Our current Ward 30 counselor Paula Fletcher began her political career not in Toronto, but in Manitoba. Her first attempt to hold public office was running for the Winnipeg School Board in Ward 2 of that city. After a failed                 undertaking to shape the young and fragile minds of youth, one year latter Fletcher ran for and was                  successfully elected leader of the Communist Party of Canada, for the province of Manitoba.

Fletcher held the position of Manitoba Chairwoman of Communist “Workers” for five years, running twice in the provincial elections. Although her home riding in           Winnipeg was the lower class, fiercely NDP electoral       division of Burrows; Fletcher on both occasions held less than 2% of the popular vote with 144 and 131 votes             respectively. After her abysmal failure in Manitoba she left her comrades in Winnipeg and the Manitoba Communist Party for greener pastures.

Shortly thereafter Fletcher made the trip to Toronto without a visa stamp on her internal passport and subverted her way into Toronto City Hall as an executive assistant.          Always believing that children are our future, Fletcher’s first grasp of power in her life of ‘social progress’ was that of school trustee for the Toronto District School Board in Ward 15. Today as counselor for Ward 30 she continues to fight for the values and goals of the Communist people.


The hammer and sickle, the symbol of the “collapsed” Union of Soviet        Socialist Republics is the banner under which at least 20,000,000 people were murdered, and countless others imprisoned. This state had no respect for any of the freedoms we take for granted in our country today. Freedom of thought, freedom of association, freedom of movement, freedom of              religion, just to mention a few, all these were banned “for the common good” in Communist Russia.

Soviet Russia is alive and well. The “reforms” in the Russian Federation are merely a deception. The old guard is still in charge. As quickly as freedom is allowed, it can be taken away. Just because the cage is opened and the bird allowed to fly, as long as a rope is tied to it’s feet it can be quickly yanked back in. Not until the Communist Leaders are made to stand trial for their crimes against the world, will the working people be truly free.

Many people outside Russia still subscribe to the “ideals” of Soviet          communism. How many millions more people will die or be enslaved before this evil system is eradicated?

Anyone who denies that this system represents the greatest evil the world has ever seen is either a Communist or a Communist dupe. We challenge any commie to give us an instance of any political organization that has caused more death and misery than Communists in Russia and China.

Imagine the universal uproar and outrage that would occur if a political     organization decided to use the swastika today for its symbol. Far more  people died under the Communist banner, yet it is still used world wide. Don’t these people know what the hammer and sickle stands for, don’t they care; or are they just hoping to pick up where Stalin left off?

Many organizations continue to use this evil symbol of death and destruction. These groups don’t deserve a place in decent society. All these groups unashamedly parrot the same dogma that led the Soviet Leaders to commit their atrocities. How many more mass murders must the world endure under the banner of International communism?


Power if Pets

February 5, 2013

My dog, Star, was partially
paralyzed several years ago,
without obvious reason. He
fortunately recovered function
after receiving (alternative health)
treatments. His condition was
tenuous after that and there were
many periods of time during which
he had spasms in his spine that
limited his mobility. His hips
would lock up and he was
sometimes completely
immobilized. He received
treatments and supplements that
were helpful, over the years, but
his condition deteriorated
dramatically in the summer of
2011; he barely ate, refused to go
on walks and often soiled himself.
Friends encouraged me to accept
that he was declining due to old age, but I refused their words.
I adopted Star, from Toronto Animal Services over 10 years ago and I wasn’t
given any details about his history. In attempting to determine the reason
for his failing health I explored the possibility that he had been micro
chipped and that his poor health was due to the chip’s constant emission of
biologically meaningless and chaotic frequency in his body. In
researching the issue on line, I learned medical reports and studies show
micro chipped animals develop tumours, cancer and neurological
damage. I asked Dr. Cindy Kneebone, of East York Animal Clinic, to test
for a micro chip. An active microchip was identified and surgically
removed. Within a few days of surgery, I had a transformed Star. Now,
1-1/2 years later he remains alert, active and playful, jumps and twirls for
treats and leaps onto the curbs when on walks.
Wishing you happiness, joy and laughter,
Liala Ackerman Epstein

Could the chemicals found in marijuana prevent and even heal
several deadly cancers? Could the tumor-regulating properties of
“cannabinoids” someday replace the debilitating drugs, chemotherapy
and radiation that harms as often as it heals? What if Cannabis Cured
Cancer, released in 2010, is a sixty minute documentary, which claims
to show convincing proof of the healing properties of the cannabis plant.
What if Cannabis Cured Cancer uses original and archival footage to
present controversial, but highly convincing evidence that this plant can
interact with the body’s own “endocannabinoid system” to keep us fit
and disease-free. It claims that when pot is consumed, the
“endocannabinoids” inside us – along with any cannabinoids we
ingest – fit together like a key in a lock to promote the death of cancer
cells without harming the body’s healthy cells.
What if Cannabis Cured Cancer, directed by BBC filmmaker Len
Richmond and narrated by Peter Coyote, is a serious and poignant film,
but Len lightens the mood at the end with a comedy short directed by
master puppeteer Steven Ritz-Barr. Kurt Cannabis Meets Connie Cancer
is an outrageous bit of puppet theater, imagining a comical meeting,
somewhere in the liver, between the mean diva “Connie Cancer” (voiced
by Roseanne Barr) and the cool, hip and rather wise, Kurt Cannabis (A
Clockwork Orange star, Malcolm McDowell). Their witty banter builds
into a battle of wills, as evil Connie tries to destroy all the healthy cells
in her way, while mellow Kurt is equally determined to stop her in her
tracks. The comedy short ends with perhaps one of the funniest death
scenes in puppet history and is written by Len Richmond, with creations
by the great Russian puppetmaker, Eugene Seregin.


Somewhat near the heartland of Old East York we have
a little urban beauty called: Eastdale Parkette. It is at the
NE-corner of a city block bounded by Lumsden, Eastdale,
Secord, and Barrington Avenues. Its surroundings are
mostly single-family dwellings, except where high-rises
already have made first inroads toward devastating
dominance. Rumor says that this entire block, except
existing high-rises, will be put to the sword, razed to the
ground, and turned into another urban Alcatraz, all
residents having self-guided daypasses.
Was Councillor Janet Davis properly notified of the
first, or any other, application for permissions to proceed?
With that notice, she then could have notified her loyal
constituents, and could have set up meetings where all
could have a say in the matter? Who knows?
All four of the streets around this block are much
travelled, although not ever approaching gridlock. Just
the same, dust and muck would be stirred up for many
months, and continually spread by motor vehicles. These
and construction machinery would be dangers to local
pedestrians and cyclists.
We also wonder what living accommodation will be
provided for people whose dwellings must be demolished
to create the sites for new construction. Surely some plan
must be ready, because the project is said to have been
approved already at all levels of scrutiny, except for the
Ontario Municipal Board ( OMB ), which might
rubber-stamp it. They have had it to consider since before
December. Now there will not be long to wait, because the
developer-in-waiting wants shovels in the ground before
anybody becomes aware of the destruction that soon
might be dumped into our midst.
We seem to be stuck with the dirty end of the big stick
of “confidential” negotiations, supposedly all to benefit us
citizens. Developers seem to expect us to be grateful that
they will profit from their peaceful invasion of our
community. They don’t even need to work with Councillor

They seem to think she should be pleased to get
more voters to care for. Why does this situation stir
recollection of the Bussin-Foulidis Deal, and the
Stintz-Gateway Deal, both behind closed doors, and
both untendered? Who benefits? The developer is
said to be paying only about $550,000 to the City, a
drop-in-the-bucket for permission to profit from
what are said to be more that 225 condos. Who else
benefits, in what several ways, & by how much? Did
anybody think of a $20,000 compensation to each
householder within two or three blocks of the
devastation about to be wreaked upon us?
It is time for community action, as was used
successfully to prevent a disastrous windmill farm
offshore along the Beach. We should be able to
expect Councillor Davis, and councillors for nearby
Wards, to lead our democratic self-defence against
the horror show that threatens the city-block that is
the home of Eastdale Parkette. No doubt they soon
will step in to help us as they should do, just don’t
hold your breath.