June 21, 2013

 The latest car insurance scam is committed by the INSURERS, NOT THE INSURED. It happened to Al and it could happen to you.

 Allen Fields has tire tracks across his back after being run over by the Trafalgar Insurance Company of Canada. Here are the essential facts of the case: On December 7th, 2012 Allen notified Trafalgar that he was transferring his license plate from his ‘totaled’ 2001 Saturn LS1 to a 2002 Subaru Forrester that he had acquired. He made it      absolutely clear that the destroyed Saturn was scrap yard bound. He requested that the existing auto insurance policy from the trashed 2001 Saturn be transferred to the 2001 Subaru Forrester.

 The insurance company gangster refused to remove the Saturn from the policy and informed Al that the ONLY way he could insure the Subaru Forrester was to add it to the existing policy as a second car. He would be forced to pay for both cars even though the Saturn would no longer exist as an automobile. The corporate car-jacker then billed him $157.00 for insurance on the Subaru Forrester as a second car,   covering the period from December 8th, 2012 to February 18th, 2013. Allen Fields was then billed $1,907.00 for the renewal coverage of both cars, covering the period from February 18th, 2013 to           February 18th, 2014. That’s more than enough information for readers to understand Al’s predicament without all our heads exploding from overload. It is also essential to relate to our subscribers the bigger picture that Your Ward News has uncovered regarding the state of the insurance industry in our Ontario.

 We quickly discovered that Trafalgar is only one tentacle among many slimy appendages. The body that these tentacles led us to was a stunning lair at 700 University Avenue, also known as the Ontario Hydro Building. The name of that body is called INTACT and its structure is reminiscent of the Madoff Model whose tentacles were known as ‘feeders’ that provided victim’s monies to Big Boss Bernie. The ‘feeder’ companies of INTACT have familiar names like Grey Power and belairdirect, and yes, there are no  capitals in the latter (not a typo). We dispatched a Your Ward News investigative reporter to INTACT headquarters at 700 University Avenue and secured a copy of their weighty 2012 Annual Report.

 After a major fire in 1809, a group of Halifax businessmen formed the Halifax Fire Insurance                 Association, later renamed the Halifax Insurance Company. In the late 1950’s it was purchased by one of the largest Dutch insurance companies at the time, Nationale – Nederlanden. In the 1980’s they, in turn, acquired Commerce Group, Belair and Western Union. After several more acquisitions and corporate  incarnations, trading began December 10th, 2004 as a publicly listed company on the Toronto Stock      Exchange. Now boasting 11,000 employees and 6,000 brokerage offices across Canada INTACT         manages its investments internally which total approximately $13 BILLION.

 In Ontario, auto insurance is a government regulated product. The product features and benefits are identical, regardless of the insurance company that you buy it from. Even the premiums charged by each insurance company are monitored and approved by the Financial Service Commission of Ontario (FSCO). Adequate and uniform auto insurance for Ontario consumers is the stated ideal. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

 Corporate greed and political corruption can be difficult to regulate, and INTACT’s voracious appetite knows no bounds. Monopoly isn’t a game to them. It is serious business for their upper echelon of    management and share-holders. With little left to devour in the auto insurance food chain, this apex predator now preys on everyday Ontarians like you, me, and Allen Fields. Our investigation has            revealed that he is far from alone. Who can ignore the recent story of the woman whose rate was raised 30% without any changes in her driving record…. or the caller to TALK RADIO am 640 who received a polite letter informing him that he now must pay $245.00 instead of the $210.00 that he had been paying? Let’s not forget that Ontario’s citizens were promised LOWER payments by a disastrous Liberty Party, the details of which will be revealed in Your Ward New’s continuing expose of the insurance industry in Ontario.

 Allen Fields is now suing Trafalgar Insurance for extorting money from him. Being one of INTACT’s bully sons, Trafalgar willfully and knowingly committed this crime by refusing to insure a               newly-purchased car unless he continued to pay insurance on his totaled ‘junker’ that was on its way to the scrap yard. Mr. Fields is a member of a notorious band of fellows that also enjoy riding their          motorcycles. The point is: IF IT HAPPENED TO AL, IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!!




  1. Gotcha Says:

    Speaking of Insurance scams. Allen Fields tried to pull one on an insurance company several years ago by filing a law suit for faked injuries. The judge and his own witness, his psychiatrist, saw right through his pathological lying though. In the judgment the learned judge basically gives a paraphrased list of the symptoms of a sociopath to describe Allen Fields and he got it all from Allen’s psychiatrist. Look up the judgment in Quicklaw if you doubt it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Even worse yet is that Allen subscribes, writes for and advocates for a piece of trash rag like this that is clearly hateful toward homosexuals. Allen Fields’ own nephew is an intelligent and gentle homosexual who is married to a profoundly handsome and talented artist. His father, Allen’s brother never rejected Allen despite his mental illness, criminal history and substance abuse issues. Trashing homosexuals though sits just fine with Allen though. He takes no issue with it but continues to borrow money from his brother.

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