Condos built to crumble in the Eastdale Parkette

February 5, 2013

Somewhat near the heartland of Old East York we have
a little urban beauty called: Eastdale Parkette. It is at the
NE-corner of a city block bounded by Lumsden, Eastdale,
Secord, and Barrington Avenues. Its surroundings are
mostly single-family dwellings, except where high-rises
already have made first inroads toward devastating
dominance. Rumor says that this entire block, except
existing high-rises, will be put to the sword, razed to the
ground, and turned into another urban Alcatraz, all
residents having self-guided daypasses.
Was Councillor Janet Davis properly notified of the
first, or any other, application for permissions to proceed?
With that notice, she then could have notified her loyal
constituents, and could have set up meetings where all
could have a say in the matter? Who knows?
All four of the streets around this block are much
travelled, although not ever approaching gridlock. Just
the same, dust and muck would be stirred up for many
months, and continually spread by motor vehicles. These
and construction machinery would be dangers to local
pedestrians and cyclists.
We also wonder what living accommodation will be
provided for people whose dwellings must be demolished
to create the sites for new construction. Surely some plan
must be ready, because the project is said to have been
approved already at all levels of scrutiny, except for the
Ontario Municipal Board ( OMB ), which might
rubber-stamp it. They have had it to consider since before
December. Now there will not be long to wait, because the
developer-in-waiting wants shovels in the ground before
anybody becomes aware of the destruction that soon
might be dumped into our midst.
We seem to be stuck with the dirty end of the big stick
of “confidential” negotiations, supposedly all to benefit us
citizens. Developers seem to expect us to be grateful that
they will profit from their peaceful invasion of our
community. They don’t even need to work with Councillor

They seem to think she should be pleased to get
more voters to care for. Why does this situation stir
recollection of the Bussin-Foulidis Deal, and the
Stintz-Gateway Deal, both behind closed doors, and
both untendered? Who benefits? The developer is
said to be paying only about $550,000 to the City, a
drop-in-the-bucket for permission to profit from
what are said to be more that 225 condos. Who else
benefits, in what several ways, & by how much? Did
anybody think of a $20,000 compensation to each
householder within two or three blocks of the
devastation about to be wreaked upon us?
It is time for community action, as was used
successfully to prevent a disastrous windmill farm
offshore along the Beach. We should be able to
expect Councillor Davis, and councillors for nearby
Wards, to lead our democratic self-defence against
the horror show that threatens the city-block that is
the home of Eastdale Parkette. No doubt they soon
will step in to help us as they should do, just don’t
hold your breath.


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