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By J.J. – Artwork by Robert James

 Many Beachers that have followed the meteoric rise of James Sears’ ( political career feel that he is a bit over-the-top, but that is exactly what is needed to lift Beachers up after being so let down by our last two councillors. Beaches Pride will not be restored by more cronyism, nepotism, sweet-heart deals, kick-backs and municipal corruption. Mediocrity is no longer an option for Beachers or for who we elect. We can not undo the mistake we made by electing Mary-Margaret McMahon (, but we can over-power our blunder by electing dynamo James Sears to serve as councillor for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York). Beachers have lived under the yolk of non-transparent leadership far too long, so it’s out with the old and in with the new.

 Your Ward News is being inundated with phone calls and e-mails by voters who are shocked by the news that the x-mayor of Collingwood is Mary-Margaret McMahon’s dad. Learning that he has sat on the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) that votes ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ to massive condo construction is truly a shock. The added fact that he wants to destroy the Oak Ridges Moraine, an ancient hydrological marvel, removes any remaining ambiguity regarding his lack of commitment to the environment. Daughter Mary-Margaret also shows no interest in this issue as no engineering firm was EVER contracted to analyze the Beaches many underground rivers and ponds. Condominium construction continues unabated….UNTIL JAMES SEARS TAKES OFFICE!

 Your Ward News’ emphatic endorsement of Mr. James Sears for Ward 32 councillor completes many months of research and soul-searching by our Investigative Division. We expect the more pragmatic candidates to drop out of the race and put their support behind McMahon. They will expect something in return for having no true beliefs or moral underpinning. We are confident in our decision. Many residents of The Beaches are well aware of our track record, but just to refresh your memory:

-Your Ward News was central in ending the political career of ex-Ward 32 Councillor Sandra Bussin. When Your Ward News’ publisher Leroy St. Germaine went to battle against the controversial councillor only one person was left standing, and it wasn’t Ms. Bussin.

-Your Ward News investigators cracked the scandalous Beaches Boardwalk Café case wide open. The lawsuit-minded target of our investigation, George Foulidis, could not even remotely intimidate our determined (and stubborn) publisher. Needless to say, no one else has since threatened this publication with a libel suit.

– Our laborious research to trace the origins of ‘Political Correctness’ has drawn praise from the more educated citizens amongst us. Tracing this speech-suppressing tyranny back to the 1920’s, the similarity between ‘Soviet Party-Line’ parroting and P.C. is quite stark (Keep mouthing those words you’ve been fed and you’ll be just fine). Under the guise of “levelling the playing field” for historically disadvantaged groups, the average Canadian’s sense of fairness has been successfully hi-jacked. Although the intent sounds sweet, this Evolved Social Marxism is a sugar-coated onion; a big bite REALLY stinks!

– After consultations with several geological engineers that specialize in hydrology, we discovered the ‘lost rivers of the Beaches’ of which there are twenty-plus. To our sometimes overly-exuberant researchers it was like discovering the ‘lost city of El Dorado’; solid gold that we thought would put the kibosh on ANY further condo development. But local politicians and community “leaders” turned a blind eye to our findings. It was truly fascinating to learn that back in the day locals boated, skated and fished NORTH OF QUEEN/EAST OF COXWELL. (We are now researching the mighty, mighty Serpentine River, which secretly snakes its way through our Beaches neighbourhood). There is so much more that earned us our credibility, from pet food drives, to our much-vaunted Music for Seniors program, to Sherri Lange’s eye-opening articles exposing the truth about the dangers of wind farms to almost all life forms.

 Your Ward News is endorsing Mr. James Sears to be the next councillor representing Ward 32 (Beaches-East York) for his innovative ideas, his absolute determination to stop further condominium construction, his intelligence and his voracious appetite for knowledge. One interesting innovation is his plan to create three sectors in Ward 32, each with its own Sector Captain. Councillor Sears WILL NOT accept a single penny of the approximately $105,000 yearly salary that a councillor earns. His salary will be split three ways between the three Sector Captains. Are YOU qualified?

 We do have a confession to make in the name of full disclosure. We have a bias. Like many of our Beaches neighbours, we are radical dog lovers and have no qualms in saying so. James Sears solidly secured our support by advocating that YOUR dog, who is a member of your family, is awarded the same special status that is extended to ‘service dogs’. James’s dog Mountain Bear sits in a chair and dines at the dinner table. He often invites James and his gal to join him at the table. It’s a dog’s world in the Sears’ household.

 Imagine our shock in learning that a market research company called Campaign Research conducted a telephone poll inquiring as to which candidate in Ward 32 you favour to be the next councillor. They then named all the candidates and requested that you press the appropriate phone button to indicate your choice. They listed all the candidates including the most recent to apply. Every single candidate was named except for one…….JAMES SEARS!!! Your Ward News investigators will dig and dig and dig until we uncover the culprit behind this example of ‘dirty politics’.

 Election Day is on October 27th and that will be the most important day in the history of The Beaches. The future of The Beaches is in YOUR hands. Our present councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon is a supporter of ‘term-limits’. Let’s grant this perpetual culprit her wish and limit her to the one term she has already served destroying our community. There is only one choice that an INFORMED Beacher can make when they arrive at the polling booth. SAVE OUR BEACHES! VOTE JAMES SEARS!

By Investigative Journalist

Michelle L. Erstikaitis


 In the year 2013, both in my professional capacity as an Investigative Journalist, and also in my personal life, I had numerous dealings with City Hall. I was there for every press conference Mayor Rob Ford gave behind the platform on the third floor, with the City Hall emblem proudly displayed behind him in blue and white.

 Myself and fellow Your Ward News staffer Robert James were there on the day that Councillor Paul Ainslie gave and interview in regards to his drunk driving suspension to the media in the rotunda outside the Mayor’s office. When all of the cameras were turned off on that particular day, a brawl nearly erupted between Your Ward News staffers and television reporters, as accusations of being “vultures” were thrown in the direction of the television news reporters. This was merely days after the allegations concerning the infamous “crack video” surfaced.

 Mayor Ford’s drug and alcohol abuse has sadly become the focal point of his career, and his enemies have been able to sabotage a phenomenal term in political office by using his substance troubles as a way to effectively distract you from what an outstanding job Mayor Ford has done as a politician.

 This is the equivalent of saying that celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson are horrible actors because of their personal lives. Lohan and Gibson have won Oscars and MTV awards, amongst many others. No matter how drunk or out of control Mel Gibson has gotten behind the scenes his performance in the movie “Braveheart” is exemplary, and forever preserved on celluloid.

 Mayor Ford has an impeccable record of excellence when it comes to performing his duties as Mayor, and I will give you a couple of personal examples of how he has helped me. I will never forget the spring of 2013, when there was a union protest taking place in my neighbourhood. That whole story is documented in a news article for this paper titled “Homes First, Peace and Quiet Last”.

 The union members of Homes First who’s contracts expired, were vociferously protesting every week day for nearly one whole month, before I telephoned Mayor Ford. After I spoke with the Mayor, he told me that he would look into the matter, and within three days the contracts had been ratified and the rabble was off the streets.

 Then there was the city clean-up day initiated by Mayor Ford, which myself and Robert James from Your Ward News participated in by cleaning Moss Park of garbage as described in the article entitled “Mayor Ford, Cleaning Up The City’s Filth”. A short time later I received a thank-you letter in the mail, signed by Rob Ford.

 Mayor Ford is a man who goes above and beyond the call of duty for any person in Municipal Office, and his reward so far has been an endless public shaming and constant scrutiny into his personal life.

 Mayor Rob Ford is a human being, and he is just as normal as you or me. He is NOT a phony politician, like Olivia Chow, whose entire image is meticulously crafted, mischievously moulded and sold to the public as a lie. Those that pull the strings on this puppet would never dare to allow her personal life to be the subject of even the slightest public inquiry.

 Olivia Chow will NEVER telephone you personally to find out the details of a complaint filed by constituents, and actually SOLVE the crisis. She is too busy being a typical politician, who is strictly all smiles and handshakes with absolutely NO genuine concern for the public.

 Mayor Ford is not a disaster or an embarrassment because of his personal life. He is that rare breed of politician who is human and legitimately CARES for people which is bound to cause stress, leading to substance abuse. I can honestly say that the Mayor was never too drunk to reply to my phone calls.

 I feel fairly certain that despite every obstacle in his way, he is and will always be the Toronto Mayor with the most impressive track record for fulfilling his promises to the people, standing up for this city, and getting the job done right!

3799831614_bbb3a28659By Peter McSherry.

Someone with apparent City Hall experience and competence once told me this about our City Councillors: “Some of them have their hands out (for money) and some of them don’t. Most are in the middle. They all have at least one or two issues they really care about. But all of them really do care about one thing: their own political futures.” The Grand Finale of many years of City of Toronto use and abuse of its taxi industry was meant to happen when, on February 19 last, Ward 32 Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon rose in the Council Chamber and, after a few vacuous sentences about dealing with this taxi matter being “the right thing to do,” she proposed the passage of a set of taxi recommendations that she may or may not understand are meant to first bankrupt most of the industry so that the City can take back the equity taxi plates – which are legal assets that the City itself once induced mere taxi drivers to structure many years of their working lives around earning. McMahon’s motion passed by a margin of 31-12.

In the news reports of her action, she was self-congratulating quoted as having extensively “schmoozed” and lobbied other members of Council to support her motion. Ms. McMahon is a member of City Council’s Licensing and Standards (L&S) Committee and she sits on Council as an advocate of Green Party principles. I’d guess, too, she knows the front of a cab from the back and that the real purpose of these taxi changes is lots more money for the City in an incipient taxi industry new order. After that, she probably knew that passing the recommendations would end the long line of begging taxi people who were taking up her valuable green time over something she doesn’t understand anyway. So what if taxi people lose the fruits of their life’s work! So what if thousands of taxi drivers have to work for nothing over a period of years! So what if the City of Toronto welshes on its word! Green is green! Because that’s the way it is: most, not all, of the Councillors don’t understand, or care to understand, the taxi industry.

They just want the cabs to do the job for as little money as possible and, as part of that, they want as much money for the City out of the industry as can be gotten. And, too, the industry must be overused as a convenient form of welfare. The truth is, too, that the City’s system of industry governance is back before the Revolution of 1837: we are taxed to death under the guise of licensing fees and we have no effective say in how the industry is run. And that’s all just peachy as far as most Toronto City Councillors are concerned. Last month, in Part One of this series, I began the tale of how and why the City of Toronto has long since turned its taxi industry into a money-making, money-saving device for itself. During my 42 years as a driver, a taxi industry that once provided an arguably reasonable means of earning a hard dollar has been changed by the City’s political-bureaucratic system into an outright cash cow for the City itself – and this, at great cost to the industry’s property holders and its working drivers.

The reader will understand that all City taxi drivers – no matter their arrangement in the business – must operate as businessmen. Costs rarely, if ever, go down. Thus the dollar value of each of the three massive cuts in incoming revenues that I described in Part I of this series – the City’s non-reaction to the Airport Exemption of 1978, its issuance of 500 additional plates added to a pre-existing 2,480 taxis in 1982, and the issuance of yet another 500 plates in 1987 – came right out of every driver’s daily profits. All of these cuts are still with us – the exemption and the oversupply of cabs hugely stunting every driver’s incoming revenues every shift they work. Times were good in the 1980s such that the effects on driver income of these large share-outs of the daily fare pool were less apparent than they might otherwise have been, though the 1987 issuance of 500 plates, even in good economic circumstances, was clearly a serious overload of the system. But then came the fall of 1989, when interest rates suddenly rose again to 12 1/2 percent and taxi fares soon disappeared like the buffalo of the Western plains.

The bad years of 1990 to 1994 – the leanest ever – followed. At the lowest ebb, three nights out of seven, it was impossible for a driver to make costs. The rest of the week it was a crap shoot. After expenses, a cabbie might go home with $25 or $60 or $130 – usually for 12 hours hard slogging. There were few “good nights” for four or five years. And there were all the attendant problems. Because the driver was taking in very little, vehicle upkeep suffered and it became difficult, then impossible, to replace worn-out cabs. Drivers couldn’t support their families on taxi earnings. Many got into rackets, selling bootleg cigarettes, bootleg liquor, dope and perhaps even women. Many cabbies of long experience forced themselves to look for other work, to be replaced in the taxi business by even larger numbers of new immigrants, some of whom brought ways of doing things into the business that won’t work here but that they would not easily let go of.

The worst shift I remember was a Thursday night two weeks before Christmas in 1991 when, amidst hundreds of angry cabbies, I covered the downtown streets for 12 hours and all I could take in was $59, while my costs were over $100. Two months after that I was gone from Toronto and the taxi business until November 1995.

When I came back, the industry was changed. Gone were most of the old-time drivers I had known. They had been replaced by even more Third World immigrants who, being more used to deprivation, were at least initially somewhat more easy for the City to exploit. But, too, a lot of these soon joined a union and wanted change. And there was a “union friendly” City Councillor who was more then ready to help them out. Howard Moscoe’s father and uncle had both been career taxi drivers. And, as they say, In the Land of the Blind the One-Eyed Man is King.

Next Month – Part Three: All About Howie and His Big Idea!

Peter McSherry is the author of three published books, one of which is Mean Streets: Confessions of a Nighttime Taxi Driver. “To all my readers – I wish to thank Leroy St. Germaine and Your Ward News for their interest in publishing a story with a message that seemingly no other publication in Toronto, except for Taxinews, would publish.” -P. McSherry.

Group portrait of mature people smiling

Smoking is detrimental to your health at any age, but for seniors it is essential to cease this long-term, low-dose addiction with its deeply engraved behavioural imprint.

 SMOKERS HELP LINE 1-877-513-5333 Seven days per week/ Mon-Thurs 8AM to 9PM….Fri- 8AM to 6PM….Sat-Sun- 9AM to 5PM.

 Free supportive counselling by telephone. They assist you with drawing up a plan for quitting. They can give you tips and tools to quit, information about products to help, and strategies for dealing with cravings and withdrawal. They also do a search using your postal code to find any in-person services in your area. They will mail you a free book with tips and techniques for quitting, the benefits of quitting, information about withdrawal etc. It is run by the Cancer Society.

 LUNG ASSOCIATION 1-888-344-5864 (Toll Free)

 They offer education programs about lung health and telephone counselling for those wanting to quit smoking. They have a work book called ‘Journey To Quit’ in which you fill in with your own thoughts on ‘why’ and ‘when’ you started smoking; what distractions you can think of to use if you get a craving; who can support your efforts; what individual choices you might wish to make about the `patch`, prescriptions and other treatments. They emphasize that each person’s situation is different and that you need to explore and find what works for you. They report that smoking in our society is on the decline.


 Alcoholics Anonymous 416-487-5591

Website listing meetings:, and then click on `meetings`. There are about 500 meetings a week going on in Toronto all over the city. It is based on fellowship, with one person who is going through the same thing helping another. You can start by going to an open meeting. You introduce yourself as being new, and you can sit there and listen without having to do anything. There are no fees. Someone at the meeting will volunteer to tell their story: what their life was before, how they quit drinking, and what their life is like now. There are also closed meetings where alcoholics go around the table and each talk about the twelve steps and how to live a life centered on sobriety. You also have a sponsor who is someone you can call outside of the meeting.

 DRUG AND ALCOHOL HELPLINE 1-800-565-8603 (Toll Free)

 This is an information and referral service offered by the government of Ontario for all of Ontario. You call and let them know the area where you live and what type of service you are looking for. They will tell you what services are available. They do not do counselling, just referrals and information about available services.

AL-ANON 416-410-3809

 This is for persons coping with having a family member who is an alcoholic. It is to encourage you to look after yourself, rather than be pulled down by someone who is not even going to care. It is based in fellowship and support and takes no donations.


 “And they had no child, because that Elisabeth was barren, and they were both well stricken in years….

“But the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias, for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John.” (Luke 1: 7 and 13)

 “Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their father’s.” (Proverbs 17:6)

 “But speak then the things which become sound doctrine: That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience. The aged woman likewise that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things.” (Titus 2: 1-3)

 “Hearken unto thy father that begat thee, and despise not thy mother when she is old.” (Proverbs 23:22)

 Genesis 1 says that we are created in the image and likeness of God. God is infinite, so it is our potential to live for infinity. Elisabeth was in her eighties when she bore her child, John the Baptist.

Sarah also became a mother in her later years. Methuselah lived to be 969 years old, and there are others mentioned that lived almost as long.




 Landlord and Tenant Bureau-416-645-8080

Federation of Metro Tenants Associations-416-921-9494

Senior’s Safety Line-1-866-299-1011 (Toll Free)

By Investigative Journalist

Michelle L. Erstikaitis


Ever since my incarceration on marijuana charges on November 6th 2013, I have been the target of relentless harassment and abuse by Correctional Officers everywhere, from prisons in Alberta, to Grandvalley Institution, to Vanier Detention Correctional Centre in Milton, Ontario, where a female Correctional Officer deliberately ran her fingers through my hair as I stood stark naked during a strip search on February 19, 2014.

On May 26, 2014, Ombudsman Ontario representatives spoke to Vanier Superintendent Anna Gulbinski about my complaint of being physically touched during a strip search, which has NEVER happened to me in my entire nineteen year history with Corrections Canada. On July 17th, 2014, Fran Cappe with Ombudsman Ontario wrote me a letter in which she states:

Subsequently, the Superintendent confirmed that a Correctional Officer did not follow the relevant policy and it was not appropriate for her to have run her fingers through your hair while conducting a strip search.

On July 16th 2014, coincidentally, I had signed a request form asking that Halton Regional Police be contacted as I wish to press criminal charges against the female officer who touched me during the strip search. As of today’s date, September 3rd, 2014, I have not met with police, nor received a single word from Vanier Superintendent Anna Gulbinski or Vamoer Security Intelligence Officer Bruce Mcnall regarding the sexual assault by the Correctional Officer.

I have already written an article for this newspaper titled, ‘Sexual Humiliation Tactics Being Used To Keep Female Inmates In Line’, in which I detail SIX other examples of sexual abuse that has been perpetrated against me by Corrections Canada Officers in the past two years.

Now, it has recently come to my attention that there are incidents of sexual abuse against OTHER female offenders in Canada, and that oddly, these examples of sexual abuse only seem to be occurring to female offenders who have a history of self harm or acting out.

Now, the abuse I have personally endured is NOT just sexually related. At Grandvalley Institution on the evening of December 9th 2014, I was on a suicide watch, and I was psychologically tormented by a Correctional Officer Heather Sutton, who was assigned as my one-to-one officer outside of my cell. I was on a suicide watch, and Heather Sutton called me ‘Smelly Vagina’ and told me that I was a ‘circus sideshow’ and also taunted me about being a celebrity.

Why would Correctional Officers DELIBERATELY abuse a potentially suicidal or self-harming inmate? Then, on the early afternoon hours of January 11th, 2014, Grandvalley Correctional Officers Matt Mclaren, Chris Burnette and Michell Lalonde came on to the Segregation unit, where I was the only inmate being housed there at that time, and they harassed and taunted me with horrible things that are unmentionable. These officers knew fully well that I was psychologically fragile, and they BELIEVED that I was potentially suicidal.

Because of my friend Ashley Smith, I decided to cause a scene, and make as much of a fuss as I possibly could in order to call attention to the harassment of a potentially suicidal inmate by Correctional Officers.

I tied a ligature around my neck, and yelled at the officers, “Is this what you want to see?” Over and over again. I also hollered, “What more can you do to me?” as a tribute to Ashley Smith, because that was Ashley’s favourite defiant taunt to sadistic Correctional Officers.

So, what more did Grandvalley Officers do to me? Well, they tied me up to a bed for twenty-two hours, which is illegal, because an inmate tied up in four-point Pinel restraints is never supposed to be tied up longer than ten hours at the very most. Even Ashley Smith was never tied up longer than ten hours. The Grandvalley nurse signed the paperwork to have me Pinelled is a woman named Kayla Brenneman, and as I was being tied up that day, nurse Brenneman had a sadistic gleam of satisfaction in her eyes. Five days later, she would once again sign papers to have me tied up on January 16th 2014 for eighteen hours.

I have battled with Corrections Canada to get my hands on the paperwork related to these incidents, including the Observation reports from the 22 hours tied up and the 18 hours tied up.

On July 9th 2014, Nicole Lewandowski from The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, typed up document which is file number PA-035036, in which it was declared that Corrections Canada had erred by not providing me with the files within the legislated time frame for thirty days.

Because CSC did not hand over the documents for 193 days, my complaint to the Privacy Commissioner was declared to be well-founded.

While I was battling to get my hands on these documents, my privileged mail to and from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and The Ontario Correctional Investigator was being routinely opened illegally by the Vanier Detention Centre, and I complained to the Correctional Investigator AND the Ombudsman, but even now, the letters that I receive from those agencies investigating Corrections Canada are still being opened and read by Vanier Detention Centre personnel before being given to me.

Corrections Canada is TERRIFIED of something. Why did they illegally hold on to my CSC files for193 days? Why is all of my Private Correspondence relating to the investigation of the actions of Corrections Canada being illegally opened and read without fear of repercussion?

First of all, because I was finally provided with my Corrections Canada files, I can tell you that a pattern of harassment is BLATANTLY obvious in the paperwork. Regarding the observation notes from January 11th 2014, when I was tied to a bed for 22 hours, you can see from the notes taken by Grandvalley Correctional Officers Grace Scott and Kim Swayse that from when I was tied up at 14:30 hrs, all the way until 22:00 hrs, I was mostly laying on the bed and singing and laughing. So, that is EIGHT HOURS tied up with absolutely no suicidal behaviour or acting out. Then, at 19:00 hrs, Grandvalley registered nurse Denise Thompson is called in to the Institution to monitor me, because even though I am doing NOTHING to justify the continued forcible confinement, Correctional Officers have decided that they will keep me tied up all night.

When it was happening, I believed at the time that it was being done to torture me, because Kim Swayze and Grace Scott taunted me and mocked me the entire time I was tied up over night. Grace Scott poked fun at my work in politics and journalism, made up stories about media reports that were written about me on the internet.

Kim Swayze told me that Correctional Officers suspected that I had been raped recently while I was free in the community, and she assured me that Correctional Officers thought it was hilarious. She then went on to say something VERY significant. Now, when Correctional Officers taunt and torment an inmate whom they believe to be suicidal, WHAT DO THE CORRECTIONAL OFFICE STAND TO GAIN?

The answer, my friends, is OVERTIME PAY. Kim Swayze said to me, “Trust me, I do not mind having you tied up. As a matter of fact, I am receiving overtime pay to sit here and watch you.”

So, bearing that in mind, who else stands to benefit from an inmate being hospitalized or tied up in Pinel restraints?

Well, the extra staff that are called in to the Institution, as well as the healthcare personnel who are called in for an unscheduled night shift are ALL gaining extra work shifts and overtime pay. Staff who have to stay late to fill out incidents reports….

Shockingly, it turns out that the sexual humiliation tactics are probably NOT being used to ‘keep federal inmates in line’, but rather, the abuse is intended to cause a psychologically fragile inmate to act out in a manner which will lead to extra staff shifts and overtime.

When I was tied up for 22 hours, Grace Scott lied in her Observation Report by saying that I spent the entire night screaming and yelling from ten o’ clock in the evening, to seven o’ clock in the morning. According to the observation notes, which are filled in every fifteen minutes, from 2:15AM, until 7:00AM, I was laying on the bed and singing. On January 16, 2014, I was tied to a bed at 12:30 in the afternoon and not untied until 10:00AM the next day.

The observation notes taken on those two days show that I spent the ENTIRE TIME sleeping. So, since I was sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG, why was it necessary to have me tied to the bed? Because of the overtime pay that healthcare staff and Correctional Officers were able to justify. Sadly, this horrific abuse of overtime shifts and pay is a scam that is being perpetrated in correctional facilities all over Canada, and it is being done at the expense of psychologically and mentally fragile inmates.

I believe this was what led to Ashley Smith’s death: How much overtime pay was handed out to Corrections Canada staff in Ashley’s case? Taxpayers should email their MP’s and ask: As a taxpayer, do you feel comfortable knowing that your hard earned tax dollars are helping to fund the psychological and physical torture of human beings?

Garry Patrick Henry O’Keefe

September 17, 2014


It is with great sadness to announce that beloved musician, Garry O’Keefe, passed away on Aug. 26th, 2014, in his 60th year. Cherished son of departed Dalton and Colombe O’Keefe. Garry is survived by his best friend Tracy Nicholson, his brother Dennis (Gail) O’Keefe, his sister Shirley (Paul) Rivard, his nephews Colin Carmichael and Tim O’Keefe, his niece Kathy (Cliff) Weeks and a multitude of friends and fellow musicians. He is missed. Two celebrations of life for Beaches Blues Fest & Danforth Music Festival superstar, Beaches everyman, and good community buddy Garry O’Keefe will be held this month:

1) SUNDAY SEPT 14 – 1 PM to 6 PM. The Emerald Grill Bar & Grill. 1628 Queen Street East at Coxwell Avenue.

2) SUNDAY SEPT 21 – 3 PM to 9 PM. The Mélange Restaurant & Lounge. 172 Main Street at Gerrard Street East.


With a day of work behind me and before the sunset ends, it’s a quiet and peaceful feelin’ on the trail while headin’ in.

Download PDF:


By Sherri Lange , CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)
Founding Director Toronto Wind Action / Executive Director Canada, Great Lakes Wind Truth / VP Canada, Save the Eagles International