YOUR WARD NEWS is dedicated to holding city councilors accountable to their constituents in their respective wards. When we began publishing Ward 31 and Ward 32 community local news we immediately received a positive response in these two wards and from across Toronto. The city councilors in these two wards have been less than admirable in their dealings with their constituents. Citizens across the city have voiced similar concerns about their ward councilors. Many Toronto have contacted us expressing their desire to publish their own community local Ward Newspaper to address local issues that affect them directly.

Your Ward News

117 Wheeler Avenue
Toronto, Ontario. M4L 3V3t

Phone: 416-693-6325

Toll Free: 1-866-692-5837


Your Ward News is being published in print and by web to provide an unbiased view on activity in Metro Toronto.

Editorial Content by LeRoy St. Germaine


3 Responses to “About”

  1. gb Says:

    I really don’t see how you are fulfilling the “unbiased” part of your mission. I happened to read the recent article “The Toronto Star, Well “Red”. The article is nothing but a biased opinion. You did give me a chuckle though with your picture of and old front page from Pravda (I think that was it. My Russian is rusty.) It’s really funny to see someone so confused between liberal politics (which are associated with the colour red in Canada) and communism! The former is about as far away from the latter as one can get.

    I’m not going to defend the Star but that Ford guy? While it’s certainly true that the people of Toronto elected him, I can’t see any truth in the claim that those same people believe in him. I’m still waiting for him to fulfil any of his major campaign promises. Gravy train? He gave $3m to KPMG to find it but they didn’t find a thing (just some suggestions for severe service cuts. I don’t know when essential services started to be called “gravy”.) Transfer tax? Oh…um…er…we still have that one. Subways, subways, subways? Well, where’s the plan to finance them? He’s had 30 months and nothing so far.

  2. J.J. Says:

    Dear Gerald, We truly wish that we could attribute our beliefs to mere ‘bias’, but the Toronto Star’s track record speaks for itself. Many citizens, including bright people like your self, cannot recognize the socially Marxist character due to the fact that our society has been immersed in this insidious ideology. What you may recognize as ‘political correctness’ is an evolved form of this evil. Due to incrementalism it has consumed us slowly but surely. But as you stated, you are not defending the Star anyway.

    You really seem to dislike our mayor who has simply tried to cut waste and corruption. He may not be the smoothest public figure but he is getting his PROMISED job done. Not many politicians keep their word. As far as the term ‘essential services’ goes, it means different things to different people. We really enjoyed your communiqué and value your input. However, we abhor communism and we think that our mayor is an honest fellow and is down to earth. That’s more that can be said of Mayor Miller and most of the ‘smoothies’ we have had as mayors. Have fun and prosper! Leroy St. Germaine, Publisher, Your Ward 32 News.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    “Unbiased”? Are you fucking kidding me?

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