Robin Songbird

April 15, 2013

Robin, my young daughter is an outgoing, and energetic girl. She has performed ever since she was seven years old, bringing great joy and entertainment to people around her. She loves to rock out on stage, and performing with a live band makes it much more fun and interesting for both her, and the audience. For many years Robin has attended the Ontario Conservatory of Music, as a student. Moreover, Robin has and continues to compete in the yearly Canadian Music League competition. She has won many first and second place trophies, not to mention that one year she has won a scholarship in vocals. Though it was a small scholarship it was a very big achievement for her. Not only does she enjoy singing, she is also a rising musician. She adores the piano and has played it ever since she was three years old. Having to play many songs and becoming inspired, Robin is now composing her own pieces. Her passion in music continues to grow. She recently began to learn how to play the drums. In other words, music is and has always been a part of Robin’s life. Even though this is such a common phrase, to my daughter it is most definitely true. I am proud of her and how much she dedicates her time and soul into music. -Magda


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