Politicians vs. Prostitutes
by Bahman Yazdanfar


Question: Who do you have to respect more: prostitutes or career politicians? Answer: You must pay more respect to street prostitutes than career politicians, since there are number of differences in conduct between the two:

·     Prostitutes stick to their word, deliver what they agreed to on the budget that was discussed, at the time of the negotiation; but career politicians sign contracts without thinking, and always ask for much more, and deliver much less, if at all!

·     Prostitutes get paid to be screwed. Career politicians get paid to do the job, but at the end, they are the ones who screw you!

·     Prostitutes will return your money if they choose to cancel their agreement, but career politicians make you pay even more, when they choose and/or fail to deliver!

·     Prostitutes provide you with temporary pleasure for your money and time, but career politicians generate so many complications, giving you permanent misery!

·     Prostitutes cannot operate freely without consequences, but career politicians can do what they want, without any accountability!

·     Prostitutes respect the space of their colleagues, but career politicians stab anyone in the back to get ahead!

·     Prostitutes don’t meddle in politics, but career politicians make prostitution their number one priority. They constantly pass laws to put prostitutes out of business! Ironically, many of these career politicians bring a large portion of business to prostitutes using tax dollars!

·     Prostitutes never ask for extra to cover their business expenses, but career politicians make you pay for their perks!

·     Prostitutes insist on using protection to guard their customers, but career politicians do whatever they want, passing the consequences of their own recklessness to the public!

·     Prostitutes treat their customers well, hoping for repeat business. Career politicians don’t give a damn about the people who elect and pay them, because repeat business is always guaranteed!

·     Prostitutes didn’t get to this industry by choice, but career politicians did!