June 30, 2014


Sherri Lange, CEO, NA-PAW

When a community faces a turbine installation, and our new Premier has promised thousands on thousands more for our abiding misery everywhere in the province, they have 15 days to file an objection and enter into a legal process called the Environmental Tribunal (ERT).

Viewers of the proceedings for areas such as Chatham Kent, for example, have been subjected to tortuous denials of their witnesses for years now. Costly and time consuming, farmers, business people teachers and engineers, have taken time out of normal life to follow the proceedings, which in every single instance have worked favorably for the developers. Said one: “You have to be brain dead to even imagine that democracy is alive in Ontario. I can’t believe I’m in Ontario.”

This tribunal is a quasi court, designed to be impartial and provide adjudication, and having expertise, knowledge and training. Someone like Paul Muldoon, an environmental lawyer, who is Vice Chair at the Adelaide ERT. These folks should be fair, reasonable, and experts: One has to now question whether they have the “aptitude for impartial adjudication.” All except ONE ERT have miserably failed, despite massive efforts on behalf of ordinary people, engineers, doctors, teachers, farmers, who took and take time out to testify about the health, dangers to environment, and water supplies, poor safety record of the industry, as well as the imminent dangers to children who may be special needs, or people already with compromised health.

A focus on those lofty qualifications means Ontarians should expect excellence, because the “tribunal”, is a quasi court, set to administer justice as defined under the Act which it adjudicates. Looking at members of the ERT one notes that four of its members have the “experience” but one could question whether those four have the “aptitude for impartial adjudication.”

Appointments to the ERT are made by the Premier or the Minister and follow “a recruitment and review process managed by the Public Appointments Secretariat” (PAS). All appointees are required to sign a “Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement” which asks the question: “Have you been involved in any issue or controversy in the past, or that may be subject to public review in the future, in which the government may have an interest?” Three and possibly four, do not pass the fairness test.


In a letter from Engineer Eric Jelinski, the frustrations of those opposing the proliferation   of industrial wind in Ontario is telling:

Does the liberal caucus know what is really going on?

Eric Jelinski — October 16, 2013

We often uncover examples of mismanagement (an understatement in regard to recent examples), and then members claim to have no knowledge.   This is a due diligence e-mail for the Wynne government.

There are several key issues and one is the issue of the hearings of the Environmental Review Tribunals in regard to wind turbines. There have been many such hearings where experts on the impacts of wind turbines have expressed concerns and pointed to peer reviewed papers written about such impacts; eg. health, noise, flickering lights, too close to airports, property values, stray voltage, and the issues list is indeed long.

Regardless of what concerned citizens have said, the Liberal steam roller continues out of control approving wind turbine development after development in spite of having recently announced that the province has enough electricity! Why?

It must be very boring for the lawyers for Samsung, WPD, developers, and the MOE and MNR to sit through lengthy hearings from concerned citizens, just to have to rule against the citizens’ concerns. Such rulings I have noted previously effectively means the government is calling these citizens liars.

A probable ethical dilemma. I often wondered why…but the answer is here in the salacious relationships between proponents of wind developers, the proponents who want to shut down nuclear, and employees of the government. It takes more than a few moments to absorb this conspiracy theory, but the writing is on the wall in terms of all the e-mails and RSS feeds issuedby ‘environmentalists’. Please read on.

Enter a new idea by the lawyers, by limiting the number of citizens and arbitrarily downgrading the credentials of those who speak. After 5 years of the GEA and all of the world wide experience with wind turbines, is it possible that the Medical Officer of Health was wrong with her decree about the 550 metre setback. Of course it is “possible’. That is why there is always room for a second opinion.

Except that the government is acting along-side the proponent in squashing the second opinion coming from knowledgeable people like other doctors and those who are affected by the wind turbines.   The decisions of the ERT are by now so entrenched in saying that there are no adverse effects, even one admission that prevents one approval of one wind turbine is an admission that there is substance to what concerned citizens have been saying. Folks, we have just found the invisible wall created by the government and the wind developers beyond which we are not allowed to tread!

Will the issues go away? Not, never, ever in a blue moon. A website has now been set up as part of the federal health study concerning radiation emitted from wind turbines,

Many papers and even books have been written about the adverse effects of wind turbine noise on health. Is the continuation of approving the construction of wind turbines a cover for the MOH? What was the exact study for the 550 metres? There is ample information to find her ruling on the 550 metres has its problems for some people being more sensitive than others, and given the amplitude modulation that may occur at high power in the still of the night. Please interview the affected people, and especially the people whose properties have been bought out by the wind turbine developers.

A voluntary moratorium on wind turbines would be ceding defeat and accepting all of the claims. The cost of making those affected whole would be larger than the gas plant fiasco.

There is the other reason I alluded to earlier. Since the Liberal clan screwed up royally on the gas plants, and they should be rightfully booted out by Horvath. Recently attempted

Horvath wants wind turbines to shut down nuclear just like in Germany. Damned the high cost of electricity, damned the jobs.   The NDP don’t care about jobs, real jobs. Jobs are leaving the province in droves, due to the high cost of power, due to wind and solar subsidies, directly due to this.

Ontario, get ready for your increased job cuts, your increased misery from turbines and solar. Get used to your kids graduating and going to Saskatchewan, Alberta, or the US for jobs.

Suck it up, Ontario. That’s how you voted.

Eric Jelinski

Stayner, Ontario


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