Two and a half MPs

March 24, 2015

By Bahman Yazdanfar


“You don’t need to go too far to learn, how our government and major political parties run the House of Commons.

A few year ago I was watching a T.V. show, called “Two and a Half Men”, two selfish brothers, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party, do everything and anything to indulge their own desire, with a different approach, but same objectives.

Then there is a son and nephew, the NDP, who uses the climate and relationship between his dad and uncle for his own advantage, as well as being a source of amusement and liability.

A relatively sensible housekeeper, keep these three on their toes, on and off; but she doesn’t want to do anything with this family and her presence is purely for a financial purpose, The Bloc Québécois.

And finally, an unwanted controlling mother, who is being tolerated only because she is useful, when these guys are in trouble, the good old Uncle Sam!

In every episode, those who come into contact with any member of this elite and small family, get burned, and that of course is us, Canadians!

I would like to call our system, our show: Two and a half MP’s; the old fashioned bread and circuses and not a good one, I must add!

The only difference between the TV show and our show is, that Canadians are not just viewers, and they have the power to cancel our show and election time is when they can do it, if they desire;

The big question is how long we, the Canadians, would like to watch our taxes being wasted for this mockery?”



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