smith is accusing Liberal Sterling of signing up “newer Canadians” for Liberal Party membership and paying their memberships for them. That is a serious fraud allegation. Sterling continues the volley by accusing Erskine-Smith of hiring robots to automatically dial Marisa Sterling’s supporters. Sterling’s supporters are mechanically, but politely, reminded that they must purchase their Liberal Party memberships with their own money. She has filed an appeal with the Liberal Permanent Appeals Committee, believing that the robo-calls were meant to intimidate those who might have supported her.

More than a thousand new party members, many Bangladeshis and South Asians, were signed-up in November, allowing them to participate in the Liberal riding association meeting to select the new candidate in the Beaches-East York. Liberal-select Nathaniel Erskine-Smith denies that the robot callers were meant to intimidate possible supporters of Liberal       non-select Marisa Sterling. He said, “We ran a clean campaign from start to finish. We just wanted to make sure that it was a fair fight to the end”. He continued, ”You spend a year of your life sitting around kitchen tables and signing people up for ten dollars. You grow a riding organically by signing ‘em up….one at a time”.

Erskine-Smith won the nomination when he bested Sterling on the final round of counting in the ranked-preference voting system. But who knows what went on behind the scenes at the highest level of the Liberal Party? A growing list of ridings are experiencing nastier and nastier disputes between rival Liberal camps. The Liberal Party is infamous for not being what they appear….morally, ethically, and legally. At the bottom of the heap is a cesspool of in-fighting and corruption. In the middle, billions of missing ducats, erased evidence, and a premier bereft of any personal and professional morality.

At the top of the steaming Liberal Party heap, party leader Justin Trudeau has publicly committed to allowing open nominations in all ridings, but now faces serious allegations from these underlings. They claim that Justin’s ‘green light committee’ that approves or disapproves of potential nominees is now a system to disqualify those that are challenging the dictator’s ‘PREFERRED CANDIDATES’. Some lower caste Liberals recently threatened to quit the party. They protested that the nomination process was MANIPULATED to install one of the “STARS” that Trudeau brought to the party. This Justin approved Vancouver-South candidate is Harjit Sajjan. Ottawa lawyer David Bertschifiled filed an appeal after being banned from running as a candidate in Ottawa-Orleans, allowing Trudeau advisor Andrew Leslie to secure the nomination. It appears that the biggest, most entertaining political fights in the near future will be starring LIBERAL vs. LIBERAL.





  1. antuerius Says:

    I just won’t vote for a foreign-national; nor for that matter, a name with three of the letter j in it. Where does the credulity of these unusual people arise from? Is it a tailing of the white-guilt enterprise?

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