May 15, 2013

by Linda Pinizzotto, Sales Representative LindaPinizzotto.com Sunshine at last and the Toronto Maple Leafs made it to the playoffs. A few days back I was showing downtown Toronto condos and what a madhouse, the energy was fantastic, I loved it! I have to admit I am a Vancouver Canuck Fan because my youngest son, Steve Pinizzotto plays for the Vancouver Canucks so all you hockey fans please keep an eye on him on your big screen TV and if you want a great tip, the NHL app is fabulous. Getting back to my thoughts…. The world of technology has taken over our lives. I can’t even comprehend not having cell phones, iPads, computers etc. Think back when we had to pick up a book to read, sit back without an interruption or just watch a movie. It’s well over a decade ago. In fact, I think we would all hyperventilate if we were to leave home without out cell phones, I know I would but then again it’s my business lifeline. I am not complaining, I can’t imagine not having my cell phone but I just want to reflect on how different we now think. We use to take time to stroll the malls to shop and look at the stores with the big SALE signs. Now we go online and look for time limited discount coupons. A client sent me the name of a website for designer clothing. Talk about shocking, aside from the fact that you better know what size you wear and can shop without trying the clothing on, the discounts are unbelievable and it doesn’t stop there. This site has jewellery, watches, shoes and bedding plus household needs. My client swears by it and literally doesn’t enter a department store anymore and has been hitting this site for over a year now. She says the quality is great and the sizing is perfect. These two things seem to make me shake my head because I think quality is very hard to determine when you only look at something on a website even though it may have a designer label but her theory is that if the price is cheap enough it is worth the gamble. I use to think grocery shopping was such a pain and of course so are the newspaper flyers that come out religiously every Friday because their new sale starts for the week and ends on Thursday night. Do you ever look through No Frills, Food Basic, Sobeys, Metro and Price Chopper even IDA and Shoppers? Well along comes Wal-Mart and their grocery area. Flash Bulletin!! You can do all your shopping at Walmart: drugs, groceries, clothing and the kitchen sink and you can use the discount coupons from all of these stores I mentioned. Did you know that Walmart honours competitive coupons! Now that’s shopping! At the price of gas that last thing you need to do is drive around from Store to Store trying to save some cash when your gas is going to burn it all up. Realistically speaking, doesn’t it feel great when you saved some money although you most likely will just buy something else with your savings? On the other side, sometimes we will just do something because it feels good. Maybe it’s not the best choice or the right answer. Every now and then we just want to treat ourselves and we should because we deserve to be happy and of course between discounts, sale signs and internet shopping we have all sorts of choices. Just don’t put buying real estate in that category. Real estate decisions and properties need expert advice, understanding and important knowledge. They say that when the tulips go up, so do the For Sale signs and whoever started that say is absolutely correct! Everyone seems to be commenting about the market, the interest rates, the economy and the budget. Let’s not forget about the condo market which seems to be the ongoing hot topic in real estate. I have a Radio Show called the “Condo Xpert” but I also talk a lot about real estate and mortgages. You can go into my website http://www.LindaPinizzotto.com and my radio show link is at the top. My clients know they can always call me for advice no matter what they need to know and that’s very important! I have been representing buyers and sellers for over 33 years and there has been a tremendous amount of fantastic changes. In today’s market you can shop for a home on line, through newspaper ads and on TV. You can see photos, room size measurements, lot size and a full description of the property and of course address and general location. How many of you just call the Real Estate Agent whose name appears on the listing or maybe an advertisement? Did you know that in some way you are also shopping for a Real Estate Agent? A lot of people figure they can buy a home cheaper if they deal with the Real Estate Agent who has the house listed for sale but what the public doesn’t realize is that Real Estate Agents can advertise houses that other Real Estate Agents have listed for sale. We all try to work together so many times when we list a house we click off the box that allows other agents to advertise. Choosing a Realtor to work with is very important because it is about trust and good service. No matter how strong technology becomes and no matter how many websites are out there with listings of detached homes, semi-detach homes, townhomes or condominiums you will still need to see the home and that means you should be contacting me. Life is all about opportunities. I always figure we meet or cross paths with one another for a reason. When I began my real estate career in 1979, it was important for me to have a flexible career. I loved real estate, negotiations and helping family’s so the fit was perfect. I met people through my 3 son’s hockey teams, baseball, church, school functions and word of mouth referrals spread like wildfire. It was fantastic and the beginning of lifelong friendships not just clients. At times I would bring my sons and they played with my clients children. Today I am selling homes to their children and their children’s friends. Strangers became clients – clients became friends – friends are like family and that is how I have continued to be a successful Real Estate Agent for over 33 years. If you are thinking about buying or selling your home I would love to hear from you Linda@LindaPinizzotto.com Direct 416-561-7373


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