November 20, 2014

Shark attack

By J.J. Educated citizens are well aware that ‘left-wing’ terror has always surpassed ‘right-wing’ violence by a country mile. From International Socialists to local Beachcombers, Politically Correct ideologues continue the tradition of intellectual and physical terrorism. Your Ward News Publisher Leroy St. Germaine and his advertisers are feeling the full force of the gnashing teeth of P.C. Beachers.

They didn’t like Dr. James Sears, the anti-Marxist candidate that we endorsed in the recent election for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York) councillor so they have launched a terror campaign. Their targets are Your Ward News’ employees, which includes writers, sales reps, advertisers and delivery kids. But that is a major feature among those inculcated with the Evolved Social Marxism we are presently enduring. Another interesting feature of these quasi-communistic adherents is that they preach freedom and equality but do NOT practice either. (They that scream for equality the LOUDEST, mean it the LEAST!!!) Freedom of Speech is only afforded to citizens who tow the party-line.

The vile communiqués received by Mr. St. Germaine are absolutely evil. But Your Ward News supports ALL speech, especially speech that we dislike immensely. After all, it’s easy to support YOUR OWN freedoms. But THREATS OF VIOLENCE ARE UNACCEPTABLE. Political Correctness has also had the effect of dumbing-down the population.

Our accurate criticisms and exposes of present councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon did little to educate local voters who suffer this intellectual down-grading. The most honest and blunt criticisms come from one’s own family and Your Ward News is a part of the Beaches Family. Our post-election analysis has offended some that have already heard our opinions. We are far from finished so you might as well stick around and hear the rest of it: It is our opinion that Your Ward News is reviled by less-gifted Beachers because we have stuck to our mission statement, and that is…. THE TRUTH AT LAST!!!

Your Ward News has definitively concluded that Political Correctness is not only corrosive to a society as a whole, but is a brain poison that renders an individual thoughtless and amoral. The moral damage to Beach residents is very disturbing. When a well-known “dating” service analyzed the volume of calls they received from Toronto’s various districts, the most inquiries by far came from the Beaches district. Yup! Beachers won hands-down! The website in question specializes in matching cheating wives and husbands who desire to cheat on their spouses. Well done, Beachers! P.C. has destroyed your basic decency and morality. Keep in mind that an emotional rip-off can be more hurtful than losing all your physical possessions to a thief. We wouldn’t even be surprised if many Beachers actually support the idealistic values of brainwashing Marxism.

We can only hope that the moral rot hasn’t advanced to that stage yet, but you never know. These are the same people that re-elected Mary-Margaret McMahon. It is because of these fundamental questions regarding intellectual freedom and morality that a new political movement has formed. A new political party will be representing that movement and is designed to COMPLETELY change the direction that Canada has been taking. Stay tuned to future issues of Your Ward News for the details so that you, an educated citizen, can help make the New Canada truly the best country on earth!


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