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Ever heard of it? If so, then you know their story. Those of you who haven’t then let me introduce you to them, to tell you a bit of their story.

Back in 1993 Adrian Curry and Jerry Lee Miller, along with help from local bike shops and friends, started the shop and bike repairs program (A Non-Profit Organization). This concept was non-profit, to make bike repairs and the sale of bikes much more affordable. Everyone from Students, Artists, Musicians, Bike Clubs, low income people and anyone they could help; get a bike, depending on their individual circumstances.

Then they’re is the courses and training they offer. Lead Mechanic Jerry Lee Miller heads up the shop and training programs. The way it works, is they have working members who under Jerry Lees supervision, work on the bikes. Working members take a   work-shop course, then finish with an online course before being accepted as a Bicycle Mechanic. Then after passing the course and lessons, the person becomes a fully trained bicycle mechanic, and is paid to work by the organization. Just as important, the organization is training and qualifying people to do a job where it’s hard to find this type of training anywhere.

The real tragedy is, that after a long fight against several big box opponents the last appeal has fallen against CBN. August of this year 2014, the CBN will have to find a new location or go into storage. Not at the height of bike season!!!!

Who’s running the ship?? These are hard to find services, especially at reasonable costs and the training as I’ve previously said. How could this happen? Is this not a worthy cause to help in return, for all the help they’ve given to the community.

This is how we can help. We can start by making the community here in Toronto aware of the most worthy organization. What they do, who they are, where they can be found and for who. And here’s how you can get this information.

First their Web-site: communitybicyclenetwork.org

Email: info@communitybicyclenetwork.org

Their office number: 416-504-2918   Adrian Currie or Jerry Lee Miller

Address: 761 Queen St. W. Unit 101

Toronto, ON   M6J 1G1

(Bathurst & Queen)

Article written by Don Woods of Scavenger Music Productions  



As your single term Councillor for Ward 32, I James Sears ( http://www.JamesSearsWard32.com ) will:

-Slash a total of 2% ($74M) from the $3.7B of property tax that is collected each year, with 1% ($37M) rebated to residential tenants and gross lease commercial tenants (obviously net lease commercial tenants will receive the full 2% rebate). We can EASILY find $74M per year of savings in the budget.  Just as a quick example:

  • slashing each of 44 councillors’ pay to $70K saves $1.54M (also attracts better councillors)
  • slashing the mayor’s pay to $140K saves $35K
  • me not taking the $70K reduced pay saves $70K
  • slashing Bill Blair’s pay to $140K saves $230K (he’ll live)
  • ceasing fluoridation saves $1.9M (also makes us all healthier)
  • de-subsidizing “gay pride” saves taxpayers $140K (if each participant chipped in a loonie or if just 25,000 participants each drank one less martini a year, they’d have the money)
  • de-subsidizing Caribana saves taxpayers $525K (tourists from across North America will still flock to Toronto and spend their cash, even if the floats are a little less flashy) 

Just those 7 items save taxpayers $4.44M (6% of our goal), less what my Area Captains are paid.  There’s gravy EVERYWHERE!!!  If we reduced the salary of the 8,000 people on the “Sunshine List” by an average of a paltry $9K each, we would SURPASS our property tax and rent reduction goal!

 -Freeze taxes at the above level for the next 5 years, ignoring the ludicrous mantra that the property tax rate must “rise with inflation”. This sacred credo is a Marxist Gravy Trainer SCAM because the mere act of raising property taxes in turn results in property owners passing those costs down to tenants, thereby CREATING inflation. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy because in the next year inflation which is created through the previous year’s tax increase forces taxes to rise AGAIN to keep up with it. Like the vicious hyperinflation caused by FIAT money creation and fractional reserve banking, this revenue-generating model is unsustainable.

-Base the amount of commercial property taxes on tenant mix, i.e. a storefront with a family-friendly retail tenant should pay less property tax than a storefront with a dive bar in it; in other words, landlords should be incentivized to rent out retail space to businesses which benefit the community, and if the tenants are paying a proportional share of property taxes in a building, a family-friendly tenant should pay less that one which promotes delinquent behaviour.

 -Give better non-monetary support to BIA’s, set strict financial standards which include caps on operating costs, and allow the city to conduct forensic financial audits of BIA’s that appear to be corrupt or inept.

 -Acknowledge the special status of dogs in our society. Toronto should set the example for all municipalities in North America, and bestow upon ALL DOGS the same status and privileges that are given to service dogs.  We should give a restaurant the right to allow dogs on its premises, the same way restaurants are permitted to do so in most European countries. The restaurant would ultimately regulate what size of dog would be permitted in their establishment, and where the dog would stay while his/her guardians dine. Our Shih Tzu “Mountain Bear” comes out to the living room to call me to dinner, I pull a chair out for him, he sits on it, then dines with the family, eating off of a plate that is set for him.  He is courteous, quiet, and never rests his elbows on the table (though he DOES stare at everyone’s food in a very creepy way).

 -Charge a “Jesus Tax” equivalent to 10% of what normally should be paid in property tax, to owners of all properties that are presently exempt from paying property tax due to being owned by religious institutions or other qualified “non-profits”. This tax would require the cooperation of the provincial government, who would have to amend the Municipal Act to allow such taxation. 100% of tax collected from these properties will be equally disbursed amongst all elderly in the GTA who are collecting Old Age Security pensions, as a monthly supplement added to their pension payments, if they have a total taxable income below $20,000 per year. The payments will be referred to as “Dignity Dividends” and will not be subject to tax. As for those of you who might object to taxing these institutions, please remember that these “Houses of God” are supposed to be directing all their excess cash to helping the homeless, poor, cripple, elderly, etc. The vast majority are not. I will assume that they do not know how to go about helping the needy, so they need a little guidance from me and Jesus!

 -Institute a common sense approach to parking enforcement in Ward 32.  The Draconian, quota-driven way in which the parking bylaws are applied MUST CEASE AT ONCE!  Until City Hall starts to respect vehicle owners, as a temporary stopgap measure, I will provide anyone living in Ward 32 with a workaround to defeat most parking and speeding tickets. I am acquitted on 100% OF MY PARKING TICKETS by evoking the Charter of Rights in cases where it has taken an exorbitant amount of time to arrange a trial date (which for me has been 100% of the time).  I will provide anyone who can prove they live in Ward 32 with a simple template they can utilize to file the necessary legal motions to defeat these nuisance tickets. You never have to serve anyone in person … you serve the Ministry of the Attorney General, Department of Justice, City Prosecutor, and Office of the Trial Coordinator, all BY FAX from the comfort of your own home, just before your trial. When you show up on the day of trial, watch the prosecutor squirm and fold up like a wet paper bag, then withdraw the charges. Yet be forewarned … he will make you wait until THE END OF THE DOCKET so that the other, naïve citizens, who were pressured into pleading guilty before you, do not FREAK OUT ON HIM on realizing that their charter rights were RAPED!  By the way, the last parking “enforcer” I defeated in court ticketed my car as the engine was running and my wife was sitting in it, when I quickly ran into Carload vegetable market.  She was given no verbal warning to move!

 -Charge much heavier levies to real estate developers.

 -Give preference to real estate developers who can prove that they have ties to the ward in which they want to develop; for example, they have lived in the respective ward for at least 5 years.

 -Most developers are GREEDY, MANIPULATIVE SLEAZY MEN!  I am the only candidate running in this election who has the knowledge, intelligence, balls, and sheer gall to OUTSLEAZE THE SLEAZEBALLS!!!  I will ensure that all development matters are rapidly moved along at City Hall so as to avoid the 180 day drop-dead time limit, at which time developers are permitted to escalate their proposals straight to the OMB and avoid the municipality all together.  It all comes down to properly allocating resources.  If a developer is somehow able to make it to the OMB, thereby attempting to bypass the will of Ward 32 constituents, I will coordinate and lead a unified front of opposition to the proposal at the OMB (I will not pretend to lead the charge, only to covertly sabotage it in exchange for kickbacks from the developers like Marxist Mary).

 -Make it mandatory that developers, at THEIR cost, mail every household within a 2 km radius of a proposed development, a kit containing a DETAILED synopsis of what is to be developed, 30 days before the first municipal meeting is held on the proposed development, including a checklist of concerns and a self-addressed postage-paid envelope addressed to the councillor for that ward.

For more information please visit: http://www.JamesSearsWard32.com


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What’s the difference between organic food and normal food? The price. What’s the difference between honesty and Ward 32 Councilor Mary-Margaret McMahon (http://www.MaryMargaretMcMahon.com)? The price that Beaches residents have paid for the fraud that has been perpetrated upon them. While Councilor McMahon has portrayed herself as the country bumpkin who founded the East Lynn Farmer’s Market, Beachers have learned that she is as shrewd as any city-slicker. There’s an old saying in the world of sales that ‘DUMB IS SMART’. Mary- Margaret has perfected that strategy very successfully. But Councilor McMahon is no ‘farmer’s daughter’ and is, in fact, the daughter of former Collingwood Mayor Ron Emo. She also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in French Literature from Carleton University, which is far from being the classroom as seen on television’s ‘Little House on the Prairie’. Mary-Margaret McMahon has also taught English as a Second Language and describes herself as a community activist. She further describes herself as a “fiscally conservative environmentalist”. (Say wha-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-t ?????????)

There’s an old saying about being ‘careful what you ask for’. This may apply to our Your Ward News’ ANYBODY BUT BUSSIN campaign. We were kind of hoping that the ANYBODY would be SOMEBODY that would preserve and protect the Beaches from interlopers of all type, particularly the builders who have no ties to the Beaches and no qualms about turning our beloved neighborhood into Condo Village. They are already trying to call it the Beach Village so they are half-way there. Mary-Margaret McMahon’s “public” consultations that she dubbed the Visioning Study were like a clever illusion that baffled the audience. The big ‘reveal’ was that Beachers ultimately had no say at all. The trick was prepared out-of-view of the public eye as Mary-Margaret met secretly with supposed “grass-roots” organizations. They were later exposed to be nothing more than ‘astro-turf’ operations which are conjured-up to imitate advocacy.

Early indicators that Ward 32 Councilor McMahon was going to sell us out were quite evident, certainly in hindsight. During her 2010 political campaign she hardily slammed incumbent Sandra Bussin for her dealings with Tuggs Inc., George Foulidis’ company. You recall the Boardwalk Pub Caper which resulted in George Foulidis having exclusive vending rights to sell food, beverages and souvenirs throughout the eastern part of the Beaches which includes Woodbine Beach Park. The lucrative twenty-year-deal was approved by city council without opening up the contract to outside bidders. This was despite a recommendation from staff to put it up for tender. That scandal, along with her attempt to sue this paper with taxpayer monies, marked the beginning of the end for Sandra Bussin’s political life in our Beaches. She is very resilient and thick-skinned and we can’t rule out an attempt at a comeback. After Mary-Margaret McMahon’s convincing victory to become Ward 32 Beaches Councilor , Mary-Margaret sang a much different tune regarding the Boardwalk Café/George Foulidis scandal. She actually said,”George has some good ideas, we have some good ideas, and park staff has some good ideas.” She also said, “We have extended the olive branch to Mr. Foulidis.” There may also be some olive oil involved, as it is rumored that George has brought in some ‘Montreal muscle’ to help him ‘take care of business’.

A true advocate of the Beaches would have kept developers at bay by demanding that engineers analyze the geological and hydrological factors that make rampant construction in the Beaches a dangerous proposition. Ward 32 News uncovered this scandal when we demanded to know the name of the engineering firm that conducted the all-important hydrological study. This exchange took place at one of Councilor McMahon’s “Visioning” sessions that were designed to blind Beachers from the truth that the fix was in. Needless to say, there was no such study. There was no engineering firm and no comment from Councilor McMahon. On Election Day we need to be at the polls to unseat Mary-Margaret McMahon who has clearly sold us out. Why should anyone be surprised? She fluked her way into office just like in the movie ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’. The big difference is that Mr. Smith (Jimmy Stewart) had integrity, unlike our present councilor who is devoid of such. Between her co-operation with the oily George Foulidis and her conspiring with amoral developers, Councilor McMahon must be swept in to the ‘dustbin of history.’ The broom is in YOUR hands. It’s time to clean up the Beaches.



I think anybody who has ever worked hard to earn anything ought to be concerned about the tale I am about to tell. Private property is a bedrock value of our society – and it should always be. I do not accept that our elected representatives have the right to change this fundamental principle as it applies to taxi drivers or any other hardworking group that doesn’t fit into their social set. I think this value should be there for everybody who is willing to work hard – and even for those who are not.

I think anybody who owns anything ought to watch out for the kind of politicians who would even consider trying what I am about to describe. Because they might be next. I remember the day in July 1971, when I was first issued a license to drive a cab. I was one of a group of about 20 beginners who were required to write a test that proved knowledge of the taxicab by-law and the locations of a few dozen often-asked-for places of note.

Then there were two oral ‘how-to-get-from-here-to-there’ questions, both of which I still remember. Then my classmates and I were shown how the taxi meter worked. And after that, a paid employee of the City of Toronto gave us what I knew even then was a set speech. After telling us that a working day in the taxi business was 12 hours, the City’s own man spoke nearly as follows:

The taxi business is a great business. You can be in it part-time, full-time, or you can make it your career. If you choose to make it your career, after three years of working full time – five days-a-week – if you have a good record, you can put your name on “The List” (known as The Approved Drivers List) for your own plate. It will be many years, but, if you maintain your good record, your turn will come and you will be issued your own (taxicab) plate.

You will be on probation for another five years, then, if you still have a good record, the plate will be yours. You can use it to operate your own business. When you retire, you can sell the plate and live on the money in your retirement.

To us rookies, as to the industry in general, that presentation by a paid City employee was very definitely an offer of private property in return for a driver’s structuring their working life around earning – at high cost in terms of work, time and money – a taxi plate for themself.

Who would purchase such a plate as suggested in the City’s presentation, as many did over 50 years (after 1964), if it was not so? When the career driver got “their issue,” they were handed a tin plate with the word “Owner” on it and a number underneath, to affix to their own taxicab. As well, the City charged a fee of thousands of dollars on issuance, the same again on any transfer of the plate to anyone else, and a fee of hundreds of dollars on annual renewal. Such plates are still on the backs of 3,480 City of Toronto Standard equity-plate taxis to this day.

Beginning drivers heard that same speech at The Office in the mid-1960s and as late as 1993 – by which time thinking at City Hall concerning the ownership of taxicab plates had begun to change. In the interim, many plate holders had adopted the practice of renting out their plates, which the City had not thought to do. Meanwhile, too, the City had fallen badly into debt.

On February 19 and 20 past, Toronto City Council voted to drastically remake its taxi industry by passing a set of “reforms” that, among other changes, are meant to put an end the Standard equity taxi plate by June 30, 2024. Like the one-driver Ambassador permissions to operate, the Standard plates are to be “migrated” into Toronto Taxi Licenses (TTLs), a new form of license that requires the taxi to be a wheelchair-capable accessible cab and the plate owner to be one of the taxi’s drivers. Obviously TTLs will be of dubious value, not only because of these conditions, but also because the City will have clearly welched on its previous form of taxi plate.

This key change takes earned security away from now mostly elderly taxi drivers who will be left with almost nothing, or from their widows and heirs, or from others who have bought such plates at six-figure values. Many of the 50 “reforms” – “the Wrecks” we call them – that passed City Council on Febraury 19 and 20 will greatly up the present taxi drivers’ costs of operation while at the same time greatly cutting into their incoming revenues. In only a few years, these changes will disemploy some 7- or 8,000 shift taxi drivers, lessees and self-employed drivers – and they are meant to do just that.

Their losses are only collateral damage as the City’s real targets are its perceived competitors for monies the drivers earn – the equity plate holders, the taxi fleets, and the business agents who look after the interests of plateholders who can’t or won’t do the same.

The indebted City created the licenses and, for all of that, and for enforcing its own rules, now wants to be the renter of the plates itself. The capital to run the businesses and the “social benefits” the City has lately promised its new-order drivers are to be supplied by its plate-operating “quasi employees.”

“I think we’re going to see an improved industry. It’s the right thing to do, and long overdue,” said Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon, who moved the motion to pass the “reforms” in Council. McMahon afterwards admitted to having done “some hard lobbying and schmoozing” to get other Councillors to support her motion – which passed City Council by a vote of 31-12.

Readers should understand that this action – which, if it becomes a by-law – will turn into a very expensive mess. The Councillors understanding of the taxi industry is so inept that it is almost comical. This is going to be very costly, not only for the taxi industry and its drivers, but for the taxi-taking public and the ratepayers.

Peter McSherry is a taxi driver of 42 years experience. He writes The Bystander, a column about taxi issues in John Duffy’s Taxinews and is the author of three published books, including Mean Streets: Confessions of a Nighttime Taxi Driver. He owns nothing in the taxi business, nor did he ever want to own anything.

Dear Deputy Mayor Kelly

June 11, 2014


 I am very disappointed that you have endorsed Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government; especially given the predicament of the fine City of Toronto with respect to the behaviours of its mayor during this term of office. I feel obliged to comment as my professional work as a nuclear engineer takes me into the city and essentially all across Ontario and beyond around the world in this global industry. I can also comment that there are many, (my count is over 60) municipalities who would disagree with you based on calls for a moratorium on wind turbine development that is the miss-creation of this liberal government. (www.ontario-wind-resistance.org)

Given the behaviours expected within business organizations, academia, and society in general around the world, I am not successful in rationalizing the unethical and wasteful behaviours of this liberal government, for greater clarity, i.e., some of its cabinet ministers, McGuinty, Wynne, Chiarelli, Matthews, Bradley; and I am sure you are aware of all of the examples that have been reported in the popular press over the past 10 years.

Why would the City of Toronto associate itself with Wynne? Given the unnecessary higher costs of electricity and well-advertised loss of democracy, due to the failed Green Energy Act, this seems ridiculous. The City of Toronto is growing rapidly and needs more energy, and this energy cannot be provided by wind turbines located in farmers’ fields, or by gas plants relocated far away. Just because the NIMBY concept is acceptable for gas plants that provide real power, but are truly back up for ineffective and expensive wind turbines, I am puzzled as to why the City does not do its homework.

The supply of money depends on what people earn, i.e., jobs; and what people and politicians spend it on, or waste it on. Money that is wasted can no longer be used to spend on high priority needs. Therefore, money that Toronto needs for subways, the Gardiner and down to filling potholes, that may be obtained through either taxes or transfers from government has been put at risk, and in-fact has been diminished by the inappropriate spending of the liberal government.

The only way to achieve access to money is through fiscal responsibility, and that, I expect you do know as Toronto Council has worked very hard on achieving fiscal responsibility. Why then do you endorse the Liberals????

Yours truly,
Eric Jelinski M. Eng. P. Eng.
“The Future is Nuclear”

Bahman Yazdanfar was born in the late fifties, in Tehran, and he came to Toronto as an immigrant early in 1986, at the age of 27. Like many newcomers, Bahman started from scratch by working in a factory as a general labourer while trying to get back into his field. Unfortunately policies and laws of the land at that time were not favorable and he had to choose another career.

Bahman’s resilience and belief in keeping up the good fight has been honed by the many hardships he has overcome: years of political turmoil and social unrest in the Middle East, where he was raised and educated, loneliness and statelessness in Europe while he was waiting to immigrate, and uncertainty of the future and day-to-day confrontation in Canada to get adjusted to the new life. Adversity, to him, has come to mean an opportunity to learn and understand the universe, and each rough ride has taken him closer to the realization that he is not here to waste his talents on trivialities. So instead, he focuses his energies and creativity on problem-solving.

During the last twenty years, Bahman has witnessed day-by-day citizens gradually losing their hope of prosperity, mainly due to the restricted policies and taxes that are imposed by different level of governments, as well as lack of proper management of the market economy by the bank authorities.

Bahman has always believed that a stable economy free from useless restrictions benefits communities. He also believes that an unmotivating environment will make society dull in the long run, and complacency carries the danger of becoming a very suitable medium for corruption and crime; that is why he enters into politics to apply his knowledge and experience in an attempt to make a difference. Bahman invites you, the public, to observe the similarities between how the major political parties run their campaigns, and how they run the government, and believes you will see remarkable similarities. Instead of focusing on resolving issues that affect every citizen in this vast, beautiful land, they spend their time finding faults with their rivals at the expense of tax payers. He holds the view that if you want improvement, you cannot get it by repeating mistakes.

Over the last few decades, we have all experienced the enormous gap between the electorate and their government. Voters are disappointed, because they feel that their voice has no echo. When it comes to the Mainstream Parties, their elected representatives behave like employees of private enterprise and take their orders from their Party leaders.

To address this problem, Bahman and a small group of experienced and hard-working citizens have established the young Canadians’ Choice Party, and part of their core principle is to not meddle in the relationship between MPPs and their constituents.

In the 2011 Ontario election only 48% of eligible voters cast their votes, and more than half of the population did not; Liberals MPPs formed the government with only 11%, and all 107 elected MPPs received less than 23% of the eligible votes, in Ontario. And as result chances for dishonest individuals to get elected increased drastically. The only remedy available to you is your VOTING POWER at this time.

Bahman believes that the only way for the voters in Toronto – Centre to get out of the present situation is to break this vicious Party Political Circle that violates the principles of the Westminster model of parliamentary democracy, by electing someone who is not belong to the three mainstream Parties.

An MPP who does not have the support system of the three mainstream Parties work harder to keep the support of their communities, fighting harder for improvement of needed public services such as health care, affordable housing and transit system, to name a few. Bahman emphysizes that people exercise their right to vote, and ask themselves if they would like to be part of the tax paying population, without representation in Queen’s Park for another 4 years.

The Canadians’ Choice Party invites independent-minded individuals to visit the Canadians’ Choice Party’s website to find out how they can get together to share their experiences under one brand to work for their constituents, revive democracy and bring our system back to the basics. On June 12, 2014 Ontario General Election, hire Bahman Yazdanfar, the Canadians’ Choice Party Candidate for Toronto – Centre, to be your new MPP in Queen’s Park. http://www.canadianschoice.com

James Sears


Our Councillor for Ward 32 2014-2018

Here are some preliminary working platform highlights that I will fight to accomplish during my first and only term (the list is by no means complete and I am open to additional suggestions, provided they are rational and they respect the taxpayers)…

– Immediately cease adding toxic fluoride to Toronto’s drinking water (evidence of the toxicity of fluoride has been around for years, and most recently a Harvard University study showed that fluoride can be just as harmful as lead or mercury, and caused brain damage in children, lowering intelligence by around 7 IQ points).

-Stop giving grants to special events and festivals which polarize the community or promote non-Christian

-Slash the salaries of all councillors and trustees to $70,000 per year (the approximate median wage of workers in Toronto) with the eventual goal of phasing out councillors’ salaries all together.

-Cap the maximum salary of anyone in municipal government to $140,000 per year (double the median wage). Did you know that almost 8,000 people employed by the City of Toronto are on the “Sunshine List” of people making over $100,000 per year, with about 3,200 of them in Toronto Police Services, 1,400 at the TTC, and 2,200 at the Toronto & Catholic school boards? Police Chief Bill Blair alone makes about $370,000 a year!

-Order the TTC to reduce fares back to 2010 levels in order to reduce the burden on low income families. They can cover the shortfall by slashing the breadth and pay of their top-heavy executive branch and by finding efficiencies throughout the system.

-Conduct thorough forensic audits of all branches of city government in which “overtime pay” is being abused, and hold branch heads personally accountable for such abuses.

-Pass the “Cast The First Stone Anti-Hypocrisy Bylaw” to help prevent wasteful revenge-driven fiascos, like city council’s “Crackgate” crucifixion of Rob Ford. This law would require all city councillors and officials who are expected to vote on motions or sit on committees, to undergo regular, random drug and alcohol testing. Substances being tested for will include a whole range of mood-altering prescription medications which I, as a physician, will provide a list of. Prescription drugs will include popular anxiolytic, antidepressant, and hypnotic medications, all of which …

*Flatten the emotions of individuals, making them incapable of mustering zeal toward an important issue.

*Numb the feelings of individuals, making them unable to feel empathy towards others and therefore appreciate the human impact of their decisions.

*Impair the short-term memory of individuals, thereby drastically increasing the chance of serious errors during work.

*Impair the cognitive function of individuals, thereby impairing their judgement.

When taken within a short time of consuming alcohol, the effects of these drugs are markedly accentuated. The alcohol/drug testing bylaw will NOT BAN consumption of mood-altering substances by city officials, nor will it result in any enforcement or proceedings against those found to have consumed such substances. Rather, its sole purpose will be to provide the voting public with full disclosure as to the drug and alcohol consumption of their elected officials, so that the public can decide if such consumption conflicts with the mental or emotional state that they expect their elected officials to be in when making decisions on city matters.

-Increase the threshold for obtaining a “handicapped vehicle permit” or “street permit”. As a physician, I can tell you that 19 out of 20 people who obtain these permits DO NOT DESERVE THEM! Their doctors are committing FRAUD! Doctors signing off on these permits should be reported to the CPSO. “Designated Disabled Street Parking Spaces” severely interfere with constituents. 95% of the time these “disabled” spots lay vacant, causing drivers to burn toxic gas as they drive around the block, looking for a parking space.


NOW’s Bread and Butter    BY J.J.


The nightmare begins in Asia and China where young girls are promised great jobs in Canada where the streets are paved with gold. The young girls are then shipped to Canada where their dismal future and final resting place will likely be. Toronto is where the money is and NOW magazine are the brokers between the pimps and purchasers of the unfortunate human product.

This pseudo-hipster pornographic fish-wrap called NOW claims to be helping these young girls, but we at Your Ward News know better. So it is not surprising that NOW would call our publication “racist” and “homophobic”. A racist is what a leftist calls you when they are losing an argument. Homophobic is just made up nonsense and is used against those who oppose their gay agenda and their struggle for younger and younger children to be educated earlier on in the ‘ways-of –the-world’.

The astounding arrogance of NOW’s Senior Entertainment Editor Susan G. Cole can often be heard on Talk 640 Radio where she has had no qualms in admitting her opposition to free speech, especially speech that promotes any morality and decency and conflicts with her twisted world view. In the NOW article by John Goldsbie, he viciously attacks the character of several Your Ward News journalists. He calls one of our journalists a misogynist. He calls another a dangerous offender. He even attacks editor/philanthropist Leroy St. Germaine whose reputation for helping musicians he totally ignores.

Human sex-trafficking is nothing new, but the evil brilliance of NOW magazine advertising it right out in the open is worth noting. The notion that they are helping these young victims is so disingenuous as to be disarming to most citizens. Your Ward News investigators are aware that it is difficult to identify and apprehend the pimps because they carefully insulate themselves. However, the facilitators and promoters of sex slavery and the early indoctrination of children into the dark underworld of perversity are directly in front of us.

The only thing required is the political will so that the Sex Crimes Unit can arrest the villains, including the evil Susan G. Cole, whose fast-talking style on talk radio is only seriously challenged by the mysterious caller known as ‘Gary-in-the Beach’, who usually leaves tire tracks across her back.

Once arriving in Toronto the Good for their “golden job opportunity”, their passports are confiscated by the human-trafficking pimps. They are then required to work off their debt to pay for the voyage and the costs incurred for housing, food and the mattress. By the time that they NEVER pay the debt off, their nightmare of landing ON Canadian soil ends six-feet UNDER Canadian soil. Isn’t it wonderful of NOW to facilitate such an arrangement?

Your Ward News is committed to doing everything in our power to free these sex-slaves from a life of being bought and sold like cattle. That’s why NOW magazine doesn’t believe that Your Ward News should be allowed to exercise our free speech. We may convince the public that they are guilty of crimes against women, which are crimes against all of humanity.

If you agree with our position on this subject, please contact us as soon as possible. STOP HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING!!! STOP ‘NOW’!!! –By J.J.

Lefty’s Korner

May 12, 2014

Lefty’s Korner with perennial candidate Kevin Clarke
(unedited and untranslated)


The Rob ford days came to a end in TORONTO on MAY 9 2014 when Kevin Clarke officially entered the Toronto mayor race Rob Ford RESIGN Now!!Rob UR know as dumb as you act wake-up rob i am Kevin Clarke i am the people’s voice take the dignify way out resign remove your self from the mayor race take the next couple of years to get yourself together rob i do not want to beat you up and if you persist to disrespect the people of Toronto then there is no other course..i will preserve a positive legacy for you if you’re clean but Mr ford lets be clear Kevin Clarke entered this mayor race to first and foremost clean up the current state of our city hall. GOOD Blessings for all,hope all is well my name is Kevin Clarke i am with “The people”The people’s political party(Ontario) we need true political change to bring social changes Good blessings for all children of the world.. – kevin clarke running 4 mayor.


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Sexual Humiliation Being Used To Keep Female Inmates In Line

Written by Investigative Journalist

Michelle L. Erstikaitis

In the late nineties, Kingston Penitentiary For
Women was closed after a horrific scandal
resulting from a prison riot that led to the public
showing male prison officers holding inmates
down and cutting their clothing off of them during
a forced strip-search.

Despite the lack of sexual penetration, the
similarity between what those male officers had
done and a sexual assault was pretty obvious.
The public was outraged. Yet what the public
does not know is that right now, the sexual
humiliation tactics are still being used against
female prisoners in Federal (and some
Provincial) Institutions across Canada.

According to Commissioner’s Directive 567-1
article 27, a female inmate may be videotaped by
Correctional Officers while she is naked and
showering if she has been pepper-sprayed. I
discovered this by personal experience in
October 2012, when I was in prison in Quebec.
From the moment I arrived in the prison,
correctional officers were harassing me and
bullying me in a way that I had never experienced
before and I couldn’t understand. They issued
me as many disciplinary charges as they could
and I was telephoning the office of the
Correctional Investigator everyday, sometimes
two or three times, to report the harassment.

I had never seen Correctional Officers treat
another inmate in this manner and I was baffled
at why they were doing it to me, and why nobody
would help me. Yet now you know why. They
changed my security level to maximum. Because
of the myths printed in the media about my
supposed violent temperament, they were trying
to instigate my temper so that when I snapped,
hopefully I would do something violent and then
they could pepper-spray me and humiliate me by
videotaping me in the shower afterward.
Unfortunately, I only figured it out AFTER they
finally succeeded in inciting my temper.

My violent reaction? While locked inside of a
segregation cell for no reason, I yelled at the
officers and called them names. They came in, a
huge group of officers dressed in full riot squad
regalia, and pepper-sprayed me as I was lying in
bed, and then video-recorded me in the shower as
I was rinsing off the pepper-spray – because I had
been yelling.

On December 26, 2013, I submitted an official
complaint about being video-recorded in the
shower rinsing off pepper-spray and on January
27, 2014, Jean-Francois Joly of Joliette Institution,
replied that it had all been perfectly legal. On
January 30, 2014, I submitted a request under the
Privacy Act, requesting to view the Joliette
recording, as permissible under section 17 (1) (a)
of the Privacy Act, and on February 19 2014, I
received a reply from Mihaela Ciocarlan, the
Senior Privacy Officer in the Access to
Information and Privacy Division stating that due
to Section 22 (1) (c) of the Privacy Act, I could not
view of obtain a copy of the video because it could
be “injurious to the security of the Penal

In other words, if the video should be leaked to
the public, there would be an outcry. So, it is
legal to videotape inmates naked in the shower.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. Recently, I had the
misfortune of being the object of even more
sexual abuse, while in Edmonton, Alberta, and
apparently this too, is perfectly legal. In
mid-November 2013, at Calgary Remand Centre,
prior to my being transferred to Edmonton
Institution for women for a one-night stay before
catching a flight back to Ontario, I was sexually
humiliated by two female officers during a
strip-search. The female officers put me on a
suicide watch with no explanation of precipitating
reason, and as they were strip-searching me, they
handed me a suicide gown that was at least four
sizes too small for me. Now, I am a size zero, a
very petite woman, and this suicide gown is the
smallest I had ever seen. I tried to put it on but
couldn’t. The female officers told me that if I
didn’t put the gown on, they were going to pepper-
spray me, even though they knew fully well that
the gown was too small.

They were going to pepper-spray me during a
strip-search, while I was completely naked. I
strongly suspect that the too-small gown was
created exactly for this purpose. When I
expressed my displeasure over this incident to a
male superintendant, he told me that in the
Alberta Prison System, if an inmate stands out
from the others in any way, “it upsets the natural
balance of things and creates disorder,” so his
officers will use any means necessary to “bring
the inmate back in line.”

I spoke with several male inmates while I was
held on the Calgary Remand Centre psychiatric
wing, which is a co-ed. Male inmates are
routinely beaten and told that the security
cameras in the hallways to monitor the behavior
of the Correctional Officers are ‘broken’. So
apparently, women are kept in line with sexual
humiliation rather than beatings.

On the afternoon on Tuesday, November 19, 2013,
I was transferred from Calgary Remand Centre to
Edmonton Institution for women, which by the
way is where Ashley Smith is from. The moment I
stepped off the paddy wagon and onto the
Property of Edmonton Institution, I was met by a
large group of Maximum Security Officers and
one of them was video-recording me. She
video-recorded me as I stepped inside of the
institution and was led to a cell on the segregation
unit; and she continued to video-record me as I
was being strip-searched. I objected when I saw
the camera saying, “You can’t videotape me
while I’m being strip-searched!”

The female officer recording me snapped, “I’m
only videotaping your head.” So, just as all other
inmates do, unless they want to be held down and
have their clothing ripped off of them, which was
done to me once in 2003 at a courthouse in
Kitchener, Ontario when I refused a strip-search,
I complied with the search.

It turns out that I should have refused, should
have caused a fuss. I have been returned to
Federal Prisons countless times on breach
charges over marijuana use since 2003, and I
have always been a medium security inmate. My
institutional record is spotless, with absolutely no
fighting with other inmates, no suicidal behavior
and virtually no problems. Until I was transferred
to Joliette.

Apparently, the law says that only the strip
searches of maximum security inmates can be
video-recorded. The Correctional Officers
conducting the admission search have the option
of video-recording the inmate or video-recording
the officer who is conducting the search. (Please
refer to the Commissioner’s Directives
concerning strip searches of Federal Offenders.)

Since 2003, I have NEVER been pepper-sprayed in
a Federal Institution and/or had myself
video-recorded in the shower, nor have I EVER
had a strip-search video recorded. Joliette prison
guards set me up to be a max inmate. After
complaining to the Correctional Investigator, I
discovered that legally, these things are
permissible in certain circumstances – mainly, if
you are a max security inmate. Now, the recent
video-recording of my strip search at Edmonton
Institution left me concerned about the possibility
for sexual exploitation.

I believe that there are various pornography
websites that specialize in prison rape scenarios.
So, I put in a Privacy Act request to view and
receive a copy of the videotape of my admission
to Edmonton Institution. On January 17, 2014 I
received a reply from the Senior Privacy Officer,
Mihaela Ciocarlan, saying that they had carefully
searched their records for a copy of the videotape
and they have no record of it. So, my strip search
was video-recorded and the video-recording has

Is that, along with being recorded in the shower
in Joliette in October, 2012 the only sexual
humiliation/abuse that I have received at the
hands of correctional authorities in the past
couple of years? As a matter of fact, no.

In June 2012, while residing in a Brampton
halfway house, I was arrested on a trumped up
charge on June 3 rd , 2012 (and released to Quebec
one week later) and taken to a Brampton police
station, where I was strip searched by one off the
arresting officers. The woman took me into a
room and told me to take off my clothing. When I
had stripped down to my bra and panties, she told
me to stop stripping, turn around and place my
hands on the wall. She then proceeded to pat me
down, while I stood there naked except for my
underwear. This is not legal. Police officers are
not supposed to touch you during a strip search.

So, since June of 2012, I have been sexually
humiliated by authorities of several occasions in
a way that I have never experienced in prior
years. I have been asking myself, “Why is this
happening?” And I have figured out the answer.

In my Corrections Canada security file, there is a
psychiatric report written about me in 2011 by a
Psychologist named Dr. Michael Colleton.
During a series of interviews with Dr. Colleton, I
revealed something traumatic that was done to
me at Metro West Detention Centre in 2002, when
I was brought to the prison and held as a victim
witness in a sexual assault case. I revealed to Dr.
Colleton that while in segregation, a Correctional
Officer was rude to me for no reason, and I got
into an argument with her where the situation
ended with me refusing to a strip search.

My clothes were ripped off of me and I was
hog-tied while completely naked, with a group of
seven or eight male and female correctional
officers standing there. I told Colleton that this
horrible event was very traumatic for me,
especially since I had been in the prison because
I had to go to court as the victim/witness of a
sexual assault.

Unbelievably, Federal Correctional Officers have
been passing that report around, reading about
my traumatic experience at Metro West Detention
Centre in 2002, and doing their best to recreate it.
Why would they want to do this? Because I’ve
begun to make something of myself and work in
Politics. After my Toronto Sun interview with
Terry Davidson in April 2011, Correctional
Services Canada has decided that I need to be
taken down notch or two and put back ‘in my

How are they attempting to accomplish that? With
sexual humiliation. And as it turns out, the
Canadian law is on their side and the office of the
Correctional Investigator and the Privacy
Commissioner are conspiring to cover it up.

If these abuses are being perpetrated on me, and
I am intelligent enough to figure out how and
why, then just imagine what is being done to
unsuspecting, less intelligent women. Scary!


I have lived in Ward 32 for over a decade. I had been planning on entering politics when I turned 60, but a certain incident rapidly accelerated that timeframe. After Mayor Rob Ford said the word “pussy”, I witnessed Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon either feign or actually experience a live on-air nervous breakdown. At that moment I felt that I had a duty to displace this weak, ineffectual, spineless bag of nerves.

Mary-Margaret McMahon, aka “Marxist Mary”, was elected NOT on her merits, but due to the ABB (“Anyone But Bussin”) Campaign launched by LeRoy St. Germaine after the Boardwalk BBQ Pub corruption scandal. Based on my conversations with scores of Ward 32 residents, those who voted for Marxist Mary did so as a blind protest vote, in lieu of delving into her qualifications. They are now experiencing deep regrets. Many are displeased with her obsession with Rob Ford’s profanity and what he does on his personal time (which is HIS business), rather than concentrating on assisting her constituents. They also cite her lack of substance on crucial issues that affect the ward, such as condo overdevelopment. Even her Twitter feed is packed with shallow, obsessive minutia that does not do justice to the REAL issues affecting Ward 32. And when she haphazardly stumbles upon a legitimate issue to fight for, she advocates for that issue in a timid way. Or she ducks her responsibilities by passing the matter off, or as we used to say in the Canadian Armed Forces, she DND’s (“Delegates N’ Disappears”).

Marxist Mary allows everyone outside of the ward’s constituents to STEAMROLL OVER HER (that includes real estate developers). She is obsessed with manmade global warming, riding on bicycles with gaggles of like-minded broads, and boasting the virtues of farmer’s markets serving up “local” produce (most of which I suspect is purchased at the Food Terminal then sold to the naïve public at grossly inflated prices). She has done a dismal job of representing the interests of both her constituents and the businesses in Ward 32. She is in over her head and should instead stay at home and bake cookies.

On the other hand, like Rob Ford, I have an OBSESSION with derailing the gravy train. I am sickened by the waste at city hall. Residents know that I am not afraid to speak my mind, and that I will do everything in my power to promote my constituents’ agenda, LOUDLY AND WITH MASSIVE MEDIA ATTENTION.

In addition, I will forgo the approximately $105,000 annual salary of a councillor. I neither need the money nor do I feel that any politician should be paid for giving back to his community. I am honoured to volunteer my time to benefit our community. However, I am also leery of putting the $105,000 back into the general coffers, only have it turned into gravy that does not benefit Ward 32. Instead, I will ask that the money be redirected to create 3 positions, each paying $35,000, to be filled by people living in my ward.

These 3 people will be intelligent, resourceful individuals who are presently unemployed, yet are able to prove to me during a vetting process that they harbour a strong desire to lift themselves out of poverty. I will split Ward 32 into 3 sectors, with each “Sector Captain” fielding concerns of constituents within his respective sector. If they cannot deal with a matter at sector level, then they will escalate it up to me. I will only seek election for one term (just enough time to clean up the gravy-laden mess). If our beaches have learned anything from Sandra Bussin’s tenure it is that no one should hold political office in city hall solely as a career. I WILL VOTE AGAINST ALL GRAVY!! I WILL SCREAM “NO” WHEN THE LIARS & THIEVES AT CITY HALL TRY TO STEAL YOUR MONEY! I AM THE NEW “DOCTOR NO”. On Monday, October 27, 2014 vote James Sears for Ward 32.


By J.J.


For Ontario’s multi-million dollar rapper Drake the 2014 season of musical ‘grant-farming’ has reaped one heck of a harvest. Three-hundred-thousand of your tax dollars have been given to Drake’s company by the Ontario government for his 2014 OVO. The stated reason is that it will grow our economy and will help emerging local musicians. Yet at the time that Drake received the three-hundred-grand the only act booked for his OVO Festival was OutKast, an American rap duo. The newly-created Ontario Music Office is part of the Ontario Media Development Corporation whose mission statement is to fund LIVE music events across the province. Other live music events that your tax dollars are funding this season are the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Rock the Park and North by Northeast. Needless to say, the largest funding recipient is Pride Toronto/World Pride 2014.

Drake’s net worth is thirty-five million dollars and the tires on his Bugatti Veyron cost more than your whole car. Ticketmaster lists Drake’s OVO tickets at $66.50, $124.80 and $347.50. Best of all, HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY BACK A PENNY! Our Danforth Music Festival and Beaches Blues Fest COSTS TAXPAYERS NOTHING and many events support causes that benefit all Ontarians. But unless there is money to go “missing”, the Ontario Liberal Party is not interested. Music promoter and Your Ward News Publisher Leroy St. Germaine believes that no politician or oligarch should have a chance in hell to make a penny from local musicians. His Free the Music initiative is dedicated to the musician, and ONLY the musician.

Grant farming has become a profession based on cronyism and kick-backs and Drake’s team are top pros. Three-hundred thousand dollars offers a lot to spread around to those that award the grants. Ontario’s version of ‘corporate welfare’ is unique in that it is difficult to quantify tourist dollars as it is easy to massage the numbers. But enough talk of what THEY do, and time to concentrate on what WE have done for the community, emerging local musicians and the live music scene: For three decades we have been organizing Ontario’s blues, rock, folk and country musicians and have staged hundreds of festivals, concerts and CD release parties for LOCAL bands and LOCAL solo singer/song-writers. Did we mention that it COSTS TAXPAYERS NOTHING? We also ‘play it forward’ and have supported causes like animal welfare and our well-known food drive allows music fans to donate a can of food to attend. We know that any Ontarian can afford that. Tax-funded events can cost hundreds of dollars to attend. Like Drake’s OVO.

Progressive Conservative Vic Fedeli said that the Ontario government needs to end this type of corporate welfare. “We believe that money should be invested in infrastructure that ALL people can use”. Money-mills like the Ontario Music Office, Celebrate Ontario and the Ontario Media Development Corporation all are part of the Tourism, Culture and Sport Ministry. They are seriously considering a request from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to pour ten-million dollars into BMO Field in Toronto. So why are we still wondering how BILLIONS of Ontario tax dollars “disappeared” with the Ontario Liberal Party in power??? END CORPORATE WELFARE!!! FREE THE MUSIC!!!

By J.J.


The conspiracy that has led to an elite cabal using the Beaches for personal gain continues unabated. The first “public consultation” regarding the future of Kew Gardens took place at the Beaches Recreation Centre on Tuesday, March 18th/2014 and the Your Ward News Investigation Team was there. There was also a fresh new face stepping forward to shake things up and he was clearly determined to SAVE OUR BEACH! We’ll get back to that later. The meeting was déjà vu all over again as the meeting was a Xerox copy of the “Visioning Study” organized by Mary-Margaret McMahon to “consult” with Beachers about the condo assault on our Queen Street miracle mile. Is the fix in again? If you get kicked in the head ten times, might you not duck when you see the eleventh kick coming? Beachers have learned their lesson well.

Plant Architect Inc. is the design team that has been retained for the Kew Gardens project and you can bet that the additions and alterations are already chosen. Just like Mary-Margaret McMahon’s Visioning Study, overhead pictures of Kew Gardens were laid out on the tables. Little pictures of stairs, plants, walk-ways and art installations were loosely spread out on top of the map for participants to place here and there. After several minutes the people were asked to switch tables and to peruse the map again with new little icons. Simply put, it was pretty silly. They also totally ignored the stage as though it were in a vacuum. It wasn’t even on their map which made us realize that the project is already signed, sealed and delivered. Even more questionable was when the representative from Plant Architect Inc. opined that it was difficult to enter the park from the sidewalk on Queen and something must be constructed on a much wider sidewalk. Folks, it’s one step into the park and she’s talking as though the Great Wall of China was keeping people out! Unbelievable.

There was much banter about attracting Torontonians to the Beaches to spend some money. It seems to Your Ward News’ staff that if money just HAD to be spent on the park, an upgraded stage with dressing rooms and an awesome sound system would be the ticket. We could then accommodate everything from Hamlet to the Allman Brothers. That’s how to attract visitors to our little shops and businesses. Then again, the existing stage belongs to the Beaches elite and the little people have difficulty organizing anything that requires the use of local facilities. Just ask promoter/publisher Leroy St. Germaine about the many hoops he has been forced to jump through to stage fund-raising concerts and to present local musicians to the public….WITHOUT A PENNY OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS! But that’s the problem; there’s nothing that interested parties can do to skim, scam and skip away Scott-free.

Meanwhile, back at the Kew Gardens public consultation meeting at the rec centre, things started really heating up. Beachers wanted ‘Question Period’, but organizers wanted nothing to do with that. That didn’t stop an impressive young man to get on his feet and ask, “Who the hell came up with this idea initially anyway?” The answer was a conglomeration of mundane drivel, non-starters and double-speak. Our survey of Kew Gardens also reminded us that the hydrology of the Beaches has always been irrelevant to all builders, designers, architects, city planners and politicians. That’s because personal profit is the top priority. Ecological balance, flood prevention and the safety of Beachers are way down the list. Talk of maintaining the character of our neighborhood is vague but distracting. And what about the sight-line from the sidewalk on Queen Street all the way to the lake? After all, there is a reason the area is called the Beaches. Any obstruction to that view is surely a no-go.

So, who was that confident and strident fellow that stood up against the Beach bullies that have been kicking sand in our faces for many years? His name is Michael Connor and he would like to serve Beachers by being our next Ward 32 councilor. The next local councilor we choose will absolutely make-or-break the future of the Beaches. We are still trying to figure out if our present councilor is shrewder than we first thought, or just dumber than cold porridge. Either way, the result is the same; the destruction of the Beaches for power and profit. Another stumbling block that we have encountered are the so-called “grass-roots” organizations that are clearly just phony (astro-turf) operations (Hykamp, Graff et al.)

Beachers must know everything about all the candidates running for Ward 32 councilor and Your Ward News will keep you informed. As Election Day draws closer, we will decide which candidate we will be throwing all our support behind. If you need any information from us, or have any info for us about candidates, Please contact Leroy St. Germaine at (416) 693-6325. WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!

Written by our Investigative Journalist on the inside,

Michelle L. Erstikaitis


During the October 2008 Federal Election, I volunteered in multiple constituency offices surrounding my riding of Toronto Centre. I was infiltrating the New Democratic Party, observing their candidates as a strategic conservative. In order to assist conservative candidates I was attempting to pull the carpet out from under the Liberal’s feet from the other side.

I was able to observe closely my Toronto Centre candidate El-Farouk Khaki, a quick Google search still shows pictures of me holding his campaign fliers during an all-candidates debate. I was also working in Don Valley West with NDP candidate David Sparrow trying to split votes from Liberal Rob Oliphant, in hopes of a Conservative victory for John Carmichael.


My most cherished memory of that election however (aside from partying with Toronto Centre Conservative candidate David Gentili and his wife) was the time I spent working directly under Olivia Chow. I arrived at her campaign office in Trinity-Spadina one morning, and walked up to the reception desk, which was currently being presided over by the late Jack Layton’s son Michael (aka Mike) who latter became Ward 19’s Councillor in the 2010 municipal election.

“Hello, I’m from the El-Farouk Khaki campaign, but I thought I’d come and give Olivia a hand today, my name is Michelle.” Mike Layton looked at me, no doubt taking in my stylish clothing and hesitated for a moment before asking me “Have you ever canvassed door-to-door with a candidate before?” The answer was no, I never had at that point. Yet I did not miss a beat. “Of course” I replied nonchalantly. He handed me a volunteer application form and told me Olivia Chow is putting a team together at this exact moment. Sarah Layton (Campbell), Jack Layton’s other child was busy multitasking at her workstation.

Observing everything I noticed the office, while fairly small was a hub of activity. With at least five computers setup staffed by teenagers, probable friends (perhaps even schoolmates) of Sarah Layton engaged in a ‘war room’ scenario. Monitoring various political websites, hijacking social networks, making comments extolling the virtues of Olivia Chow while posting nasty comments about her opponents and continuously re-voting on online polls. You may be shocked to learn that on a website like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, just ONE of Olivia Chow’s volunteers maybe responsible for up to twenty five different user profiles on each website. Olivia Chow’s ‘war room’ volunteers use anonymous proxy servers to mask their location and re-vote multiple times on opinion polls in Olivia Chow’s favour. It’s a full time job for these ‘war room’ teenagers who spent countless hours fully engaged at their computer stations. Olivia Chow and the Layton family alone is largely responsible for her own so-called popularity. I have worked with several candidates on all three levels of government and Olivia Chow is the ONLY candidate I have seen using five full time ‘war room’ tacticians spamming the internet.


When I was first introduced to Olivia Chow she was talking rapidly on her cell phone, clearly irritated with whom she was speaking with before making a snide comment and hanging up. With her trademark orange scarf on the back of the chair behind her, the initial introductions were quick. Mike Layton began to give her step-mother Olivia Chow a volley of instructions about how the remainder of the day was to play out, he knew her entire itinerary and directed all orders. Olivia Chow simply obediently nodded.

While Olivia Chow was talking I noticed she had a perfectly normal Canadian accent, with no hint of Chinese what so ever. However when speaking publicly on television, as well as to her constituents Olivia Chow exaggerates a slight Asian accent, simply for the benefit of ethnic votes.

“Okay, lets go!” Olivia Chow announced as we piled into her van, with Mike Layton driving and still calling all the shots. As I keep a curious ear on Mike Layton’s command of the otherwise obviously oblivious Olivia Chow, I rifled through the box of campaign pamphlets. I noticed something fascinating, there were three different types of filers, each written in a different foreign language and bundled separately. Quizzing Sarah Layton I was told “We have three different ethnic groups in the area, give the proper flier to the corresponding family, it’s all written down right here” handing me a clipboard. I have never before or since worked for another candidate who mapped out the individual homes of constituents based on their ethnic background, going so far pandering to immigrant voters.

As I went door-to-door that day introducing constituents to Comrade Chow, I could not help notice most people we spoke with were too enamored with her self-created z-list celebrity status to ask any real questions related to her family’s socialist agenda. The few who did ask a direct political platform question were met with vague, flippant answers, designed to sell. Hilariously one man was startled when Olivia Chow interrupted him requesting to enter the house and use his washroom.

Politically Olivia Chow is obtuse, her meticulously crafted image has been sold to the public as a lie by the entire Layton family. She uses sly manipulation tactics in order to appear to empathize with minorities. She is by no means fit to serve as mayor of Toronto. She clearly can not think for herself, lacking any possible type of independent thought let alone a political mind.

I can guarantee you that presented with a direct political question which she is not prepared for, Olivia Chow will give a vague answer and quite likely ask to use your washroom to call Councillor Layton on speed-dial for advice. I have dealt and worked with several female politicians over the years, opinionated, bold and outspoken. Women who can certainly fight their own battles. Olivia Chow is not by any stretch of the imagination that type of woman at all. She is an incompetent puppet, with her devious masters carefully pulling the strings in a deliberate manner.

Chow for mayor button

Michelle Elections


The Olympics are over, and Putin is locking up activists again. Shortly before the Sochi Olympics, the Russian government surprised many by granting amnesty to 20,000 prisoners, including Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot, it seemed at the time like a fairly transparent bid for some good publicity ahead of the international media’s arrival in Russia for the Olympics. And given the events that have transpired in the days since the games ended, those suspicions now seem confirmed.

Maria Alyokhina is condemning Russia’s involvement in the ongoing Ukraine crisis. In an article she wrote with a translator for “The New Republic” she compares Russian troops marching in Ukraine’s Crimea region to the Soviet Union led invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. The outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin goes on to criticize what she calls the Russian president’s tactic of “divide and rule.” Alyokhina also urges the Russian people not to remain passive, arguing that unlike prisoners in a penal colony, they can decide how long they will “live like this” and prevent the Kremlin from becoming a prison tower.

Looking to start World War Three Vladimir Putin sent a Russian spy ship to dock just south of Florida. Along with electronic eavesdropping equipment and weaponry, including AK-630 rapid-fire cannons and surface-to-air missiles, Putin  parks himself within firing distance to the US, in Havana Cuba.

Ukrainian territory has been seized at the point of a Russian gun. The Russian invasion of Ukraine demands NATO’s response! Under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, NATO must act against Putin’s Warsaw Pact aggressions. For giving up their nuclear weapons after the fall of the Soviet Union, I quote: “The United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the CSCE Final Act, to respect the Independence and Sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine.”

Putin is already losing in the Ukraine. In Russia, his war looks to be one of the most unpopular decisions Putin has ever made. Even the Kremlin’s own pollster released a survey that showed most Russians reject the war against the Ukraine. In the land of all propaganda and no decent, for the Kremlin to say that means Vladimir Putin is losing support from HIS OWN hardliners in Moscow. Only 15% of Russians support Putin’s new war. Off to Siberia with the one hundred and ten million Russians who don’t support Putin, I guess.

Even Russia’s closest ally the ex-Soviet state of Kazakhstan does not support Putin’s war with the democratic western nation of the Ukraine. Terrifyingly China has come out in support of Russian aggression, making World War Three a real Red Dawn wargame scenario.

O’ and Putin is getting really mad. After years and years of trying to become a presence in world government this year’s G-8 meeting was going to be held in Sochi. A chance for Putin to really propagandize his new Soviet Union. Yet thanks to Putin being a complete moron, most of the major national leaders pulled out of G-8 this year in response to Putin’s warmongering. Don’t forget, Russia was actually trying to JOIN NATO several years ago, a coalition of western countries setup to halt the Russian war machine and international communism.

I laughed at Vladimir Putin for pretending to be a Bond villain in the past, and now I’m not laughing because he’s not pretending. He just realized that ballot stuffing works better than orbital death rays. It’s much easier to make demands of a national government when you’re the ex-KGB new- dictator.

By Christopher di Armani


Toronto City Councillor Adam Vaughan is a complete and utter moron if he thinks that banning the lawful sale of products to law-abiding citizens will have any impact at all on the violent criminals shooting up downtown Toronto.

This isn’t the first time that the moronic Vaughan has focused on the people who are NOT the problem, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time either.  Vaughan hates guns and anyone who doesn’t share his vitriolic hatred of them.

Yes, that means that Adam Vaughan most assuredly hates me.  Trust me, I can live with that.  I’ve been reviled by much better men than this petty little tyrant and survived, so I doubt I’ll be losing any sleep over his despising me tonight either.

Let me be clear about something though, in case any mistake my mocking of the vapid Adam Vaughan as something it is not.

I despise the murderous and stupid people who are shooting up downtown Toronto.  My heart goes out to the families of every innocent person killed or injured by them.

Unlike the class of lunatics on Toronto City Council, Mayor Ford aside of course, I comprehend that if the problem you want to deal with is violent criminals in Toronto then do something about violent crime in Toronto! Don’t go blaming the people that ALWAYS get blamed for gun crime and gun violence… the very people who did not and never will commit those crimes: Canada’s law-abiding firearm owners.

Naturally this thought would never occur to the likes of Adam Vaughan or any of the other pathetic excuses for leaders that haunt Toronto City Hall.  Anyone who lawfully owns firearms is, in their eyes, no better than the idiot who shot and killed two people and wounded many more at the Eaton’s Center.

That’s where I have a problem. I and the millions of lawful firearm owners across Canada are not the problem. We never have been and we never will be.

Violent criminals and gangs are, but will we deal with that problem? Of course not. That doesn’t have a great sound-byte, does it?

It is utterly lost on Councillor Adam Vaughan that criminals like the one who shot up Eaton’s Center don’t obey the law.  That particular jerk was already under house arrest, we must remember, and that didn’t stop him from breaking his conditions of release, did it? Of course not. Why? Because he’s a criminal and he doesn’t give a rat’s behind about anyone but himself.

That reminds me a lot of Councillor Adam Vaughan, actually.  While not a criminal, at least not that I am aware of, Adam Vaughan cares only about himself and how much press time he can get. Calling for a ban on guns is guaranteed to get him some national air time and that’s what this is all about for him. Another few minutes in the spotlight.

Vaughan cites, in his own childish way, that nobody in Toronto needs firearms. Nobody in Toronto “needs” cars either, even though cars account for orders of magnitude more death and injury in Toronto than firearms ever will. Does Vaughan call for a ban on vehicles?  Of course not.  He owns one and isn’t interested in being inconvenienced.

“How (would) we enforce this?” said a chuckling Nathalie Des Rosiers, who added such a measure would not stop illegal guns from falling into the hands of criminals.

As Nathalie Des Rosiers of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association pointed out, banning ammunition would be impossible and expensive to enforce, violate federal firearms law and wrongly punish responsible gun owners, while leaving violent criminals completely untouched.

Tony Bernardo, of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association said that “Vaughan is just grandstanding,” adding that firearms and ammunition are already regulated under federal law.

This isn’t about actually solving a problem though, is it?  No. This is all about optics and being seen to be doing something… instead of actually doing something… the grand pastime of stupid politicians like Adam Vaughan.

He’s one of the morons on Toronto City Council who recently voted to ban plastic bags from Toronto… another brilliant move that came with absolutely no thought at all.

Seriously… how do these moronic buffoons get elected in the first place?

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Politicians who cannot stop spending — an example.

By Arthur Weinreb. Canada Free Press.


It is a well-known fact that many politicians, especially of the left persuasion, love to spend money as long as the bucks come from other people. The following is a perfect example of the mentality of spending money that does absolutely no good but achieves the stated objectives of making the politico feel good. And if by raising taxes to do it, making people who are less well-off struggle more, so be it. The city of Toronto has just passed its 2014 budget. Rob Ford, the most famous mayor in the history of civilization, submitted 18 proposals to reduce the city’s spending. Of these 18 motions, only four passed the largely leftist group of city mothers.

One proposal was to slash the budget by $1.58 million by eliminating security guards at city libraries. The mayor noted it is unlikely two six-year-olds are going to fight it out over a dinosaur book.

The very idea of getting rid of security guards in Toronto libraries drew the wrath of two city councillors; Mary-Margaret McMahon and Adam Vaughan. Their reasoning for keeping the security guards serves as great examples of the mentality of McMahon, Vaughan, and their fellow travellers.

McMahon informed the mayor that security guards are needed in libraries because there was a murder at a library once. Surely security guards could prevent such a tragedy. The fact it costs over one and a half million dollars to prevent a tragedy is worth it, regardless of how difficult tax increases are to lower income people and seniors.

Yes MM, there was in fact a murder at a library that is in your ward. On Dec. 2, 2010, Zhou “Peter” Fang took a crossbow into the Main Street branch and shot his abusive 52-year-old father. Fang was subsequently convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole for 10 years.

The killing of course had nothing whatsoever to do with the library. Fang went to the library because he knew his father would be there and he wanted to kill him. If McMahon truly believes security guards are needed to protect “the children”, she should propose a motion that the city protect children by placing security guards in McDonalds, parks, and all places where kids can be found. But of course, even she will never do that; security guards in libraries are enough to make her feel good about herself.

What an unarmed security guard would do to stop someone with a weapon from killing someone is, and will remain, how Cadbury puts the caramel into its Caramilk bars. One of life’s little secrets.

If McMahon was angry, Councillor Vaughan absolutely lost it. The most ardent Ford-hater on council, it’s almost worth a few extra property tax dollars to watch him in action. The man certainly suffers from RFDS (Rob Ford Derangement Syndrome).

After accusing the mayor with the obligatory leftist mantra of conducting a “war on children,” Vaughan said security guards are necessary in libraries to enable parents to “feel” their children are safe. Vaughan doesn’t even try to argue security guards will be able to prevent future acts of violence from occurring—it’s all about “feelings.” It sure makes Adam feel good about himself, damn the taxpayers.

Another argument for retaining guards is that librarians should not have to be the ones to have to toss out undesirables from their libraries. True, but neither should workers, many of them young women, have to throw patrons out of their donut shops and fast food restaurants. Librarians can do what lower life forms do when confronted with a volatile or potentially volatile situation. They can call 911.

Vaughan really started to descend into ridiculousness when he mocked Ford for having security guards to escort him around City Hall. Well, ever since allegations of the crack video surfaced, the mayor is constantly swarmed by reporters, led by Shrill Katie of City News, needing security guards not to protect him but to allow him to get in and out of his office unimpeded. City News is of course where, prior to his election to council, Vaughan posed as an unbiased and impartial journalist.

The city of Toronto’s operating budget for 2014 is $9.6 billion. The cost of library security guards is a drop in the bucket. But retaining these guards is symptomatic of why most council members have no regard for the amount of money they take from taxpayers.

Mayor Rob Ford is a freak. Not because he smoked crack or gets drunk or not even because he litters and goes to Vancouver to jaywalk. He’s a freak because he actually does care about the ever increasing amount of money that is confiscated from Toronto taxpayers.

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Arthur can be reached at: aweinreb@rogers.com

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Councillor Davis stop acting like you can make decisions for the Provincial Government!


Ward 31 Councillor’s Janet Davis Twitter account was tweeting twits, with Councillor’s Davis plan to raise the minimum wage. Under the Canadian Constitution, the responsibility for enacting and enforcing labour laws, including the minimum wage rests with the province, not city hall. Apparently Councillor Davis did not get the message that she does not have the power to make decisions for all of Ontario.

Walking in toe with her OCAP minders, Janet Davis agrees the minimum wage needs to be upped to $14 an hour. The argument being made by OCAP is that people on ODSP get on average $14 an hour in free money and benefits assuming they actually worked 40 hours a week. What Councillor’s Davis and her friends failed to mention is that OCAP only wants a minimum working wage increase so they can argue that ODSP rates also need to be raised to keep up. Therefore ensuring as several Ontario jobs move to Québec or The Maritimes, local residents will be forced to become poor and flock to the dole. Janet Davis’ socialist dream.

Starting this summer Ontario will have the highest minimum wage in Canada along with Nunavut (where everything costs double or triple the price). $11 an hour still is not enough to live on, but Councillor’s Janet Davis fails to mention that $14 an hour is too much to stay in business. Who will pay for this raise? The customers of course, much of whom will be jobless without the income to spend in the first place anyways. On Feb 28, 2014 the Toronto Star even recommended raising the minimum wage to $16.60 to make sure small businesses are murdered.

Janet Davis wants to hurt small business more than large business, and the poor more than the rich. She will reduce quantity demanded of workers, both through a reduction in the number of hours worked by individuals, and through a reduction in the number of jobs. If Councillor’s Davis was the Premier of Ontario she would cause price inflation as businesses try to compensate. Sure it may benefit condo construction workers and government employees, but at the expense of the poorest. Small firms with limited payroll budgets cannot offer their most valuable employees fair and attractive wages above unskilled workers paid the artificially high minimum, and see a rising hurdle-cost of adding workers. Is less effective than other methods (e.g. eliminating tax and waste politician’s jobs) at reducing poverty, and is more damaging to businesses than giving Janet Davis and those lefties a pink slip.

Councillor’s Davis as proven she does not give a hot damn about the poor, one only needs to look at her record as slumlord. 500 Dawes Road, the social slum in Janet Davis’ ward is still full of cockroaches, inadequate heating, faulty appliances, defective toilets, mice, bedbugs and garbage piled sky high. As one fed up resident put it “Janet Davis sucks! All talk and no action. I phoned her office today because it is 64 F. The rads are cold and there is frost on the windows. Her office told me to phone the city and complain. She managed to show up the day of the elevator fire and get her face in front of the TV cameras but has done nothing. The city isn’t much better. Two years to fix an elevator? What are these people getting paid for?”

Barbaric harm reduction methods and cruel staff at Grand Valley Institution. Behind prison walls. From our reporter on the inside. By Michelle L. Erstikaitis


As I write this follow up to my earlier Your Ward News exclusive “Knowing Ashley” (published March 2013) and last month’s “Ashley’s Legacy”, I am currently housed in the maximum security segregation unit of Grand Valley Institution for Women. The very unit on which Ashley Smith died six years ago. In October of 2007 I met Ashley Smith, the tragic nineteen year old girl who killed herself in prison while prison guards stood by watching the whole thing. Not only did I meet and know Ashley for four days prior to her death, but I was in the prison cell next door to her on the day that she died.

When I first arrived back at Grand Valley Institution I was treated generally well by most of the correctional officers, yet for reasons completely unknown to me certain staff began a campaign of harassment against me. Even though Grand Valley is supposed to follow a “cross-gender staffing policy”, somehow male correctional officers are still allowed to be on the segregation unit when inmates are showering. As I am uncomfortable with this and suffer harassment from them, I tend to politely decline my shower when male officers are working on the unit.

On the morning of January 12th, two male correctional officers named Chris B. and an Afro-American named Matt M. made derogatory comments about me, contrary to Grand Valley’s policy on bullying. Chris B. & Matt M. were working the segregation unit with a female correctional officer, when I mentioned to her about the incident she simply stared right through me. In my attempts to protest I was shot with pepper spray, dragged from my cell and tied to a bed.

My current stay at Grand Valley has been fraught with difficulty of unbelievable proportions, and I have not only been housed in cell number one myself on two separate occasions, but I have actually been tied down in preventive self harm restraints which correctional personnel refer to as “pinel restraints”, nicknamed after the Philippe Pinel Institute in Québec. There have been infamous media videos of Ashley Smith tied down in these same restraints. Ashley Smith’s doctor Renée Fugère testified that pinel restraints are only to be used as a “last resort, when all interventions fail.”

During this particular stay at Grand Valley, I have been in the exact same living conditions which Ashley Smith herself experienced, and I believe that I am able to offer some first hand insight into what Ashley may have felt. Further to that, I also believe that the recent ruling rendered by the jury at Ashley’s inquest that her death was an act of homicide was certainly the right decision, given the behaviour and actions of Grand Valley prison staff. Not only were the staff negligent and even cruel when dealing with Ashley to the point that it almost certainly caused her death, but I am able to reassure both readers of Your Ward News as well as members of the public that Grand Valley staff have NOT learned a single thing. What happened to Ashley will undoubtedly happen again.

Being placed in pinel restraints is a rather surreal experience and I suppose that it feels like a cross between a peculiar form of torture with minimal pain. I was tied up for 22 hours straight with heavy restraints (ten more hours then Ashley herself). During this time I was continuously verbally taunted and harassed by staff members about my personal life. I wish to note how absolutely sadistic and psychopathic certain correctional officers at Grand Valley are. Many were clearly taking pleasure in my torment, and did not bother to hide the smiles from their faces.

Tying a human being up like that for twenty-two hours is absolutely barbaric. I called the Office of the Correctional Investigator, talked to Shannon Stewart and complained about how I was treated. She refused to help me and told me not to call her office again. I am now banned from taking my case to the Correctional Investigator. This mean whatever happens to me I can not get any help or even lodge a complaint. (Editor’s note: after calling the Correctional Investigator to question Shannon Stewart, we were told by a receptionist that they will look into the matter, but they did not contact us back.)

I passed the time singing some of my favourite songs which is what I had been doing six years ago when I met Ashley. I was laughed at, mocked and called names by two of the correctional officers who were assigned to peer at me. So I began to swear at them, exactly as Ashley Smith used to do. I want to remind readers these officers are supposed to be entrusted with my well being. Yet the officers invited three other inmates to join in causing me more stress. Also I would like to remind readers that I was on watch in the very same area where Ashley Smith died, and all this was taking place while Ashley’s inquest was all over the news.

Shame on Grand Valley Institution for treating human beings that way. Even more so, shame on the Federal Government for giving psychopathic police and prison guards the opportunity to torture and abuse citizens while protecting themselves from punishment. Grand Valley Institution for Women is rife with staff corruption and extremely poor management. As I write this article it is almost midnight, and one of the correctional officers working the segregation unit tonight was actually the acting correctional manager on the morning that Ashley died. She was NINETEEN years old, and the guards don’t give a damn!

This is not to say Ashley’s experiences were the same as mine, but Grand Valley staff members still have not learned from her death. Ashley Smith is still dead and nothing can be done to give her back the life that she lost. The only thing we can give to Ashley is a legacy of change within correctional facilities across Canada. Clearly staff need to be much better trained in areas of sensitivity and suicide prevention. I am sad to say until this happens Ashley’s death will remain a homicide rather then a suicide.

(Editor’s note: due to this article most of the author’s inbound and outbound mail has been seized by correctional staff without being delivered. This smuggled article is being published without the permission of the Correctional Service of Canada.)


Mike Crawley, Liberal Party Politics and Industrial Wind Turbines


Hansard Snippets referencing Mike Crawley and the advance of Industrial Wind Turbines Into Ontario (What’s a few million between friends!)

Here are a few excerpts regarding Mr. Crawley from the Ontario Legislature:

Mr. Runciman: Once again the Premier clearly avoided the questions dealing with adherence to bid requirements. We’re talking about a contract that provided a company headed by a prominent Liberal with a guaranteed 20-year, $66,000-a-day contract. This is a very lucrative deal, and the hard-working taxpayers of Ontario have a right to know if this contract was awarded appropriately.

Today I received information indicating that Mr. Mike Crawley, the president of AIM PowerGen, sent an e-mail in the midst of the bid process to various parties encouraging their attendance at the energy minister’s fundraiser at $5,000 a pop. Premier, I’m sending copies of this material over to you and asking that you have an independent third party review the contract award process to ensure that it was absolutely above-board.

Mr. Hampton: The McGuinty government has tried to make a big thing out of a little bit of wind energy, but what do we discover when we look at who is getting the contracts for the 300 or so megawatts of wind turbines?  One Mike Crawley’s name comes to mind. Who is Mike Crawley? Mike Crawley has done just about every job that a Liberal hack could do. If you read his resumé — all you have to do is go to the federal Liberal Party’s Web site and it’s right there — he’s counted paperclips and he’s sharpened pencils, he’s answered the phone and he’s been the gofer for this and the gofer for that. He’s made his living being a Liberal hack.

What is he going to get for his dedicated work as a Liberal hack? He’s getting a $475-million guaranteed hydro contract at 8 cents a kilowatt hour, wholesale price. People wonder why their hydro bill is going to go up. Let me tell you, your hydro bill is going to go up because the McGuinty government is going to be busy shovelling money into the back pocket of this Liberal hack.

If you go and look even at his own CV, it says that his other experience in life besides counting paperclips for the Liberal Party is some sales at the Bank of Commerce. Has this guy ever worked for an electricity company? No. Does he know how to put the plug-in in the wall? I doubt it. Has he got any experience working for an electricity company? No. He is a Liberal hack and he’s going to get a $475-million contract, guaranteed at 8 cents a kilowatt hour. That’s why the hydro bill is going to go through the roof.

Mr. Runciman: It just shows you how non-partisan we can be. In the announcement yesterday, you handed the folks at AIM PowerGen an incredibly lucrative contract, made even more lucrative by the fact that you fixed a price for the energy they’ll hopefully produce at eight cents per kilowatt hour, roughly 60% higher than the fixed price consumers will now pay.

This is a deliberately inflated price. The trouble is, it’s not for one year or five years; it’s for 20 years. In AIM PowerGen’s case, that’s worth $475 million in return for a modest 99 megawatts of power, a mere drop in the bucket, given that Ontario can now produce 30,000 megawatts. Your Liberal friends are now cashing in on a decision you made to the tune of a big red-ribbon-wrapped $475 million. How do you justify this extraordinary cost to a senior Liberal for a relatively small amount of power? I agree that this is not $9 million in backrooms; this is $24 million a year for 20 years to a Liberal crony.

Given what we believe is an obvious conflict of interest, will you immediately put this contract on hold, pending a review by Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner? If you have nothing to hide, let the independent Integrity Commissioner look at this $475-million deal. Will you do that?

Mr. Howard Hampton (Kenora-Rainy River): This question is for the Acting Premier. Just a few months ago, on June 24, the energy minister stood in the Legislature and boasted that 90 companies had come forward and expressed interest in generating renewable electricity in Ontario and that the total of the offers was 4,400 megawatts. In other words, there were a lot of companies that came forward; a lot of operators came forward offering to generate renewable power. Can you explain how it is that the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, Ontario wing, gets a guaranteed 20-year deal to sell electricity to the hydro system at prices 60% higher than the current wholesale price?

The McGuinty government is giving the president of the Liberal Party a rich private hydro contract. I say that’s cronyism. I say it’s conflict of interest. Will you immediately terminate this rich contract for your Liberal friend? I want to just talk about Mr. Crawley’s expertise. Just go to the Liberal Web site. There’s Paul Martin. There’s Mr. Crawley. Here’s his expertise: Mike Crawley, president. Mike Crawley has extensive party experience. He has served the party in a number of capacities, including on riding executives, campaign teams, young Liberal executives and staff positions with federal MPs, the party office and the office of the Leader of the Opposition in Ontario.

This guy is a Liberal hack. He’s a Liberal hack, and you’re handing him a $475-million contract. Where I come from, we call this wrong. Where I come from, we call this cronyism. Where I come from, we call this conflict of interest.

Mr. Hampton: Will you terminate the contract? Hon Mr. Duncan: What the member failed to indicate was that Mr. Crawley is also the president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association. Here is what really stinks: He goes to the Liberal policy conference three weeks ago and tells you what your hydro policy should be, and then three weeks later, he gets a $475-million contract. Where I come from, this stinks. This stinks. Will you do the responsible thing and will you terminate this blatant conflict of interest, this blatant payoff to your Liberal friend?

…we have the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, Ontario wing, and even his own CV says that he was in sales management for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and before that he was a political hack. You are going to give him a $475-million contract at 60% higher than the current price of electricity. Meanwhile, for low- and modest-income families, who have been hit by an over-20% increase in their hydro prices, you are only going to give them a dollar for every extra $20 that you take out of their pockets. Maybe you can tell me, is this the McGuinty government’s definition of “change” — you whack ordinary Ontarians with double-digit hydro price increases and you give the president of the Liberal Party a guaranteed $475-million contract? Do you know what? Ninety companies came forward, and somehow the president of the Liberal Party, who has virtually no experience in this field, comes out on top.

According to the McGuinty government, you could have a bank robbery and you could have the bank robber walking off with the money and as long as you had an independent consultant who said, “It’s all fair,” that would be fine with the McGuinty government. Here is what is happening out there. It’s a very cold day today; in many places, it’s snowing. Across Ontario people who have to use electric heat are using a lot of electricity. They are being whacked with double-digit hydro rate increases. Many of them can barely afford it, yet the McGuinty government definition of “change” is that those people should be whacked; they should have money taken out of their pockets so that the president of the Liberal Party can walk away with a $475-million guaranteed contract.

The idea behind the standard offer was to encourage local communities to put together ten megawatt projects. The OPA provides small electricity generators (from residential photovoltaic rooftop generation of one kilowatt up to small wind farms of ten megawatts) with a standard pricing regime. John Kourtoff, president of Toronto’s Trillium Power Wind Corporation says, “The SOP is very good, but it’s been abused by the industry. It was meant for community power, but developers chopped big projects up into smaller, ten megawatt parcels.” Namely, Mike Crawley, AIM Powergen and the Harrow project.  They have abused the Standard Offer Program, thus pushing the smaller investor aside by piecemealing 4 projects into one in order to obtain the premium government sponsored subsidy.

Cry Baby Ainslie

February 26, 2014

Greetings from Ward 43!  Ainslie land once, no more.


It is truly hard for constituents to understand why Councillor, or anti-councillor, as he is now called, Ainslie, is spending so much on advertising his activities, pre-election mode. Flyer after flyer. How much has he spent, and is it legal?  Would he be quick to chastise the Mayor for these activities if they had occurred? Oh we do recall his good friend, and former boss, and current Mayoral candidate, Mr David Soknacki at city hall recently, whacking at the Mayor’s office for possibly being in election mode?  Calling the kettle something? Maybe Soknacki didn’t examine his good friend’s activities much.

Mr. Ainslie has hardly endeared himself to his constituents lately.  Baby like antics, petulance and arrogance appear to have overtaken the once more sedate persona.  Remember Mr. Ainslie’s big pout after not getting Budget Chief?  Toronto remembers this well. It didn’t take rocket science to figure out the big “Hate On” for the Mayor. Then, of course, things went from bad to worse.  Toronto Star attacks, very personal in nature, ugly, and not mindful of his own Driving Under the Influence suspension.  

Then the anti-subway vote. Ainslie was the only East End councillor to vote against his constituents, and indeed most of Toronto, hungry for up to date speedy and warm transportation.  According to one local, this vote was again a cry baby response to punish the Mayor for presumably overlooking the fine upstanding councillor, Ainslie, for budget chief.

Here is a letter which pretty much tells it like it is for the east end sentiment on subways vs Light Rail.

Dear Mr. Soknacki

Here is what my transportation experts (none of them politicians or news hounds) say about your reply:

Soknacki doesn’t know what he is talking about. LRT’s do not have the same capacity as subways. LRT carry 40,000 people per day while subways carry about 200,000 people per day. LRT only serve as feeders to an already extensive subway system in London and Paris. Calgary is only the size of Scarborough, so LRT is adequate there because it is much smaller than Toronto. Toronto is too big for LRTs and needs high capacity transit. The corridor along Sheppard is not wide enough to build an LRT as well as maintain the current number of traffic lanes. Also – there is the speed. LRTs only go about 13-17 km/h depending on the time of the day, while subways are up to 60 km/h which is the same as cars on the road.

Your assertion that LRTs are not the same as St. Clair Avenue’s is moot. The many LRTs and Rapid Transits included in the Metrolinx Big Move, are little different from the streetcars on St. Clair Avenue. They are all streetcars of somewhat different length than St. Clair’s, lower and air-conditioned. But with them running on their six inch high platforms they will be clogging the main roads just as badly or maybe worse than the ones on St. Clair Avenue West and they will take two lanes away from automobile traffic. Saying that these main roads will not be restricted to one lane anywhere is wrong. Just go measure the width of Sheppard Avenue East at the brand new Go Train underpass and show me how a frickin’ LRT can fit without restricting the road to one lane on the South side. And pretty well the same applies to the underpass at the CNR track between Midland and Brimley!

I’m surprised how many politicians in Toronto are not smart enough to see how these LRTs are going to double or triple the gridlock we already have. Toronto had a streetcar elimination plan in 1966 (attached) and bringing them back in 2014 under a different name can’t make them any better nor get rid of gridlock. Will we ever get rid of that destructive David Miller NDP mentality in Toronto that tears down everything but never builds anything useful? I guess not as long as we have the pedestrian – bicycle crowd in charge of the City of Toronto’s planning department who want to impose their downtown agenda on the entire City. And our city isn’t going to make any progress as long as city councillors vote to punish the Mayor instead of voting for what the city needs. Can’t we find a few politicians who live in 2014 instead of 1930? Mr. Soknacki certainly isn’t one of these. (Editor’s Note: neither is buddy Ainslie)
Karl Haab

It is clear that Soknacki Wanna Be is a cut from the cloth of Wanna Be Ainslie. Or vice versa.

We also heard about the Mayor having to solve community issues in Ward 43 because their anti councillor neglected or in instances worked “against” them, with insolence and bitterness.  
Someone also wrote: “Please tell Councillor Ainslie to stop talking about his constituents behind their backs.”  

So childish Ainslie could possibly benefit from more schooling, in the real world of polite behaviour and maybe the Mayor could show him how to respond properly to community concerns. How about next time a mature version of a councillor, and one that doesn’t backstab a very popular Mayor. You think?

David Miller yes-man and high spender Joe Mihevc, blowing your money in the wind! Joe Mihevc is the single WORST city councillor in Toronto’s history. For the premier issue of Ward 21 News we decided to let Joe Mihevc’s anti-taxpayer voting record, displayed on City Hall’s website speak for itself:


Councillor Mihevc voted YES to his own pay raise.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to public discloser of campaign contributions.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to make ambulances an essential service.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to spend $2 million to eliminate traffic lanes.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to waste $13 million on bikes lanes.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to save $80 million by reducing staff.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to save $1 million on office budgets.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to David Miller’s corny jobs for campaign donors.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to $45 million dollars in city hall upgrades.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to ban ALL plastic bottles and a 5 cent bag fee.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to spend $360 to just tear down the Gardiner Expressway.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to honour Canadian service men who died in Afghanistan.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to reduce the size and spending of city councillor.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to ending $80,000 in free meals to councillors.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to refusing $255,000 in free baseball tickets for councillors.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to new car registration taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to new land transfer taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to allow handicapped seniors exemption from those taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to any public referendum on his new taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to free home delivery of crack pipes and heroin needles.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to more garbage taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to any public meetings about his new garbage taxes.

Councillor Mihevc voted YES to up property taxes by 3.8%.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate free city wide parking for city councillors.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate free TTC passes for city councillors.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate free golf passes for city councillors.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate $20g in cigarette handouts for the homeless.

Councillor Mihevc voted NO to eliminate $60g in booze handouts for the homeless.

Stop your thinking and start your drinking!


Generally, the few times Ward 19 Councillor Mike Layton wakes up at the tick of 6 AM his constituents don’t expect him to start guzzling down a 40 of malt liquor as soon as possible. People who drink as soon as they wake up is what you would call a drunk in shambles. From sunrise to pass-out the obsession for alcohol begins and does not stop until alcoholic liver disease puts a permanent end to the plastered. Some have said that Councillor Layton romances the bottle like a cheap masseuse first thing in the morning.

Councillor Layton’s plan for bars to start serving liquor before the crack of dawn is fraught with danger. People who start drinking alcohol as soon as they get up are definitely alcoholics. There’s no two ways about this one. Drinking is a thinking disease. It cannot just be voted out like certain dimwitted lefty politicians.

If Mike Layton wants to hit the bottle at six in the morning, the chances are good that he has a serious problem with alcoholism. At night, you can simply have a drink without need for any particular reason. Yet hitting up the bar just before the sun comes out, society demands you explain your alcoholic intake. Councillor Layton finally found his reason to peddle his cure. Sure Canadian Gold at the Olympic Games maybe an excellent reason to get sh*tfaced, but not this early. Councillor Layton must assume all his constituents are on ODSP without the irritating inconvenience of keeping down a regular job.

Even in the most rambunctious British football firms, hooligan save their piss up for the evening matches. The roughest football club supporters could not codswallop an excuse for such a cock up. Come on Councillor Layton, you know for a fact alchies are just going to keep drinking until last call, only to loiter outside the bar for a few hours until the doors open bright and early again!

If Councillor Mike Layton is unwilling to seek help, he must be forced into a CAMH centre for treatment. Based on clinical experience from many alcoholism treatment specialists the practice of downing morning shots fundamentally conflicts with modern ideas about employment. Councillor Layton we demand you take a very long unpaid, probably permanent vacation while you deal with your problems. If you continue to knock back a few wake up stiffeners that’s fine with us, as long as us taxpayers stop picking up your tab.


 Mayor Rob Ford and music promoter and publisher Leroy St. Germaine have had a ‘fast one’ played on them both by the Toronto Star newspaper. While Mayor Rob was visiting Austin, Texas to explore the musical landscape, Leroy was as busy as usual down at the Music Office. Months later, on Tuesday February 12th/2014 the Toronto Star asked, “WHAT IF TORONTO CREATED A MUSIC OFFICE?” Say wha-a-a-a-t!?! Where have these morons been (?)….or is something more sinister afoot? You can bet it’s the latter.

 Neither the mayor nor Leroy is mentioned a single time in the article on page A-3. Giving credit where credit’s due has never been a high priority for Toronto’s notorious fish-wrap commonly known as the ‘Star’. The guest columnist is another music promoter who says that he envisions an entity that would serve as an arbitrator between city councillors, residents and the industry. Over the past several decades Leroy has discovered that city councillors have been detrimental to the live music scene in Toronto. The existing Toronto Music Office would never get tangled up a millionth time with the present batch of self-serving councillors like Vaughan, Davis, McMahon, Fletcher and the like.

 The Beaches Blues Fest, the Danforth Music Festival and 100+ musical fundraisers and special events have been coordinated out of the Music Office which is located in the Beaches….WITHOUT A PENNY OF TAXPAYERS’ MONEY!!! To Leroy, it’s all about the music and the musicians and he has fought battles against councillors who have tried to muscle in for a piece of the action. That ain’t gonna happen! Austin has dubbed itself the “live music capital of the world”, yet Toronto’s industry is five times larger. Toronto City Limits and the Toronto/Austin Musician Exchange are the newest additions created over the office’s 20+ years of service to the musical community.

 When the Toronto Star pretends that Mayor Rob’s trip didn’t happen or omits that Leroy St. Germaine has ran the Music Office for many years their journalistic integrity is again called into question. Due to their well-known dishonesty, we would prefer that the Star cease and desist from writing about Mayor Ford, Leroy St. Germaine, the Music Office or anything related to all of the above.

 To contact the Music Office call Leroy at 416-693-6325 or 1-866-69BLUES

Gord Perks’ Money Tree

February 18, 2014


Dear LeRoy,

 I am a crack dealer in North York who has recently been diagnosed as a carrier of the HIV virus. My parents live in Oshawa. One of my sisters lives in Mississauga and is married to a transvestite.

 My father and mother have recently been arrested for growing and selling marijuana. They are financially dependent on my other two  sisters, who are prostitutes on the Danforth.

 I have 2 brothers: one is currently serving a non-parole life sentence at the Millhaven Institution in Bath for the murder of a teenage boy in 1994. My other brother is currently in jail awaiting charges of sexual misconduct with his 3 children.

 I have recently become engaged to marry a former firearms broker who sleeps in a tent in High Park. She now has a responsible minimum wage job flipping burgers at McDonalds part time. My landlord does not allow visitors in my rented room, so we need to go to underground parking lots for quickies.

 All things considered, my problem is this. I love my hump cushion and look forward to bringing her into the family. I certainly want to be totally open and honest with her.

 Should I tell my now tax-paying fiancé that Gord Perks voted against a 40 percent cut on councillors’ budgets? If Ward 14 Councillor Gord Perks is such an environmentalist why doesn’t he hug trees during the cold winter nights in a Wal-Mart discounted popup tent?


 Worried About My Rent

 Dear Worried About My Rent,

 Tell your homeless soon to be wife you would rather piss on an electric fence then have four more years of Parkdale-High Park Councillor Perks. Four more years of Gord Perks means four more years on a Toronto Community Housing waiting list wile Gordy Boy rakes in the cash!


 LeRoy St. Germaine

 Your Ward News,  Editor-in-chief



Political corruption is an art form that has been perfected by Ward 20’s Councillor Adam Vaughan in the form of a clever document entitled the Planning Act. Secreted into SECTION 37 of the document are 50 words of legalese to be decoded. Of course, city councillors know exactly what these words mean. In theory, SECTION 37 is designed to deliver benefits to individual wards – playgrounds, art facilities, affordable housing, rec centers, etc. In reality it delivers a pay-off to councillors from developers…RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN!!!

Our Investigative Division is gathering information in an attempt to separate the benefits from the liabilities that reside within the gray area between ethical and legal issues. SECTION 37 allows Councillor Vaughan to negotiate what amount the pay-off from the developer will be and what the pay-off will be used for on an ad hoc (single purpose) basis. Mayor Rob Ford has correctly characterized this process as a ‘SHAKEDOWN’. “If a developer proposes a six-storey structure, the city first says, “NO! Not allowed”. But if you lay a couple million on the local councillor for the projects that the councillor desires, we can possibly smooth out the deal for you”. (It makes one wonder how many public servants get a cut).

SECTION 37 overrides the city’s Official Plan and allows the likes of Adam Vaughan to shake down the builders to the tune of 51.5 million dollars. If all of this development that we now endure is so great for the city’s individual wards, why are the builders denied approval until they donate to totally unrelated community projects? “It’s disgusting”, railed Councillor Doug Ford. “No councillor at all should be involved in negotiating monies with any developer in the city”. At this time the situation represents the ‘appearance of impropriety’ and the smell of a ‘conflict of interest’.

The hardened reality of criminal behaviour in these regards has been dramatically revealed in Montreal. When the chips begin to fall in Toronto, the Quebec politicians that were jailed for the same activity will seem like Boy Scouts. Girl Scouts, too!!! Councillor Adam Vaughan is the leader of the pack of a gang that represents the worst of municipal politics and organized crime. Their reputation as “leftists” serves as perfect cover to plunder city coffers. That’s because the purloined ducats are supposedly used to improve the quality of life for the residents of a ward, especially the less fortunate. But sweetheart deals, kick-backs and shakedowns are surely Adam Vaughan’s odd brand of “socialism”.

Your Ward News will continue to expose Councillor Vaughan’s sophisticated burglary tools like SECTION 37 right up to Election Day. True democracy requires facts. It is also a fact that only YOU can improve our city’s future. Contact Councillor Adam Vaughan and demand ALL his financial records. See you at the voting booth.




Official Ford Nation

February 13, 2014

Official Ford Nation

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and City Councillor Doug Ford discuss everything from politics to sports. Subscribe to the all-new Ford Nation channel here: http://www.youtube.com/officialfordnation

Get to know the Mayor that the whole world is talking about. Send any questions you may have for the Mayor and/or his brother Doug to fordnation2014@gmail.com

Mothers Against Turbines

February 10, 2014

Mothers Against Turbines

On FEB 24 will let ALL politicians at Queens Park know that WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY and that existing and proposed industrial wind turbines have to be dealt with and will AGAIN be a major election issue.

A long time friend and fellow musician Jon Long is what has given me the idea for this Article! There’s been in Major Cities all around the world a phenomena where actors, artists and dancers will call, text and tweet one another.  Then they will pick a time and place to meet.  The participants will meet with a Leader/Conductor or will just adlib and entertain amongst themselves.  They refer to this activity as Gorilla Theatre. (Gorilla as in Gorilla Hit and Run Tactics).  Jon not knowingly has done this same sorta thing is well, but to the Jam Circuit  in Toronto!  Most positively affecting the whole Music Community.  I’ve been working with Jon Long now for over 30 years on many live shows, benefits and recording projects and have become a close friend and fan of his over the years.

Several years ago Jon Long, Norrah, Wallachy and myself (Don Woods) have recorded a CD with several Scavenger Musicians. Due to certain situations at the time the CD was mothballed until these things were resolved.  Recently Jon came to me and said it was time to properly release these works on his new Label which he shares with his new partner Susan Shaw.  A very savvy and worthy partner in this latest endeavour, on his on-going march into the world of Music Promotion.  We should be proud of his support to the Musical Community and applaud his efforts. Hooray Jon Long!!

Ashley Smith’s Legacy

February 6, 2014

From our reporter inside Grand Valley

By Michelle L. Erstikaitis


As I write this follow up to my earlier Your Ward News exclusive “Knowing Ashley” (published March 2013) it is New Years Eve, and I am currently housed in the maximum security segregation unit of Grand Valley Institution for Women. The very unit on which Ashley Smith died six years ago.

I came back to Grand Valley on November 20th, 2013, and I have been housed on the segregation unity for exactly twenty-four hours at the time of writing. I am currently being held in cell number five, just four doors down from cell number one, the infamous cell in which Ashley lost her life.

However, my current stay at Grand Valley has been fraught with difficulty of unbelievable proportions, and I have not only been housed in cell number one myself on two separate occasions on High Intensity Suicide Watch, but I have actually been tied down in preventive self harm restraints which correctional personnel refer to as “pinel restraints”, nicknamed after the Philippe Pinel Institute in Quebec. There have been infamous media videos of Ashley Smith tied down in these same restraints. Ashley Smith’s doctor Renée Fugère testified that pinel restraints are only to be used as a “last resort, when all interventions fail.”

During this particular stay at Grand Valley, I have been in the exact same living conditions which Ashley Smith herself experienced, and I believe that I am able to offer some first hand insight into what Ashley may have felt. Further to that, I also believe that the recent ruling rendered by the jury at Ashley’s inquest that her death was an act of homicide was certainly the right decision, given the behaviour and actions of Grand Valley prison staff. Not only were the staff negligent and even cruel when dealing with Ashley to the point that it almost certainly caused her death, but I am able to reassure both readers of Your Ward News as well as members of the public that Grand Valley staff have NOT learned a single thing, and what happened to Ashley will undoubtedly happen again.

Grand Valley Institution for women is rife with staff corruption, and extremely poor management. As I write this article it is almost midnight, and one of the correctional officers working the segregation unit tonight was actually the acting correctional manager on the morning that Ashley died. This whole past week she has been working on the segregation unit, and I have spoken with her numerous times, and I simply can not believe how absolutely self centred she is. The first day that she was on the segregation unit, I showed her a copy of my previous article for Your Ward News ‘Knowing Ashley’ and I said to her “Have you seen this?” She glanced at the headline and snapped “That is a really sensitive subject, I lost my job over that!” Of course she must have noticed my name under the title and been curious about what I wrote. She was back at my door forty minutes later saying “I changed my mind, I want to see that article!”

I said to her “I am suicidal and need to be put on a suicide watch.” The officer stared to me and did not reply for what seemed to be nearly a full minute, and what she said was “you don’t look suicidal to me.” It was just after 10 P.M. I replied “well, I AM suicidal, and I’d like to be placed on a suicide watch.”

The officer smirked at me, and said “I’ll see what I can do” and left. I waited patiently, listening to the inmates on my unit laugh at me and mock me for saying that I was suicidal, and the waiting period stretched on. After at least fifteen minutes, probably closer to twenty I finally pressed my cell call button again, and waited for about five minutes before staff came onto the unit. Yet they were not there to answer my cell call, they were there to do a regularly scheduled unit check, and they tried to walk past my door. I knocked on my door, and insisted. “I am suicidal, and I need to be put on a suicide watch! I spoke to an officer almost twenty minutes ago, what is going on???”

This was a different officer, and this one said to me “we are just waiting for the correctional manager.” I could not believe my ears, and I only wished that I had been clever enough to smuggle in with me some kind of voice recording device. My calls of help were ignored as I was left waiting. I guess I should not have been surprised, given how many times that poor Ashley had been put through the exact same thing.

Exasperated and more then a little bit ticked off, I rang my cell call button for the third time and when the staff arrived this time there were three of them. They opened my door this time, but rather then take me directly to segregation and put me on a suicide watch as I had requested nearly an hour earlier, they brought me to an interview room. The acting correctional manager and three officers actually proceeded to attempt to talk me out of going on suicide watch.

It was incredible… they told me that I did not look suicidal, and even when I told them that I was in fact very depressed despite appearances because a fairly close friend of mine had just passed away, they were clearly set against putting me on a suicide watch.

I was not crying, interestingly Ashley Smith rarely cried, if ever at all. Near the end of our lengthy meeting I glanced on the clock on the wall an noticed it was midnight. Still I was arguing to be placed on a suicide watch. “You know I’ve been trying to get on suicide watch for two hours now. Did you guys do this to Ashley Smith? I am going to call the media and the correctional investigator if you do not put me on suicide watch right now!” That did it.

“Fine” one of the officers snapped, after conferring with her colleagues privately. “Your getting your wish” she said as if doing me a huge favour. The abuse was soon to follow. I was brought down to segregation cell number one where I wore a suicide gown, and had a correctional officer seated outside of my door. It was a Sunday evening, so perhaps I had inadvertently interrupted a staff poker game, or something.

The following Wednesday I submitted an official complaint detailing the difficulty I had encountered after disclosing that I was suicidal. One week later I was returned to the general population. I once again reported that I was suicidal and was locked in a visiting room for nearly an hour. I passed the time singing some of my favourite songs which is what I had been doing six years ago when I met Ashley. I was laughed at, mocked and called names by two of the correctional officers who were assigned to peer at me. So I began to swear at them, exactly as Ashley Smith used to do. I want to remind readers that I was on suicide watch and these officers are supposed to be entrusted with my well being. Yet the officers invited three other inmates to join in causing me more stress. Also I would like to remind readers that I was on suicide watch in the very same area where Ashley Smith died, and all this was taking place while Ashley’s inquest was all over the news.

I was placed in pinel restraints after harming myself. It was a rather surreal experience and I suppose that it feels like a cross between a peculiar form of torture with minimal pain. After I was tied up for 22 hours straight with heavy restraints, I called the Office of Correctional Investigations and talked to a Shannon Stewart. I complained about how I was treated. She refused to help me and told me not to call her office again.

This is not to say Ashley’s experiences were the same as mine, but Grand Valley staff still have not learned from her death. Ashley Smith is still dead and nothing can be done to give her back her life that she lost. The only thing we can give to Ashley is a legacy of chance within correctional facilities across Canada. Clearly staff need to be much better trained in areas of sensitivity and suicide prevention. I am sad to say until this happens Ashley’s death will remain a homicide rather then a suicide.



172 Main Street
at Gerrard Street East
Toronto, ON M4E 2W1


The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, taxpayer subsidized and government monopolized was Ontario’s answer to prohibition. One of the world’s largest sellers of alcoholic beverages the LCBO proudly boasts it’s one of the only crown corporations to turn a profit! How exactly could it not? Known for their high prices and poor hours, the LCBO is a laughing stock to Western Canadians where privatization and countless small beer vendors are the norm. While Canada is subject to the Excise Act which contributes to the cost of beverages the vast majority of hidden liquor tax customers pay is provincial. With brands selling in Ontario for up to 60% more than in New York State. Using a legally sanctioned price fixing mechanism to guarantee profits and discourage price competition the LCBO enforces minimum selling prices on all their products.

The LCBO returns around $1.2 billion to the Ontario government which is a pathetically poor amount considering the large market share it retains. Due to the inevitable red tape and bureaucracy ripe in the public sector, this is not a surprise. In an effort to discourage any complaints of government-granted monopolistic hematophagy the province grants two small private companies to “compete”. Yet the Beer Store keeps the same LCBO hours and policies, while the Wine Rack by a fluke of the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario is allowed to sell only Ontario wines from a small coalition of independent vineyards.

Private liquor stores and/or motor hotel vendors are legal in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. They are legal in most jurisdictions on the face of the planet. Yet according to the Ontario government if private beverage resellers open up, and people are allowed to buy some drinks a single tick after 5:00 pm on a Sunday all hell will brake lose. Kids will be knocking back a mickey on the street, while drunk drivers run over elderly ladies and bare knuckle boxing brawls brake out in every park. Heck, Al Capone himself will rise from the grave and start bootlegging tax-free bathtub gin. The entire province will go blind with alcohol poisoning!

In order to avoid this disaster up until the early 1960’s the LCBO licensed drinkers the same way that driving is licensed. People who wanted to drink had to fill in several application forms and were issued individually numbered liquor permits that kept a record of the individual’s purchase history, just to buy some suds. Even past 1975 the LCBO conducted its own massive spying operations on customers employing an army of under cover investigators that clandestinely visited customer’s homes, workplaces, banks, neighbours and even churches to decide if an adult was worthy enough sip a sherry. Not only was this a blatant violation of privacy, but also a huge waste of taxpayer dollars to embarrass the public into temperance. Hundreds of thousands of individuals were blacklisted and banned from every retailer in the province, in some cases just because their investigation showed a customer bounced the rent cheque at their bank.

The main benefit of selling the LCBO would be sixteen billion dollars that would be the immediate windfall from the sale. And even with this one-time profit, the province could actually earn more money by dismantling the high-margin retail stores while keeping the lucrative wholesale business. The Alberta government actually showed more profit by privatizing their stores while acting as the middle man between the importers/manufactures and the stores.

With the ticking time bomb that is Ontario’s debt the government can not afford to keep the LCBO. All newborn babies born in this province owes over $20,000 in legislative debt the second they are born. Every single hour of every single day Ontario can add another $1.3 million dollars to our total debt from the interest. “A lot of Ontario’s problem stems from government entitlements and government wages which make up 50% of the money spent at Queen’s Park” according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “That’s what got Greece and what got Detroit as well.”

Here comes the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, as always offering moronic excuses of why privatization is such a filthy word that should only be spoken of in disgust. Last summer they threatened to make this a dry province unless their demands were met. Collecting the dues of 6,700 LCBO employees the union decried their contact, wanting more wages, more hours, more benefits and a signing bonus. No one makes $50,000 a year putting a bottle in a flimsy paper bag full time, except at your local LCBO. While the very few full time employees at the LCBO struck it rich, the part time contract workers who make up the rank and file had nothing to cheer about. The union clamed victory, taxing the backs of  “casual employees” on every paycheque. Working poor who got little out of the deal, yet hey at least they no longer have to wear ties to work. Well la-di-frickin-da! In the real world, companies make a profit to keep afloat while struggling to stay alive. Private sector employees can not afford to strike. They’re happy just to be employed.

The LCBO has phased out its plastic shopping bags, as part of its efforts to become a greener organization. Now handle-less LCBO paper bags make it next to impossible to carry heavy purchases, and melt in the rain. Countless oceans of the angels share made its way into the gutter thanks to this stupid move. In an effort to pretend to be green the LCBO does not want any plastic bags in landfills, ignoring the fact people use them to store garbage that would otherwise fly in the wind – and most cities accept them with recycling anyway. Thus forcing spontaneous purchases by pedestrians to buy a one dollar bag each time they shop at the LCBO.

In September 2006, the Government of Ontario announced another stupid green scam for the LCBO. The government program, which was forced on all alcohol containers in the province by charging customers a bottle deposit tax of ten to twenty cents a can or bottle and can only be refunded at Beer Store outlets. This program has been highly criticized by members of the public and employees of The Beer Store. Beer Stores were seeing upwards of 50,000 LCBO containers per week while the unprofitable nature of the program forced wage cuts and staff reductions across Ontario’s private beer distributor. In true to the LCBO’s stupidity this forced tax actually COSTS the province $15 million per year. Don’t have the transportation to take your empties back? You may like to know your friendly local binner is breaking the Residential Collection By-Law 844 by scavenging your blue bin.

God, after writing all this I need a drink…


“I don’t need that talk up here. Why don’t you just leave? You call yourself a lady? Give me a break!” – Doug Ford

Comrade Janet must take a leave of absence to get help. She is clearly out of control and is making Council a circus. They can’t get any work done with behaviour like this causing distractions. She’s made Toronto an international embarrassment. Where does she live? Let’s stalk her on her driveway and take pictures of her kids on Halloween.

Ward 31 residents are appalled and disgusted by Councillor Janet Davis’ deplorable and infantile language. It’s appalling how as a city councillor she attacks and provokes the mayor for defending himself by quoting a fake quote lefty media was bawling everywhere while a few months later telling the mayor’s brother, and her fellow councillor to S-T-F-U at a budget meeting.

To quote Davis herself “I’ve never heard such disgraceful language in statements made by an elected officer — ever!” This is beyond taking a leave of absence, councillor Janet Davis needs to resign. Her swearing can not be ignored, even if she had not been so vocal to immediately attack the Ford brothers. The updated Canadian Oxford Dictionary will soon have an image of Janet Davis to help readers better understand the word “Hypocrisy”.

Councillor Davis f’ed up immediately after Dog Ford convinced the committee to reject her motion to spend over $400,000 on an after school recreation program. Ford argued against the motion as a clear “waste of taxpayers’ money.” Councillor Ford was appalled at Councillor Davis’ “totally inappropriate” language. “I got told to basically shut my f@#king mouth, I’ve never used that language down here to another councillor!”

Janet Davis continued to demand a raise in city taxes for any and all reasons, arguing it’s what her constituents want. Not according to Budget Chief Mike Del Grande who edumacated Councillor Davis that people HAVE the opportunity to pay more taxes then required through a voluntary donation section on their property tax form. “Go count the coffers. Where are all these people that said they are willing to pay more? I’m sorry but I don’t buy that argument that people are willing to pay more, it just doesn’t exist.”

For the sake of our children, city hall is in bad need of their own unionized overpaid day care attendant to hold these lefty bullies at bay. Prone to hissy fits, dirty mouths and loud crying maybe Councillor Davis just needed a diaper change. Her clearly obvious Fordophobia and distasteful hatred for anyone at a budget meeting who demands no more taxes causes the filth to pour from her mouth. Fiscal accountability is the major trigger for Councillor Davis’ profanity syndrome. She needs some permanent time off to seek professional help so Councillor Davis can understand grown up rules and how to act in polite society. That or the good old fashioned sting of a nun’s yardstick.

This letter just sent to the editor of Your Ward News sums it all up:

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I think I could do with more training. Instead Of: I don’t have a fucking clue.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I’m an aggressive go-getter. Instead Of: I’m a fucking power-crazy bitch.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: Perhaps I can work late. Instead Of: And when the fuck do you expect me to do this?

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I’m certain that isn’t feasible. Instead Of: Fuck off arsehole.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: Really? Instead Of: Well fuck me backwards with a telegraph pole.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: Perhaps you should check with… Instead Of: Tell someone who gives a fuck.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I wasn’t involved in the project. Instead Of: Not my fucking problem.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: That’s interesting. Instead Of: What the fuck?

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I’m not sure this can be implemented within the given timescale. Instead Of: No fucking chance.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: It will be tight, but I’ll try to schedule it in. Instead Of: Why the fuck didn’t you tell me that yesterday?

Councillor Davis Try Saying: I’m not familiar with the issues. Instead Of: I’ve got my head up my fucking arse.

Councillor Davis Try Saying: Excuse me, Mr. Ford? Instead Of: Oi, fuck face.

By: Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)

Wind turbines now proliferate rural Ontario, with more projects announced nearly weekly as December 2013 closed. “Merry Christmas, Ontario.” The speed with which a rural transformation has occurred has left communities reaching deep into pockets for legal fees, creative measures to self-protect, and engaging in, even helping to refocus a shifting political landscape. Not easy, given the block of City voters with little knowledge of the rural demise.

What city dwellers may not yet appreciate, but increasing are coming to know, is that the heartland of Ontario, the vibrant foodland and historic muscle of the province, Northern communities with impressive tourism and natural beauty,  have been mercilessly shredded of democratic rights, rights to have a say about massive industrial energy facilities, and split from basic rights to protect home, property, community, and property values.   In a few short years, the Green Energy and Economy Act  has all but “snuffed” democratic principles and laws,  and meaningful public participation. Seventy-five Municipalities have declared themselves “unwilling participants” to wind turbine projects.  To little heed. More and more anti wind groups form as communities are faced with menacing turbine projects that will deface their landscapes and impact their lives indefinitely. There is break neck enlightenment about the impacts of turbines as projects creep from municipality to municipality, region by region, town by town.  Sometimes it is a $10 million project for Bhuddist meditation (Cavan) that conjures up possible relief, a legal challenge.  Sometimes it is an Important Bird Area. Most often  it is human health impacts.  But the roll out of projects into pristine and sensitive, often iconic landscapes, historic and multi generational farms,  is relentless. And the promise to “converse” with communities about siting of turbine factories leaves bitter taste when we think of the rural realities.

Ontario now knows of 46 families that cannot live in their homes, but how many more are living elsewhere, at cottages, in trailers, some in parking lots at Walmarts nearby, not having self-reported their eviction? How many bought out with gag orders? Hundreds reporting ill health to an MOE (Ministry of the Environment) that has acknolwedged for years now that they do not know how to mitigate the complaints; and they have done nothing to shut down offending turbines. How many economic losses of reduced farm viabilitiy?  How much dead or damaged, greatly reduced numbers of livestock? How many property values lost, some entirely?  If you wanted to imagine a rural Ontario in a more chaotic and angry mood, it would not be possible.

Add to this angst neighbors who have sold out, bought the contract, sometimes 8 or 10 thousand per year per turbine, sometimes muc more. Hosting turbines is big business. Nothing, in our view, could be more divisive.

Like bees to honey

A snapshot of the current world of industrial wind provides us with some insight.  There are a few developers getting rich, very rich. Lucrative tax incentives, subsidies, loan guarantees, preferred access to the grid, even payments to NOT produce, all in the interests of the developer, not the public good.  Internationally, it is becoming known, well known, that the engorgement by wind companies is gutting economies, causing  net job losses as the costs of power guts manufacturing, that the green hysteria has led us to an environmental vandalism of the highest order, from which we will not recover for generations.  (In June of 2013, for one example, Mendick and Malnick reported from the UK that in one year alone, wind turbine developers received 1.2 BILLION pounds in subsidies.)

An expensive nightmare

In February of 2013, nearly one year ago, Member of the Australian Parliament, Alby Shultz, commented on the “unfortunate reality.” 


« The renewable energy target was designed to assist with climate change by reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. The unfortunate reality of this is that it has become what I have described as ‘the biggest government sponsored fraud in the history of our country’. »

 These words were echoed in the UK, when the Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, espoused that wind turbine factories are causing “huge unhappiness,” and they are a ‘complete scam.’  The list of countries scrambling to disengage from this “huge unhappiness” and economic vandalism continues to accelerate.  Germany continues to build 24 more coal fired plants and acknowledges the energy poverty, reduced industrial competitiveness, and complete failure of its green energy policies.  Partially violent protests took place recently in energy chaotic Bulgaria, as people set energy bills on fire to protest the increasingly unsustainable high cost of power.  Those rising costs were immensely tied with the subsidies given to wind and solar developers.

What then is the real truth about the turbine misrepresentations causing disharmony and poverty, and the story of apparently scandalous, government assisted, ill-gotten gains?

  • Wind turbines simply do not produce sufficient or meaningful power. With about 240,000 turbines worldwide, we only capture less than one half of one percent of our needs. Net Zero. Because reliable back up is required at all times, there is also a growth industry in coal and gas.
  • Wind turbines are manufactured from oil and gas, transported using oil and gas, and require up to 1000 gallons of oil and lubricants in the moving parts. They contain highly toxic rare earth elements from China in the magnets. The carbon fiber blades, some 100 meters in rotor diameter, cannot be recycled. Turbines do not last 20-25 years, but begin to experience mechanical failures and wear and tear within 5 years, and generally last a mere 10-15 years.  Hardly long term thinking.
  • Energy sprawl from transmission lines, turbine factories themselves as well as substations, create dead zones for wildlife, and cause unnatural distortions in food sourcing.  Massive numbers of birds and bats are killed, and the developers get to do their own mortality studies. It is now known that 90-95% of mortality is NOT reported.
  • Some species will become extinct from wind turbine proliferation. There are permits given to developers to “harm, harass, main and kill as well as disturb habitat” of endangered species.  Developers have been breaking our most sacred and well intentioned laws, and are even being given get out of jail free cards, with increasing regularity.  Only recently has a developer been fined for killing birds: “The plea agreement calls for a mix of “fines, restitution and community service” in the deaths of 14 eagles and 149 other birds, including hawks, blackbirds, wrens and sparrows, between 2009 and 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement on November 22, (2013).” (Since that fine, the USFWS (Fish and Wildlife Services) has issued a new ordinance that developers may apply for permits of up to 30 years.)
  • Around the world, people are similarly reporting ill health, some to the extent of having to abandon homes, farms, often relocating to a new location, only to confront another wind project.
  • The subsidies are so entirely lucrative that developers have elaborate ways of responding to criticisms of lost homes, job losses, and “bombed out” damaged environments. The result has been a systemic scrubbing of rural values, landscapes, and economies, and darn the collateral damages.   Many properties no longer hold the same resale values: much land has been devalued, compacted from industrial action. Some properties are now worthless. There are disturbing records of losses to flocks and herds, pets, and bleeding, deformed or still born, livestock.  Some families have left the province. These thefts, losses, will not be recovered in many instances for generations, or possibly ever.
  • Job losses in Ontario continue to mount as the cost of power escalates.  Spain has lost 2.2 jobs for every so called “green job.” The UK has lost four, and Italy 5.4. The recent Samsung agreement announced by Energy Minister Chiarelli at the Empire Club at the Sheraton,  will by some estimates, cost Ontario 600 MILLION per year for the next 20 years. By any estimation this vandalism of jobs in Ontario is set to become terminal ruination.

Out of the “chaotic standstill”

It is time to restore rural Ontario and make restitution for those whose lives have been shattered.  (Ontario is part of an international movement of more than 2000 groups, millions of people, armed with the truth.  The European Platform (EPAW) has more than 650 member groups: the North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW) has more than 350.)

What remains submerged are the numbers of families who have left without a record of departure, leaving behind shattered dreams of “growing good things” in Ontario.  Uncounted masses of displaced and dead wildlife.  Uncounted tourist dollars, and lower tax values, all part of the purse, and no counting the ultimate spiritual purse we share as guardians of the land. But the accounting will become apparent.  Restitution must also begin to be part of the “conversation.”

There can be no more fruitful place to begin to restore economic confidence, than by  asking Municipalities to aggressively demand the repeal of the Green Energy and Economy Act, and an immediate end to the Feed in Tariff for wind and solar.  (All subsidies for wind and solar must end, not just for large scale projects.)

“It’s very simple. They don’t work and never can. Here’s why: 1) no energy density; 2) not dispatchable; 3) not reliable; 4) can’t store electricity. And they are ruining the environment and making people very, very sick. It’s a mania driven by a torrent of tax subsidies. The developers are all opportunists who don’t give a damn. It’s a scourge.”

 — Eric Bibler, Maine




By J.J.

 Pray that our next Ward 32 councillor will not commit sins against Beachers to the degree of our present councillor Mary Margaret-Mahon. Now that the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has rejected the so-called “building guidelines”, there is still one true believer of McMahon’s “Beach Bible”. Can you guess who that is? You guessed it….McMahon herself.

 Your Ward News clearly characterized the ‘fire hall clock sightline’ issue to be a ‘red-herring’. It’s more like the biblical ‘red-heifer’ that signals a more dramatic realization. We now realize that Beachers have been cunningly scammed. It turns out that Councillor M.M.M.’s “building guidelines” weren’t exactly commandments written in stone. They weren’t even suggestions. They were lies from the beginning.

 Named the “Visioning Study”, Beach residents were duped in to attending revival-like meetings. Phonier than a Peter Popov healing extravaganza, Beachers were asked to share their ideas that we now know would never see the light of day. When Your Ward News publisher Leroy St. Germaine was interviewed about this recent revelation he said, “NO MORE MR. NICE GUY! OUTRAGED BEACHERS ARE CONTACTING MY OFFICE IN DROVES. WHAT’S OUR NEXT MOVE? AN EXORCISM (?) ONE CALLER ASKED.”

 The confused congregation are losing their religion. Who can blame them? They were deceived in to believing Councillor M.M.M.’s ‘dumber than cold porridge’ routine. Dumb like a snake. Another sect taking part in this political and spiritual vampirism is the G.B.N.A. (Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association) and its high priest Jan Hykamp. Close family members in the real estate industry indicates a serious conflict of interest.

 And yet another Judas in our midst is local “activist” Brian Graff whose grass-roots movement is really a phony astro-turf operation created to deceive his fellow Beachers. And all for just thirty pieces of silver. And what’s with this Beach “Village” and Beach “Hill” nonsense that keeps mysteriously appearing in local publications and on suspiciously-placed hanging signs? An added effort to change and confuse the character of the Beach so that there’s no distinct character left to preserve?

 The enemy is INSIDE the gates and Your Ward News has been the only media outlet to consistently spread this gospel truth! We really dislike the idea of burning books. But if we were forced to pick one book to burn it would be Ward 32 Councillor M.M.M.’s “Beach Bible”. Lead us not into temptation. Amen, Beach brothers and sisters.


By J.J.

During the disastrous ice storm that left many in the dark, our mayor proved to be ‘king of the road’. The temporary ‘acting’ mayor, Norm Kelly, proved to be an old broken-down Chevy parked down Interstate 95 in Florida. A reunion of a few relatives took precedence over many thousands of freezing, starving and desperate Torontonians. Of course the rest of city hall’s councillor’s acted like jealous ‘junkers’, envious of our real life action-figure mayor. From Adam Vaughan to Denzil Minnan-Wong to Ward 32’s own Mary Margaret-McMahon, these real life bobbleheads spend your tax dollars with all the thoughtful consideration of drunk drivers.

Election Day falls on October 27th 2014 and the field of participants is getting crowded. The many competitors that will register will surely be stealing fuel from each others’ campaign. Few will gain much mileage, if any at all. As the front-running Ford easily out-laps the crowd, you can bet that all his opponents in the media and on council will use every trick in the book to make him crash and burn. But is any oil slick enough to make this fierce competitor hit the wall?

Your Ward News has seen Team Ford face horrendous obstacles in the recent past and has always negotiated its way around every deadly curve in the road. It is difficult to predict all the controversies and pile-ups that lay ahead, but we are certain that this will be the most exciting race in Toronto’s history

Your Ward News will be at the finish line to witness the most important prediction that we see in our crystal ball. The image we see is crystal clear, and that is….the checkered flag for Team Ford!


Written by: Ella Stopapoulios

We here at Your Ward News are asking the community to help out by calling and sending us information about their councillor, Ms. Mary Fragedakis.  We have received many reliable tips and decided to ask the  the public for their help in putting together the jigsaw puzzle that is Mary.

Sources who knew Mary from the past say she never had her own business and that this was an election fabrication.  We’d like to talk to Mary’s past clients, and previous employers to hear ourselves just what Mary did for 40 years before she became a councillor.  We’d also like to see her tax returns because we really think this story has a lot of merit.

We are very disappointed in the information that comes to us about Mary’s background and associations in the East York.  Some point out her relationship with the current president of beleaguered Greek Community of Toronto, a non-profit that has recently been under fire from its members for selling assets such as their historic cathedral, to pay down debts from a capital campaign that went sour. We have heard that board members in that association have been accused of conflicts of interest, such as placing bids on the properties surrounding a historic cathedral.  We were told that this same group of directors caused a scuffle to thwart parish members of the cathedral’s attempt to forestall the sale of those properties.

We are very concerned with Mary’s alliance with this organization and, specifically, with Mr. Antonis Artemakis, who is rumored to have financed (as well as managed) her campaign in 2010.  It’s not our business if Mary has a romantic relationship with Mr. Antonakis, we told many sources that this wasn’t our concern, but we are concerned about potential election conflicts of interest in the upcoming municipal campaign.

We’re still asking, is all this true? Well, we’d like to invite councillor

Fragedakis to have a candid interview and to provide a neutral, third-party to examine her past.  We also ask the public to help us by providing details they think are helpful in understanding Mary’s background because we feel that there is some basis in the varied complaints surrounding her bizarre background.  Mary, please send us copies of your transcripts, professional references, Canadian tax returns and please have former employers get in touch with us.  We simply want to assure the residents in your ward that you do indeed have the qualifications claimed over the years.  If these complaints are hogwash, we want to know!

We are collecting information from every source we can, please stay tuned for developments.  Mary, please call us directly, we want to hear from you.


 Under City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 59 (Emergency Management) a state of emergency is a governmental declaration that the City Council can delegate it’s authority under the City of Toronto Act, 2006 and under any other legislation, exclusively for use to the Mayor alone. As such the Mayor’s authority is supreme thus suspending the democratic functions of municipal government for a period of up to 30 days. The city can declare a state of emergency during a time of natural or man-made disaster, during a periods of civil unrest, or acts of terrorism.

 Last November council chambers illegally revolked Rob Ford’s authority during emergency situations, making Ford little more then a figurehead. All powers during a state of emergency is in the hands of Norm Kelly appointed Deputy Mayor only a few months prior. “Let the people decide — not the media, not the politicians, not the councillors. This is about democracy” Rob Ford mentioned.

 Under provincial law only Mayor Ford can declare a state of emergency, indeed under municipal law only Mayor Ford can have powers during a state of emergency. Yet toss out the rule books, less then two months after Deputy Mayor Kelly was undemocratically bestowed all emergency powers Norm Kelly demanded Mayor Ford call the ice storm a major emergency so the military can be called in! This was a power grab, plain and simple to destroy any lingering illusion of democracy in Toronto. Those tanks rumbling down Queen Street? Norm Kelly says they are here to “help you”. Now really, where have we seen this before? The last time Mel Lastman tried that he was internationally made a laughing-stock.

 A state of emergency can also be used as a rationale for suspending rights and freedoms, even if those rights and freedoms are guaranteed. While Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms known as the notwithstanding clause allows the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to override the Charter, civil liberties were ingrained into common law. Non-derogable rights were never designed to be suspended, as they are the basic foundation of western law and civilization. However modern emergency laws and latter the Charter were written to override non-derogatory rights at the fist declare of a state of emergency.

 A total of 600,000 hydro customers were without electricity for a few days to a week. Many parts of Toronto suffered a blackout from the ice storm. The storm brought about freezing rain which during the hours of 2–3 am in the morning of December 22 caused major power outages in regions with above ground power lines mostly in Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough. On the following Monday, December 23, 2013 approximately 125,000 users had their power turned on with help from crews from as far away as Michigan, Manitoba and other provinces. By New Year’s Eve, less than 100 homes were without power.

 There was absolutely no reason to call a state of emergency, work crews made sure to get power back to the city as quickly as possible. No one died and in a few short days all services returned to normal. The only reason Deputy Mayor Kelly wanted to play an emergency scenario was to grab power. Now all he can do is blame Mayor Ford for standing in his way, berating Ford for handling the “crisis”. At least Rob Ford did not have to call in the Armed Forces knowing that City workers and contracted labour was more then enough man power.

 Then again, Rob Ford was a better man for the job. Even though Rob Ford’s own home in Etobicoke was without power Mayor Ford was able to handle the city wide power restoration and clean up services that he would not be allowed to do in an emergency. On the other hand Norm Kelly was enjoying the warm beaches and wonderful weather while taking a quick vacation in Florida. I really don’t know how Deputy Mayor Kelly expected to manage the situation on his BlackBerry cell phone.

 “Hope (your) vacation was good with family as I could not share time with mine. All our homes had no power. No heat, no hot water. Still dark” one resident wrote on Norm Kelly’s Twitter account.

 What Norm Kelly wants, only a few months after being assigned the position of Deputy Mayor is for Rob Ford to effectively remove himself as the democratically elected Mayor. Deputy Mayor Kelly wanted to use the opportunity, while in the United States no less to call on the Canadian Forces to back up his new position as Dictator of Tomainia. Upon arrival to the city I am sure Norm Kelly expected posters of his image as plebs called on him to solve all the city’s problems.

 The reason given by Deputy Mayor Kelly for enacting the Emergency Management Act was “largely because it will assist the staff at the Province to make resources available to us, crews, generators, facilities for warming centres.” Lets us stop him right there, the resources were already in place, several crews were contracted out from Manitoba Hydro anyways, there was not an extra generator in the city and warming centres were more then able to handle their tasks. All while Rob Ford, here in Toronto managed timey and effective metro-wide repairs. Norm Kelly used the excuse that funding and assistance from the Ontario Government was contingent on the emergency declaration, and he is dead wrong! The province offered assistance without a declaration. So the whole idea of a state of emergency was absolutely pointless to the ice storm repair efforts.

 As one internet user noted “The media needs to continuously blow things out of proportion. Was the ice storm bad, yes, was it a hardship for those that lost power, yes. Did the damage from the ice storm need a State of Emergency to be called, no. Remember, in the media, controversy sells.”


When you hear the names “Halliburton” and “Blackwater,” do you break out in a cold sweat? Then you’re probably too high-strung to hear about the Serco Group. Based in the United Kingdom, Serco is the epitome of the worldwide transnational corporation. When the words “globalization” and “shadow government” appear in dictionaries, pictures of the Serco logo should appear next to the entries. What’s that? You say you haven’t heard of Serco? That’s okay. You’re not alone. The Guardian called Serco “probably the biggest company you’ve never heard of.”

Serco currently provides examination services to the Province of Ontario for the Graduated Driver Licensing program and the Ontario Security Guard Testing Program. Serco holds a 10-year, $114 million contract with the Province of Ontario to operate the province’s DriveTest driver examination centres. These tests include vision, road, and knowledge tests for all persons seeking to become a licensed automobile driver in the province. Not to mention issuing the licenses and creating the databases

Serco also supplies electronic tagging devices for offenders and asylum seekers. In Britain, Serco runs several prisons, a Young Offenders Institution and a Secure Training Centre. It also operates two Immigration Removal Centres. Serco is also responsible for the contracted-out court escort services in the south-east area (formerly a role undertaken by HM Prison Service). In addition, Serco runs Hünfeld Prison in Hesse, Germany. In Australia Serco runs Acacia Prison in Western Australia and Borallon Correctional Facility in Queensland as well as the national contract for immigration detention centres, including Christmas Island and the Villawood detention centre in Sydney. In Auckland, New Zealand Serco runs the Mt Eden remand prison and in March 2012 was awarded the contract to build and operate a 960 bed prison at Wiri. The Serco Group operates all seven of Australia’s immigration detention centers.

Serco holds defence contracts worldwide including the UK Government’s first modern outsourced contract for the maintenance of the UK Ballistic Missile Early Warning System at RAF Fylingdales. Serco also manages the Atomic Weapons Establishment responsible for the design, manufacture and support of warheads for the United Kingdom’s nuclear weapons program. In fact, Serco is in charge of all the UK’s nuclear stockpile from development to decommissioning.

Serco’s holding don’t stop there; they control half of London’s traffic signals and red light cameras, all of Dublin’s, much of the healthcare in the UK, 58 air traffic control facilities and all the state schools in the English towns of Bradford, Walsall and Stoke-on-Trent. In July 2013 Serco was awarded a $1.25 billion contract to manage the Obamacare website. Not bad for a company established in 1929 as a small subsidiary of the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) that converted British cinemas from silent film to talkie operations.

The question is do you trust such a massive, powerful and secret organization with all your personal information? Well if you want to drive you have no choice!

In December of 2013 Your Ward News received concrete proof that the Ministry of Transportation was using facial recognition software to biometrically identify each and every single person who has ever applied for a driver’s license in Ontario. This was done without most driver’s knowledge or consent. Using computers to map the faces of all drivers proved to be just as effective as a fingerprint or DNA test. Guess which company helped to create Big Brother’s newest toy since the beginning? For  almost 15 years the Serco Group has been developing and improving facial recognition systems and developing gigantic databases of private information. Halton Regional Police last month were able to use the system to nab a wanted man on the lam for 13 years. The man successfully lived under a false identity for years, but it was when he applied for a driver’s license using his fake name a facial recognition scan came up with a different story.

Imagine a scenario where you’re walking down the street or attending a sports event or shopping at a mall, and your photo is taken by one of several CCTVs, identified, tagged and matched against the driver’s license database of facial templates, without your knowledge or consent. This is an affront to privacy that should not be tolerated.

You may wonder why you never herd of the Serco Group nor the fact they manage the entire driver licensing service on behalf of the province of Ontario. Other then a very friendly and biased 2006 interview Jane Martinson of the Guardian did with Serco’s chief Christopher Hyman (who resigned a few months ago after overcharging government customers) and what is presented in Serco’s own media releases, major media does not want you to know. Forget all the Bilderberg & Illuminati conspiracy theories, Serco is the real boogeyman and it is terrifying how massive their reach and secret their powers.

Astoundingly there was little negative objection to Serco’s contract to the Ministry of Transportation. In fact there was the only critical comment on the entire internet about the deal not published in a Serco or Ontario Government press release, and not used by unions to attack privatization as a whole.

A video entitled “Dirty Serco” regarding the Ontario drivers licensing facilities was uploaded by a user to YouTube. The video was yanked from YouTube and my further attempts to contact the poster via various means including emails, phone calls and chat proved unsuccessful. Your Ward News is currently the only outlet in  Ontario covering all the shady details of the Serco Group.

In September 2013, Serco was accused of extensive sexual abuse cover-ups of immigrants at Yarls Wood prison in Bedfordshire, England at the same time Ireland rejected a tender by Serco when the company was found to be involved in a series of multi-billion pound mortgage frauds in Britain.

A Serco employee revealed that the company had falsified 252 reports to the National Health Service regarding Serco health services in Cornwall after giving countless patients in their care infected blood and causing severe kidney damage.

Serco has a secretive history of authoritarian mismanagement with controlling interests in dozens of diverse sectors and these are the people the Ontario government decided to hand over your privacy too, all done without much of a whimper from the media?

Stand up and take notice!

CBC Liberals

The 1991 Broadcasting Act states that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as the national public broadcaster, be predominantly and distinctively Canadian, actively contribute to the flow and exchange of cultural expression, contribute to shared national consciousness and identity and reflect the multicultural and multiracial nature of Canada. To cover their mandate the CBC directly owns and controls 35 television channels and 90 radio stations, not to mention their own record label and major real estate in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

The CBC was the only television network broadcasting in Canada until the creation of CTV in 1960, even then large parts of Canada did not receive CTV service until the late 1960s or early 1970s. The CBC also had the only national radio network. The CBC claims it’s cultural impact is significant. Yet that was just because many Canadians had no choice for their information and entertainment for generations except the state owned broadcaster.

Among its revenue sources the CBC receives $946 million in its annual funding from the federal government, as well as $60 million in “one-time” supplementary funding for programming. However, this supplementary funding has been repeated annually for a number of years. This combined total is just over a billion dollars annually and is a source of heated debate.

CBC’s funding differs from that of the public broadcasters of many European nations, which collect a licence fee, or those in the United States, such as PBS and NPR, which receive some public funding but rely to a large extent on voluntary contributions from individual viewers and listeners. An Abacus poll from August 2011 showed that approximately one out of two Canadians would like to see the CBC’s funding switched to the PBS/NPR model, while one out of three Canadians want Parliament to sell off or privatize the CBC. This independent survey flies in the face of the CBC’s own in house research claiming 92% of Canadians consider the CBC an essential service which they use to justify their continuously desperate need for more tax dollars.

The decline in CBC viewership can be attributed to popularity of private television networks’ rebroadcast of affordable American programming with substituted Canadian advertising. American programs attract much higher audiences then do most of the costly made-in-Canada boring programming that is a CBC specialty. The CBC desperately needs to attract viewers, so much so they did not consider it a waste of taxpayer money to take out full-page ads in several major newspapers claiming that 2.2 million Canadians watched their coverage of the 2006 election. Yet this was a lie, and an expensive one at that. CTV was number one, after proving there was a CBC audience of only 1.2 million.

Pollster Frank Graves adviser to the Liberal Party of Canada, and party donor is the CBC’s go to guy. Graves directs the public opinion research projects on behalf of the CBC and also appeared on a number of CBC television programs relating to politics. CBC President Hubert Lacroix commissioned a study to determine whether its news and programming was biased towards the Liberal Party, the methodology of CBC’s in house study was not reported and unsurprisingly found no political bias.

Then in March 2011, Macleans Magazine, the National Post, and the Toronto Sun ran articles surrounding the clear Liberal bias of CBC’s “Vote Compass”, an online tool where users were asked 30 questions to which they could answer “agree”, “strongly agree”, “disagree”, “strongly disagree”, or “neither agree nor disagree”. Queens University Professor Kathy Brock used the questionnaire several times, alternating between answering all of the questions as “agree”, “strongly agree”, “disagree”, “strongly disagree”, and “neither agree nor disagree”. On each result, the survey suggests to vote for the Liberal Party of Canada.

The CBC was successfully sued for libel over an episode of The Fifth Estate that featured two Ontario doctors. Dr. Martin Myers asked for an apology plus $25,000, while Dr. Frans Leenen asked for an apology plus $10,000 out of court, but the CBC decided to use tax dollars to hire several lawyers and fight.

Dr. Myers was awarded $200,000, plus interest and costs, while Dr. Leenen won $950,000, plus interest and costs that totalled over $2 million, a record for Canadian libel. The CBC has no libel insurance, so taxpayers flipped the bill. Both judges ruled that the journalists had twisted the facts and acted with malice, with one writing in his decision “In order to portray [these doctors] in the role of the ‘bad guy’ and in order to disparage their views, the CBC took an eminent research scientist, whom they knew to be a person of high integrity and reputation, and presented him as a devious, dishonest, bumbling fool in order to advance the story line. This was sensational journalism of the worst sort and should serve as an embarrassment to this so-called ‘flagship’ investigative program.”

In the world of instant News availability for Canadians from a variety of sources, including the internet why do we need a Government owned, taxpayer funded, Liberal biased expensive CBC? The CBC can be successfully privatized to an array of small independent broadcasters and radio stations who can better serve Canadians with programming they actually want without endlessly draining public funds. An analysis done by Google last year showed that more Canadian content has been uploaded to YouTube since it was launched in 2005 than has been created by CBC since the 1950s.

The billions of dollars earned from the privatization of the CBC could help pay down our debt and the $83,000,000 sucked from tax payers every single month could be redirected to our critical Health Care needs, perhaps even adding dental coverage for Canadians. The CBC’s biased approach to news and information content – a failure of Journalism 101 – continues to represent only the left wing despite taxing every Canadian and every cable and satellite user across Canada.

There really is no reason for the government to own a broadcaster in the 500-channel universe. If Stephen Harper wants to leave his mark on Canada, sell the CBC. Not to major corporate broadcasters who will endlessly blast the same pandering nonsense, but to independent small businesses. Leave it up to viewership and a free economy to decide what works and what fails, instead of endless dumping money into a proven failure. Take the government out of a line of business it has no right to be in, thought control and social engineering.


500 Dawes Road, the social slum in Janet Davis’ ward is still full of cockroaches, inadequate heating, faulty appliances, defective toilets, mice, bedbugs and garbage piled sky high. The scurrying roaches are so numerous when the lights are turned in the apartment block it appears as if the floor is moving. After years of numerous visits from city standards, health, fire officials, and promises by Janet Davis to do something, nothing has changed. The owner, a woman the tenants seem to know only by several fake names such as Mrs. Linton or Mrs. Goodman, is rarely there. When Linton, aka Goodman, aka Krebs is there, she is confrontational when tenants complain.

This building is disgusting, the owners are disgusting, and Janet Davis is disgusting for not doing anything useful about it. If any tenants are interested, the management office is located at 44 Michael Crt, Thornhill, ON L4J 3A9. Their number is 905-707-5395. The building is owned by Carolyn and Harvey Krebs under the last name alias of Linton. On Toronto’s Municipal Licensing and Standards website, the building has a long list of investigation requests and violation notices dating back to 2008, including issues such as pest infestations, cracks and holes in the walls, garbage in the hallways and water damage. Tenants say problems are never fixed to even the bare minimum and nothing is usually done by Janet Davis to bring the building up to code.

The building sits in the ward of city councillor Janet Davis (Beaches-East York), who complains endlessly – but does nothing. “My wall is falling apart in the kitchen, (and) I’ve had problems with cockroaches, mice,” said one tenant, adding that there is “no heat…whatsoever.” Hanna was one of the many tenants who were shut out of their apartments two years ago after a fire in one of the building’s elevators forced an evacuation. The elevator has yet to be fixed. Today, a large slab of wood sits where the elevator door should be. Tenants of the notorious Dawes Road high rise are renewing calls for action on much needed repair work in the building following the elevator fire that injured two. The building’s persistent state of disrepair has been an ongoing issue, say tenants, but since the elevator fire on Dec. 8, 2011 not one single thing has changed.

Tenant Julie Hanna says the building is falling apart, and Janet Davis seems to be doing nothing thing about it. The fifth-floor tenant said she’s experienced clogged garbage chutes, human feces in stairwells, as well as vermin and pests. “If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have moved in here,” said Hanna, who’s been a resident for several years. Hanna was dealing with a cockroach problem in her own unit. “I couldn’t even sweep under my couch or my furniture because it was so bad. They would just run everywhere,” she said. The garbage at the back of the building was overflowing. The elevator, where the fire occurred, is still boarded up. Dog feces — some bagged, some not — was found scattered all around the premises. In the basement, a light hung from where a ceiling tile should be. At the front of the building, a piece of glass inexplicably fell from a light. A rattrap, covered in dead insects, was stuck to one of the front pillars.

Still the landlord gets indirect subsidies from the government for this low income rat hole. Numerous tenants coming into and out of the building spoke of the issues they’ve had both with the premises and the landlord, but all declined to give their names citing fear of retribution from the owner. The voice is clear though, Janet Davis is all talk and no action. Residents feel abandoned and abused by their councillor. The building is owned by Carolyn Krebs who uses the fake names of Mrs. Linton and Mrs. Goodman — under Havcare Investments Inc. Havcare is also the property manager. Tenants, including Hanna, say Linton and Davis are unresponsive to tenants’ requests and needs, and they both neglect ongoing problems in the building. The Federation of Metro Tenants’ Association reports 500 Dawes Rd. as one of the top three buildings in the city that garner the highest volume of tenant complaints.

Still after years Janet Davis is still pushing photocopied papers while her constituents live in subsidized filth and squalor. According to Janet Davis’ updated audit report on the city’s website, several municipal licensing and standards issued work orders have been dealt with and are closed. This is a lie. Local councillor Janet Davis said the city is using whatever means possible to help tenants out, in other words Janet will schedule more and more meetings while nothing is done. “We’ve taken a fairly aggressive approach to property standards in the building over the years and have issued dozens of notices and orders for maintenance issues,” she said. That is Janet Davis’ bureaucratic speak for more meetings, more paper work, more funding and no progress. To respond to tenants following the fire, Davis held a public meeting where she says a number of other complaints were raised, including the lack of heat in units, mould and unresponsiveness from the landlord. She is asking that tenants be diligent in reporting their problems to the necessary agencies, as the redtape gets longer and residents continue to feel hopeless. If the building is not providing tenants with the proper amenities, Davis says, they can turn to the Landlord and Tenant Board, passing off the problem as nothing else is done.

The point is this: life is getting worse in many of the city’s aging, low-rent apartment buildings, where tenants of modest means face increasing financial pressure amid deteriorating living standards. Janet Davis is coming to no one’s rescue, content to talk—but not to act. During a news conference on the lawn outside the building, Janet Davis was blunt in her assessment of Havcare’s record as a landlord. “This building, along with several others on Dawes Road, has a history of failing to undertake the repairs that are required of them and of failure to respond to the tenants of this building,” said Ms. Davis, whose office receives countless complaints on a regular basis. Still even though she knows more meetings and more paperwork will mean nothing to the tenants, that’s her plan!

Janet, there is NO EXCUSE for you to allow people in the city of Toronto some of whom are paying $775 a month to have to live in third world conditions. Shame on you Janet, what do your constituents need you for? NOTHING! You have not got anything done for the residents at 500 Dawes in years, you will never get anything done and it’s time for you to step down and make way for an effective councillor that will do their job. You are utterly useless to your ward and this city. Sure you can make more calls, file more paperwork, have more meetings, press releases and pretend you care. Yet deep down, as you relax at home – how can you sleep at night knowing you have not accomplished a damn thing…

by our Investigative Journalist “J.J.”


The Beaches future continues to be defined by cronyism, sweetheart deals, kick-backs, pay-offs and all the other hallmarks of classic corruption. The Toronto network’s dominoes haven’t started falling yet, as they have in Montreal. Our deceptively soft-spoken Ward 32 Councillor has given the ‘green light’ for ideas as to what improvements would be best for our already wide-open and welcoming landmark Kew Gardens. The funny thing is that the starting and completion dates for the project have already been announced. How can this be? They don’t even know what landscaper or architect will win the contract……OR DO THEY? Beach residents are well-versed when it comes to political corruption as we have been taught by the best. Ex-councillor Bussin gets the ‘Teacher-Of-The-Century Award’ on the subject and we should thank her for the lessons we have learned. We have also done our home-work and have uncovered additional information beyond the standard curriculum. We have discovered that no-bid contracts are just part of ‘Corruption 101’. The no-bid contract awarded to George Foulidis in the ‘Beach Bully Bussin Boardwalk Bistro’ caper has put educated Beachers on alert for the more advanced corruption courses that are available to citizens. In our extensive research on the subject we have uncovered many sophisticated techniques employed by municipal politicians. A complete expose will be published in 2014 by our Ward 32 crime-beat team, as it is way too depressing for this Christmas issue. One nugget we can share is the ‘phony high-bid’ move. With enough conspirators in the pockets of the municipal movers and shakers, several contractors submit ridiculously high bids so that the ‘lowest’ high-bid seems reasonable. Enough profit is made to spread around in manila envelopes. That is the move that we must remain vigilant for in the Kew Gardens Conspiracy that is clearly taking place. The education that Beachers received from Sandra can now be applied to Mary-Margaret as there are a finite number of dynamics available to the corrupt councillors and criminal cohorts of our present councillor. The letters and e-mails that we have been receiving reveal an important aspect to the success or failure of the Kew Gardens Conspiracy: Beachers have passed their Corruption 101 course with flying colors and are ready to TEACH our councillor a very important lesson…. WE WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!!!!!!!

This letter is anonymous. Why? Because it seems that anyone who dares to stand up against the current mob calling for Rob Ford’s resignation can expect to be targeted for scorn, ridicule, and name calling. Those labelled as “Ford Nation” have alternatively been called fanatics, far right maniacs, extremists etc (see Royson James, The Toronto Star, November 3, 2013). Publicly attempting to put down and humiliate people with name calling and lumping them all into one category. Isn’t that called bullying and stereotyping? When I was educated it was. But what do I know? I’m apparently just another extremist – someone who thinks that a Mayor who was subjected to almost six months of 24/7 police surveillance, at least some of it with a Cessna over his house until the neighbours started complaining, and who has not yet been charged with anything, should not have to resign. Someone who wonders just how much all that investigation and surveillance cost. Someone who gets a little edgy when the police chief orders the investigation and a six month surveillance of an elected official, then releases a 400+ page report in which we learn that the Mayor and his friend Alessandro Lisi drank vodka together in a wooded area, that the Mayor relieved himself on a bush, and that they apparently had a strange penchant for convenience stores, Gatorade, potato chips, and little baggies of nefarious content. Good grief! Call in the RCMP! Mr. Lisi, this alleged underworld character, meanwhile managed to evade the top police team numerous times, and in the end was charged with dealing marijuana in a plaza and verbally threatening two alleged drug dealers in an attempt to get the video of the Mayor allegedly smoking crack. Really? That took six months of police surveillance, and resulted in the police chief being “disappointed” in the Mayor? This is the same police chief isn’t it who had no problem with his officers “kettling” innocent people in the rain during the G20, and who has defended police shooting of mentally ill people, at least one of them having been shot several times then tasered for good measure. And he’s disappointed in Ford? I think maybe the people of Toronto remain pretty disappointed in him. Does the Mayor have a troubled personal life? Yes, it appears he does. And I’m sure this is not helped by reporters swarming all over his driveway and his front yard, refusing to leave unless pushed and yelled at, with his two small children, 6 and 8, looking on. Nor is it helped by the Toronto Star’s campaign of the past three years from the moment the man took office. To hear The Star tell it, Armageddon would ensue. Has it? Well, actually it hasn’t. Since he took office Toronto’s aging infrastructure is being rebuilt, a subway extension to long suffering Scarborough, taxes kept low, getting rid of the vehicle transfer tax, better customer service – in fact he regularly goes out to see citizens himself and works to fix whatever is troubling them. He says he “loves to meet people at the doorstep”. Just in case all those Ford haters out there were wondering, that is exactly the reason his approval rating went up 5% in the wake of the police chief’s latest revelations about his bad behaviour. People know he is trying to do a good job for them. They appreciate it when they call his office and get their concerns addressed. They know he is unpolished and has shown bad judgement in being drunk in public places. Of course none of us has ever done that. “But we should hold the Mayorto a higher standard!” say the Mayor’s opponents. Really? Did we hold a certain drunken Premier to a higher standard? Or a certain drunken Attorney General? Or a certain Scarborough Councillor after his DUI? Did we put them under surveillance? Most importantly, do we honestly think that no politician at the municipal, provincial, or federal levels has not from time to time fraternized with shady characters – some of whom throw fundraisers for them and/or donate large sums to their re-election campaigns? Not only that, but weren’t there all kinds of untendered contracts awarded provincially by OLG, and did not provincial Ministers approve untendered contracts – 30 million worth wasn’t it, to IBM for eHealth (Toronto Star, October 1, 2009)? And did they not squander millions more on the failed Green Energy Act and ORNG? Are we not more worried about politicians misplacing our money than we are about them peeing on bushes when inebriated? Let’s get real. What really has all you Ford haters so upset? Could it be that the comfortable Toronto establishment doesn’t feel so comfortable anymore? Wasn’t it February of 2011 that the Mayor and the city’s Auditor General discovered huge waste and possible fraud at the Toronto Housing Corporation? And did that not result in Ford calling on the Chair and the whole civilian Board to resign? And wasn’t police chief Blair pretty upset with Ford in August of 2011 when Ford tried to introduce a 10% cut to the police budget? Seems he really upset Mike McCormack of the police union who vowed to take “every legal action” to fight Ford on it (Globe and Mail, August 31, 2011). He has certainly upset the downtown Councillors. Possibly about spreading city cash more evenly between the suburbs and the downtown core? Who are we kidding? Mayor Ford is far from perfect as he himself admits. But was there Armageddon? Is he “desecrating” the Office of Mayor as one Toronto Star columnist has said? Hardly. My advice to Ford Hater Nation? Get a grip!

by Sherri Lange CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)


Wind developers and anyone aiding and abetting should pay damages in full for turbine “trickery.” The damage to homes, people’s dreams, landscapes, is deep and long-lasting. The “green” bill of sale has been utterly false, with no concern about, but even visible contempt for, personal reports of financial losses and personal suffering. This is perhaps the lengthiest robbery of all time. Despite the trumped up reports by the wind proponents, and others whose financial interests are at stake, huge property losses are reported not just following the installation of massive turbines, but also at the whiff of a development. Sales are aborted, entire communities commonly almost instantly devalued; businesses lost or downgraded, tourism values slashed, including associate industries that depend on tourism. Inherent in these financial losses are the dashed dreams of people who have actively sought out peace, alternative living, farming and recreational havens, or even the peaceable enjoyment of their own personal property. A new website, http://www.windturbinepropertyloss.org provides summary materials and emerging events around property loss and wind turbine sprawl, suggesting that a robbery is well under way, stretching well beyond 30 years, and knowing no geographical limits. Some of the focus is on individual lives shattered by loss of property values. Roger Oliveira formerly of Melancthon, Ontario, writes eloquently of his sense of loss of his dreams, as well as his finances. In an open letter questioning of the wind developer, he asks, “How much is my dream worth?” The reality of living surrounded by nine massive machines impacting his health, his dreams dashed of country peace, a lifelong dream, Roger moved. Rather than continue the litany of health complaints, the depression from having lost “everything” financially, he had no choice but to gather the strength to pick up and move. For Roger and others like him, countless others around the world, there will be no damages awarded that will ever allow him to recover from that sense of complete and utter loss. FIGHTING INDUSTRY FICTION According to Mike McCann: The approval of wind turbine projects close to homes is tantamount to inverse condemnation or the regulatory taking of private property rights. Still as the industry continues its fiction on zero property impacts, and in the wake of thousands of stories like Roger’s, Michael McCann of McCann Appraisal, LLC, Chicago, Illinois, finds that the hard data is irrefutable. McCann refers to some unsalable properties as “ground zero.” Mike McCann further notes that noise and sleep disturbances are “commonplace,” that homeowners are almost instantly deprived of “reasonable liquidity” and market value; McCann measures losses of 25% to 40% with mention of those properties that are indeed, not able to be sold at any price. At the conclusion of his discussion of property devaluations at Brewster MA, two 400 foot turbines, he includes a list of the medical and disturbance effects that is like a catalogue of an almost unimaginable Gulag of suffering. INTO THE COURTS What happens when people lose 20-100% of their most precious financial and emotional asset overnight? Toronto lawyer, Eric Gillespie, now represents a growing number of clients whose assets are being reclaimed in as many as 14 different lawsuits reaching more than $50 million at the time of this writing. (The article referenced suggests a dollar value of 9 million, but Mr. Gillespie tells us recently, the actual dollar amount has now risen to more than 50 million CDN.) A twist in the evolving legal scheme is that individual landowners who support turbines on their land are also named in a number of the suits. CONCLUSION This is a marketplace adjustment that is only beginning, according to Lansink and others, and the downward pressure on tax base property evaluations can only begin to have other financial insinuations down the line. Talk about a fiscal cliff in escalated time. Eric Bibler of Save Our Seashore writes that there are a MILLION Reasons to be Concerned About Industrial Wind Turbines. He invites you to go to your computer and type in the words: wind turbine lawsuit. The result is a staggering (his caps) ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THIRTY THOUSAND. As 2013 evolves, more and more of these cases, we predict, will settle on loss of property values, loss of enjoyment, loss of health. Many are now calling industrial wind turbine proliferation the most serious health scandal of our times. Soon, we will also be referring to the onslaught as the longest running robbery of all times. How else do you call misrepresented “greening” and “inverse condemnation?” By comparison with Jesse James, who typically limited his stealing to the Express Safe on trains, the runaway profits of the wind industry appear to show no limits or same sense of reserve. The damages to people, landscapes, land values, the environment, are without precedent.

The All Seeing Eye is a new section of Your Ward News. We invite all residents to contact us with their concerns and feedback. Your information will be held in absolute confidence. Please tell us about your experiences & information you think is important to discuss in a public forum, published on your behalf. We invite members of the public to contact us about our upcoming article concerning councillor Mary Fragedakis. In recent weeks, we have received a plethora of questions and concerns concerning her past. We invite councillor Fragedakis and those associated with her in the below questions and comments to contact us with their personal responses. We don’t want to take a side, yet, and simply air grievances without having given Ms. Fragedakis an opportunity to speak for herself. We extend this invitation to the associates listed below. Mary, we have been approached by members of the public who state you lack the skills to be an effective councillor. They talk at length about a serious election fabrication concerning your stated business and want to see proof that it actually operated. We feel it is appropriate to ask for copies of your tax returns from the said-years you operated a business. Residents also raise concerns about your personal relations with the President of the Greek Community, Mr. Artemakis who also managed your campaign in 2010. There are further more concerns about potential conflicts of interest arising in 2014. We’d like to know more about your relationship, what is it? Is it romantic? This is a major area of concern we perceive in the upcoming year. We feel that there are many potentially legitimate grievances to air, should there be conflicts of interest and also that your involvement with an organization that has very recently been accused of serious conflicts of interest that should be investigated. These conflicts of interest are specifically regarding the board members’ misappropriation of funds, bidding on properties which they as a board sold below-market prices against the wishes of many members, and what looks like board members influencing significant contracts. We intend to get to the bottom of that, but before we do we are calling on you Ms. Fragedakis to contact us for an interview. What we heard is that there are board members who draw an income from this non-profit organization that in the past few years has been depleting millions of dollars in a potentially scandalous, failed capital campaign. We heard about a highly stressful AGM that was held in June 2013 regarding a potential sale of a cathedral where parish members indicated they felt terrorized by directors and their associates. We also saw publicly-posted communications between directors and the general public that, we felt, were extremely inappropriate causing great concern about the stability of this organization. Mary, we would like to hear from you and the others cited in this public communication regarding all of the above. We would also like to understand how you are associated with the organization. Also, we kindly ask that Your Ward News be privy to a report from a neutral third-party regarding things like your tax statements, certified transcripts, employer references, drivers abstract and criminal record. We are very concerns, honestly, about many things that residents are claiming and before we air our grievances in this section we’d like to give all an opportunity to contact us. We do know your work down there in chambers is important and respect it, but we do have a tight deadline for next month. Please get in touch with us well ahead of time.

Higher property taxes in 2014, and tens of millions of more tax dollars will be wasted if Communist Party leader Comrade Fletcher has her way. The current system of having users of recreation services pay a small nominal fee is as obsolete as free enterprise in the modern Marxist- Leninist society. Getting rid of recreation user fees would cost taxpayers over an estimated $30 million a year. Why? Not because Paula Fletcher responsibly budgeted, not because Paula Fletcher is asking City Hall to take a pay cut, and not because Paula Fletcher eliminated several non-essential crony jobs off her books. Today, when people are making less money, working more hours, losing pensions, lacking employment benefits, and paying more for EVERYTHING. Comrade Fletcher’s answer for her socialist pipe dream is the money would have to come from YOUR property taxes. On the agenda for the 2014 operating budget, members of the committee are figuring out even more ways to steal money. You have a very nice house there, shame if anything happened to it! Councillor Fletcher thinks that more taxes will encourage kids to be physically active, and that’s not the job of the parent — raising children is the job of the state. “This is not gravy money, this is building character and health.” Fletcher notes. This coming from the gravyest of city councillors. A woman who thinks the name “park rangers” is politically incorrect, but creating 12 news jobs each costing taxpayers $83,000 a year to pick up trash and hand out park fines is correct. Local property taxpayer Mark Richardson, fired back at the committee. “Why can’t the city (continue to) ask the average Torontonian to pay user fees similar to what the rest of Ontario pays for recreation?” Toronto’s recreation fees are comparable to those in most Ontario cities. Families in the lower end of the income scale already do not have to pay these fees. The city’s “Welcome Policy” allows those on welfare, disability and low-income earners to have free access to recreation. So why is Fletcher demanding that property taxes need to be upped by over thirty million more dollars a year to help those who already get subsidised access to rec programs? The motion to up property taxes passed 5-1 by the committee, which is dominated by zealots against Mayor Rob Ford’s administration. “It’s an uphill climb,” notes Councillor Janet Davis, but it is only a “bit of a bumpy ride through the budget process.” In other words if our socialist elite want to pass their operating budget in 2014, and raise your taxes YET AGAIN, they need to work harder to slander and attack Rob Ford and his supporters even more!

Dear Fellow Sub-Employed:

November 12, 2013

Dear Fellow Sub-Employed:

       In childhood and ‘teenages’, I did get into a little mischief, none of it destructive.  I mostly heeded and obeyed adults at home and in school. I did my homework, got good grades, and entered University. My aim was to get educated, get a good job, and live happily ever after.

       Advice was to pursue my interests, for self-fulfillment, and to prepare to “be myself.  I succeeded in at least five courses in each of the classes of biology, chemistry, physics, sociology, mathematics, politics, history and geography. “I just wanna be me!” What’s so wrong about that?

       I go for a job-interview, and get credit for abilities with words, numbers, and diagrams, but, no real job. Twenty-two hours a week, at minimum wage means I can’t repay my loans. Five of us are in about the same mess. We live, sort of, in a two-bedroom flop.

       What went wrong, where, when, how, and why?  Who is employed, where, and doing what, for how much?  How can I become one of them?  What about my room-mates?

       About ten years ago, McGuinty promised 50,000 new jobs from combining PST and GST to make the HST. This step would make Ontario so competitive that jobs would leap out to us. Name just one, please.

       Then he promised that 16,000 jobs would leap into our economy from projects from the Green Energy Act.

        Similar casual promises have been made to tots on the knee of Santa Claus at any local mall.

       McGuinty is not alone in his turpitude. All of his supporters who were silent are as guilty as he. Their aim has been to continue in the lifestyle of public figures, even if they do nothing to deserve rewards of any kind. They are guilty also of not protesting by resigning from the liberal caucus. The better step would have been to resign from their seats in Ontario’s Legislative Assembly.  The fact that none has so done speaks eloquently of the lack of integrity that empowerment fosters.

Mr. David Nesbitt