EarthCalm EMF Protection: Restoring the Body’s Birthright

March 9, 2013

By Liala Ackerman Epstein

Information can be powerful and empowering, especially, when it changes one’s view of the reality of the world around them. I believed the human body was unaffected by the electricity in everyday life, because I assumed electrical currents stay in the electrical wiring and appliances etc.. At the same time, I was aware the human body is driven by its own electrical system, conducts electricity and can be influenced by electricity generated from outside the body. Such as, medical fibrillation, which delivers electrical shock to the heart to normalize its rhythm. My ideas around electricity changed in 2005. My daughter was asking to have a cell phone and I had concerns about the safety of a device that used radio frequency (ie., microwave) to transmit phone conversation. In researching cell phone safety, I learned electrical and wireless devices generate electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that extend indefinitely in space and are like dynamic entities that cause other electromagnetic charges and currents to move. It was concerning to learn that living in an electrified world meant exposing the body to electromagnetic currents that disrupt the electromagnetic charges and currents involved in the body’s functioning. I felt my family’s health was seriously threatened by EMFs from the hydro transformer and wiring outside our home, the electrical equipment in the house and the increasing amount of wireless technology in our life. My research on cell phone safety shifted to an internet search for devices to protect my family from exposure to EMFs from household electricity, appliances, cell phones, computers, etc.. In the summer of 2007, after almost 2 years of searching, I purchased EarthCalm EMF protection devices that were supposed to protect against EMFs by strengthening the body’s connection to the Earth’s own electromagnetic field (Earth’s vibrational pulse). The company’s doctor on staff explained to me that the human body was intended to live fully embraced in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. She explained this connection to the Earth as much deeper than walking on the Earth’s crust or grounding to its crust. She also explained that man-made electricity blocks out information in the Earth’s field that is vital for health. These products, she said, “give us back our birthright”. I’d taken many courses in biological processes and neuroscience and this was the first time I’d heard such concepts. Nor were these ideas mentioned in the large volume of material I perused about the effects of EMFs on the body. Nonetheless, the product’s approach to EMF protection made sense to me. But, I really didn’t know how they worked or what to expect from products that promised to “remove the chronic stress on the nervous system and acupuncture meridian system, due to EMFs”. After 4 weeks of using the devices, my experience of myself and the world around me entered into “slow speed’. Somehow, days were longer and more peaceful and I was accomplishing more. I stopped feeling as though living “under the gun”, pressured by tasks and responsibilities and the constant need to manage my time and activities as a stay-at-home Mom. I first noticed the changes while at the supermarket check-out, waiting for a price check. I was thinking the price check was idle time and how I had to get home, unload and put away the groceries, make and serve dinner and drive one of my sons to a game. I recognized the absence of the hysterical inner voice and antsy feeling that would usually come over me in such situations. I was keenly aware of how calm I was. The new experiences of calm and peace provided me the opportunity to reflect and respond rather than react. Around this same time, one day while smiling, I realized I was experiencing joy, and how foreign that felt. My health had deteriorated over the previous 20 years (chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, fibromyalgia and periods of months in bed). By the summer of 2007, my health was tenuous and supported by regular health treatments and a battery of supplements. Whereas, in my younger years, I had the cognitive abilities to be a successful grad student, at the time I ordered the products, I was sometimes unable to read a newspaper article past the 3rd or 4th sentence without total confusion. Within 2 months of using the products, my energy levels soared as did my brain power. After experiencing profound changes and witnessing changes in my family, I decided to educate people about the detrimental effects of EMFs and bring EarthCalm products to people’s attention. And by so doing, help people enter into a healthier and more natural state of being. Four months after purchasing the devices, I had a website dedicated to selling the products and marketed them at my own booth at one of Toronto’s largest health fairs, Whole Life Expo. Soon after, I was selling to one of Toronto’s oldest and most respected health stores, The Big Carrot, and within a year, presented a lecture there, to a standing-room-only crowd. I quickly learned how the products work and furthered my understanding of the relationship between the human body and the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Studies in Biophysics, dating back to the 1950’s, identify the Earth’s electromagnetic field as guiding the body’s circadian rhythms. Studies in Biophysics have also shown the importance of the Earth’s electromagnetic frequencies for life by demonstrating that the human body and all living things, including plants, deteriorate when separated from the Earth’s field. Since the 1960’s, and upon recommendation by Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, a renowned researcher in this area, NASA has used specialized equipment on its spacecraft to mimic the Earth’s field. This device is used specifically to avert the various illnesses reported by the first astronauts who traveled out in space and outside the Earth’s field. Scientific research has recently determined how the human body receives and uses the important information from the Earth’s field: 7 billion crystalline magnetites in the human brain, in addition to DNA and the pineal gland are meant to receive guiding information from the band of electromagnetic frequencies that extends from the Earth’s crust to the ionosphere (Schumann Resonances). Today, the Earth’s field is polluted with man-made frequencies, so the human body instead receives “junk” produced by AC electricity and wireless technology. Literally thousands of studies on EMFs have investigated and shown the effects of this electropollution on the body. Recently, EarthCalm EMF protection products were tested by Dr. Walter Medinger, scientific director of the International Institute of Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC). IIREC is funded by, and a technical bureau of the Austrian government. The IIREC is backed by globally recognized scientists of electrophysics, biophysics, environmental medicine and wave genetics. Concerned about the health effects of EMFs, IIREC established EMF protection protocols and methods for testing the effectiveness of protection devices. Its website states, “IIREC offers manufacturers of EMF protection products a reliable quality test and interested parties and consumer protection organizations the ability to distinguish the effective products from the ineffective ones”. The IIREC study of EarthCalm EMF protection devices measured and compared changes in the electromagnetic field and the processes and states of the body and cells (biological effects) of the test subjects (living beings). Quantum scientific instruments were used to measure the “subtle energies” of the body and the electromagnetic field . Measurements were taken before EMF exposure (baseline), during EMF exposure (e.g., cell phone powered on) and lastly, during EMF exposure using EarthCalm EMF protection devices. The results showed that EMF exposure negatively impacted the body. Whereas, exposure combined with the protection devices was found to re-establish the body’s natural connection to the resonances of the Earth’s field, restore measurements of the body back to baseline and even improve health measures above the baseline readings. Based on these findings, IIREC issued EarthCalm EMF protection products the IIREC Seal of Effectiveness on June 30, 2012. The interaction between man-made electromagnetic frequencies and the body’s own electromagnetic mechanisms involves events occurring at the quantum level. For this reason, the IIREC insists that sensible protection against the biological effects of EMFs can only be provided on the basis of a quantum physical means of protection. EarthCalm EMF protection products are in keeping with this assertion, because the devices use only natural laws to provide a quantum physical means of EMF protection. The IIREC also asserts that the healthiest means of EMF protection is that which “return those parameters, to which the human being is reacting incorrectly due to the technical change in the electromagnetic environment, back into the natural range”. EarthCalm EMF protection devices were found to do this. IIREC testing demonstrates EarthCalm products harmonize disruptive electromagnetic fields (including geopathic) with the natural (bio-compatible) frequencies of the Earth. The issue as to whether or not EMFs cause non-thermal effects on the body has been an ongoing controversy that appears to drawing to a conclusion. On June 18, 2012, Toronto Woman’s College officially announced recognition of Electomagnetic Hypersensivity (EMS) as a health condition related to exposure to electromagnetic fields. (The condition is also referred to as “electrical sensitivity” and “electrosensitivity”. Symptoms include disrupted sleep, fatigue, headaches, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, memory problems, skin rashes, fatigue, eye irritation, ringing in the ears, swelling and itching in the facial area, muscle and joint pain, balance issues, emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety, and concentration or attention difficulties. The hospital expressed an initiative to train family doctors to learn to identify symptoms of exposure to wireless radiation. The press release also stated that “patients’ reactions vary (with) some requiring life-altering changes to minimize exposures as much as possible”. Toronto Woman’s College Hosptial’s Dr. Riina Bray, the director of the Hospital’s Environmental Illness Department, has been quoted as saying that she is seeing “more and more” people who attribute their symptoms to exposure to wireless devices. In a interview with the National Post, August 11, 2012. Dr. Riina Bray stated the following. Every year we are getting more and more people coming in … I’m very concerned, because the stories are very, very compelling …These are not crazy people. There is a huge, huge problem. The hospital also announced an initiative to train family doctors to recognize the symptoms of electrosensitivity. The increase in cases of electromagnetic sensitivity was predicted years ago by experts who claim continued exposure to EMFs heightens sensitivity because the effects on the body are cumulative. Dr. Ollie Johanssen, a Swedish neuroscientist and leading expert declared that, based on his research, he expected 50% of the world population to exhibit symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity by the year 2017. Other experts who observe and study global trends agree with Dr. Johanassen’s prediction. Toronto Woman’s College Hospital is the first hospital in North America to state recognition of a health condition related to wireless radiation. An announcement of this nature is contrary to Health Canada’s (and the FDA’s) position on wireless devices. Current Health Canada Safety Codes for electrical and wireless devices are based on the premise that the only possible harm of such devices is the burning of skin. For Safety Code 6 (2009), which governs the safety of wireless devices, ensures a device will not burn the skin and specifies the maximum allowable Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for the radio frequency produced by a device. SAR is a measurement of the amount of radio frequency absorbed during use, as measured by the heating of tissue. The House of Commons Standing Committee on Health revisited the code in April 2010 and determined there was no “convincing scientific evidence” of harmful non-thermal effects of wireless technology IIREC standards are based on the recommendations to the European Parliament, presented March 2001, in “The Physiological and Environmental Effects of Non-ionising Electromagnetic Radiation”, which is authored by Dr. Gerald Hyland (document 297.574). This document challenges EMF safety standards used internationally, including by Health Canada and the FDA that are based on SAR readings. In his documents, Dr. Hyland attributes the faulty use of SAR ratings to a lack of public’s lack of awareness about the electromagnetic nature of the human body . He states, Attempts shall be made – perhaps under the aegis of national regulatory bodies – to increase awareness of the electromagnetic nature of living organisms and their consequent hypersensitivity to coherent, ultraweak electromagnetic signals. Until this is achieved, the need to extend thermally based safety guidelines, by incorporating electromagnetic biocompatibility, is unlikely to be accepted. IIREC testing of EarthCalm products complies with Dr. Hyland’s recommendations to the European Parliament. As well, EarthCalm products comply, fully, with his statements on the protection that is right for the human body. Liala Ackerman Epstein is the owner of Advanced Health Technologies, exclusive Canadian distributor of EarthCalm products. Information on the products is available at


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