June 21, 2013

They call it Stormy Monday but Tuesday’s just as bad, especially if you attended the Tuesday, May 28th meeting of the minds at St. Louis Bar and grill. You likely weren’t there because only eleven     Beachers attended, including Your Ward News’ investigative reporter (We don’t miss a thing).

It was clear from the start that two of the founders of the Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association (G.B.N.A.) were no longer seeing eye-to-eye. Brian Graff was there to start a new Beaches org called the Beach Community Association. Jan Hykamp was clearly not impressed and made it known that there was info that he would not share with Brian Graff.

Mr. Graff seemed extremely knowledgeable about other community groups in the Annex, the Ossington area and the St. Clair and Bathurst area. Even Don Mills. Much of the time was spent            discussing whether one group should be an umbrella org representing other groups to assure continuity of action, or whether many groups ‘doing their own thing’ would be more effective. Needless to say, the meeting was an unmitigated disaster. Even the second issue regarding the historic preservation of     important buildings and/or areas was rife with confusion and inexactedness (new word?).

Someone is attempting to throw a wrench into the gears of the opposition to mass development in the Beach.

As the meeting progressed the storm clouds got darker and darker, especially when exchanges like this took place:

GRAFF: “I’ve tried to mend fences with these guys.” (G.B.N.A.)

HYKAMP: “Watch what you say Brian.”

It got a lot worse than that, but the tone is pretty clear. Your Ward News will continue to monitor these disturbing but eye-opening meetings and will        continue to report the details … … …


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