March 24, 2015

Here are your clues:

  • A rabid anti-Semite who admired Hitler and Mussolini.
  • He promoted revolution and longed for an independent Quebec that would only be home for Francophones.
  • He loved the fascist ideology throughout most of WW2 (1941-1944) and at the age of 25, it was a little late to make a claim of it just being a case of “youthful follies”.

HAVE YOU GUESSED YET? NO? Here are some more clues:

  • Our still unnamed Nazi wrote a one-act comedy in 1938, capitalizing on the difference between dishonest and profiteering Jews compared to honest yet naïve French Canadians.
  • He celebrated the writings of Alex Carrel, who returned to Nazi-occupied Europe to become a star in the collaborationist Vichy regime.
  • As a first-year law student he pointed out the defects of democracy which he felt were ignorance, credulity, hatred towards superiority, and an excess of equality which “breeds” a cult of incompetence.

GIVE UP YET? How about one more clue? O.K., one more:

  • This future prime minister denounced the “disgusting dishonesty” of conscription (the draft) as initiated by MacKenzie King and denounced the Canadian government for declaring war on Germany. SO… … … …




Herr Pierre Elliott Trudeau
15th Prime Minister of Canada


One Response to “NAME THAT NAZI!”

  1. antuerius Says:

    It appears he started out with a clear mind. Perhaps due to solid religious training. Somehow, probably through bourgeois mungo maoism, his ass became his hat. Tragic that Canada had to suffer this conversos descent into stupidity. It was a mistake of the Quebec seigneurial families to let him marry in. Quebec Catholics didn’t used to be so confused about the perils of the Eastern Asian stranger.

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