Power bills, green energy angst and a litany of scandalous waste bring a Premier down.

November 7, 2012

Sherri Lange

North American Platform Against Wind Power

Toronto Wind Action

Great Lakes Wind Truth

While much is being written about Premier Dad (as he is often referred to) and the reasons for his resignation, the truth lies, many feel, closer to the light switch than you can imagine.  Numerous financially mysterious events, grand waste sure, but the pin in the bubble many feel was the cancerous Green Energy and Economy Act, which paved the way for turbines and solar tariffs, sliding in beside some unfair business deals, like the untendered Samsung deal.  The aggressive proliferation of turbines, transmission lines, Feed In Tariff programs, fueled a burning discontent, which in turn fueled a subsequent loss of 17 seats in the last election, including some prominent Ministers, and a   protest movement second to none.

The abuse of power by the Liberal government in Ontario has been reflected on repeatedly in the media in the last months and notably recently in the Legislature with a Contempt motion against the Minister of Energy, Chris Bentley. This adds to  a trail of disgrace for several prior Ministers of Energy, Smitherman and Duguid, whose conversations are mysteriously missing in the redacted documents demanded by the Opposition on the gas plant cancellations,  as well, and do not imagine that the anti-wind movement in Ontario, having effected over 90 moratoria votes across the province, would let its momentum go without calling again for a provincial STOP WORK ORDER on turbines and      related transmission lines.  Several media releases went out, repeating the call that MPP Lisa Thompson (member of the Opposition) made four times recently in the house. 

The movement continues to call for a complete halt in Ontario, despite the work of the government being halted by the Premier’s hasty retreat/resignation, and prorogue of the work of the house. But just because the work of the              Parliament has been halted, does not mean the work of the people abates. Indeed, many view the resignation as an “opportunity” to mine deeper political veins.

It is very much a resignation that functions on unprecedented waste and fraud.  There is no better example of this than in the array of turbines scattered across the province. For many Ontarians this is very much an “Energy Resignation.”  As Parker Gallant expressed on his blog, “For decades to come Ontario households receiving their monthly electricity bills will cringe and automatically think of the McGuinty folly.”



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