James Sears, Ward 32’s Councillor for Beaches-East York.

April 3, 2014


I have lived in Ward 32 for over a decade. I had been planning on entering politics when I turned 60, but a certain incident rapidly accelerated that timeframe. After Mayor Rob Ford said the word “pussy”, I witnessed Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon either feign or actually experience a live on-air nervous breakdown. At that moment I felt that I had a duty to displace this weak, ineffectual, spineless bag of nerves.

Mary-Margaret McMahon, aka “Marxist Mary”, was elected NOT on her merits, but due to the ABB (“Anyone But Bussin”) Campaign launched by LeRoy St. Germaine after the Boardwalk BBQ Pub corruption scandal. Based on my conversations with scores of Ward 32 residents, those who voted for Marxist Mary did so as a blind protest vote, in lieu of delving into her qualifications. They are now experiencing deep regrets. Many are displeased with her obsession with Rob Ford’s profanity and what he does on his personal time (which is HIS business), rather than concentrating on assisting her constituents. They also cite her lack of substance on crucial issues that affect the ward, such as condo overdevelopment. Even her Twitter feed is packed with shallow, obsessive minutia that does not do justice to the REAL issues affecting Ward 32. And when she haphazardly stumbles upon a legitimate issue to fight for, she advocates for that issue in a timid way. Or she ducks her responsibilities by passing the matter off, or as we used to say in the Canadian Armed Forces, she DND’s (“Delegates N’ Disappears”).

Marxist Mary allows everyone outside of the ward’s constituents to STEAMROLL OVER HER (that includes real estate developers). She is obsessed with manmade global warming, riding on bicycles with gaggles of like-minded broads, and boasting the virtues of farmer’s markets serving up “local” produce (most of which I suspect is purchased at the Food Terminal then sold to the naïve public at grossly inflated prices). She has done a dismal job of representing the interests of both her constituents and the businesses in Ward 32. She is in over her head and should instead stay at home and bake cookies.

On the other hand, like Rob Ford, I have an OBSESSION with derailing the gravy train. I am sickened by the waste at city hall. Residents know that I am not afraid to speak my mind, and that I will do everything in my power to promote my constituents’ agenda, LOUDLY AND WITH MASSIVE MEDIA ATTENTION.

In addition, I will forgo the approximately $105,000 annual salary of a councillor. I neither need the money nor do I feel that any politician should be paid for giving back to his community. I am honoured to volunteer my time to benefit our community. However, I am also leery of putting the $105,000 back into the general coffers, only have it turned into gravy that does not benefit Ward 32. Instead, I will ask that the money be redirected to create 3 positions, each paying $35,000, to be filled by people living in my ward.

These 3 people will be intelligent, resourceful individuals who are presently unemployed, yet are able to prove to me during a vetting process that they harbour a strong desire to lift themselves out of poverty. I will split Ward 32 into 3 sectors, with each “Sector Captain” fielding concerns of constituents within his respective sector. If they cannot deal with a matter at sector level, then they will escalate it up to me. I will only seek election for one term (just enough time to clean up the gravy-laden mess). If our beaches have learned anything from Sandra Bussin’s tenure it is that no one should hold political office in city hall solely as a career. I WILL VOTE AGAINST ALL GRAVY!! I WILL SCREAM “NO” WHEN THE LIARS & THIEVES AT CITY HALL TRY TO STEAL YOUR MONEY! I AM THE NEW “DOCTOR NO”. On Monday, October 27, 2014 vote James Sears for Ward 32.



12 Responses to “James Sears, Ward 32’s Councillor for Beaches-East York.”

  1. Ed Says:

    Leroy, though I don’t always agree with your perspectives on political and social issues, I do enjoy reading your commentaries. Yet devoting space to the so-called Dimitri the Lover (James Sears) seems to debase your credibility and ideas by association. And thats unfortunate. Ed

  2. Nathan Says:

    Why are most of the Marxist offenders WASP women? Did the sexual liberation of the 1970s make white men powerless against the corrupt practices of these Marxist female City Councillors?

    The reason I ask is that Conservative MP Tim Hudak was threatened with a lawsuit by Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynee over his allegations of her and scandals.

    Marxists love to spread their despicable ideas and waste money but when someone sets the record like James Sears and Tim Hudak, the Marxists and the Communists sic the state to ridicule, sue and ultimately discredit any criticism of the Marxist Communist conglomerate.

  3. I just found a copy of your paper on my front step. Even though I have a sign that clearly says “no flyers please”
    Do not ever leave a copy of this offensive and pathetic excuse for a “news”paper on my doorstep again
    It is not unbiased, as you claim, and is not informative or even remotely interesting to me.

    I now have to deal with throwing it out…and quite frankly it’s not worth the space in my recycle bin or my fireplace as starter.

    I guess, like your latest blog author stated, I must be one of those bicycle riding broads who is better off staying in my kitchen and baking cookies….which I do in my spare time after my volunteering in our community, running my own business and working freelance. I guess some of us just have better things to do with our time

  4. Stuart Pidd Says:

    Mr. Sears seems to be the best candidate out there. Sad but true. He should run for mayor in my view. He is a veteran of our great country, a life-saving physician (retired now), humanitarian, advocate for poor people and an atheist not blinded but crazy religions! So he has a skeleton in his closest reference the fact he’s been charged for rape but that is water under the bridge. Vote for dimitri !!!

  5. S. Weinsen Says:

    An aspect of misogyny and inbred hatred of women lies in the depiction of women in the media. When she stopped conforming to the conventional picture of femininity she finally began to enjoy being a woman. oppressed by her faith and her nation of old men, white Christian women are demonized in alternative media by writers who post hate drivel about female professionals living in Toronto.

    Muslim women in the Middle East have no voice, and the newsletter Your Ward News is oppressive as the Muslim men in the Middle East.

    Oppression of women is widespread in the Muslim Arab world, and in their hate anti-Semitic book preaches violence against women and subjugating women to the male oppressor and victimizer.

    Do not ever post Your Ward News hate speech pamphlet on my doorstep. If I receive another copy, I will not hesitate to file a complaint to the police about the hate speech against innocent women who work in professional jobs in Toronto.

  6. Proud Ignoramus Says:

    OMg!!!! Who endorses misogyny?!

    Some of these articles are missives of hatred towards female city councillors and hardworking public sector workers my oh my my you guys have issues with ur life!

    Your Ward News sucks and it’s worthless that it doesn’t even deserve to be near the recycling!

    You can kiss my ass and fuck off woman-hater !

  7. yourwardnews Says:

    Mr. Sears is not only the best candidate for Ward 32, he is the only candidate! Mr. Sears was acquitted of any wrongdoing. Just like Monica Lewinsky it’s consensual… and she LOVED the Clinton!

  8. yourwardnews Says:

    Well Sasha Weinsen, how predictable that someone like yourself would get her panties in a bunch over the fact we are criticizing dingbat politicians who just happen to be dingbat women. How the hell does telling the truth about our leftist bottle nannies amount to Muslim hate speech??? What you think the public sector police have nothing better to do all day but wipe the B.S. from your eyes because you want attention for acting overly offended. Go bake some cupcakes with Mary Margaret McMahon and leave this newspaper to the big boys!

  9. yourwardnews Says:

    You are God damn right we hate politicians and their public sector cronies picking up big paycheques for make busy jobs on OUR dime! What the hell is wrong with you? Just because our tyrannical dear leaders are female in East Toronto, they are NOT immune to criticism.

  10. yourwardnews Says:

    This quote is from a REAL White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Woman: “Socialists cry power to the people, and raise the clenched fist as they say it. We all know what they really mean—power over people, power to the State.” – Margaret Thatcher

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for the information about Mary-Margaret McMahon. But living in “THE BEACH“ for ten years doesn`t make you an expert about the area. Although I agree we need to keep history alive you haven`t lived here long enough to know the true history of our neighbourhood.

    I want you to know that my family has four generations living in this neighbourhood “THE BEACH“. My father grew up here, I grew up here, Our children grew up here and now our childrens` children are growing up in this neighbourhood.. We are a well known family in “THE BEACH“.

    If you want our vote you better start calling our neighbourhood what we have been stating for years. There was a ballet at the library at Queen and Lee and it was stated loud and clear with a vote from the neighbourhood that our area is “THE BEACH“ not The Beaches. All the street signs say “THE BEACH“ not The Beaches. So we would expect you to call it what it is “THE BEACH“.

    It`s about time you politicians who want to represent our neighbourhood get the proper name before you start mouthing off about what`s what. We are education people and we know what the OMB is and what it is all about.

    I`m sick and tired of people wanting us to vote for them and meanwhile, they don`t even know the proper name for our area.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    October 27 will be a great day to whoop some globalist ass. I may not like James, but I’ll vote for him just to fire Mary McCondo!

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